Can Facebook Marketplace Be Used To Find Attractive Women

For the past several years, I had no interest whatsoever in Facebook Marketplace.  I thought that Facebook Marketplace was pathetic, and for losers.  What kind of people would waste their time advertising a pair of cut-off jean shorts for $6?

In the past, I have had problems looking at BisMan online classifieds.  I look at vehicle listings, I don’t need any more vehicles, then I drive over to Bismarck with a car trailer and buy another vehicle that I didn’t need, like a hoarder.

I have thought about going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, not because I am an alcoholic, but because I have an addiction about buying vehicles, I can’t stop.  Alcoholics Anonymous isn’t just for people who have an alcohol addiction, it can be for other addictions, like drug addiction, or gambling.

The problem with me going to Alcoholics Anonymous, is that once I talked about my problem, someone in the group would try to sell me a vehicle.  And the other problem, is that I would be trying to pick up vulnerable drug-addict girls in the AA group to have sex.

Recently, once I saw that there were low-low vehicle prices on Facebook Marketplace, I began looking at Facebook Marketplace five times each day, and I bought another vehicle that I didn’t need.  I keep wanting to buy more vehicles and motorcycles.

On Facebook Marketplace I was having to skip past all the ad listings for Bikinis and cut-off jean shorts for $6, and I was thinking to myself, “What kind of person would wear these extremely short-short cut-offs?  And, are they are so desperate for money that they are trying to get $6?”  Waaaaaiiiiiit………..

What kind of woman, would wear these short cut-off jean shorts, and be so desperate for money, that she would take the time to list this?  How could I be so stupid!!!???  This should have been like a big flashing neon sign for me, “Hot trashy woman, will do anything for money”.

I was thinking, how stupid am I?  Backpage online classifieds which used to have listings for escorts, has been shut down for about the past three years.  How come I didn’t pick up on this Facebook Marketplace thing of women listing tiny Bikinis and tiny cut-off shorts for $6?

I began looking through Facebook Marketplace for the most raunchy thong Bikinis and jean shorts, that I could find.  I was thinking about what I could message them, “You want $6?  What would you do for $100?  Call me.”  Don’t be naive, I know what these women are looking for, they don’t really want to waste their time on $6, they are just trying to lure men in so that they can get $100.

When I began clicking on the Bikini and jean shorts sellers’ Facebook profiles, they were mostly young mothers who had just had their second or third child.  Oh, I thought, they figure they won’t be needing these anymore.

It was funny, these women in Dickinson and Bismarck had used these Bikinis and short-shorts to attract a man, get married, entice them into getting them pregnant, and then these women figured, “I won’t be needing these anymore.”  Ha, ha.  The joke is on those poor married men fuckers who got tricked, now all they have to do is pay for everything, ha, ha.

Still, I don’t think that I am too far wrong about women who are willing to go through the trouble of photographing, listing, talking to, and meeting a buyer somewhere, for $6.  No one misses a piece off of a sliced loaf, right?

I would never allow my wife to advertise and sell anything for $6.  I think that it gives people the wrong idea.  Honey, it’s time to just let this Bikini go, just let it retire, it had a good life, it has been through enough, and seen enough, it doesn’t need to go live with someone else.  Give me that!  No!  You’re not selling this fucking thing on Facebook!

7 thoughts on “Can Facebook Marketplace Be Used To Find Attractive Women

  1. Thank you for your continued broadcasting of “the shit that everyone thinks, but are too chicken shit to actually say!”

    Regarding Facebook Marketplace, you sir, hit the nail on the head!!

    From $6 cut off jean shorts to $2 old stuffed animals, Facebook Market has it all!!


      1. You’re speaking the truth. Dudes get pussy whipped and get snagged into the hole of taking care of lazy ass women hot or not, so they can sit at home or drive the thrifty ass brand new Tahoe around town all day long and waste money. There are hot women in Dickinson because there is money here. But don’t fool yourself into thinking unless you make 6 figures you will get the dirty bitch. Guys are fixated on the pussy so much they crumble without it and will never leave in fear they will never get more. Been there done that. The bitch has you by the balls literally. She rules your world. She will dump you on your head quick as a fly swatter kills a fly takes half rhen on to the next one. Now every woman will come on and say this bever happens is full of absolute shit.


      2. R,
        Like Sierra Smebakken who is from Dickinson and moved to Miami, most normal and attractive women wouldn’t spend a day in Dickinson if they didn’t have to. There is not even a clothing store for women in the one and only shopping mall. Their clothes shopping is limited to Walmart, Runnings Farm & Fleet, Mac’s Hardware, Tractor Supply, and Menard’s Home Improvement.

        There are very few professional men in Dickinson, and even fewer unmarried professional men in Dickinson. The tradespeople who are well-paid, buy the most expensive truck that they can afford, then go buy the most expensive four-wheeler they can afford, most expensive guns they can afford, then spend more money on a truck lift-kit, wheels, and tires. There is nothing left over for their wife or girlfriend, and most women realize that as long as they are married or in a relationship with a tradesperson like this, they will always be poor.

        Nope, women who have anything going for them head to Denver, Phoenix, Austin, Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles where they don’t have to shop at Runnings Farm & Fleet or Tractor Supply for their clothes.


  2. Dude you’re kinda a misogynist fuck. You’re so fucking lame and I would t be surprised to find out that you’re a rapist or something.


    1. Someone without a beer belly,

      If I created a list of true facts about women, it would probably appear to be misogynistic, just for stating the truth.

      For instance, if a verifiable, documented, legitimate scientific study was done to determine the percentage of women whose husband was not the biological father of their children, determined that it was 30%, you would say that this was misogynistic, because it is stating something negative about women, even though it might be the truth.

      When I just now looked this up, I read that most DNA paternity test centers have reported that 32% of the test results show that the husband is not the biological father of their children. They try to explain this high number by saying that most people do not request a paternity test, the category of people requesting paternity tests are people who are suspicious about who the father is.


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