I Am In Love With Lori Hinz

Right now, I am in love with Lori Hinz.  I wanted to write about this now, while I still have a strong emotional feeling about it, to make this an interesting blog post article.

I was looking at ND District 36 Representative Luke Simons’ Facebook posts, when I first saw a kind of hectic video of Lori Hinz, where she was saying something about having been told to not bring her knee up so high when making a video.  I thought that she was cute, but maybe a little silly, or perhaps phony, because I was sure that she knew how to sit without showing anything on camera, nobody needed to tell her anything.  I believed that she was experienced.

The next time that I saw a Facebook post of Lori Hinz, again brought to us by Luke Simons, Lori had made a very polished, intense video.  By intense, I mean that she fit in her message, her personality, some charm, some sweetness, attractiveness, softness, perkiness, enthusiasm, and a few other things that I won’t mention.  Here is the video that almost made me fall in love with Lori, but not quite yet:


By the way, this video was just too much for me to handle, I am not used to women talking to me this way.  I had to stop the video.

I heard her say that her husband, Jeff, owned two Ace Hardware stores.  Who can compete with that?  But, on the other hand, she said that she and her husband had raised three sons, so I was thinking, O.K., maybe she’s done with Jeff, maybe she’s ready to move on.

I felt that Lori was too much for me to handle, so I went on my way to look at other things on the internet.

Then, a few days later, I saw on my Facebook “Find Friends” or “People You May Know”, the unofficial, personal Facebook page of Lori Hinz, and I thought to myself, “She likes me!  She likes me!”, because I had left a comment to her ND National Republican Committeewoman video.

Then I thought, now what do I do, I feel bad for her husband Jeff.  And I began to worry, if she will leave her husband Jeff of 33 years for me, she will probably end up leaving me too.  I was sad, and I went to go and look at other “People You May Know” on Facebook.

I thought that I had put Lori out of my mind, I was trying to, and do you know what I saw on my Facebook “Find Friends” or “People You May Know” today?  The Facebook page of “Lauren Gray”, her stage name, but she’s not a stripper or an actress, well she might be an actress, but she is a radio announcer and host.  See, I told you that she was experienced.

Why is she so persistent, why does she keep wanting me to look at her?  I like the different styles that she wears her hair.  I like both when her eyes are blue with contact lenses, and when she has her natural dark eyes.  I like her when she is made-up, and when she is plain.  I like her when she is chubby and when she is slender.

Would you like her on a boat, would you like her with a goat?  Would you like her here or there, would you like her anywhere?  Yes I would.

She has many attractive features, see for yourself:


One of the reasons why I write things like this, is to try to ruin any possibility of me ever actually having a relationship of any kind with these people.  I fear that it actually could happen.  It’s like a magnet, the closer in proximity you get, the more attraction there is, it’s like the name of the make-up that John MacClean was using, “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop”, https://www.johnmaclean.co.uk/about/

I do wish Lori Hinz well in her political pursuits.  This blog post probably won’t help her very much.  But please don’t get near me.  I am sure that the readers will help with this.

3 thoughts on “I Am In Love With Lori Hinz

  1. Um.. are you aware that suggested friends on Facebook is just computer generated? She didn’t suggest herself to you. She doesn’t know who you are. She’s not going to leave her husband for you. You sound like an obsessed delusional stalker who would kidnap her. Please stay away from her.
    P.S: I happen to know her and Luke Simon’s personally, and they’ve both been warned. STAY AWAY CREEPER.


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