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I Did Not Know That Women Powerlifters Pee When Lifting Heavy Weights

I did not know that women powerlifters pee when lifting heavy weights, but thanks to a YouTube video explaining this phenomenon, I do now.

I imagine that some women readers are hissing, spitting, and wanting to scratch my eyes out for writing this, but I am not making this up.  I never would have known about this, if these women in the video below, would not have made a video about this.

About two weeks ago, I wrote a blog post where I complained that there should be some weight room gyms, where men can expect to lift heavy weights without the distraction of women, interference of women, women taking up the equipment and not using it for its intended purpose, and women talking and fooling around.

There are several gym franchises such as Curves, that are for women only, and we all understand why women want to exercise without any men around sometimes.  So why can’t women understand that men want to exercise without women around sometimes?

Men and women are different.  I can absolutely guarantee you, that if I peed my pants when doing deadlifts or squats at a gym, I would be kicked out, and everyone would be furious at me, both the men and the women.

Apparently, it is very common for women to pee their pants when lifting heavy weights.  I don’t care that much, but like I said, if a man did this, he would be kicked out of the gym.  Probably, if a man peed his pants while deadlifting or doing squats at the West River Community Center in Dickinson, the Police would be called and they would try to charge him with lewd and lascivious behavior.  But women can just pee all over the place and get away with it.


My Room Mate Is Watching Elena Lev Training Videos

Unlike most people in Dickinson, my room mate is a large frog.  He has his own room, where he spends most of his time reading.  He is not very good at using computers, but once I showed him the Russian gymnast Elena Lev in her YouTube videos and Facebook videos, he has taken an interest in learning how to hula hoop.

He has been watching all of Elena’s training videos on YouTube.  He has been practicing with hula hoops, and although he is not very good, he is making some progress.  Here is a video of him:


Elena has about twenty YouTube videos where she shows stretching, warm ups, exercises, and hula hoop instruction.  Here is one of her videos from YouTube:

Attention Women In Dickinson, This Is How You Do It

The above video shows Elena Lev, the Russian gymnast who performed in Alegria Cirque du Soleil from 1994 to 2000.  This is how you correctly begin with hula hoops.

Now, in addition to this, you will need to diet, stretch, and exercise as shown in the Elena Lev video below, taken from her Facebook page, “Elena Lev Fitness and Food”.  There are many more exercise videos where this one came from:

Finally, after all of your dieting, stretching, exercising, training, and practice, you’ll be ready for this: