My Friend Steve Isdahl’s Hunting And Bigfoot Stories

My friend Steve Isdahl who lives in Squamish British Colombia, he has been hunting Big Game animals such as Moose, Elk, Deer, Big Horn Sheep, and Bear for the past thirty years.  In that time, he has accidentally met a Bigfoot several times.

Steve has been a hunting guide for the past 20-25 years, and he began video recording his hunts and hikes more than ten years ago.  His YouTube channel “How To Hunt” was originally 100% about hunting, but several years ago Steve began to talk about Bigfoot too because he felt that it was an important subject.

Now, most of the time on the “How To Hunt” YouTube channel, Steve talks about Bigfoot, and he reads Bigfoot stories that have been sent to him by viewers.  Here is a pretty good example of Steve’s channel:

Steve has also recently published a book titled “The Day Bigfoot Became Real For Me”, which is available for sale on Amazon:

Here is the link to Steve’s business Facebook page which tells more about him:

4 thoughts on “My Friend Steve Isdahl’s Hunting And Bigfoot Stories

    1. Leighth,

      Even though Steve goes around shooting animals for fun, he doesn’t plan on shooting any Bigfoot. For the people who did believe in Bigfoot, most of these believers thought that Bigfoot was an undiscovered species of North American ape. A few Bigfoot believers thought that they were the nephilim or devil beings. Once someone starts to hear many, many encounter stories and put the pieces together, it appears that Bigfoot are actually a kind of native people.

      Almost all of the North American native tribes in their history and folklore, refer to Bigfoot as another tribe or clan of people. So the goal of Steve Isdahl is to help reveal the truth about what Bigfoot actually are, they are not Apes, they are a kind of indigenous people that live in family groups, that are very adept at living in the woods and staying hidden.

      Once everyone is informed on what they are, shooting one would be the same as committing murder, and people can begin to understand how better to coexist with them.


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