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My Family’s Thoughts On Life, Death, And Dying

In my two previous blog post articles there is more complete background information on why I am writing about my family’s thoughts on life, death, and dying.

Several months ago I became aware that I was probably not going to live much longer.  I discussed this with my father and a couple of my friends, who each urged me to seek medical treatment and surgery.  I told them that I had already made up my mind that I would rather just go ahead and die, than seek medical care in North Dakota, which would be worse than dying.

The only reason why I told my father and a couple of my friends in North Dakota that I was dying, was so that I could go over with each of them that I was bequeathing my vehicles, trailers, motorcycles, equipment, firearms, and computers to my friends here in North Dakota so that neither my father, my sister, nor anyone else would have to travel to North Dakota to handle any of this.  I wrote this out as an addendum to my Last Will and I gave it to each of my friends here in North Dakota so that they would each know what to take and have this in writing when I died.  (I was trying to make this as easy as possible for everyone.)

In April, two months ago, my father died.  When my older sister called me to tell me that my father had just died, my sister told me that she had stage four cancer and her doctors had told her that she was going to live for only a few more months.   I told my sister that I was expecting to die pretty soon also.

In the following days and weeks, on some days my sister and I talked on the phone a couple of times per day regarding the settling of the estate of my father.  My father who had been an attorney for more than forty years, very experienced in estate planning, had made an effort for my sister and I to be able to receive his property as soon as possible.  But still, there were problems, mistakes, and hold-ups that my father had not been able to anticipate.

My sister was in a greater hurry to receive her half of my father’s investments and savings than I was, because she was planning on leaving the U.S. in order to receive cancer medications and treatments that were not yet available here in the U.S., she had been told by her doctors that she only had a few more months to live.

Me, I wanted to immediately get out of the low-rent, downtown apartment building in Dickinson where I had been living for the past three years.  When I received a check in the mail about a month after my father died, within a few days I was moving into the house which I bought with this money.

My sister and I had been so stressed and anxious about the handling of the estate of my father, that this is what was in the forefront of our minds for several weeks, everything else seemed secondary and inconsequential.  The daily fuck-ups were torture for me, such as the financial advisor of my father having the mailing address for me to receive my check as “Dickinson, North Carolina”, because someone is a stupid cunt!

Sorry you can’t move out of the ghetto apartment building where you’re living, we sent the check to Dickinson, North Carolina per your instructions.  Sorry, there is nothing we can do about it.  Looks like that check has been cashed, oh well, not our problem.  This stresses me out still, that’s one way to lose your inheritance.

As for my sister, who was in a greater hurry to receive her inheritance so that she could get cancer treatment that might save her life, the financial advisor of my father at one point early on was telling us, “Your father had invested in Collateralized Mortgage Obligation bonds.  We have to put these out for bid, now is not a good time to sell these. At this time we expect to only be able to get 70% of their market value.  These will be difficult to sell, this could take some time.  We have to sell everything before we can issue you a check.”

My sister had worked as a legal secretary for my father for a couple of years.  My sister and I had seen and experienced the handling of a deceased person’s estate before.  My sister pointed out to me that the problems we experienced were mild in comparison to what sometimes happens.

Immediately after my father’s death, it seemed like there were only a few other things that my sister and I talked about besides the daily revelations from my father’s financial advisor, such as some CMO bonds now being in default, and “We don’t want to keep your account with us.  We only advise high net-worth clients.”  My father had been told, expected, and intended that his financial advisor would act on behalf of my sister and I, just as it had for him, but this was far from true.  ( My father believed that he had set everything up for this to be as easy as possible for my sister and I, but he hadn’t known how this financial advisor would act toward us after his death.)

A few of the things that I said to my sister immediately following my father’s death, was that I didn’t know why my father had moved into an Assisted Living Facility, this hadn’t been good for him.  A year ago my father had begun telling me that neither he nor his girlfriend “Bobbi” had any desire to go down to the Assisted Living Facility dining hall because they didn’t want to meet anyone or talk to anyone.

I said to my sister that I thought that my father had become depressed from listening to the other residents talk about their health problems or witnessing their health failing.  My sister told me that it was the other way around, that most of the residents in the Assisted Living Facility were in much better health and were more active than my father.

I said a few things about my father’s friends, and I asked my sister a few questions about my father’s friends.  My sister had some of the same feelings and thoughts about my father’s friends and acquaintances.  This brought up some discussion about my mother and father’s relationship.  In general, my sister and I couldn’t believe how my mother, father, and their friends had behaved in comparison to how people live and act now days.

My sister asked me how I was doing, and what I was doing.  Once she heard me tell what it was like living in Dickinson, North Dakota, she asked me why do I continue to live here.  I explained to my sister that because there is nowhere to go and nothing to do in North Dakota, and no women, that I had been forced to think and examine everything in life for hours each day, for days, weeks, and months for the past seven years.  I said to my sister that I couldn’t think of anywhere else that I could have been, that would have allowed or caused me to do this.

My sister seemed to appreciate that I personally felt that it was very worthwhile for me to have had this chance to thoroughly examine and contemplate my life, but she couldn’t understand why I remained here in Dickinson with the kind of people that I described.

My sister told me that I seemed to have a lot of hate and anger, and why did I want to fight with these people here, what is the point, what do I expect to accomplish?  I explained what I hoped to accomplish.  My sister said so you think that this is your purpose?  Yes.

My sister explained to me that since first being diagnosed with breast cancer five years ago, that she has tried to not have negative energy and negative thoughts, but instead to have positive energy and positive thoughts.  Now that her cancer has returned and spread, as part of her holistic/alternative healing strategy, she is trying to think only positive thoughts, have positive energy, attend prayer healing meetings, and spend time in prayer to God and Jesus.

This wasn’t a shock to hear my sisters say this, but it was surprising.  I never knew my sister to have an interest in God and Jesus, when did this happen?  I thought that my sister just went ahead and did whatever she wanted to do in the past.

After my sister and I received our inheritance checks, we went ahead and did whatever it was that each of us had planned to do.  We didn’t talk to each other for about a week.  It was at about the end of this week, that I thought that I would try to tell or explain some things to my sister.

I explained to my sister that up until I was about 48 years old, I had had a belief and faith in the God that was described in the Bible.  But in the past three years I had come to the conclusion that Christianity, the Judeo-Christian monotheistic religions, did not adequately explain what is actually occurring in life.  The Judeo-Christian religions may give many people hope, a sense of security, peace, and order to their lives, but I don’t think that this is really what is going on at all.

I said to my sister, and I asked my sister, hasn’t it occurred to you that Reincarnation is a more likely explanation to why we are here, what we are supposed to be doing, and what is going to happen to us?  My sister said yes.

Some of the things that I said to my sister, were things like:  “Some people are born with everything going against them, they are born into poverty, with one or no parents, bad health, with deformity, no talent, low intelligence, and they live a life of pain, suffering, and misery.  Whereas other people are born into a life of privilege, with a loving family, good health, talent, physical beauty, intelligence, wealth, abundance, and they experience nothing but good things in life.  If we each only get one life, how could this ever be fair, just, right, or equitable?  How could a God preside over this and cause this to happen?”

In order to try to get through to my sister the quickest and best way, I asked my sister if she had ever seen, heard of, or watched Dolores Cannon videos.  My sister said that she had not.  I described to my sister that Dolores Cannon had left school when she was about sixteen years old, she married when she was about twenty, and she became a busy mother and wife to an enlisted career military man.

When Dolores Cannon and her husband were in their late thirties or early forties back in the 1960s and living on a military base, she and her husband had began practicing hypnosis in order to quit smoking and lose weight.  A military base medical doctor asked Dolores and her husband if they would please try to help one of the base wives who was struggling with depression, anxiety, being overweight, and other problems.

When Dolores and her husband hypnotized this woman, they were not sure what was happening, but they audio recorded what was happening and they took notes.  They began to realize that this woman was talking about Past Lives.  This woman had had very little education, she was plain, ordinary, untraveled, but she began to talk about and explain extraordinary things and experiences.

This happened to Dolores Cannon and her husband before anyone knew about “Past Life Regression”.  Over the next forty years, Dolores continued to work with hypnosis, she hypnotized thousands of people, recorded these hypnosis sessions, made detailed notes, studied, researched, and then wrote maybe a dozen books and lectured for fifteen years or more on this subject.

I thought that Dolores Cannon would appeal to my sister, because Dolores was a plump, plain, ordinary looking older woman, who wore polyester suits, and was very uninterested in fame, wealth, attention, or being a celebrity.  She had no interest or motive in making all of this up.

The main things that I wanted to tell my sister that Dolores Cannon learned were:  Before we are born, we exist as a soul, with a more complete knowledge, understanding, and awareness.  We have lived many lives before.  In this soul realm or dimension, we meet with our spirit guides and elders, and together we decide and agree on what we need to experience and learn.

We agree to be incarnated on this Earth at a particular time, place, and circumstances, in order for us to have the opportunity to learn certain things and experience certain things.  But remember, as a soul with more complete knowledge, understanding, and awareness, we planned and agreed to go through this particular physical experience on Earth.

An important thing to remember or understand, is that once we get here on Earth, we are free to do whatever it is that we want to do, there are no restrictions or prohibitions.  “Life is our own play.  We write the script and the plot.  We are the main character in our own play.  Other people are just characters in our play.”

I wanted to make my sister understand that we can do absolutely whatever it is that we want to do or decide to do, there is no restriction.  My sister tried to argue with me that we are limited by our circumstances of course, but I tried to explain to my sister, no, absolutely not, you are free to write the script and the plot of your play however you want.

I tried to explain this to my sister another way, there was a Native American medicine man/shaman named Red Elk who also explained, “Life is like a play that is your own play.  You can write the script and plot however you choose.  Other people are just characters in your play.  In traditional Native American belief, your dream life is what is real, and your waking life is make-believe.”

What Red Elk was trying to explain, is that when you dream, you are unbound by time, space, likelihood, or probability, you often find yourself floating or flying, or doing things that you can’t do.  Believe it or not, this dream world is real, we are actually not bound by time and space, any physical restrictions, laws, or propriety, we are actually souls that have existed for a long time.  Here in this “real world” this is just a short, make-believe play, that we made up for ourselves, this is far from real or permanent.

I explained this to my sister so that she would know that physical death is just the end to this short, temporary play that we are in.  After death, as a soul in the spirit realm or dimension, where we have more complete knowledge, awareness, and understanding, we go through a very thorough life review with our spirit guides and elders to look at everything that we did in this life, what were the consequences, how did we make other people feel.

I explained to my sister that as a soul we have the opportunity to choose to go back to any time in the past, or any time in the future, in reality or actuality, everything is happening Now, there is not really time as we know it here on Earth.

When we go back to a particular time in history to be incarnated, in that life we could affect enough events at that time through our actions that we change things, significantly.  We create a whole new timeline.  If, the seven or eight billion people living on Earth currently have souls, when these seven or eight billion people die, have their own life review, and choose to be reincarnated at some particular time in history, are they going to affect that timeline enough to create a whole new timeline?  Yes.

This is why you have to understand that your life, is your own play, where you can choose to do anything that you want to do.  You are probably going to create a whole new timeline by your actions.  This timeline that you create is going to be one among more than trillions of timelines.  So, is this life real, or is it just a play that you create?

After thinking about what I said for maybe a few hours or a day, my sister looked up Dolores Cannon, read about her, what she taught, and she began watching her lectures.  My sister believed that what Dolores Cannon said was probably true.

My sister searched for one of Dolores Cannon’s students, and arranged to meet her for a hypnosis session because one of the things that Dolores Cannon taught was that you can connect with your soul in this lifetime, and reach an agreement or understanding with your soul that under some conditions you can be healed and not die yet.

In a future blog post article I will tell how my sister’s hypnosis session went where her soul said that she will be sick for another six months, then she will be O.K., and not die yet.

My Sister May Die Soon And What This Means

Two months ago, the second week of April, my older sister telephoned me to tell me that my father had just died.  If you go back and read the blog post article that I wrote about this, I said that I hadn’t seen or spoken to my sister since 2001.  That’s not completely true, I may have spoken to her less than half a dozen times in the past nineteen years.

I tried to stay away from my father and his girlfriend for the past twenty years after my mother died, because my father’s life changed completely, he started a whole new life.  One of the most upsetting things to me about my father starting a whole new life, is that he soon moved out of what had been our family home.  And then he moved to an entirely different state in order to be closer to his girlfriend’s family.

My mother was gone, my family home was gone, my father started a new life, and it was almost as if my life didn’t happen.  I remember vividly the several boxes of hundreds of family photographs that we had, me and my sister when we were little, me and my sister with our various family pets, family vacation photos, elementary school photos, photos of my parents when they were young, these are all gone.

At this time, I am not going to make any direct accusations, but getting rid of all of our hundreds of family photos, was one of the worst and most heartless things that anyone has ever done to me.  Now that I am fifty years old, and both of my parents are gone, I would like to see these family photos from fifty years ago, forty-five years ago, forty years ago, when my family was young.

There are three things going on as far as all the photographs being gone.  First, it was desirable for someone to wipe out the record of my father’s more than forty year relationship with my mother, their life together, everything that they did together, and their children.  Two, it made someone uncomfortable having this reminder/documentation around.  Three, it was cruel and diminishing to discard the records and memories of other peoples’ lives, though the act itself was quick, easy, and convenient.  It’s time to get rid of all this old garbage that’s taking up space, no one wants, and no one cares about.   Wait!!!

I have written before, that I don’t feel like I am fifty years old, I feel like I am about eight years old, and that my life has just begun.  Everything just happened a minute ago.  My memories from walking around as a three year old, being in elementary school, being in high school, being in college, it’s like all these things happened just the other day.

I am explaining this because yes, I would like to have many of these old photographs to look at, to realize and marvel at how much time has passed, but then again, I feel like everything just happened a minute ago, or just the other day.

This is also why I didn’t feel so bad about staying away from my father for the past twenty years, I remember everything that happened in our life like it was just the other day.  Going to visit my father and his girlfriend in their subsequent homes would have been like going to visit strangers, only much, much worse.  I will explain the difficulty like this, I have these memories about my life like everything happened just the other day, and now here are these two old people who don’t know anything about it.

Similarly, one of the reasons why I didn’t talk to my older sister very much over the past twenty years, is that she remembers many things about our life completely differently than I remember.  I didn’t want the pain or irritation of having to argue with my sister about what really happened, and explain to her emphatically all the reasons why things happened the way I remember.

Since my sister was in her mid to late twenties, she has been going to therapists.  In talking to my sister when she was in her thirties, I began to hear from her that she was struggling with guilt, anxiety, and apprehension about things in the present and events in the past.  It was very apparent to me, that my sister was dwelling on events and situations that were not very significant, and completely absolutely ignoring and failing to remember events that were very awful.

I didn’t know if my sister’s therapists were listening to her describe memories and events freely, then asking her to stop and repeat what she just said, focus on what she just described, and telling her that that is where her problems were stemming from, when in fact this was actually a minor insignificant event.  Was this why my sister was misremembering our life, because she was being redirected by therapists, or was my sister just practicing her own selective memory and shielding herself?

So in April my sister called me to tell me that my father had just died, and in the course of our conversation to understand what had happened, my sister told me that she has stage four cancer and was told by her doctor that she will only live for a few more months.

My sister explained to me that five years ago she had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  She had chemotherapy and treatment back then and the cancer appeared to have gone away.  But now the cancer is back, it has spread to other organs, they did not catch it in time, and the doctors believe that this will be fatal within a few months.

My sister is fifty-five years old today.  My mother died of cancer which she did not tell anyone she had, when she was sixty-four years old.  My mother’s best friend Gloria, who was my sister’s mother-in-law, she died of cancer when she was about sixty-four years old.  My mother’s other two best friends, Jean and Martha-Anne, which my sister knew very well, they both died of cancer.

So how did I respond to my sister?  I told her that I was about to die also.  I explained to my sister that a couple of months before my father died, I went over with him that I had made an addendum to my Last Will where I bequeathed my vehicles, trailers, equipment, firearms, and personal belongings that were located here in Dickinson, to several people in Dickinson in order to spare my family members from having to deal with these things here.

My father tried to urge me to go get medical care and surgery, and I explained to him for about the sixth time, that in other states that might be possible, but in North Dakota there is no competent medical care, only hideous, nasty, mean, battle-axe women medical staff, and know-nothing doctors, and that I would rather just go ahead and die than have a torturous death at their hands.

At the time, I didn’t know that my father and sister were just as close or closer to death than me.  Apparently my father and I had each accepted that we were probably going to die soon, whereas my sister doesn’t want to die yet.  I had asked my father a couple of years ago, and a year ago if he wasn’t having some very bad health problems, because he seemed like he was.  My father denied to me that he was having severe health problems, probably to not cause me to worry, and it was just easier for him to proceed that way.

This blog post article is kind of meant to be preliminary background information before I write about my, my sister’s, and my father’s concluding thoughts about life, death, and dying.

I Think That Emily Zastoupil Might Be My Mother

When I was in elementary school, there was a large bookshelf at the end of the hallway in the house where I lived.  Before there was internet or cable television, people used to look for and purchase books that were interesting, so that they would have something to read.

On my father’s side of this bookshelf were books about rough weather sailing, navigation, rope & nautical knots, pirates, and books by Herman Melville who wrote about sailing in the South Pacific and Polynesian women.

On my mother’s side of this bookshelf were books about art, particular artists, dance schools around the world, particular choreographers, and I forget what else.  There was one book that I took down and read titled “Yoga, Youth, and Reincarnation”.  This book was written by author Jess Stearn in 1965 and was about his own personal experiences.

I read this book “Yoga, Youth, and Reincarnation” when I was about twelve years old.  It was not at all stunning or mind-blowing to me at that time, neither the way that the author revealed his experiences, nor the subject matter that he discussed.  It was all very calm and matter-of-fact, everything that he described.

My parents and grandparents were Methodists.  My sister and I had been enrolled in and had attended Sacred Heart Catholic School which was adjacent to the convent and Catholic Church.  Not a school day went by without instruction in Catholicism or a trip to morning Mass.  Most of us children did not embrace any of this, we acted out in protest like convicts or prisoners of war, and we were beat by the Nuns for it.

At about the time that I was reading this book about reincarnation, I had asked my mother, and been told by her that she was an atheist.  I was kind of disappointed in her for this, why couldn’t she understand and get with the program?  See, I knew there was something wrong with my mother.

In my teenage years, I began trying to read the King James version of the Bible from cover to cover on my own.  The Bible was a big disappointment and let down for me, as it was difficult to understand, confusing, contradictory, easy to misinterpret, and too long for not getting to the point.

Even as a teenager, I felt that it was wrong and a tragedy that the instruction book that we had been given on who we were, what we were supposed to do, and what was going to happen to us, was so confusingly written as to not be very much help.  Even then, I could see that it looked like some of its content was a mere fabrication by men.  Because it went way overboard in using symbolism and metaphor, in many instances who knows what it meant or was talking about.

From when I was about 4 years old to when I was about 48 years old, I had a very strong faith in God the creator, without having to question this belief very often.  For me, I didn’t have to pick the God of the Jews, the God of the Christians, the God of the Muslims, or the God of the Mormons, there was just a God.

Because there is hardly anything at all to do in North Dakota where I have been living for the past seven years, just bleak, barren, desolation with no women, I have been left alone with my own thoughts and had no other choice but to contemplate absolutely everything there is.

Some people have traveled to the mountains of Peru or Nepal to live in isolation for years to allow them to contemplate and meditate all day without any distraction, whereas you are forced to do this in North Dakota, either that or drink or become a methamphetamine addict, because there is nothing else to do.

The other thing about living in North Dakota, is that it caused me to think about how I ended up here, what had I done wrong, where did my life go so wrong?  No matter how many times that I thought about it, I had to admit that it was all of my own decisions and life circumstances that caused me to be here, it wasn’t any one foolish idiotic blunder on my part that I had to take the blame for.

Once I began to retrace all of my steps, actions, and decisions in life, I realized that I had made all of these choices and decisions myself, acting on what I thought and believed at the time, dealing with my circumstances at the time, so my current situation is what I caused it to be.

Not only did I take each turn of the path that caused me to be here, maybe I am supposed to be here.  I do not think that there is any other place in the World that could have forced me to stop and think for so many hours each day, every day, for years and years, because of the absence of anything else to do.

Exactly four years ago to the day, back in 2016, I wrote three blog post articles titled “Bohemians, Romanians, Gypsies, And Reincarnation In Dickinson, North Dakota”.  Back then I began to reach the conclusion that maybe I was supposed to be in Dickinson, North Dakota, for some purpose.

I began to realize, sense, and feel that I had met and lived with some of these people before, though I had never been to North Dakota before, not in this lifetime.

All of the thinking and life contemplation that I had done in North Dakota, an examination of my life and what was happening in the World, it became more certain to me that a person’s existence wouldn’t make any sense if it just consisted of a birth, short life on Earth, and then death.

In this particular blog post right now, I will not get into each and every interaction with people in Dickinson that caused me to feel that I had met them before, but to give you an idea that this has been going on for at least four years, you might want to read these three blog post articles of mine:




I could have written this four years ago, but I did not want to do so at that time, I did mention the Zastoupil women in the three blog post articles listed above, I was referring to them in a few instances, but I did not come out and say then that I think that Emily Zastoupil might be my mother.

When I first came to work in Dickinson, North Dakota back in 2011, I was 41 years old.  Working at the Paragon Bowling Alley diner was Emily Zastoupil who was about 19 years old at the time.  Emily was kind of goofy and silly acting, absent minded.  She was friendly and talked to everyone without any discrimination at all.

Emily was nice and friendly to me, which was unusual for people in Dickinson to act this way towards people who were not from Dickinson.  Emily did not seem to have any inclination to start out being hateful to other people.   When I talked to Emily, heard what she was talking about, saw what she did, or learned what she did, she did not seem to be greedy, malicious, ambitious, scheming, plotting, or concerned about anything, which is out of the ordinary for women.

When I returned to Dickinson in 2013, for the next couple of years I saw Emily Zastoupil from time to time under different circumstances and occasions.  I saw her and spoke to her at social gatherings, in downtown Dickinson or Patterson Lake when she was walking her dog, and near her apartment building where she lived downtown.

If I didn’t hear it from her when I talked to Emily, I heard from other people or saw on Facebook the things that had happened to Emily and what she was doing.  I have never, ever met a person who acted more like my mother than Emily Zastoupil.  Every time that I met or saw Emily, she acted just like my mother without fail.  Everything that happened to Emily and everything that she did was just like my mother.

Emily looks and acts like my mother.  It is more than just a similarity, or a whimsical comparison, I actually believe that Emily might be my mother, which is why I am finally writing about it.

How reincarnation works, supposedly, is that individuals are usually reborn into the same soul groups and family groups.  Again and again and again, souls are reborn and have to live and work things out each lifetime with the same souls from previous lifetimes.

Emily may or may not be shocked to learn that she might be my mother.  Rather than mess things up for her, it would probably serve to make her more aware of her self, her life, her purpose, and her previous lives.

If anyone thinks that I am making this up, and you know Emily Zastoupil, would you pick Emily Zastoupil to be your mother?

I might as well come out and tell it now, I think that Kira Zastoupil might have been my wife in a previous lifetime.  I am not going to explain this now, though I don’t think that she has agreed to be my wife very often.

It would not surprise me if neither Emily or Kira will admit publicly to ever having been my mother or my wife, I never said that either of them were reliable.

Bohemians, Romanians, Gypsies, And Reincarnation In Dickinson, North Dakota Part III

In my previous blog posts, Part I and Part II, I wrote about people from Bohemia having settled in the Dickinson area of North Dakota.  In the past several years in Dickinson I have met attractive girls and women of Bohemian ancestry that seemed to like me, inexplicably.  These women of Bohemian ancestry also dressed and behaved like Gypsies, to such an extent, that I believe they must also have been of Gypsy ancestry.  Another woman that caught my attention recently was Dr. Elena Gabor from Romania, and I believe that she comes from Gypsy ancestry also.

Dr. Elena Gabor is a Hypnotist, who regresses patients under hypnosis, to remember their Past Lives.  I heard her on a radio interview several days ago.  At first, during her radio interview, I was more interested in her, than what she had to say.  If she had not been far away in California, I would have paid for hypnotherapy sessions with her, just to be around her, because she is pretty.  Eventually, I reflected on what she was saying, which was not new to me, I had heard it and read it before.

I am not too interested in regressing under hypnosis to review my past lives.  I have enough going on here and now, and enough to think about what I did wrong in this lifetime.  However, if there is something I need to know, I would like to know.  For instance, in the study of Reincarnation, it is commonly taught that people meet and deal with many of the same people in each lifetime.  So, if this is the case, since I have been living in Dickinson for almost four years now, I must have met these people here in Dickinson, in previous lifetimes.

At first I thought, “How can this be?  No one in my family was from North Dakota.”  Then I remembered, “Oh, I’m German, that’s how.”  In my previous posts, Part I and Part II, I wrote about the Bohemian settlers in North Dakota.  Bohemia is right beside Germany, and there are a lot of Germans in Dickinson too.  My Grandmother’s maiden name was Fralick, which is a German name that used to be spelled Froelich.  Likewise, Miller is a German name that used to be spelled Mueller.

In Dickinson, these are some of the Germans and Bohemians that I have dealt with:  Armbruhst, Binstock, Duhkart, Hushka, Karsky, Kostelecky, Kubas, Kuntz, Klein, Miller, Mueller, Otto, Rambousek, Schultz, Sickler, Zastoupil.

Sometimes, for me, Dickinson has been like living in a fucked up German village.  For instance, I have two extra trucks and trailers, and nobody around Dickinson will let me park them on their property, whether they have 1 acre, 30 acres, or 300 acres.  This is ridiculous, I have five acres back in Idaho, and I wouldn’t care.  Another for instance, why do I have mean Catholic women scowling and glaring at me in Dickinson, for no reason?  This happens to me at the bowling alley, at work, or anywhere near a Catholic Church.  On the other hand, one of the most beautiful women in all of Dickinson, a Bohemian woman who is about 48, who is in far better physical condition than even hot 18 year old girls, is always nice and smiling to me, and comes over and puts her hands on me, which makes me feel much better, but I don’t know why she likes me and is so nice to me.  Her younger friend who is just as pretty, a Bohemian woman who is about 34, is the same towards me, and so are the Bohemian girls in their 20s.

Living in Dickinson, I have received some help from local people, some of them poor, some wealthy, some in the Dickinson Mafia.  So far in this blog though, most of what I have written is negative.  Again and again I have described local people as being hostile, unfriendly, and uncooperative.  Later on in my blog, as the Oil Boom went away, and I began to do self employed work for local homeowners, I saw a different side of Dickinson, people who were positive, helpful, generous, cooperative, and friendly.  I thought that maybe all of the mean local people that I met, might have been having a very difficult time due to the cost of rent quadrupling, and out-of-state oil field workers being paid a lot more than them.

The inexplicably nice people, the inexplicably mean people, the fact that I am still here living in Dickinson, makes me wonder if in fact I have had to live with and deal with all of these people before.

Bohemians, Romanians, Gypsies, And Reincarnation In Dickinson, North Dakota, Part II

In my previous post, Part I, I wrote about people from Bohemia having settled around the Dickinson area of North Dakota.  I looked up some of the local family last names on the website “Ancestry.com”, and I found that these people came straight from what is now Czechoslovakia, their last names occur nowhere else in the United States outside of North Dakota.  I also wrote that the young women from these local Bohemian families identify with Gypsies.  Their fondness and ease at which they behave like Gypsies makes me believe that it is both cultural and genetic.  Though Wikipedia and every other source tries to not admit that there was any “reason” why people who behaved like Gypsies began being referred to as “Bohemian” in the 1800s in Europe, I see living proof that Bohemians act like Gypsies.  There, I said it, no one else in the world will acknowledge why the Gypsy lifestyle is referred to as “Bohemian”.

I was listening to a two hour radio interview with Dr. Elena Gabor about Hypnotic Regression, Past Lives, and Reincarnation.  I have read about Reincarnation many times, sometimes it seems to make sense, other times not.  It would perhaps explain child geniuses like Mozart who could play musical instruments and compose symphonies just a few years after birth.  Also, there are historical records of children speaking foreign languages fluently without ever having heard or been taught this foreign language, or being able to identify by name the people and places in a far away town they have never been to.  Dr. Elena Gabor was not saying anything that I had not heard before, what I was interested in, was her, more than what she was talking about.

Dr. Elena Gabor had a foreign accent, European, and a sure, confident, feminine voice.  The interviewer, Richard Syratt, was saying that his Christian beliefs would just not allow him to accept Reincarnation, was it possible that these hypnotized patients were not retrieving information from previous lives, but were instead retrieving information from the “collective consciousness”.  Dr. Gabor said that this was a possibility.  There were many questions asked of Dr. Gabor:  How many past lives do we have?  Do we ever get to the point where we don’t have to come back?  Do we meet and deal with the same people in each lifetime? ….Yes.

I was liking Dr. Gabor more and more because she was so calm, confident, and peaceful, even while she was being questioned and challenged.  There was a caller to the radio show interview, he was an older man that had been in the military he said, and he began to ask if Dr. Gabor learned these things in Europe and when.  The interviewer cut him off, as if he didn’t want to pursue the caller’s question, and I sensed that there was a reason for him being cut off.  I could not wait to look up Dr. Elena Gabor on the internet, to see what she looked like, and to find out more about her background.

I looked up Dr. Elena Gabor on the internet, she looked very attractive in her photographs.  She was about my age, long dark hair, thin, tan, about 5′-5″.  I read her professional profiles, her mental health counseling and hypnotherapy credentials, her contact information.  It took me a while longer to find that she was born in Romania, she graduated from medical school in Romania in 1995 as a medical doctor of Dentistry.  Dr. Gabor did not really want to talk about being from Romania, and being a Dentist in Romania for ten years.

Dr. Gabor did not talk about how and why she got into Hypnosis, Regression, Past Lives, and Reincarnation.  She believed in it enough to put her life as a Dentist behind her.  Was it because of what she experienced, what she learned, or what she was born with?  I think that it was all three of these things, but I want to emphasize that I think that she was born with it.  She is Romanian.  I think that this is what the caller to the radio show interview was insinuating when he began to ask if she learned this in Europe.  I think that he was getting ready to ask her if she was a Gypsy, because after I read more about her, I was thinking the same thing.

The Gypsy people as they are called, are more formally identified as the “Roma” people.   Every source that I read tries to say that the country of Romania was not named after, or because of, the “Roma” people.  However, Romania has a high population of “Roma” people, Gypsies.

The “Roma” people, the Gypsies, originated in northern India.  Originally, these people had the beliefs of Reincarnation.  I believe that Dr. Elena Gabor is of Gypsy ancestry, and that she was influenced by Gypsy culture in Romania.  I think that she did not want to mention anything about Gypsies or being Romanian while explaining Reincarnation and Past Lives because it would likely make it even more difficult for people to accept these “foreign” beliefs.  Likewise, she did not want to mention anything about having been a Dentist, and subsequently have to explain why she gave up being a Dentist for about the thousandth time.

About ten different thoughts were occurring in my mind simultaneously that were all related.  It wasn’t confusing or disconcerting to me, because to me all these thoughts made sense.  I was liking Dr. Gabor because her voice was so calm, confident, peaceful, and she was attractive.  She made me think of other women that I had met that were like this, who not only spoke like this, but would always put their hand on my back or shoulder and I would instantly feel better.  She also made me think of the Bohemian/Gypsy women that I had met around Dickinson.  Altogether, as I remembered these women, it was as if they were determined to like me, inexplicably.  Conversely, I thought about some of the women in Dickinson that were determined to hate me, inexplicably.  Have we all met before?

Bohemians, Romanians, Gypsies, And Reincarnation In Dickinson, North Dakota, Part I

In the Dickinson area of North Dakota, especially New Hradec and New England, there are Bohemians.  No, I don’t mean hippie girls that don’t shave their legs and don’t take baths, I mean real Bohemians, from Bohemia.  Bohemia, or the Bohemian Empire, was located in Europe where Czechoslovakia is now shown on maps.

My room mate, who is almost sixty, grew up in New Hradec.  He said that in elementary school, the Bohemian children were speaking Bohemian, which he could not understand, and the teachers didn’t like it and would try to get them to stop.  But at home, all the Bohemians spoke Bohemian, it was only the children that knew any English quite often.  This “Bohemian” may have been Czechoslovakian, I don’t know, I wasn’t there.

I won’t go into the details, but I met two beautiful young Bohemian girls from Dickinson and New England, who looked very much alike.  They were both about 5′-5″, had dark black hair, pale flawless skin, not overly skinny, very beautiful.  They were both determined to like me.  One got married.  One didn’t get married, and remained wild, so wild that she scares me.  The one that didn’t get married, I like to look at her Facebook page to see her pictures, her self photographs turn out wonderful.  She acts like a Dr Seuss character.  She is somewhat proud that she is Bohemian.  I wish that I could tell you her last name, it’s so unique.

If you look up this young beautiful Bohemian girl’s unique last name on the internet or Facebook, you will see that there are about twenty more very beautiful young Bohemian girls in the Dickinson area with this same last name.  They are all either care-free or wild.  I have talked to men in their sixties and they remember these Bohemian girls from when they were in high school, they all said that they were very beautiful and very wild.  Remember, I am talking about the local families in the Dickinson area who are from Bohemia.

Now that I have clarified that I am talking about local girls whose families are from Bohemia, I now want to say that these girls sometimes act like Gypsies, dress like Gypsies, drink like Gypsies, pass out/pee anywhere like Gypsies, and travel like Gypsies.  Nowhere in Dickinson have I ever seen or heard anyone make the correlation between people from Bohemia and Gypsies, perhaps because there is a derogatory connotation with the word Gypsy.  However, there are local young girls here in Dickinson of Bohemian heritage that seem to have Gypsy tendencies in them.

To complicate things further, southwest of Dickinson, in the Badlands, are the Miller girls.  If you go look up the “Millers” on the internet or Facebook in the Dickinson area or Badlands area, all the Miller girls are pretty.  Codi Miller was Miss North Dakota Teen and Miss North Dakota Rodeo.  Codi’s sister Kit is just as pretty.  They dress like Gypsies, model Gypsy clothing, have a Gypsy clothing website “Dakota Gypsies”, travel like Gypsies, ride horses like Gypsies, and never complain about there not being a bathroom around.  Not only do they wear Gypsy clothing, they wear Bohemian clothing!  I don’t even think that they even know that they are wearing Bohemian clothing, I think that they do it just out of instinct, which leads me to believe that they might be Bohemian too.