My Room Mate Is Watching Elena Lev Training Videos

Unlike most people in Dickinson, my room mate is a large frog.  He has his own room, where he spends most of his time reading.  He is not very good at using computers, but once I showed him the Russian gymnast Elena Lev in her YouTube videos and Facebook videos, he has taken an interest in learning how to hula hoop.

He has been watching all of Elena’s training videos on YouTube.  He has been practicing with hula hoops, and although he is not very good, he is making some progress.  Here is a video of him:


Elena has about twenty YouTube videos where she shows stretching, warm ups, exercises, and hula hoop instruction.  Here is one of her videos from YouTube:

2 thoughts on “My Room Mate Is Watching Elena Lev Training Videos

    1. Rusty,

      I had not known about Pepe the frog until I looked him up just now. Pepe was a cartoon character created by Matt Furie in 2005. Pepe’s image later became associated with the “Alt Right Movement” and “White Supremacists”. Pepe was usually green with brown lips.

      This frog that lives with me, I don’t think that he has extreme political views. I think that he is more middle of the road. I like the Russian gymnast Elena Lev, who now lives in Las Vegas, and I don’t want her to get the wrong idea about me and this frog, I am trying to make a good impression.


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