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Note To The Bohemians, Codi, Kit, Kaycee, Kristi, Jessie, And Marinna About Who I Am, The Frog King

If you read my blog posts “Bohemians, Romanians, Gypsies, And Reincarnation” Parts I, II, & III, I say that we have all met before.  I must be in Dickinson for some reason.

I don’t remember signing up for this, or agreeing to this, being in Dickinson, but I am here just the same. Part of why we have met before is because my ancestry is German.  My German ancestry of course would involve German Folklore.  This German Folklore was very well collected and recorded by the Brothers Grimm, die Bruder Grimm.

The Brothers Grimm collection of folk tales included more than two hundred stories.  You easily know some of these: Snow White, Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, and Rumpelstiltskin.  Some of you ladies may be feeling uneasy now, because you know full well the theme and lessons of these stories.  You must know, that the Brothers Grimm always included one story first, Der Froschkonig, The Frog King!

The Frog King, is about a very beautiful and spoiled young princess.  Can any of you ladies tell who amongst you this most resembles?  Allow me to tell some of this story.

In olden times when wishing still helped one, there lived a king whose daughters were all beautiful, but the youngest was so beautiful that the sun itself, which has seen so much, was astonished whenever it shone in her face……

Now it so happened that on one occasion the princess’s golden ball did not fall into the little hand which she was holding up for it, but on to the ground beyond, and rolled straight into the water. The king’s daughter followed it with her eyes, but it vanished, and the well was deep, so deep that the bottom could not be seen. At this she began to cry, and cried louder and louder, and could not be comforted.

And as she thus lamented someone said to her, “What ails you, king’s daughter? You weep so that even a stone would show pity.”

She looked round to the side from whence the voice came, and saw a frog stretching forth its big, ugly head from the water.

“Ah, old splasher, is it you,” she said, “I am weeping for my golden ball, which has fallen into the well.”

“Be quiet, and do not weep,” answered the frog, “I can help you, but what will you give me if I bring your plaything up again?”

“Whatever you will have, dear frog,” said she, “My clothes, my pearls and jewels, and even the golden crown which I am wearing.”

The frog answered, “I do not care for your clothes, your pearls and jewels, nor for your golden crown, but if you will love me and let me be your companion and play-fellow, and sit by you at your little table, and eat off your little golden plate, and drink out of your little cup, and sleep in your little bed – if you will promise me this I will go down below, and bring you your golden ball up again.”

Let me interrupt, that I am not unlike this frog, I only wish for what this frog wishes.

But the frog when he had received this promise, put his head into the water and sank down; and in a short while came swimming up again with the ball in his mouth, and threw it on the grass.

The king’s daughter was delighted to see her pretty plaything once more, and picked it up, and ran away with it. “Wait, wait,” said the frog. “Take me with you. I can’t run as you can.” But what did it avail him to scream his croak, croak, after her, as loudly as he could. She did not listen to it, but ran home and soon forgot the poor frog, who was forced to go back into his well again.

Now you must know, that this frog turned up at her house, and her father demanded of her that she honor the promise that she made to this frog.  She did so reluctantly, and when the frog tried to climb into bed with her, this is what she did:

At this she was terribly angry, and took him up and threw him with all her might against the wall. “Now, will you be quiet, odious frog,” said she.

Now this is not the end, though you might be hoping that it might have been.

But when he fell down he was no frog but a king’s son with kind and beautiful eyes. He by her father’s will was now her dear companion and husband. Then he told her how he had been bewitched by a wicked witch, and how no one could have delivered him from the well but herself, and that to-morrow they would go together into his kingdom.

What you should know about these German Folk Tales, is that they teach a lesson.  No, you will not literally have frogs speaking to you, but you will have people that seem like frogs talking to you, with their big heads, short legs, and cold wet skin.  But you see, it all worked out in the end.

Now, if I am not like this frog in this tale, I am like the Brothers Grimm in involving you in my tales.  You see, I can’t help it.

Croak croak croak!  Codi is competing in the Miss North Dakota USA pageant in Fargo in late November of 2016!  Good luck Codi!

Reasons Why I Can’t, Couldn’t, Wouldn’t Marry Codi, Kit, Marinna, Or Kristi, In Dickinson, North Dakota

For the first two years that I lived in Dickinson, North Dakota, I complained that there was a shortage of women, and a lack of attractive women in Dickinson, North Dakota.  For the first time in my life, I began to look at internet dating sites.  Looking at five different internet dating sites, there were still very few attractive women in Dickinson.  I believed that there were many things wrong in Dickinson.  The residents here were producing ugly children, and no attractive or normal women would move here.

After about two years of living in Dickinson, I went to a grocery store before 5 p.m. during the week, and I saw a few attractive women, which made me suspicious.  Then, there was a Chile cook-off at the Astoria Hotel that I went to, and there were many different kinds of attractive women there.  There were attractive women at the downtown summer street parties.  I looked up some of the pretty girls that I had met downtown on Facebook, and they all had pretty girl friends.  So, I found out that there are attractive women in Dickinson, but they do hide most of the time.

This year I wrote about some of the women that I like in Dickinson, Codi, Kit, Marinna, and Kristi.  I also wrote about a very beautiful housewife that I met, and some beautiful Bohemian women and girls that I met.  With the exception of one 32 year old Bohemian woman with two kids who didn’t tell me that she was married, and one other exception, I did not try to pursue a relationship with any of these women that I liked, because I liked them and did not want to make them unhappy.

I did not want to make them unhappy, because then I would be unhappy.  It would be very sad for any one of these women to like me, to trust me, to believe in me, and to try to have a life with me, and me let them down.

For all of these women, their beauty, attractiveness, and health would allow them to marry a man that was much more successful than me.  I don’t want to keep them from having a nice home, nice car, nice clothes, not having to work, being able to travel, and being able to have kids who won’t go without anything.  I could not stand knowing that I ruined everything for them.

The only women that I would be comfortable dating, would be women that already had their life ruined.  A single mom with two kids said to me once, “I’m just looking for a guy who has a job, and can fix shit.”  This woman already had a courtship with the man she thought was “the one”, a wedding, honeymoon, first child, second child, many problems, a divorce, and the difficulties of raising children alone.  She was looking for someone that she liked, that she could trust, that would help her, and make her life easier.  She no longer was expecting a man to provide her with a nice home, nice car, travel, and not having to work.

Another way to say this is, I just can’t handle women putting all of their expectations on me.  Not entirely because of the fear of failing, but the understanding of the reality that I will likely never be able to provide as much as I would have wanted to.

Unfortunately, the reality is, that most of the men that will pursue these women that I like, will not be any wealthier or any more successful than me, and the thought of ruining these women’s lives is not something they concern themselves with, only the goal of obtaining these women for themselves.


What It Would Be Like To Be Married To Codi Miller

In yesterday’s blog post, I wrote about what it would be like to marry Codi Miller, in today’s blog post, I am going to write about what it would be like to be married to Codi Miller.  For those of you who don’t know, Codi Miller is from the small North Dakota town, Amidon, population 20.  Codi was Miss North Dakota Teen USA in 2009, and Miss Rodeo North Dakota in about 2014.  I like Codi, she is very pretty, and so is her sister Kit.

Continuing the story from yesterday…  It was hot and tiring at the wedding, and Codi’s sister Kit kept telling her, “You know, it’s not too late to get out of this.”  Codi’s parents didn’t know what to think.  Her dad kept complaining, “I don’t care that he got her a truck instead of an engagement ring, but why did it have to be a Toyota truck, why couldn’t she have a Dodge truck, I don’t like this.”

I don’t even want to talk about the honeymoon.  It didn’t go well.

Back at the house, I had already decided to give the master bedroom and the master bathroom to Codi.  The master bedroom has the biggest closet, and I knew that she would fill it up entirely, along with most of the bedroom.  I had to put a padlock on the bedroom down at the other end of the house where I stay, because Codi kept taking my clothes and shoes out of the closet and throwing them away, in order to put more of her clothes in my closet.  I had already explained to Codi that I needed to keep my older jeans and older work boots in order to do dirty physical labor jobs, but she just ignored this.  So I had to put a padlock on the door, or I would only have a couple of shirts and pants left.

Sometimes late at night, I find Codi squatting in a chair or on the sofa, eating toast with jelly and eggs.  She looks worried, like I am going to ask if I can have some.  I ask the rhetorical question, “Did you make me any?”  Which makes her leave and go back to her bedroom.

As far as laundry goes, the closest to doing my laundry, is when I have clothes in the dryer, she takes them out and puts them on top of the dryer, and I don’t mean folds them, she just leaves them all wadded up on top of the dryer because she needed to use the dryer.

Sometimes I wake up and find that my daily driver vehicle is missing, that Codi has left her vehicle, and has taken my vehicle.  This means that her vehicle was so low on gas, that she didn’t think that it would make it into town, so she took my vehicle.

The cats like me better than her.  The cats never see Codi bring home groceries, do any cooking for the family, catch mice, or do any yard work, and they think that she has too many clothes, and why does anyone need this many clothes?

What It Would Be Like To Marry Codi Miller

I like Codi Miller.  She was Miss North Dakota Teen USA in 2009.  She was Miss Rodeo North Dakota in about 2014.  She is very beautiful.  It was recommended to me that I watch the interview on the television show “Special Cowboy Moments” with Codi Miller, her sister Kit, and their Dad.  You can watch this television interview on the internet.  I liked it and thought that it was funny.

I was told that Kit is the practical one, and she does come across as practical and level headed in the television interview.  Kit and her Dad try to explain that Codi is more imaginative than the other family members.

When I first saw Codi at an event in 2014, she was dressed in her formal rodeo queen attire, she was very beautiful, stern looking, and unapproachable.  Another time that I met her, she was wearing jeans and T-shirt, her eyeglasses, and I was worried about asking her out because I thought that she might still be in high school.  She was very sweet.

If Kit and Codi would just hold still long enough, a journalist and a photographer could probably interview them, and have an article about them in some magazine like “Vogue” or “Cosmopolitan” using Medora and the Badlands as literary and visual background.  I suppose it won’t do any more harm if I recommend that you go look at their Facebook pages.  Codi has tried to have photographs on her Facebook page that are appropriate considering that she was Miss Rodeo North Dakota.  However, her sister Kit will sometimes post on her Facebook page, pictures of Codi sleeping, with a cat sleeping on her face.  I like the pictures of Kit riding horses standing on their back.  All red-neck girls do this when they are young.  Codi and Kit have other websites like “Dakota Gypsies”, where they model clothes, so I don’t think they care if you look at their Facebook pages.

I think that I would do O.K. dating Codi, when she was being plain Codi.  I don’t think she would want to go fishing, because I think she would get bored.  I think that she would like to go driving around in trucks and jeeps.  I wouldn’t want to ride motorcycles with her because I think she would get hurt, although I have heard her talk about riding four-wheelers.  I would go kayaking with her if she had her own kayak, because I don’t want to get tipped over, and she would probably tip over a kayak or a canoe.  When she was being plain Codi, I don’t think that she would cost a lot.

When she was being Rodeo Codi, I don’t  think that I could afford her. I don’t have a nice car right now.  I have a 1978 Jaguar that is beautiful, but it is not that reliable, and it has a huge fuel pump and a huge fuel rail, and this car has nearly blown up about three times so I wouldn’t let her drive it or ride in it.  I have three trucks, but they are not that nice.  When anybody tells me, “Why don’t you go trade in all your cars and get one nice car?” Because I don’t want to.  So I don’t know what I would do with Rodeo Codi.  I don’t like to travel if it costs a lot, but women love to travel and throw money away.

As far as an engagement ring, there is not going to be any expensive engagement ring, maybe $1,000 at the most.  I would offer to buy a used Toyota truck, or a used Subaru WRX or wagon in contemplation of marriage, Codi could have the title after we were married.  There would not be an expensive wedding. Already I am dreading the wedding, I can picture it exactly as it would be.  It would probably be outside, it would probably be hot, the bugs would be bad, I would be itchy and sweaty.  Kit would be saying to Codi before and after the ceremony, “You know it’s not too late to get out of this.”

If you want to see the Special Cowboy Moments interview with Codi Miller, just type into your browser search box  https://vimeo.com/138458774 .

Bohemians, Romanians, Gypsies, And Reincarnation In Dickinson, North Dakota, Part I

In the Dickinson area of North Dakota, especially New Hradec and New England, there are Bohemians.  No, I don’t mean hippie girls that don’t shave their legs and don’t take baths, I mean real Bohemians, from Bohemia.  Bohemia, or the Bohemian Empire, was located in Europe where Czechoslovakia is now shown on maps.

My room mate, who is almost sixty, grew up in New Hradec.  He said that in elementary school, the Bohemian children were speaking Bohemian, which he could not understand, and the teachers didn’t like it and would try to get them to stop.  But at home, all the Bohemians spoke Bohemian, it was only the children that knew any English quite often.  This “Bohemian” may have been Czechoslovakian, I don’t know, I wasn’t there.

I won’t go into the details, but I met two beautiful young Bohemian girls from Dickinson and New England, who looked very much alike.  They were both about 5′-5″, had dark black hair, pale flawless skin, not overly skinny, very beautiful.  They were both determined to like me.  One got married.  One didn’t get married, and remained wild, so wild that she scares me.  The one that didn’t get married, I like to look at her Facebook page to see her pictures, her self photographs turn out wonderful.  She acts like a Dr Seuss character.  She is somewhat proud that she is Bohemian.  I wish that I could tell you her last name, it’s so unique.

If you look up this young beautiful Bohemian girl’s unique last name on the internet or Facebook, you will see that there are about twenty more very beautiful young Bohemian girls in the Dickinson area with this same last name.  They are all either care-free or wild.  I have talked to men in their sixties and they remember these Bohemian girls from when they were in high school, they all said that they were very beautiful and very wild.  Remember, I am talking about the local families in the Dickinson area who are from Bohemia.

Now that I have clarified that I am talking about local girls whose families are from Bohemia, I now want to say that these girls sometimes act like Gypsies, dress like Gypsies, drink like Gypsies, pass out/pee anywhere like Gypsies, and travel like Gypsies.  Nowhere in Dickinson have I ever seen or heard anyone make the correlation between people from Bohemia and Gypsies, perhaps because there is a derogatory connotation with the word Gypsy.  However, there are local young girls here in Dickinson of Bohemian heritage that seem to have Gypsy tendencies in them.

To complicate things further, southwest of Dickinson, in the Badlands, are the Miller girls.  If you go look up the “Millers” on the internet or Facebook in the Dickinson area or Badlands area, all the Miller girls are pretty.  Codi Miller was Miss North Dakota Teen and Miss North Dakota Rodeo.  Codi’s sister Kit is just as pretty.  They dress like Gypsies, model Gypsy clothing, have a Gypsy clothing website “Dakota Gypsies”, travel like Gypsies, ride horses like Gypsies, and never complain about there not being a bathroom around.  Not only do they wear Gypsy clothing, they wear Bohemian clothing!  I don’t even think that they even know that they are wearing Bohemian clothing, I think that they do it just out of instinct, which leads me to believe that they might be Bohemian too.