An Examination Of Golf Cart Girl Cass Holland

Over the past six months I have watched roughly a dozen TikTok videos from “Golf Cart Girl” Cass Holland. On the surface, in these videos Cass Holland is young, very attractive, funny, and she has a good disposition. But Cass is a good example for me to use in order to explain what other women are doing wrong.

The first few Golf Cart Girl videos that I saw of Cass Holland, I didn’t like her. I thought that she was a typical big-boobed, blond, dumb, complaining girl, with a stupid job. A couple of her videos were about some golfer who was trying to impress her and get a date with her. He took out a hundred dollar bill, tore it in half, and told her she could get the other half if she had dinner with him, something like that, he may have offered her additional money I believe to have dinner with him.

She didn’t like this man’s tactics, she thought about what to do, and she handled it appropriately, herself. She didn’t stomp off to the Club House trying to complain about him to the golf course manager or other golfers, trying to get him into trouble, making allegations of sexual harassment or solicitation.

As I continued to watch more of Cass Holland’s videos, it became apparent that she gets propositioned all day, every day at work. Sometimes subtly, bluntly, cleverly, awkwardly, funny, embarrassingly, appropriately, inappropriately. It is part of the job, in a way.

How can I say that being sexually harassed is part of any woman’s job? To answer this, is going to take more than one or two sentences, this may take more than several paragraphs: There are things that men do for fun, hobbies, sports that they play. Golf is a sport that men play during the day, that tends to have mostly successful, professional men that are business owners, managers, or are wealthy and able to be absent from a place of employment for the entire morning or afternoon during the middle of the week.

As part of a morning or afternoon outing with a group of men golfing, they engage in joking, amicable, friendly, boasting, competitive, or sparring conversations. And, just as likely consume some alcohol while golfing and socializing. In this frame of mind, it is not surprising that these men have something to say to the Golf Cart Girl, that they think is funny or entertaining.

In order to not ruin the jovial mood, make any golfer feel bad, or begin a confrontation, a smart Golf Cart Girl will not lash out and attack every golfer who says something stupid to her. Stop and think about this. If the Golf Cart Girl got into a fight every time a golfer said something that she didn’t like or thought was inappropriate, would ANY or MANY male golfers choose to buy drinks from her? Would male golfers choose to not even continue going to this particular golf course if the Golf Cart Girl was contentious?

In the 1990s there was a best-selling book titled, “The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People”. In this book, the author states that the first three habits are, “Begin with the End in mind. Put First things First. Think, and Choose your response.” I don’t know how or where Cass Holland learned or came to know these three things, but she does.

Beginning with the End in mind, I think that Cass Holland thought about the money that she stands to make, the pleasantness of being able to work outside on a beautiful golf course, and the interesting successful people that she gets to meet at this particular place of employment. Putting First things First, Cass understands in her mind that selling as many drinks as possible and receiving as many tips as possible is the First Thing.

When men golfers say things to Cass that she does not like, she is able to Think and Choose her response, that is based on her already keeping the End in mind, and putting First things First. Is it best to say nothing at all? Is it best to say, No, but thank you. To say something funny? To let them down easy? To give a warning? To act ambivalent or un-phased?

Does it really matter that a man has said something stupid to her? Or does it matter more that she is getting off work in a couple of hours, has sold $2K worth of drinks, and has made $400 in tips that day?

From what I have seen, 90% of women wouldn’t last much longer than one week as a Golf Cart Girl at the golf course in the Phoenix area where Cass Holland works. 30% of women would be trying to find someplace to park and hide so that the didn’t have to work. 30% of women would be glaring, sneering, and snarling at the golfers. And 30% of the women would be too desperately trying to go home with a millionaire golfer.

Something else that Cass Holland handles well, is not being fooled by every handsome millionaire golfer that tries to get into her pants. When you see one of the TikTok videos that I include below, you will understand that all men are going to try to get her, but she has to reject 99% of men in a way that is not going to offend them.

Being careful to maintain a reputation of not being fooled by other women’s philandering husbands, has won Cass tolerance, if not admiration from women golfers and the wives of golfers. It also helps that Cass deals well with women golfers, even though women are in the minority and don’t generate as much in drink sales or tips.

Like I said, 90% of women would not last much longer than one week as a Golf Cart Girl at a prestigious gold course, and one of the reasons why is that most women not only do not get along with men, they don’t understand how detrimental other women can be to their success.

Because of the way that Cass conducts herself, not fighting with men even though they may have said something inappropriate, not hurting men’s feelings when she rejects them, not being fooled into sleeping with other women’s husbands, not going home with every handsome millionaire who asks, and is pleasant with women golfers, the women likely think very highly of Cass and want her to remain working there.

As far as women are concerned, it’s probably O.K. or amusing to them that their husbands, fiances, or boyfriends look forward to seeing the attractive Gold Cart Girl who always rejects their advances, but not in the least bit funny if there was any chance that she would agree. And perhaps the majority of women could be persuaded, which is why the majority of women couldn’t keep this job for much longer than one week.

Lastly, I want other women to take notice that Cass Holland does not have any tattoos, piercings, or smoke, like a street prostitute or side-show freak.

5 thoughts on “An Examination Of Golf Cart Girl Cass Holland

  1. I’m willing to bet she’s had or is having an affair with one or more of these high powered men (Chads ) from the golf course. Possibly a revolving door of sexual affairs. She seems to be all about making money, so I’m certain she’s hunting for a wealthy man to fulfill her materialistic needs. What better job to put a woman in contact with these powerful and wealthy men ? . I doubt she just stumbled into this job. She’s a smart girl. She planned and targeted this job for stated reasons.
    Did you notice how giddy she was when speaking about the other woman rubbing shoulders with celebrities ? This is a very annoying trait that most women have. They freely admit they would hop in the sack and have sex with their favorite celebrities if the opportunity presents itself. I also suspect this woman is doing a chatterbait type cam business to earn money. Many women are, this is a possible explanation to my question of why do so many women never leave the house ? I can’t say I’d blame the young woman for masterbating on cam and making money, but it’s just another sneaky and deceitful trait of women. Women are never to be trusted, period. That’s why I don’t believe she’s not willing to have sex with these wealthy men. “Chads,” as explained in episode 106 of Why men are walking away from dating on YouTube channel, Man Talk. BTW, I don’t resent “Chads” for their success in banging hot stupid women. I’ve also done quite well with women all my life and I’m not wealthy. I’ve also been the “other man “with a number of women over the years. “Happily married ” women with kids. That’s how I learned , along with having an unfaithful wife of my own that women are worse then men when it comes to sexual behavior.

    former Chad.
    Annapolis Md
    Formerly, U.S.A.


  2. Looks like she had a major silicone beef-up. Maybe tremendous t1ts now but they’ll look like sacks of sausage in 10 years time.


    1. In reply to Joar Magnusson,

      Regarding Cass’s breasts, I don’t know if she had breast augmentation or not. I don’t find much fault with Cass, because she tries to be agreeable with men, she doesn’t fight, argue with, compete against, complain, or hinder men. This is probably the most that men could ever expect or ask from women.


  3. A few things incorrect in this post. She does have tattoos, smoke and is a “former” (redacted). (Redacted) to (redacted) to TikTok…the American dream.


    1. In reply to Nicole,

      I read your comment, I believe that what you wrote could be true, I am not offended, but I believe that legally I can’t post things that are defamatory and could either be untrue, or not provable as true, so I had to redact a few words in your comment. The words I redacted, the readers don’t know if these words were “nun”, “alcoholic”, “anorexic”, or whatever. I was interested to hear what you had to say though.

      I believe that ALL women are naturally treacherous, scheming, and deceitful, as taught in the Bible in such stories as “Adam & Eve”, “Pontifer’s Wife & Joseph”, “John The Baptist & His Beheading”. Whereas men engage in physical battles with their enemies, women tell lies and make false allegations against their enemies.

      As I wrote in my article about Cass Holland, most women would go and hide with their golf cart so that they didn’t have to do anything, or constantly try to hook-up with any millionaire golfer, or immediately complain that she was being sexually harassed. I admire Cass’s hard work in performing her beverage cart job; I admire her for not being so easily seduced by wealthy men, especially married men; I admire her for not being so easily offended or overwhelmed by constant clever, suggestive, and inappropriate remarks.

      I have meant to write about something, but the time hasn’t been right. I worked for a very well-known wealthy family in Arizona. The matriarch of the family liked me for some reason, and bit by bit over several years, she told me her personal history. I was in my 30s at the time, and I think that she wanted me to understand her, and other women better. This matriarch, her background from when she was living in a different state in her 20s, was very similar to Cass Holland, when she was introduced to a young, recently divorced sales rep. They married, moved to Arizona, started a business, and later employed more than 20,000 people worldwide. I will save the rest for the article that I will write one day.


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