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Bohemians, Romanians, Gypsies, And Reincarnation In Dickinson, North Dakota Part III

In my previous blog posts, Part I and Part II, I wrote about people from Bohemia having settled in the Dickinson area of North Dakota.  In the past several years in Dickinson I have met attractive girls and women of Bohemian ancestry that seemed to like me, inexplicably.  These women of Bohemian ancestry also dressed and behaved like Gypsies, to such an extent, that I believe they must also have been of Gypsy ancestry.  Another woman that caught my attention recently was Dr. Elena Gabor from Romania, and I believe that she comes from Gypsy ancestry also.

Dr. Elena Gabor is a Hypnotist, who regresses patients under hypnosis, to remember their Past Lives.  I heard her on a radio interview several days ago.  At first, during her radio interview, I was more interested in her, than what she had to say.  If she had not been far away in California, I would have paid for hypnotherapy sessions with her, just to be around her, because she is pretty.  Eventually, I reflected on what she was saying, which was not new to me, I had heard it and read it before.

I am not too interested in regressing under hypnosis to review my past lives.  I have enough going on here and now, and enough to think about what I did wrong in this lifetime.  However, if there is something I need to know, I would like to know.  For instance, in the study of Reincarnation, it is commonly taught that people meet and deal with many of the same people in each lifetime.  So, if this is the case, since I have been living in Dickinson for almost four years now, I must have met these people here in Dickinson, in previous lifetimes.

At first I thought, “How can this be?  No one in my family was from North Dakota.”  Then I remembered, “Oh, I’m German, that’s how.”  In my previous posts, Part I and Part II, I wrote about the Bohemian settlers in North Dakota.  Bohemia is right beside Germany, and there are a lot of Germans in Dickinson too.  My Grandmother’s maiden name was Fralick, which is a German name that used to be spelled Froelich.  Likewise, Miller is a German name that used to be spelled Mueller.

In Dickinson, these are some of the Germans and Bohemians that I have dealt with:  Armbruhst, Binstock, Duhkart, Hushka, Karsky, Kostelecky, Kubas, Kuntz, Klein, Miller, Mueller, Otto, Rambousek, Schultz, Sickler, Zastoupil.

Sometimes, for me, Dickinson has been like living in a fucked up German village.  For instance, I have two extra trucks and trailers, and nobody around Dickinson will let me park them on their property, whether they have 1 acre, 30 acres, or 300 acres.  This is ridiculous, I have five acres back in Idaho, and I wouldn’t care.  Another for instance, why do I have mean Catholic women scowling and glaring at me in Dickinson, for no reason?  This happens to me at the bowling alley, at work, or anywhere near a Catholic Church.  On the other hand, one of the most beautiful women in all of Dickinson, a Bohemian woman who is about 48, who is in far better physical condition than even hot 18 year old girls, is always nice and smiling to me, and comes over and puts her hands on me, which makes me feel much better, but I don’t know why she likes me and is so nice to me.  Her younger friend who is just as pretty, a Bohemian woman who is about 34, is the same towards me, and so are the Bohemian girls in their 20s.

Living in Dickinson, I have received some help from local people, some of them poor, some wealthy, some in the Dickinson Mafia.  So far in this blog though, most of what I have written is negative.  Again and again I have described local people as being hostile, unfriendly, and uncooperative.  Later on in my blog, as the Oil Boom went away, and I began to do self employed work for local homeowners, I saw a different side of Dickinson, people who were positive, helpful, generous, cooperative, and friendly.  I thought that maybe all of the mean local people that I met, might have been having a very difficult time due to the cost of rent quadrupling, and out-of-state oil field workers being paid a lot more than them.

The inexplicably nice people, the inexplicably mean people, the fact that I am still here living in Dickinson, makes me wonder if in fact I have had to live with and deal with all of these people before.

Bohemians, Romanians, Gypsies, And Reincarnation In Dickinson, North Dakota, Part II

In my previous post, Part I, I wrote about people from Bohemia having settled around the Dickinson area of North Dakota.  I looked up some of the local family last names on the website “Ancestry.com”, and I found that these people came straight from what is now Czechoslovakia, their last names occur nowhere else in the United States outside of North Dakota.  I also wrote that the young women from these local Bohemian families identify with Gypsies.  Their fondness and ease at which they behave like Gypsies makes me believe that it is both cultural and genetic.  Though Wikipedia and every other source tries to not admit that there was any “reason” why people who behaved like Gypsies began being referred to as “Bohemian” in the 1800s in Europe, I see living proof that Bohemians act like Gypsies.  There, I said it, no one else in the world will acknowledge why the Gypsy lifestyle is referred to as “Bohemian”.

I was listening to a two hour radio interview with Dr. Elena Gabor about Hypnotic Regression, Past Lives, and Reincarnation.  I have read about Reincarnation many times, sometimes it seems to make sense, other times not.  It would perhaps explain child geniuses like Mozart who could play musical instruments and compose symphonies just a few years after birth.  Also, there are historical records of children speaking foreign languages fluently without ever having heard or been taught this foreign language, or being able to identify by name the people and places in a far away town they have never been to.  Dr. Elena Gabor was not saying anything that I had not heard before, what I was interested in, was her, more than what she was talking about.

Dr. Elena Gabor had a foreign accent, European, and a sure, confident, feminine voice.  The interviewer, Richard Syratt, was saying that his Christian beliefs would just not allow him to accept Reincarnation, was it possible that these hypnotized patients were not retrieving information from previous lives, but were instead retrieving information from the “collective consciousness”.  Dr. Gabor said that this was a possibility.  There were many questions asked of Dr. Gabor:  How many past lives do we have?  Do we ever get to the point where we don’t have to come back?  Do we meet and deal with the same people in each lifetime? ….Yes.

I was liking Dr. Gabor more and more because she was so calm, confident, and peaceful, even while she was being questioned and challenged.  There was a caller to the radio show interview, he was an older man that had been in the military he said, and he began to ask if Dr. Gabor learned these things in Europe and when.  The interviewer cut him off, as if he didn’t want to pursue the caller’s question, and I sensed that there was a reason for him being cut off.  I could not wait to look up Dr. Elena Gabor on the internet, to see what she looked like, and to find out more about her background.

I looked up Dr. Elena Gabor on the internet, she looked very attractive in her photographs.  She was about my age, long dark hair, thin, tan, about 5′-5″.  I read her professional profiles, her mental health counseling and hypnotherapy credentials, her contact information.  It took me a while longer to find that she was born in Romania, she graduated from medical school in Romania in 1995 as a medical doctor of Dentistry.  Dr. Gabor did not really want to talk about being from Romania, and being a Dentist in Romania for ten years.

Dr. Gabor did not talk about how and why she got into Hypnosis, Regression, Past Lives, and Reincarnation.  She believed in it enough to put her life as a Dentist behind her.  Was it because of what she experienced, what she learned, or what she was born with?  I think that it was all three of these things, but I want to emphasize that I think that she was born with it.  She is Romanian.  I think that this is what the caller to the radio show interview was insinuating when he began to ask if she learned this in Europe.  I think that he was getting ready to ask her if she was a Gypsy, because after I read more about her, I was thinking the same thing.

The Gypsy people as they are called, are more formally identified as the “Roma” people.   Every source that I read tries to say that the country of Romania was not named after, or because of, the “Roma” people.  However, Romania has a high population of “Roma” people, Gypsies.

The “Roma” people, the Gypsies, originated in northern India.  Originally, these people had the beliefs of Reincarnation.  I believe that Dr. Elena Gabor is of Gypsy ancestry, and that she was influenced by Gypsy culture in Romania.  I think that she did not want to mention anything about Gypsies or being Romanian while explaining Reincarnation and Past Lives because it would likely make it even more difficult for people to accept these “foreign” beliefs.  Likewise, she did not want to mention anything about having been a Dentist, and subsequently have to explain why she gave up being a Dentist for about the thousandth time.

About ten different thoughts were occurring in my mind simultaneously that were all related.  It wasn’t confusing or disconcerting to me, because to me all these thoughts made sense.  I was liking Dr. Gabor because her voice was so calm, confident, peaceful, and she was attractive.  She made me think of other women that I had met that were like this, who not only spoke like this, but would always put their hand on my back or shoulder and I would instantly feel better.  She also made me think of the Bohemian/Gypsy women that I had met around Dickinson.  Altogether, as I remembered these women, it was as if they were determined to like me, inexplicably.  Conversely, I thought about some of the women in Dickinson that were determined to hate me, inexplicably.  Have we all met before?