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Teal Swan Video

I have been watching Teal Swan videos on YouTube for several months, but I have not shared one of these videos yet on my blog website, because they are often hard to understand, or they express an intellectual philosophy that I do not agree with.

I am not going to try to explain Teal Swan completely in this blog post, as you will see, she believes in the Far-East philosophies of Yoga, Meditation, Hinduism, and natural medicine.

People like Teal, try to find a comfortable, peaceful, serene, beautiful, positive energy place to live and spend their time, with other like-minded people.  You might see people like Teal in Flagstaff, Sedona, Sante Fe, San Francisco, or other small mountain towns in California, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, or Colorado.

What I do agree with Teal on, is trying to live in a comfortable, peaceful, serene, beautiful, positive energy natural environment, where you can contemplate life, and nothing unnatural, unhealthy, or restrictive is forced on you, such as a ridiculous and confining job, noise, traffic, ignorance, ugliness, or badly behaving people.

I have a tremendous amount of frustration living in Dickinson, North Dakota, and in trying to explain Dickinson.  The people here in Dickinson are not the slightest bit aware that they are any different than people elsewhere.  For instance, the people in Dickinson spend thousands of dollars modifying heavy-duty diesel pick-up trucks that are already loud, to make them even louder.  Then, they leave these loud heavy-duty diesel trucks idling outside of where they live, so that every resident within 400 ft has to listen to it.

In Dickinson, North Dakota, there is a constant effort among ignorant people, who make up 20% to 40% of the population, to disturb the peace and quiet somehow.  If it isn’t full throttling a large diesel truck, old car, street racer, or motorcycle on a 25 mph residential street up to 50 mph, it’s playing ghetto music with a 2,000 watt amplifier.

Something else about Dickinson that I hate, is the ignorance about beauty, sex, sexuality, and normal, healthy human behavior.  Somehow, from when the first homesteaders arrived in Dickinson in the 1890s, the idea of beauty in anything has been destroyed.  The absence of the idea of beauty is apparent everywhere, and particularly in women.  The women in Dickinson have no desire to be attractive, so they aren’t.

In addition to the absence of beauty, especially in women, the North Dakotans have eliminated romance, sensuality, sex, and sexuality.  In a way, North Dakotans have reduced people to behaving like cattle, horses, pigs, or chickens.  Higher human thoughts, feelings, and emotions are ignored, repressed, and suppressed.

Commentors to my blog website, sometimes write that I appear to be an angry, rotten, bitter person.  Yes, I am angry all the time living in Dickinson, North Dakota.  Most of the people here, don’t even know how fucked up it is, or how backwards it is, which just adds to my anger and frustration.  Like people here not being able to understand the value or the desire to have peace and quiet, or not have your property stolen.

In this video below, Teal Swan explains that not getting what you want, and not being able to live like you want, will have a negative effect on your health.  The people living in Dickinson, and especially the Heidi Heitkamp people, need to pay very close attention following the 6:50 minute mark in this video:

Usually, I leave an annoying or irritating comment after watching Teal’s videos, because I like her.  If you watch this video, Teal explains that it is important to do what you feel like doing.


It Seems Like Reckless Drivers Never Get Caught In Dickinson, North Dakota

On Thursday of this week, I was at a stop sign in downtown Dickinson getting ready to make a right turn onto Villard Street and drive west, when two motorcycles went by going 80 mph to 100 mph travelling east.

I came to a complete stop, as did one westbound car on Villard Street, one eastbound car on Villard Street, one truck that was just entering Villard Street from the south, and one woman walking her dog.  We all couldn’t believe it, and we all stopped expecting there to be some kind of a crash.

I could see that the two motorcycles slowed down some when they got to the intersection at 10th Avenue East.  There was no crash, this time.

I don’t see how people who ride motorcycles like this, live for even one week, or how they even still exist.  I sincerely believe that they don’t need to exist, and that the World would be a much better place without them.

The 25 mph to 35 mph section of Villard Street through downtown Dickinson is probably the most dangerous place to drive 80 mph to 100 mph.  Vehicles driving on Villard Street or entering Villard Street do not expect anyone to be driving this fast, and they couldn’t see or react to a motorcycle going this fast anyway.

It’s not a very good thing to have someone who is suicidal driving around Dickinson, but it is much worse that they could likely kill, cripple, or severely injure someone else who was just merely going to the grocery store or driving home from work to be with their family.

The Police in Dickinson would be able to do very little in the moment of watching a motorcycle go this fast past them, they would be unable to catch up to them.  All they could do would be to try to identify the helmet of the rider, his jacket, the color of the motorcycle, and anything unusual about the faring, gas tank, or something else.  Then, contact other Dickinson Police and Highway Patrol to see where the motorcycle goes or turns off.

In the neighborhood where I live downtown, there is a house down the street where some of these reckless drivers originate.  Sometimes they take four wheelers out and drive about 50 mph on the 25 mph streets.  Again, they never seem to get caught by the Dickinson Police.  I don’t even know how the Dickinson Police could catch up to them in this residential area.

Tonight, at the apartment building where I live in downtown Dickinson, there was something like a small red Nissan, Mitsubishi, or Hyundai that has been lowered and has a belled-out exhaust, that went for a high speed drive around the neighborhood.  It drove about 60 mph for four blocks going north, then four or five blocks west, then five blocks south, then back here.  This took about three minutes, and I could hear this car the whole time.

I didn’t know that this car was coming back here, but when they got back into the apartment building parking lot and revved the car engine, I was very angry.  I didn’t like listening to this car that was way too loud, and I didn’t like them driving recklessly in this neighborhood.  Many of the four way intersections in this neighborhood do not have stop signs because they expect people to be driving slowly and to yield.

If I would have gone down there, because these people are already stupid assholes who I don’t even think should exist or live here, the situation would have escalated to where I was the one who would be arrested by the Police and subsequently be evicted.  The Dickinson Police will never ever catch these people driving recklessly through Dickinson, but if I were to do something to them, I would be arrested, be evicted, and lose my job.

In order to not be in a situation like this, I shouldn’t live in a town with so many white trash and criminals, it is certain there will be conflicts.

Banks’ Role In The Coming Real Estate Collapse In Dickinson, North Dakota

In this blog post, I am going to explain the Banks’ role in the coming real estate collapse in Dickinson, North Dakota.  I believe that the Banks will be 20% of the cause for the coming real estate collapse in Dickinson.

The price of oil dropping from over $100 per barrel down to $40 per barrel in late 2014 and early 2015 is what caused the oil boom to come to an end in North Dakota.  The oil companies did not want to pump oil out of the ground, perform exploration, and drill new oil wells if they could not make a profit.  The number of operating oil drill rigs in North Dakota went from over 250, down to less than 50.

About 70% to 80% of the oil field jobs went away in North Dakota after the end of the oil boom in 2015.  70% to 80% of the out-of-state workers returned to the states where they came from.  I believe that the end of the oil boom in North Dakota will be 30% of the cause of the real estate collapse in Dickinson, North Dakota.

What North Dakotans should realize, is that 20% of the cause of the coming real estate collapse in Dickinson, is how local people treated the out-of-state workers.  There are some things that North Dakotans never understood.  From 2007 through 2014, many areas in the United States were in a recession.  It wasn’t the prospering people with jobs who came to North Dakota during the oil boom, it was the people who were having financial difficulty or were completely broke.

The majority of people who came to North Dakota during the oil boom, they didn’t have very much money or any money, that is why they came in the first place.  When they got here, old one bedroom apartments that had recently been $300 per month, were now $1,500 per month.  Many people slept in their vehicles at Wal-Mart, Tiger Truck Stop, and Patterson Lake.  Many people slept in the bushes, under bridges, along the railroad right-of-way, and on canal banks in Dickinson.  There was no homeless shelter in Dickinson.

Stark County residents, politicians, business owners, and property owners did not want Man-Camps, temporary oil field housing, in Stark County, so they were not permitted.  These temporary portable housing units, could have been set up in a matter of months to alleviate the housing shortage in Dickinson.  It appeared that the end goal of the local people, was to force the out-of-state workers to have to rent, lease, or purchase the existing locally owned housing, or new housing that they would build.

The new apartments that were built in Dickinson, they rented for $2,000 to $3,000 per month.  That’s $24,000 to $36,000 per year in rent, that wasn’t even for something they would own, that money was just gone.  All of the out-of-state workers felt like they were being gouged.  The cost of rent, and the way that the out-of-state workers were treated by the local people, the local company owners, the local co-workers, the local Police, made the out-of-state workers make up their minds that they would leave North Dakota, and always think badly of North Dakota.

Another way to put it, is like this, thousands of out-of-state workers who left where they came from because they were making little or no money, would have willingly made North Dakota their permanent home, if they would not have been gouged so bad on housing, and been treated with hostility by local people.  The funny thing is, the desire of the property owners to make a killing in a hurry, is one of the primary reasons why there is going to be a real estate collapse in Dickinson, they drove everyone away.

Something else that is funny, is that because Stark County did not permit Man-Camps, temporary oil field housing units, and instead wanted there to be construction of new apartment buildings, town homes, and houses, the occupancy rates at the new apartment buildings and old apartment buildings is now about 50%.

If Stark County would have permitted temporary Man-Camps to operate for three years, and then not renewed their permits when the oil boom was over, the occupancy rates at apartment buildings in Dickinson might now be at 80%, with higher rents, and a higher demand for houses.  I am going to put 20% of the cause of the coming real estate collapse in Dickson on the refusal to permit temporary Man-Camps in Stark County, which has led to an over supply of apartments, town homes, and houses in Dickinson.

So far, I have listed the causes of the coming real estate collapse in Dickinson as:  30% end of oil boom;  20% gouging and mistreatment of out-of-state workers which drove them out of North Dakota;  20% denial of temporary Man-Camps which resulted in an over supply of apartments, town homes, and houses.

I began this blog post by stating that 20% of the cause of the coming real estate collapse in Dickinson will be the Banks.  The Bank owners know that the oil boom has ended, that 70% to 80% of the oil field jobs have gone away, that 70% to 80% of the out-of-state workers have returned to the states where they came from, that there is an over supply of housing in Dickinson, and that the occupancy rates at the new apartment buildings, and the old apartment buildings is now at about 50%.

Despite what the Chambers of Commerce, politicians, business owners, real estate agents, real estate developers, property owners, and other spokespeople say, or what newspapers, trade journals, and magazines write about the oil boom coming back, or the local economy growing, the Bank owners have a different view, which they aren’t openly sharing.

In my previous blog post, I wrote about my recent experience, and my two neighbors’ recent experience in trying to obtain a home loan with local banks in Dickinson.  Even though my two neighbors could demonstrate the required income level, income history, and a stable job history in Dickinson, they were still turned down for a home loan.

In other parts of the country, myself and my two neighbors would have been given a home loan based on income level, credit history, and purchase price of the home.  What is different about Dickinson, is that there is an over supply of housing, and Dickinson is just coming down from an oil boom.

The owners of the local banks in Dickinson, in my case for instance, where several local banks told me that they were instructed to not loan money on any manufactured home no matter how much land was involved, no matter what, indicates to me that the local bank owners expect to be facing a great deal of home loan foreclosures.

Getting to the point, if you don’t already see it for yourself, is that if the local bank owners in Dickinson don’t want to grant many or any home loans, what do you think that this will do to the real estate market?  Who is going to be able to sell their $100k, $200k, $300k, $400k home in Dickinson, if no bank will grant a home loan to a buyer?

Will it matter if your home is appraised at $200k or $300k, if no one can buy it?

End of oil boom, 70% to 80% of out-of-state workers leaving, over supply of housing and occupancy rates of 50%, and Bank owners not wanting to grant home loans, what do you think is going to happen to the price of housing in Dickinson?

Suspicious Behavior Of Bank Lending In Dickinson, North Dakota

This is going to be a quick blog post about suspicious behavior of bank lending in Dickinson, North Dakota.  Actually, it’s about banks not lending money.

I own a home that is paid for in Idaho, and I would like to be able to return and live there.  In the past seven years, I have worked some in Utah and Texas, but for about five of these years I have worked in North Dakota.

After the oil boom went away in North Dakota in 2015, since then about 70% to 80% of the oil field jobs went away.  Consequently, 70% to 80% of the out-of-state oil field workers returned to the states where they came from.

By 2017, the occupancy rates at the newly completed apartment buildings and the old apartment buildings in Dickinson became 50% or less.  Apartment rent, home rent, and home sale prices began to decrease throughout Dickinson.

In the summer of 2017, I got a very good deal on an apartment in downtown Dickinson.  However, I soon came to find that the crime in this area of downtown Dickinson was very bad primarily due to drug dealing, people being on drugs, and people stealing to get money for drugs.

In the Spring of 2018, mostly because I was tired of the drug dealing and drug activity at the apartment building where I live in downtown Dickinson, I began looking for a very cheap home to purchase.  I found a manufactured home on its own property for sale in Belfield for $25,000.

This 3br/1ba manufactured home in Belfield on its owned 75 ft x 140 ft lot would have been good for me.  I went and looked at it with the realtor, and it was fine with me.  So far, neither myself or about thirty other prospective buyers, have been able to get a loan from any bank in North Dakota for this manufactured home.

For myself and all of the other prospective buyers who looked at this $25,000 manufactured home, the combined payments for the loan, home insurance, and property tax, would have been less than rent payments anywhere in western North Dakota.

The four or five banks that I spoke to or went to in Dickinson, they each had their reasons for not wanting to loan money on a manufactured home at this time.  It wasn’t a matter of credit history or income, the local banks in Dickinson didn’t even want to initiate a loan application for a manufactured home, even on owned land.

For this particular case, I got the impression that each of the local banks in Dickinson that I went to, that someone much higher up, the bank owners, were scared to death of being stuck owning manufactured homes.

From 2009 through 2014 during the oil boom, the rent on this 3br/1ba manufactured home would have been about $2,000 per month.  Back then, just one year of rent would have been $24,000.  Now, the rent on this manufactured home would be about $500 per month, or $6,000 per year.  So why are the banks so scared of loaning money on something like this, on a 75 ft. x 140 ft. lot?

As a second example, one of my neighbors who lives in the same apartment building as me in downtown Dickinson, this couple wanted to buy a house not far from here, in order to get away from the drug dealing and drug activity in this building.  Even though this man has had a good paying job for the past four years with the same company in Dickinson, he was turned downed for his home loan.

As a third example, another one of my neighbors, who owes about $19,000 on his current small home in downtown Dickinson, he wanted to buy another nearby home that was larger.  He wanted to move into the larger home, and rent out his smaller home that was nearly paid for.  He has had a fairly good paying job with the same company in Dickinson for the past eight years, and he was turned down for his home loan.

For the past twenty years in the United States, banks have routinely lent money to people to buy homes that they could not afford.  These loans were called “liar loans”, because the borrower could not demonstrate their ability to pay without lying about their income, sources of income, money in savings, assets, and debts.

In the three examples that I gave up above about myself and my neighbors attempting to borrow money from a bank in Dickinson, North Dakota to buy a home, it wasn’t that the borrower did not have the income to make the mortgage payments, or the income history.

It seems like the banks are just scared to loan money for a home purchase in Dickinson at this time, in any case.  To me, this signifies two beliefs by the local bank owners.  One, that they expect many people to lose their jobs in Dickinson in the near future and be unable to make their mortgage payments.  And two, that the bank owners don’t want to be stuck owning homes in Dickinson when people default on their home loans, because homes will be worth less and less, with no one wanting them or being able to buy them.

In other words, I think that this shows that the owners of the banks in Dickinson, think that Dickinson is going to fail and collapse.  Actions speak louder than words, watch what a person does, not what he says.

Really Bad Day With My Truck

Ten months ago, someone in Dickinson stole one of my trucks.  I posted and handed out flyers in Dickinson, South Heart, Belfield, and New England.  After about four or five days, some people telephoned me to tell me who had my stolen truck.

The person who stole my truck was well known to the Dickinson Police and the Stark County Sheriff Department.  He already had a warrant out for his arrest on drug and possession of stolen property charges.

The person who stole my truck, was convinced by different people that he would be better off if he gave this truck up, which he did.  But it was missing at least $1,500 in tools and equipment when I got it back.  Also, the good new tires had been swapped with very bad tires that had the tread coming off and wire sticking out.

I got a good deal on a set of four used tires, and a reasonable price to get them mounted on the truck wheels.  Bit by bit I have been replacing what was stolen out of this truck, the truck bed tool box, spare tire, tool set, tow strap, jumper cables, etcetera.

The person who stole my truck, in addition to taking my good new tires, he swapped some other parts off this truck.  He replaced the completely bad front axle constant velocity joints in this truck, CV joints, with used shaft assemblies from another truck.  One of the front axle seals was leaking since I got my truck back, and I have to re-fill the front axle differential about every 700 miles.

The used replacement front axle shaft assemblies that came from another truck, the CV joints are going bad, so even though the U-joints are sealed, I was going to try to stuff grease into them today in order to try to make them last a little bit longer.  A car dealership in Dickinson quoted me about $750 to replace the front CV joints.

At about 4:30 p.m. today I was putting the front wheels of this truck on ramps in my friend’s driveway so that I could get under the CV joints easier to grease them, when he started yelling about needing new studs.  I didn’t know what the hell he was yelling about, and I wished that he would have kept his mouth shut until I was done driving up onto the ramps.

I got out and looked at the driver’s side front wheel, and it was missing three out of five lug nuts.  This made me very angry for several reasons.  Driving on Hwy 22 or Hwy 85, I could have gotten killed or had a very bad accident if this front wheel had come off, or I could have gotten someone else killed.

At first I thought that someone had undone my wheel lug nuts to cause me to have an accident, but as I looked closer, I could see that three of the five wheel stud bolts were broken off.  I had checked every lug nut on every wheel with a lug wrench about three months ago, and I couldn’t understand what had happened.

I was trying to figure out what happened, and I was thinking that I should just take this truck to the dealer and let them replace the front axle shaft assemblies and CV joints.  My friend persuaded me that he had some spare wheel stud bolts, we could take the brake caliper off, the wheel rotor off, and get to the wheel stud bolts.

We got the brake caliper and wheel rotor off, knocked the broken stud bolts out of the hub, and my friend did not have any wheel stud bolts that fit this hub.  Meanwhile, ever since I had driven the front tires up onto the ramps, my friend was going on and on talking, going off on irrelevant tangents, while I was trying to figure out what had happened, take things apart, and put them back together.  I would have liked to have driven away, but obviously I couldn’t.

My friend let me borrow his vehicle to go to the auto parts store to buy some wheel stud bolts.  At the auto parts store, the young man got the wrong part number stud bolts, because he was looking at 2-wheel drive, not 4-wheel drive.  I caught this before I left, but this added to my frustration a little bit.

When I got back to my truck at my friend’s house, the wheel stud bolts did not fit correctly in the wheel hub, the base diameter and the scoring was a little too big, but just slightly too big.  You could pound and pound on these wheel stud bolts with a hammer, and they would not seat in the wheel hub.

After a while, I got a bunch of large washers and put them on the wheel stud bolts, screwed on the lug nuts, got an air impact wrench, and tightened the lug nuts while beating the stud bolts in.  With a lot more work than should have been necessary, the wheel stud bolts seated in the wheel hub.  All the while, my friend would not stop talking about unnecessary things, things that were a nuisance distraction.

I was getting so mad, that I was thinking about calling a tow truck to just drag my truck onto the bed, wheel and rotor off, brake caliper dragging on the ground, doing hundreds of dollars of damage to my truck, just to get the fuck out of there.  I was going to tell the tow truck driver, no I don’t want to put the wheel on, just drag it, I can’t take listening to this guy for one more minute, he won’t shut up.

I got everything back together, and the wheel back on.  I could tell that I did some damage to the threads on a couple of the stud bolts during the extra effort to seat them, because two of the lug nuts were very difficult to turn for most of the way.  But five stud bolts with lug nuts, is much better than only having two stud bolts with lug nuts.

I began greasing the CV joints and turning the wheel in order to get to each universal joint bearing, and my friend came out of the house to point out to me that I was not tightening the lug nuts as I was turning the wheel.  I explained that I knew that, I was turning the wheel to get to each universal joint bearing to grease it, which is what I started out to do in the first place.

After I had put all of the tools away, I looked at the three broken wheel stud bolts. They each had rust or oxidation on the broken ends, which means that they had been broken off for a while.  The only explanation, since I had checked every wheel lug nut with a lug wrench about three months ago, was that the person who stole my truck, and the person who mounted my used tires ten months ago, they both saw and knew that three of the five wheel stud bolts were broken.  Since they were able to get three, four, or five turns of the lug nuts onto the broken wheel stud bolts, they acted like nothing was wrong.

With only three, four, or five turns of a lug nut onto a broken stud bolt, it was only a matter of time before the lug nuts popped off.  The tires were mounted on the wheels, and put back on this truck in September of last year, when it was cooler.  Once it became so hot in June, with the metal hub, metal rotor, and metal wheel expanding slightly in the heat, this is probably what caused the three barely on wheel lug nuts to pop off.

About four days ago, there was a fatality on Hwy 22 south of Dickinson, where a pickup truck crossed into the opposite lane, and had a head-on collision with a tractor truck.  I could have had a fatal accident like this too, if this front driver’s side wheel would have come off my truck, which was going to happen very soon if my friend hadn’t noticed my wheel lug nuts were missing.

I was mad about this happening, why this happened, how this happened, the unexpected emergency repair, the difficulty of getting everything apart and then back together, and my friend talking non-stop the whole time while I was trying to work and figure this out.  I am very regretful that I got so mad, that I nearly called a tow truck to drag my truck away with the wheel and rotor off, to the dealer, just because I couldn’t stand to listen to my friend anymore.

The Criminality Of People In Dickinson, North Dakota

Yesterday evening, I heard some noise outside in the parking lot of the apartment building where I live in downtown Dickinson, North Dakota.  I looked out the window, and there was a City of Dickinson Police car, and a Stark County Sheriff truck.  It appeared that they were looking for an apartment resident in order to take them into custody.

In the one year that I have lived at this apartment building in downtown Dickinson, I would say that the Police or Sheriff have been here about fifteen times.  But that number would be too low, because the Police or Sheriff are here several times each month, and I am not even home half of the time, to witness the other times that they may have been here.

One of the frustrating things about living in Dickinson, North Dakota, is that the people here don’t even know that they are any different than people living elsewhere in the United States.  The criminality of people here, far exceeds any place else that I have ever lived.  I will give some examples.

The very first apartment building that I ever lived at, was in Gainesville, Florida. In the three years that I lived at this apartment building, where 50% of the residents were students, the Police might have shown up a total of two times.

The second apartment building that I ever lived at, was in Tampa, Florida.  In the two years that I lived at this apartment building, the Police might have shown up a total of three times.

At this apartment building where I live in Dickinson, the Police have shown up an estimated forty times this past year.  And, I wish that the Police would have shown up even more times than this, to handle the drug dealers, trespassers, suspicious acting people, reckless drivers, and other problems.

I began thinking about how to describe the criminality of people in Dickinson, North Dakota versus elsewhere.  Below I will give my estimate of the number of adults with a criminal record in the other areas where I have lived.

  • Town where I grew up in Florida………….18% of adults with criminal record
  • Gainesville, Florida………………………….18% of adults with criminal record
  • Tampa, Florida……………………………….20% of adults with criminal record
  • Flagstaff, Arizona……………………………..15% of adults with criminal record
  • Eastern Idaho…………………………………20% of adults with criminal record
  • Fort Worth, Texas……………………………..20% of adults with criminal record
  • Dickinson, North Dakota……………………..35% of adults with criminal record

If Dickinson, North Dakota would not have had an oil boom………..20% of adults with criminal record, just like most other places.

The high number of criminal people living in Dickinson, North Dakota is due to the oil boom.  The oil boom brought criminal people to Dickinson.  For some people with a criminal record, the oil boom in North Dakota would allow them to get a job without their criminal record in a different state being discovered.  For other people with a criminal record, it was primarily the rumor of high pay that brought them to Dickinson.

For some people with a criminal record, they moved to North Dakota with the expectation of either getting a high paying job, and if not, they would steal from the people with high paying jobs, or sell them illegal drugs.

The oil boom also turned some local people into criminals, after they were introduced to illegal drugs, they became a user, a dealer, or a thief in order to pay for their drug addiction.

At the oil field service companies and construction companies where I have worked in Dickinson, I would estimate that 40% to 45% of my male co-workers had a criminal record.  In previous blog posts, I wrote about looking up the company managers and foremen of the companies where I worked in Dickinson, and most of them had criminal records for assault, drug possession, and DUI.

At the convenience stores, fast food restaurants, restaurants, and bars in Dickinson, I would estimate that 35% of the women employees have criminal records for drug possession, bad check writing, assault, or DUI.

Dickinson, North Dakota is not like other places in the United States.  I have complained and written blog posts about the Police in Dickinson following people around, trying to come up with a reason to pull them over and question them.  I was complaining that the Police were treating everyone like they were suspected of being a criminal.  The truth is, that about one out of three people in Dickinson is a criminal, and they act like it.

Asshole With A Silver Camaro In Dickinson, North Dakota

This week in Dickinson, I had to work on a project on 21st Street West, just to the west of Evergreen Assisted Living and Runnings Farm & Ranch store.

On this section of 21st Street West, the speed limit is 25 mph hour.  This is very near the exits to Evergreen, Runnings, Whiting Petroleum, the Big Sky Plaza, Four Seasons Car Wash, town homes, apartments, and houses.

On the north side of 21st Street West in this area, there is a frontage road that parallels 21st Street West, and provides access to the residential driveways.  You could expect that people would drive even more slowly on this frontage road, because it is not a through street.

While I was working, a couple of times during the day, a silver Chevy Camaro caught my attention because the driver was hot-rodding and speeding on 21st Street West and the frontage road on the north side of 21st Street West.

All day, there were bucket trucks and utility trucks from Consolidated Telecom and Cable TV companies parked on the frontage road performing work, with workers walking to and from their vehicles, getting in and out of their vehicles.  At the same time, there were pedestrians walking on the frontage road and sidewalk, and very small children walking on the frontage road and the sidewalk.

Twice, in order to go faster than the cars travelling 25 mph on 21st Street West, the driver of the silver Camaro exited onto the frontage road, and quickly accelerated to 40 mph, passing up the vehicles that were on 21st Street West.

This was very dangerous, because all of the homeowners, workers, pedestrians, and children had the expectation that people would be driving at about 15 mph on this frontage road, not 40 mph.

It appeared that the driver of this silver Camaro was making a right turn onto 10th Avenue West, and resides in one of the Prairie subdivision homes.

I hope that if this driver is someone’s kid, that this blog post is shown to the parents so that they can consider not allowing their kid to drive this car anymore.  If the driver of this Camaro is an adult, they need to be told that what they are doing is wrong.

Most people do not drive their vehicle at 40 mph on a side street in front of people’s homes, because they do not want to hit and kill someone’s child that runs out into the street or steps out from behind a parked vehicle.  Most people recognize that 40 mph is too fast to stop in time if a homeowner backs out of their driveway from behind a tree, fence, or parked vehicle.

In any case, I don’t expect the driver of this Camaro to keep it for very long due to getting their license suspended or wrecking their car, if they keep driving the way they have been.  I hope that they don’t kill someone or someone’s kid.