What It Would Be Like To Marry Codi Miller

I like Codi Miller.  She was Miss North Dakota Teen USA in 2009.  She was Miss Rodeo North Dakota in about 2014.  She is very beautiful.  It was recommended to me that I watch the interview on the television show “Special Cowboy Moments” with Codi Miller, her sister Kit, and their Dad.  You can watch this television interview on the internet.  I liked it and thought that it was funny.

I was told that Kit is the practical one, and she does come across as practical and level headed in the television interview.  Kit and her Dad try to explain that Codi is more imaginative than the other family members.

When I first saw Codi at an event in 2014, she was dressed in her formal rodeo queen attire, she was very beautiful, stern looking, and unapproachable.  Another time that I met her, she was wearing jeans and T-shirt, her eyeglasses, and I was worried about asking her out because I thought that she might still be in high school.  She was very sweet.

If Kit and Codi would just hold still long enough, a journalist and a photographer could probably interview them, and have an article about them in some magazine like “Vogue” or “Cosmopolitan” using Medora and the Badlands as literary and visual background.  I suppose it won’t do any more harm if I recommend that you go look at their Facebook pages.  Codi has tried to have photographs on her Facebook page that are appropriate considering that she was Miss Rodeo North Dakota.  However, her sister Kit will sometimes post on her Facebook page, pictures of Codi sleeping, with a cat sleeping on her face.  I like the pictures of Kit riding horses standing on their back.  All red-neck girls do this when they are young.  Codi and Kit have other websites like “Dakota Gypsies”, where they model clothes, so I don’t think they care if you look at their Facebook pages.

I think that I would do O.K. dating Codi, when she was being plain Codi.  I don’t think she would want to go fishing, because I think she would get bored.  I think that she would like to go driving around in trucks and jeeps.  I wouldn’t want to ride motorcycles with her because I think she would get hurt, although I have heard her talk about riding four-wheelers.  I would go kayaking with her if she had her own kayak, because I don’t want to get tipped over, and she would probably tip over a kayak or a canoe.  When she was being plain Codi, I don’t think that she would cost a lot.

When she was being Rodeo Codi, I don’t  think that I could afford her. I don’t have a nice car right now.  I have a 1978 Jaguar that is beautiful, but it is not that reliable, and it has a huge fuel pump and a huge fuel rail, and this car has nearly blown up about three times so I wouldn’t let her drive it or ride in it.  I have three trucks, but they are not that nice.  When anybody tells me, “Why don’t you go trade in all your cars and get one nice car?” Because I don’t want to.  So I don’t know what I would do with Rodeo Codi.  I don’t like to travel if it costs a lot, but women love to travel and throw money away.

As far as an engagement ring, there is not going to be any expensive engagement ring, maybe $1,000 at the most.  I would offer to buy a used Toyota truck, or a used Subaru WRX or wagon in contemplation of marriage, Codi could have the title after we were married.  There would not be an expensive wedding. Already I am dreading the wedding, I can picture it exactly as it would be.  It would probably be outside, it would probably be hot, the bugs would be bad, I would be itchy and sweaty.  Kit would be saying to Codi before and after the ceremony, “You know it’s not too late to get out of this.”

If you want to see the Special Cowboy Moments interview with Codi Miller, just type into your browser search box  https://vimeo.com/138458774 .

3 thoughts on “What It Would Be Like To Marry Codi Miller

  1. Clarification:

    Codi Miller was, Miss North Dakota Teen U.S.A.., not Miss North Dakota Teen.
    I was one of her judges at the State pageant held in Fargo, ND..

    Having been involved with the Miss U.S.A. and Miss Teen U.S.A. program since the 1970’s, & having been a judge at numerous state pageants for the same, there are distinct differences between the U.S.A. program and other programs.

    Thus, Miss North Dakota Teen U.S.A..

    Respectfully submitted….


  2. Official website: missrodeond.org

    Please refer to the official website for Miss Rodeo North Dakota.

    The Miss Rodeo America Pageant has been with us since the 1950’s.
    The official title is:
    ‘Miss Rodeo North Dakota’
    similar in keeping the national title, leading with the word ‘Rodeo’.

    Please note: the official title is not, Miss North Dakota Rodeo.

    Having attended the National Finals in O.K.C. (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma), the official title was, ‘Miss Rodeo North Dakota’, and remains the same today.


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