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Swedish Skank Girl, Who Probably Works At A Bank

I am going to show you a couple of YouTube videos of a Swedish Skank girl, so that you have the chance to see Skank Girls from other parts of the World.

I have not had the chance yet to write a blog post article telling you everything you need to know about Skank Girls, like I said I would in a previous blog post.  For the time being, I need to explain that Skank Girls come from underprivileged beginnings and backgrounds, they didn’t have the same opportunities and luxuries as girls from middle-class, upper-middle-class, or wealthy families.

The reason why I often state that Skank Girls work at banks, is because they do.  Starting out, bank tellers are not paid very well.  They are required to have an acceptable appearance, proper behavior, dress appropriately, follow instructions, work competently, be dependable, be trustworthy, have no criminal record, yet they are not paid very well considering these qualifications.

What kind of person accepts low pay for being highly qualified?  Skank Girls who didn’t have very much growing up, who never had anyone helping them, who never had anyone setting them up in life.  Psychologically, Skank Girls never had anyone telling them that they were smart, or pretty, or talented, so they never thought they were any of these things.

Skank Girls are used to having very little, and expecting very little out of life.  They think that they are plain, ordinary, and untalented, because everyone always treated them so.  Banks love to get their hands on Skank Girls, because even though they are fairly intelligent, competent, nice looking, and talented, they don’t know it themselves, therefore they work for low pay.

To make a distinction, low-class, trashy, and air-headed girls can work in retail, hospitality, or restaurants, but not in banking.  So Skank Girls are something different than low-class/trashy/air-headed girls.

Below is the first video of a Swedish Skank Girl that I wanted to show you.  I forgot to mention a very important point, Skank Girls often look very nice with no clothes on.  Who knew, they often just look skinny and uninteresting with their clothes on:

That was a nice video.  What’s that you say?  How do I know that she is a Skank?  For One, her name is “Mikaela”;  Two, look at her long fingernails;  Three, she didn’t have enough food to eat as a young girl, that’s why she is so naturally thin.

This young lady has approximately one hundred videos on her YouTube channel, and only one video where she is speaking in English.  Her English is very good, but she is saying that she doesn’t like speaking in English.  See, she is intelligent after all:

Here in Dickinson, North Dakota, there are nearly Zero women who look like this, and she is unreal to us.  However, in Sweden she is nothing special to look at, and she only has 25K subscribers to her YouTube channel.

Waaaaait!!  Can you people please watch this video, and tell me what is different between these people and the people here in Dickinson, North Dakota:

These are the differences that I noticed:

Everyone has all of their own teeth;  no one is smoking;  no one is spitting in a cup;  no one is overweight;  no one is ugly;  no one looks and acts like a Meth addict;  no one is a belligerent drunk;  no fighting;  everyone is nicely dressed;  everyone is in good health.