Isabel Paige Is Quitting Tiny-House Living, The Truth I Want You To See

During the past ten years there has been a popularity of people writing about and making videos showing Van-Life, Tiny-House Building, Tiny-House Living, Off-Grid Living, Sustainable-Farming. Unfortunately much of this is misleading or even fake. Ordinary people, especially young people are getting the wrong impression of what is actually going on, and they are making plans to copy what they see, not understanding that this is not real.

One of the most popular Van-Life, Tiny-House, Off-Grid, Sustainable-Farming YouTubers is Isabel Paige, with over 600K subscribers to her channel. Myself and a few other people, have tried to point out that Isabel Paige has over-glamorized Tiny-House, Off-Grid, Sustainable-Farming

My criticism of Isabel Paige’s YouTube videos, is that I believe her viewers do not realize the amount of help, assistance, support, and backing that her parents provided. That Isabel’s viewers do not know that her parents own the land where Isabel built her tiny-house, that her parents’ fully equipped second home is several hundred feet away, that her parents bought the land in 2015 to legally grow marijuana, that’s what kind of “farm” it was.

Supporters of Isabel respond to these criticisms by saying that Isabel already said that her parents own the land, or that her father helped build her tiny-house, but there are always signs that many viewers don’t know. For instance, a viewer in Florida tried to start a GoFundMe in order to raise money for Isabel to have car repairs, not knowing that Isabel’s parents are multi-millionaires. How this viewer got this idea that Isabel didn’t have money, may have come from Isabel talking about trying to save money for her tiny-house by working as a waitress, and working at a farmer’s market.

Another area of criticism that I and few others had about Isabel’s videos, is that much of what she was doing was counter to survival. Examples of this, frequently bathing naked in the icy river where she could have fallen and gotten hurt; trodding through the snow and performing chores outside with clothing that was not protective enough; going far from home into the woods without a firearm; not spending enough time actually farming.

This week, Isabel announced that she was moving out of her tiny-house, leaving the farm, and that she was now embarking on a life of travel and videography. There are probably a thousand different responses to this news, myself, my response was something like “that figures…I knew it…I told you so…she was never into farming…she grew out of it…living in a tiny-house is not fun after all.”

Probably most of Isabel Paige’s viewers don’t think that she did anything wrong. I do. I think that there were many young people that used Isabel Paige’s videos as an excuse not to go to college, not to go to tech or vocational school, not to seek an apprenticeship, not to do any real life planning, but think that they could just drift around and daydream. I think that some people planned on homesteading, following Isabel Paige’s videos as a model.

Below, I want to explain some of the unique things about Isabel’s circumstances, so that people can clearly understand that Isabel had a lot of support and backing, especially from her father Steve, that most people do not have to this degree. I will try to explain this using a kind of time-line.

From 1978 to 1983, Isabel’s father Steve spent five years in college studying primarily mechanical engineering, fine arts, and studio arts. Twelve years later, Steve began designing, manufacturing, and distributing a variety of consumer products via three separate companies that he founded in 1995, 1996, and 2008. These products that he produced in his own manufacturing plant, and contracted foreign manufacturers to produce overseas, were sold around the world. The sale of one of his companies in 2013 is estimated to have yielded several million dollars. Steve’s financial success through the 1990s-2000s, allowed his family to live in a $2.5 million home overlooking Puget Sound in Seattle, which they still own and occupy.

In 2013, Steve started a legal marijuana growing company in eastern Washington State. In the 2013-2015 time frame, Steve purchased several large acreages in eastern Washington. At one of these locations there was a single-family home that was recently built by either Steve or the previous property owner, that Steve and his family used as a vacation home until he and his wife were ready to relocate from Seattle.

In approximately 2016-2017, Isabel was going to college in Australia, then living in New Zealand, then living in India to pursue Yoga.

In June of 2018, Isabel was living in a van in Hawaii, and working as a waitress.

In the end of Summer 2019, Isabel was living in her parents’ $2.5 million home overlooking Puget Sound in Seattle, and working as a waitress. Here is a video showing the view of where Isabel was living at her parents’ Seattle home in 2019, plus several views of Isabel visiting her parents’ second home in eastern Washington, and an explanation of how she had started out going to college in Australia, then living in New Zealand :

In the Fall of 2019, Isabel got the idea that she would like to go live at her parents’ second home in eastern Washington, she was talking about doing it, but she kept her job in Seattle until April of 2020.

In the Spring and Summer of 2020, Isabel is living in her parents’ second home in eastern Washington. In the Summer of 2020, Isabel and her father begin building Isabel’s tiny-house. Isabel’s tiny-house is completed in about November of 2020.

In January 2021, Isabel goes on a trip with Hannah Lee Duggan in Florida. Spring of 2021, Isabel does some more interior work on her tiny-house. In June 2021, Isabel’s boyfriend Logan from Tennessee comes to stay for a while. In July of 2021 Isabel, Logan, and her family begin building an “Art Studio” that is slightly larger than Isabel’s tiny-house. November of 2021, Isabel and Logan finish construction of the Art Studio.

January 2022, Isabel is alone in her tiny-house. 2nd half of January, Logan returns, he and Isabel both get sick with Covid. February 2022, Isabel and Logan are done living in the tiny-house and the farm, they are leaving and not coming back. Here is the video about leaving:

In the Fall of 2019, Isabel was saying that her parents’ farm in eastern Washington was where she wanted to spend the rest of her life. She moved onto the farm in the Spring of 2020. In the Summer of 2020, Isabel and her father began building her tiny-house. In the Summer of 2021, Isabel and Logan began building their Art Studio. In February 2022, she’s done???

Most people, including myself, if I lived in a large $2.5M house overlooking Puget Sound in Seattle, I would be beyond satisfied with that. It doesn’t get any better than that, I don’t need to move. But let’s say that I did have a life-long dream of living in the mountains, in a forest, beside a river, and that I had a tiny-house and an art studio built there, WTF!, how does your supposed spend-the-rest-of-your-life/life-long-dream get boring in less than two years, and you’re ready to walk away from it all?

I am trying to point out two things. One, that off-grid/tiny-house/sustainable-living/homesteading must not be as exciting, fulfilling, fun, and glamorous as portrayed in YouTube videos if it gets old, boring, tiresome after less than two years. Two, that what other people might have intended to copy as a model for off-grid/tiny-house/sustainable-living/homesteading, saving and using every resource they possess to accomplish, wasn’t actually a long-term plan, it was all just like a privileged child’s backyard play set.

Update 3/13/22:  For a more complete discussion about Isabel Paige quitting her tiny-house, off-grid, sustainable-farm, and beginning to make van-life videos, watch Jasmine Cherry’s YouTube video about this, and read the comments to this video:

8 thoughts on “Isabel Paige Is Quitting Tiny-House Living, The Truth I Want You To See

  1. I have to say I find this recurring topic highly entertaining, but I think you might be over-analyzing it.

    It’s like a TV series. This chick has made some money on Ytube by by selling fiction, images and illusions just like 1000s of other hopefuls, ran into diminishing returns and is moving on at the end of the 5th season.

    All those erotic video shots in nature are probably made by some stud holding the camera who screws her rigid before and after and laughs his ass off at all the male viewers who get a hard-on.

    I’m certain all the adoring fans kissing her entire nether regions in the comments section under each video know deep down that is is all fake, they just want to keep a bit of emotional stability in the matrix.

    Same phenomenon as with the double-mask zombies, perma-testers and vaxx fanatics–they have to know it’s a scam but they get a feeling of empowerment by being part of it.

    Anyone watching YT videos like those produced by Paige and thinking it’s real deserves all that’s coming to them.

    As an afterthought I came across another possible female video “personality” for your collection–a Canadian who lives in Sendai, Japan and claims to finance her entire lifestyle there by re-selling Japanese stationery (the last batch of which she donated to a cat home).


    1. In reply to La Crosse,

      There are some reasons why I get so angry at secretly wealthy YouTubers portraying lifestyles such as Van-Life, Tiny-House Living, world-traveling Yoga practitioners. Most young people do have at least one good chance to have a decent life, if they choose the correct path early on. The right path for them could be college, community college, vocational/tech school, an apprenticeship, getting into a labor union, joining the military, becoming part of their family business. But it’s hard for young people to make the right choice, because they don’t have a lot of experience or a complete understanding of the world yet.

      To a young person, the images of waking up in a van in the morning, watching the sunrise, drinking coffee, doing Yoga stretches, taking a walk on the beach, going to a quaint cafe for breakfast, playing guitar while sitting beside the river, hooking-up with some cute hippie, getting high, sitting by the campfire, this way of life looks a lot more fun and enjoyable than being a welder, mechanic, plumber, electrician, heavy-equipment operator, working all day. But these jobs actually pay well enough to allow a person to buy a nice vehicle, a nice home, provide for one’s own family.


  2. Good work finding Jasmine’s latest video, she has posted another one since.

    Ther were plenty of good comments. For example someone called Steve Keltner confirmed all you found and more (quote follows):

    ‘ -You’re my hero Jasmine! she is beyond fake, Paige isn’t even her last name, it is her middle name and she changed the spelling of Isabel.

    –the huge mountains she speaks of are not mountains at all. The tiny house sets on a 46 acre piece of land in Eastern Washington, owned by her parents in a River Canyon.

    –it sets on the edge of the Cascades, eastern side. She is so “isolated”, that it would take here 30 minutes to drive to Wenatchee WA on paved roads the entire way. oh, except for the 1/2 mile of road to get from the state route to the house.

    –the farm she is trying to “re-start” is actually a organic farm/garden (looks like maybe 1/2 acre) previously operated by one of her family members, that entity dissolved in 2019. Public records are great 🙂

    –the garden has a fully built water system and was/is fenced off for the deer/pests. (!!)

    –the “middle of no-where” is actually a short distance from a subdivision on the river often featured on her videos. I could probably throw a rock from her nearest neighbor and hit her fake tiny house. (!!)

    –There are no less than 30 homes within a few hundred yards on the river. (!!)

    –The actual house is tiny, only 842 sq. ft. It looks like she may have to drive 10 minutes to her job at the Grocery store/cafe.

    –If you’re a fan, you’re easily duped and deserve to pay her way through life…lying to you daily. She is a commentary on today’s society and what is real, fake, accepted. She gets a pass by 636K followers. ..this is such scripted content. She is so disingenuous. ‘ end quote

    Plus Jasmine’s post: ripping the roof and some wiring out of an expensive professionally finished camper van in order to claim she + bf did the work themselves, plus copying recipes from Pinterest and selling them claiming they were her own invention.

    Shows what a true fraud this woman is.

    Further comments said that “Logan” could be a paid actor (there are plenty out of work who will do any job), and she is flying drones without a license.

    She should go into politics.


  3. “She should go into politics.” Exactly. Maybe it’s not that I am more perceptive, logical, capable of reasoned thinking and judgment than so many others. It’s just that so many people today ARE stupid and gullible. Isabel’s “fans” strike me as people who would see a Presidential “debate” (that word is bogus by itself) and change their mind about a candidate based on their looks or manner. There are actually way too many people who believe that candidates want to do the right thing by the people. EVERY political candidate, at least on a federal level, is phony and even if idealistic, they become absorbed by the corrupted, perverted capitalism that buys and sells members of Congress and truly, all three branches of govt. Isabel’s fans ARE stupid and gullible and ANGRY at anyone who points this out. Today was the first time I have ever heard of her or seen her videos, and I was very suspicious right from the start. She talked about how hard it was to be “alone” over the winter, yet who was running the camera? I think that part of the stupidity of the audience comes from decades of reality TV, where the audience does not even STOP to think that it is all ON CAMERA and scripted ahead of time. As a boomer, the only thing we had anywhere close to this was the old CBS show, Candid Camera. Even then, did anyone wonder why the so-called “unaware” subjects were grinning or smirking? Probably. However, it was harmless because it was the ONLY show of its kind at the time. Many people, especially those who were born or grew up during the last 30 years, WANT to be fooled and manipulated. The KARDASHIAN effect. This is why failed game show hosts like Anderson Cooper are anointed journalists and why the so-called “news” is full of biased, repetitive fluff. This is why movies and TV shows like Game of Thrones are so popular, as well as those featuring various superheroes, or wizards like Harry Potter. This is why movies with absurdly kickass females are made so often. FEMALES as heroes? YES!!! The single mom with three kids who has to work two jobs – THAT is a female HERO, or the nurse who works her butt off standing on her feet all day. Not too glamorous, are they? But they are REAL, unlike BLACK nuns in abbeys in musicals about NAZI WWII Austria, or Will Smith as a Secret Service agent (you are kidding me!) in post-Civil War America, or Danny Glover as partner with a few white cowboys in the Wild West, and not ONCE is he called the “N” word by any of the bad guys. FANTASY rules. The multiracial cast of the original Star Trek series? Now THAT was believable, because it took place far in the future. The occasional movie or TV show that is TRULY natural and realistic is SUCH a breath of fresh air and an exception these days. It is NO wonder that frauds like Isabel and so many others on YouTube have a big fan base. Gullible people who grew up on nonsensical culture such as “reality” shows will swallow Isabel’s garbage gleefully and will HATE you if you point out how farcical it all is. I APPLAUD JASMINE for her hard work and for exposing this overprivileged bitch for who she unfortunately is. I wouldn’t worry about young people seeing this and trying it and getting hurt in the process. THAT hasn’t happened and it won’t. Like every political show out there, it’s just today’s ENTERTAINMENT.


    1. In reply to loser,

      Why did Isabel Paige begin making YouTube videos about her life in the first place? It was probably because she wanted to be liked, she wanted followers, she wanted attention. She got followers, she got attention, but not everybody likes her or agrees with her.


    2. Many people like yourself enjoy being manipulated into believing lies. I enjoy people like Jasmine who have a mind of their own and expose lying liars. I do not like being lied to. I like TRUTH. You don’t. You should feel comfortable in today’s internet personality society.


  4. I was just watching one of Isabel’s videos. I was kind of confused to see that she uses very high quality pots and pans and cooking utensils, often uses imported ingredients for her gourmet meals, and although I am not a vegetarian her meals look like something that grows on a swampy tree, also close ups of her hands while chopping food ingredients showed dirt under her fingernails.
    I understand that this show is a fake reality show, but that is what makes it different to follow at times.


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