The Jack-O’-Lantern Women Of Dickinson, North Dakota

I have been feeling a little depressed for the past couple of weeks, as if there is something missing from my life.  It feels like I am missing some drive, motivation, inspiration, or purpose.  I was trying to think about what was wrong, and I realized what it was.

There is nothing to do in Dickinson, North Dakota, and I have hours upon hours of nothing to do but think and contemplate.  I realized, “Do you know, I haven’t seen an attractive woman for the past eight weeks.”

I thought about it, and thought about it, and tried to remember, the last attractive woman that I saw was eight weeks ago in a store.  There was a young lady of about 23 years, she was my height, slender build, long dark hair, and she said in a normal manner, “Can I help you, are you looking for something?”  That was the only attractive woman that I could remember seeing, and this was eight weeks ago.

It’s not like I don’t go anywhere.  I go to different grocery stores about four times per week, gas stations about four times per week, hardware stores about four times per week, fast-food restaurants twice per week, I pay some bills in-person, and I go to my job four days per week.  Yet I don’t ever see attractive women, anywhere.

This is not normal, this is what has been making me feel depressed, and even very angry sometimes.  Looking back upon my life, meeting and seeing attractive women has always been an important element of being alive.

When I was in elementary school, middle school, and high school in Florida, there were always at least two to four girls in each of my classes who were attractive and worthy of attention.  I would look forward to seeing these girls each day, what they would wear, how their hair would be, how they would act, what they might say and do.  It was a challenge and inspiration for me to come up with something to say or do that would get their attention.

When I went to college in Virginia, and later university in Florida, it was probably even more full of very attractive women.  Whether it was going to class, going to the gym, going to parties, or going to bars, it was so fun to see, meet, talk to, and try to seduce women.

As a young adult living and working in different cities in Florida, you could not help but see and interact with beautiful women, wherever you went:  Walmart, grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations, bars, restaurants, shopping malls, hardware stores, work, government offices, post office, banks,…absolutely everywhere, every day, all day.

The existence of these beautiful women was an inspiration and motivation to me.  I tried to stay in good physical condition, have a clean and professional appearance, wear nice looking well-fitting clothes that were taken to the cleaners and pressed, have a new clean vehicle, and pay attention to all kinds of details about how things looked.  I looked forward to going shopping to buy clothes for work and for going out.

In Florida, everyone I knew, almost all people, looked forward to going out on Friday and Saturday night, to restaurants, bars, nightclubs, parties, movies, sporting events, concerts, road trips, and beach towns.  Of course, everyone would get dressed for whatever they were doing or wherever they were going.  It was fun and exciting to see and meet everyone who was out in the evening.

But let’s get back to Dickinson.  Like I have written before, Dickinson is like the movie “Deliverance”, “Planet Of The Apes”, or “The Grapes Of Wrath”.  God it makes me so fucking mad thinking about Dickinson, what it is like here.  It’s like being in a fucking God damn prison!  Ape creatures and land whales.

I thought about each of the places and everywhere that I routinely went in Dickinson, every place that I could think of, and all of the women in Dickinson looked exactly the same.  They were overweight, sloppily dressed, not groomed, with big fat misshapen heads, and unattractive faces.  They looked like Jack-o’-lanterns is what they looked like.

Jack-o’-lanterns with big fat misshapen heads and hideous faces, everywhere, all day, every day.  In Dickinson, I don’t like going to the grocery store, and I especially don’t like going to convenience stores and gas stations.  I hate going to Walmart, and I won’t go to bars.  There is no place that I like going, and there is almost no possibility or likelihood that I will see or meet any young lady or woman in Dickinson that is enjoyable.

11 thoughts on “The Jack-O’-Lantern Women Of Dickinson, North Dakota

    1. Ray,
      I don’t think that I can post the pictures of the ugly women in Dickinson, I don’t have authorization or permission to copy and paste local women’s photographs from Facebook to use them to say defamatory things about them. Also, it would be too cruel to photograph individual women in Dickinson and then post them front page as “ugly”. For the most part, these ugly women here can’t change how they look, besides losing weight, exercising, cleaning themselves up, and behaving better. Posting their photograph as “ugly”, would probably just make them sink lower into the gutter, and become ever meaner and fatter.


  1. Holy Shit , I just found the Dickinson Press online. You certainly aren’t exaggerating about being like the movie Deliverance . Im looking at the crime reports and the pictures of accused, Pure INBREEDING, plain and simple ! if I seen these mutants roaming my streets Id surely be alarmed !


    1. Ray,
      If you ever see a press release or advertisement from Dickinson North Dakota showing people, where you might see some plump women, chubby women with frizzy hair, large heads, keep in mind that this is the best-of-the-best, most presentable women that they could find in all of Dickinson.

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      1. Dude I have seen lots of hot women here. I think that the fact you are hoping they are single or wishing they were single is the problem. The hot ones are married to dudes like I explained in an earlier comment to guys that will do anything for them this side of junping off a bridge to their certian death below.


      2. R,
        Yesterday when I had to go to the DMV Office inside the T-Rex Mall, I did see a nice looking, tan skinned, thin, young, blond lady with a toddler, coming from the thrift store with a bag of clothes. There are a few young tradesmen that have young families who have come to Dickinson for work.


  2. I think most are just trying to not get raped. I live in a city of 30,000 outside of a larger city of 750,000 and there are only 8 sex offenders residing here. Dickinson is about 24,000 and has 48 sex offenders residing there. 55 total sex offenders in ALL of Stark County. Nevermind the undocumented who haven’t been caught yet, plus the ones with other types of deviant behaviour and shadows they are running from. I’d stop shaving my legs and upper lip, absolutely.


    1. In reply to dirtgirl,

      To describe the women in Dickinson, North Dakota, there are half a dozen causes: 1) Back during the late 1800s immigration to North Dakota, attractive women had the chance to bail at the U.S. port of entry, any major city on the east coast, or cities like Minneapolls along the way. 2) Attractive women who arrived here and didn’t want to live in a grass sod hut, could hitch a ride with a traveler to escape. 3) Attractive women who grew up in Dickinson once reaching their teen years could hitch a ride or beg transportation out of here. 4) The breeding pool of women in Dickinson became primarily the unattractive, overweight, mean women, the ones who could not hitch a ride out of here, no one would take them. 5) The men in Dickinson began to not even know what an attractive woman looked like, and accepted the overweight, unattractive, mean women as “normal”. 6) The women in Dickinson made a pact that they were all going to be overweight, unattractive, and mean so that no one would know there was something wrong.


      1. I think no matter where you go people are representative of their surroundings.
        I am a woman who’s lived all over the East Coast and there is ugly everywhere.
        The poorer the town, the more boarded up homes and burnt out factories, more people resembling their surroundings, especially near the Mid-Atlantic.
        The old money in those areas always had good looking offspring though due to centuries of selective breeding (And inbreeding. The distorted garbage pail kids
        would be sent off to the institutions or used for spare parts)
        New England has a lot of colleges and hospitals, a lot of cute brainy girls, but a lot of battle axe warriors who are usually nurses or repair shop secretaries, sitting
        chained there to their desks along with their twin guard dog who believe it or not has a less pronounced underbite. Southern women are all beautiful, I think.
        Maybe it’s their manners. The few that still have any, at least.
        I have never been to the West Side of the country but from what I gather they’re all douche bags, a result of the gold rush. Not caring
        who they step on to get what they want, vanity, false realities, needs vs wants, etc.
        Also you gotta take into account that people’s lifestyles and diets dramatically alter their appearances. Look at the warmer
        places outside of America that don’t consume anywhere near as much animal fat or protein that we as a society do. Most
        men are as dainty and feminine as the women. The women look like 10 year old boys as much as the 40 year old men do.
        And then look at the places like Russia and Germany where it is cold and the work is hard and women needed to be strong
        in order to survive after their men died. Back then wasn’t like it is here in America, where dumb lazy girls can get ahead because they are cute and
        doe eyed but have nothing else to offer. Isn’t that nuts? A baby deer gets treated worse by the same men who’d fall over for a dumb
        doe eyed whore because they don’t realize the dumb doe eyed whore is just gonna cheat on you with your best friend the second you leave for work to support them. The poor baby deer could at least be useful in baiting a larger, more deserving predator to stuff, mount and hang on your wall. The doe eyed
        whore brings nothing but restraining orders and/or debt. She becomes a high end prostitute that you need to keep stuffing with 100$’s
        just to get a shitty blowjob she doesn’t think twice about scraping her teeth on. Doe eyed whores are selfish and do not care about pain
        because they never had to experience any of it. Some naive man was always there to take care of her not because she deserved it
        but because it gave the man ‘status’ to be seen with such a sexy accessory. The mean, unattractive women out there are probably
        the types that would take care of their husbands if they got hurt at work, would pick up
        all the supposed ‘man duties’ that a hot housewife wouldn’t have an iota of a thought of how-to, because they never had to worry about
        taking care of anything.


      2. In reply to dirtgirl,

        I have lived in FL, VA, TX, CO, UT, AZ, ID, and ND. Beside the ratio of men to women in Dickinson being 3:1, the women who are here are mostly overweight, unattractive, mean, and scowling. It’s because of the six factors that I wrote about in my previous comment, AND it’s because the women here choose to be this way, mostly because they can get away with it.

        How does this affect me, and why am I angry? In every other state that I have lived, restaurant owners would seek to hire as a waitress, hostess, or bartender, nice-looking women with a pleasant disposition, so that men, women, and children have a pleasant dining experience. In other states, restaurant owners would not employ the kind of women that are here in Dickinson, not even to work in the kitchen, because they wouldn’t even want to risk these women being seen or heard. In Dickinson, the restaurant owners put these mean battle-axe women out as bartenders and waitresses, which makes many, many people in Dickinson not go out to bars and restaurants, including me.

        In other states, Bank managers and Bank owners, seek employees with a pleasant disposition, nice looking appearance, and competency, in order to provide Bank customers with a good banking experience and make a good impression on customers. In other states, the Bank managers and Bank owners would not even allow the kind of women we have here in Dickinson to clean the bank after-hours, because there would still be a risk of them alienating people. In Dickinson, they put these mean, scowling, unattractive battle-axe women out as bank tellers. Myself and other people that I know, have problems conducting bank business because the bank teller women are so hostile and mean.

        As an unmarried, middle-aged man with no children, instead of going out to shop and do errands with some hope of meeting a potential romantic prospect, it’s more like Charlton Heston in the movie Planet Of The Apes, or Rick in the TV Series The Walking Dead, having to fight the Ape Creatures or the Zombies.


  3. Ehh, some women are like skunks. Something in nature causes them to have to raise their asses up and fire off some warning shots to let people know to stay away. Think of them as doing you a favor! You don’t have to waste dinner drinks and dessert on someone you didn’t know was mean until she managed to wrangle a 3rd meal out of you! I say you’re ahead of the game 😉


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