My Friend Steve Isdahl’s Hunting And Bigfoot Stories

My friend Steve Isdahl who lives in Squamish British Colombia, he has been hunting Big Game animals such as Moose, Elk, Deer, Big Horn Sheep, and Bear for the past thirty years.  In that time, he has accidentally met a Bigfoot several times.

Steve has been a hunting guide for the past 20-25 years, and he began video recording his hunts and hikes more than ten years ago.  His YouTube channel “How To Hunt” was originally 100% about hunting, but several years ago Steve began to talk about Bigfoot too because he felt that it was an important subject.

Now, most of the time on the “How To Hunt” YouTube channel, Steve talks about Bigfoot, and he reads Bigfoot stories that have been sent to him by viewers.  Here is a pretty good example of Steve’s channel:

Steve has also recently published a book titled “The Day Bigfoot Became Real For Me”, which is available for sale on Amazon:

Here is the link to Steve’s business Facebook page which tells more about him:

Update 4/23/2021:

Several days ago Steve Isdahl uploaded a YouTube video where he read an email letter from a viewer who showed many indicators of being mentally-ill and delusional.  From the very beginning of his email, he stated that there was a history of mental illness in his family, that his older brother was diagnosed with schizophrenia when he was a child, that he was seeing strange things too, so he kept is mouth shut so that he was not diagnosed with schizophrenia like his brother.  One of the things that he said at the beginning of this email, was that every day when he was being driven to school, Bigfoot and Dogman would chase after the car that he was riding in.  (Yet no adult or anyone else saw these Bigfoot or Dogman chasing the car every day.)

As this email continued, other indicators of mental illness were repeated mentions of having special abilities, being persecuted, seeing only things that he could see, having information that was for him only that could not be shared, having close intimate relationships with Forest Beings for many years, and as proof he submitted eight photographs which showed nothing.

Steve never should have read this email in one of his YouTube videos, and should not have promoted this individual as someone that he wanted to receive and read more stories from.  I don’t know why Steve could not discern that this person was making delusional statements and delusional claims, especially since this person claimed that his photographs were evidence of everything that he described, and these photographs showed nothing.

For the past one hundred years there has been a lack of information, a lack of understanding, and misinformation about Bigfoot.  Now with much greater worldwide access to individual sighting reports, historical newspaper and journal articles, results from researchers and groups, and credible individuals and groups uploading their findings weekly, there is a much better collection of evidence, proof, facts, and information about Bigfoot behavior.

When someone like Steve Isdahl uploads a YouTube video where he is showcasing a particular individual and their sighting reports, and this individual is coming out and saying that there is a history of mental illness in his family, making statements of believing that he has special abilities and has been persecuted, is making many grandiose claims which are likely delusional, offering his definitive proof in photographs which show nothing, Steve is introducing misinformation into the collection of information that we have.

Approximately one month prior to this, Steve Isdahl read a very long email letter from an individual who acted like they had the whole Bigfoot subject figured out, that Bigfoot were the Nephilim, the fallen angels or the offspring of fallen angels referenced in the Bible.  Stating that Bigfoot were demons that should be rebuked in the name of Jesus, that they were evil.

This was another email that Steve should not have read in a YouTube video, as this introduces misinformation into the collection of information that we have.  Steve did not make any disclaimer about this email that he was reading stating that Bigfoot were the Nephilim, and about 1,000 comments to this particular video were in supports of this theory.

This was a very harmful and irresponsible thing for Steve Isdahl to do, because allowing people to believe what he read stating that Bigfoot were the fallen angels, evil demons, that should be rebuked in the name of Jesus, a great many people could now seek to harm, attack, hunt, shoot, and kill Bigfoot thinking that they were justified and doing the right thing in the eyes of God.

Steve Isdahl has lost most of his credibility with me.  I am getting the impression that this is just a joke, amusement, and something to make money off of for Steve now.  Who knows, he might even be deliberately trying to spread misinformation now.

15 thoughts on “My Friend Steve Isdahl’s Hunting And Bigfoot Stories

    1. Shanique,

      Leave a comment for Steve Isdahl on his video. He has been on edge hiking in the woods ever since he first saw one, he will probably be greatly relieved with your explanation.


    1. Leighth,

      Even though Steve goes around shooting animals for fun, he doesn’t plan on shooting any Bigfoot. For the people who did believe in Bigfoot, most of these believers thought that Bigfoot was an undiscovered species of North American ape. A few Bigfoot believers thought that they were the nephilim or devil beings. Once someone starts to hear many, many encounter stories and put the pieces together, it appears that Bigfoot are actually a kind of native people.

      Almost all of the North American native tribes in their history and folklore, refer to Bigfoot as another tribe or clan of people. So the goal of Steve Isdahl is to help reveal the truth about what Bigfoot actually are, they are not Apes, they are a kind of indigenous people that live in family groups, that are very adept at living in the woods and staying hidden.

      Once everyone is informed on what they are, shooting one would be the same as committing murder, and people can begin to understand how better to coexist with them.


      1. Steve doesn’t shoot animals for fun. He hunts for food and guides people who may want to hunt for fun. He wastes nothing and has extreme respect for everything he hunts


  1. If you are Steve’s friend, he isn’t aware of it. If you call yourself a friend you are a liar. Friends don’t conduct character assassination s. Also, you don’t understand the basics of his appproach to the subject or format at all. Dbag!


    1. I don’t want to be friends with Steve anymore. From what I heard, his book titled “How Bigfoot Became Real For Me” 80% of this book consists of unedited emails that were sent to him by viewers, which were copied and pasted to a word processing document, without correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, or relevancy. Many of Steve’s emails from viewers contain a very large amount of irrelevant unnecessary information combined with very little substance. In my opinion it would be fine and good, if Steve selected the “cream of the crop emails” that were well-written, with good structure and content, and included them unedited. However, many of Steve’s emails need to be screened for relevancy & content, then edited down, otherwise, I wouldn’t even call this a book, but a collection of emails from viewers.


  2. i am pretty sure you totally missed the point of Steves channel. If you would actually pay attention in his videos you would here him say that every email gets read no matter what. The guy reads them and doesn’t judge. And no one knows what they are, its just as ridiculous to assume it to be a species of ape as it is an angel or demon because there is no expert and there may never will be. You know, i think your most likely some left wing fern feeling troll if you ask me, like so many of your type you go on a rant about things that have already been clarified thus giving absolutely no reason to rant at all. That in return makes you look semi retarded. All this is, is comprehension on what you watch its not rocket science.


    1. Bill,

      If you would have researched, read, and cross referenced the information that is available on Bigfoot, you would have found different reports from different sources about a dozen or so Bigfoot bodies that were recovered by the U.S. Forest Service, Department Of The Interior, and National Guard after the Mount Saint Helens volcano eruption in 1980 in Washington state. This is just one instance where there was a variety of witnesses who laid eyes on Bigfoot bodies for minutes and even hours. Live Bigfoot have been captured throughout modern times, and many Bigfoot bodies are recovered every year in the U.S. There does not need to be any stupid, fantastical, make-believe Bigfoot stories told and spread to confuse people, but that is what Steve is doing.


      1. ISDAHL is only reading what people send in -without censure. if you had actually been following hi as you claim you would know that he does not intend to censure what is sent in as he sees that as counter to his objective of providing non-critical platfor for people to relate their experiences–free from people like you that have already set themselves up as judges. So LIke Steve would say “blow it out your ass Doorknob” no body cares about you “enlightened ones”. You are part of the problem.


    2. only semi-retarded ??? you are right on about Steve’s intention. I vote you “non-doorknob” of this post!


  3. Up where i live. The locals call them “Buckwus” or the “whistlers” i have had one whisle me awake camping. Be respectful people. They are giants. Read the “epic of Gilgamesh” the gardian of the forests has been around a Very long time


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