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Refugees Coming To Western North Dakota Whether You Wanted Them Or Not

Sometimes, because of my anger about how I and other out of state workers were treated in western North Dakota, I have thought about schemes to get even with North Dakotans.  All I had to do was point out to Democrats and Liberals in Minneapolis, New York City, and Washington D.C., that a tremendous amount of new housing just got completed in Williston, Watford City, and Dickinson, and that 60% of this new housing was sitting vacant.  What a good place to bring thousands of Syrian refugees, don’t you think?  There are thousands of job openings in western North Dakota, right?  That’s what the Chambers of Commerce and North Dakota Job Services keep saying all the time.

I know how loving, kind, and welcoming the North Dakotans were to me and the other out of state workers, so I know that they would love to have thousands of Muslims from the Middle East moving in.  Thousands of hard core militant Muslim refugees straight from the Middle East brought to your neighborhoods and the companies where you work.

I didn’t contact anyone about Syrian refugees and the tremendous amount of new unoccupied housing in Williston, Watford City, and Dickinson, because I knew that some Liberal organization probably would think that it was a good place to send Syrian refugees.  Can you imagine what a disaster it would be?  The hostile, hateful, mean, scowling Catholics having to cohabitate with thousands of hostile, hateful, stubborn, militant Muslims that have no intention of assimilating?

Too late!  Somebody else thought of it!  It is going to happen!  A few weeks ago when I was half-way paying attention, I heard that Lutheran Social Services in Minnesota was trying to bring in thousands of Syrian refugees.  Tonight, I was looking at the internet website Indeed.com, and I saw a job advertisement for “Relocation Consultant” in Watford City.  At first, the job advertisement tries to say that the “Relocation Consultant” will be helping corporate employees relocate to Watford City.  But when the job advertisement started talking about having to drive the “corporate employee” around in your car and help them get an apartment, open a bank account, and get a social security card, I knew that they are talking about refugees.  Any non-developmentally disabled working adult in the United States can obtain an apartment, open a bank account, and they sure as hell already have a social security card.

How To Tell If Your Child Was Fathered By An Out Of State Worker In Dickinson And Watford City, North Dakota

The Catholics, Senator Heidi Heitkamp, law enforcement, and the judicial system all decided that there was not going to be any prostitution allowed when all of the out of state workers moved to western North Dakota for the oil boom and the ratio of men to women in Dickinson became 3:1, and 10:1 in Watford City.  There was nothing that the out of state workers could do but try to seduce the married women and unmarried local women by any means necessary to obtain sex.  Promising them anything and everything, lying to them, tricking them, taking advantage of them, exploiting their vulnerabilities, because they had to if they wanted to have sex.

In order to tell if your child was fathered by an out of state worker, here are some signs to look for:

  1. If your wife had been asking you to fix a fence, wash the windows, trim a tree, clean the gutters out, and your wife quit asking you, and these things got done, and she gave birth nine months later, your child was probably fathered by an out of state worker.
  2. If your child says, “I’m cold”, and it is above 20 degrees Fahrenheit, your child was probably fathered by an out of state worker.
  3. If your child does well in school, likes school, and has a large vocabulary, your child was probably fathered by an out of state worker.
  4. If your child says, “Are y’all fixin to go to the store?”, your child was probably fathered by an out of state worker.
  5. If your child is black, and neither you or your wife is black, your child was probably fathered by an out of state worker.

Are We Supposed To Seduce The Married Women In Dickinson And Watford City, North Dakota?

Are we, the out of state workers, supposed to seduce the married women in Dickinson and Watford City, North Dakota?  The Catholics, Senator Heidi Heitkamp, law enforcement, and the judicial system don’t want there to be any prostitution of any kind whatsoever, so I guess we must be supposed to seduce the married women.

The ratio of men to women in Dickinson is about 3:1, and the ratio of men to women in Watford City is about 10:1.  There are not enough women for everybody to have one, therefore, we must borrow someone else’s, because prostitution is not allowed.

Most of the time, very attractive young ladies with good dispositions already have a boyfriend or husband.  They are so sought after because of their beauty and good personality, that they always either have a boyfriend or are married.  Fortunately, married women are easier to seduce than single women, as I will explain.

Married women, by the fact that they are married, have demonstrated that they like men enough to marry one of them.  If they have been married for at least a few years, they are used to men.  They are used to a man touching them, grabbing them, handling them, having sex with them, sleeping next to them, snoring, being sick around them, being dirty, sweaty, and smelly.  So they are not uncomfortable with men, or the things that men do.

I have written in previous blog posts that all of the housewives, waitresses, and store clerks were tired of being propositioned ten times every day by the truck drivers, construction workers, and oil field workers.  I have written that all of the housewives in Dickinson, Dunn County, and Watford City, hide, they hide, and they try to only go out to do errands and shopping between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in order to avoid all of the male workers who are currently still at work during those hours.  But the housewives try to avoid the male workers, because they actually like some of them, they find some of them to be cute or handsome.

When a married woman sees a strong dirty sweaty construction worker that she thinks is cute or handsome, she starts fantasizing about all the work that she could have him do back at her house.  She starts fantasizing about the strong dirty sweaty construction worker taking her, without asking, (so it’s not her fault), in an animalistic primitive wild lust that she can’t stop, (so it’s not her fault).

The housewives, they have already noticed that some of the out of state workers are cute or handsome, and they have already thought about it.  The housewives that are sometimes the most vulnerable to seduction, according to scientific research, are the ones with a couple of children under the age of eight.  This is because of both a high hormone level at this time, and the fact that they are looking for relief and  escape from their squabbling squealing children.

When you combine the fact that housewives are used to men, are used to having sex, are not scared of sex, are not scared of getting pregnant, find strong sweaty construction workers attractive, have high hormone levels, want an escape from their squealing kids, and, and are probably mad at their husband for something and want to get back at him, you see that housewives are very ready to be borrowed temporarily by out of state workers.

The Catholics could not have set things up any better for the greatest amount of adultery in Dickinson and Watford City, with there being so many men, so few women, and absolutely no prostitutes allowed for the out of state workers.

In my next blog post, I will write about how people in Dickinson and Watford City can tell if their child was fathered by an out of state worker.

Maggie McNeil, The Honest Courtesan, Part II

In my previous blog post I wrote about the website “Maggie McNeil, The Honest Courtesan, frank commentary from an unretired call girl”.

Maggie McNeil is not her real name, it is a pseudonym that she chose for herself to protect her identity.  Maggie McNeil received her B.A. in English, and her M.S. in Library Science.  She became married after graduating and began working as a librarian.  When she became divorced after four years of marriage, she began working as a stripper in New Orleans to pay off debt that she was left with.  While working as a stripper, she found out that she could make more money as a prostitute, so she became a prostitute.

Maggie McNeil writes about all aspects of her life, but mostly she writes as an advocate for women’s rights, especially the right for women to earn their living by having sex for money, without being persecuted and treated like a criminal.

Maggie McNeil came from a stable family, was mentally and physically healthy, completed her education, and was not destitute.  She chose to become a prostitute, she was not forced into it.  She writes that she enjoys having sex and she likes being a prostitute.  She has always been able to manage her own affairs, she has always been in control of her life.  She was never under anyone else’s control, and she was not victimized.

Maggie McNeil writes that there are many women throughout the world that are just like her.  There are many women throughout the world that are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves, and they to chose to have sex for money as a profession.  Maggie McNeil has written more than a thousand blog posts on the subject of people working as prostitutes.  She reads research, studies, and news articles from around the world related to prostitution daily, and she posts links, summaries, and commentary.

I am writing about Maggie McNeil on my blog website, because I would like for people in North Dakota to consider some things in a rational, logical way.  When you have 20,000 male oil field workers move to Williston, North Dakota, there are not enough local women for the oil field workers to court, become engaged, and become married like you Catholics would like.  The ratio of men to women was probably 10:1.

Throughout the history of the world, in most parts of the world, there has been the situation where there were great numbers of men, and very few women.  Wars in remote locations, mining and lumber operations in remote locations, settling of frontiers and far away countries, gold rushes, oil booms.  There has been prostitution everywhere that there has been great numbers of men and few women.

Readers probably have images in their heads of dirty, filthy, diseased women working as prostitutes near battle fronts and mining towns.  The truth is, if these women working as prostitutes didn’t have access to clean lodgings, bathing facilities, and medical care, they might be dirty and diseased.  The best thing for women working as prostitutes and the men using these prostitutes, would be that these women have a clean, safe, regulated environment to work in.

What the North Dakotans should have done, was acknowledge and understand that there were going to be way more men than women due to the oil boom.  There was going to be prostitution.  When prostitution is illegal, and law enforcement and the judicial system seek to find and arrest all prostitutes, prostitution is conducted as a criminal enterprise, by criminals.  No normal woman is going to want to come to North Dakota to work as a prostitute when law enforcement is determined to arrest all prostitutes.  So instead what you get in North Dakota is, gangs, pimps, and criminals in other states get girls and women addicted to drugs, keep them high on drugs, beat them, threaten them, and drive them to North Dakota and force them to work as prostitutes.  These women are so drug addicted, so high on drugs, so coerced, that they have no control over how many men they have sex with, take no health precautions for their own safety, and take no health precautions against spreading disease to men.

If North Dakota would have allowed prostitution to be conducted as a legal business, there could have been normal, healthy, safety conscious women working in safe, clean places of business, with good access to health care, and some regulation.  Instead with North Dakotans vilifying and criminalizing prostitution, you have gangs and pimps drugging girls and women, holding them against their will, and forcing them to have sex with as many men as possible with no regard for their own health, for their customer’s health, or for spreading diseases.

Why I Don’t Go Back To Idaho, And The Triple Blasphemy Of Mormonism

Many readers send me e-mail saying, “Why don’t you go back to Idaho.” I will answer this question, and in answering this question, you will see why I created this blog website and why I write what I write.

In May of 2007 I drove from Arizona to eastern Idaho with the intention of moving there. I had done some research about where I was going, the Idaho Falls area. Idaho Falls was the second largest city in Idaho, the population in that area was about 100,000. Housing prices were not high, that was one of the main reasons why I was moving there. I wanted to buy a home and land. The area in Arizona where I was moving from, the average house price was $400,000, which was too much money for me.

When I first drove into Idaho Falls and got off the interstate, I was slightly lost and drove a little outside of town into the farming area. It was exactly like scenes out of a children’s book, plain modest tidy homes with green grass, green pastures, and beautiful clean blue streams of water running through it. Driving further, I came to a wider and faster flowing feeder canal with small white capped waves. There was an abundance of clean water flowing. You could clearly see the Teton Mountains to the east, and they seemed only to be about fifteen miles away. This was the Snake River Valley.

In the late 1800s, the Mormons had settled the Snake River Valley through 180 acre government land grants to homesteaders. I did not have anything against the Mormons, though I was something like a Methodist. I thought that Mormons didn’t drink alcohol, didn’t smoke, didn’t drink caffeinated beverages, and had large families. What is wrong with that?

In Idaho Falls, there was a Mormon Church, The Church Of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints, about every five to ten blocks. Idaho Falls is about sixty to seventy percent Mormon. After I had lived in Idaho Falls for several months and had met people, I was invited to the LDS, Latter Day Saints Church.

I won’t go into all of the details, but at LDS Church, first there is the general assembly of all persons together before the Bishop of that Ward or Precinct, then the men and women dis-assemble and go to individual meetings based on their age group.

I did some reading at home about the Mormon Church. In the early 1800s, their prophet, Joseph Smith, was visited by the angel Moroni, and he was told where a book of golden tablets was buried along with a sacred vest. Joseph Smith later retrieved this book of golden tablets and the sacred vest. The book was written in an unknown language, which only Joseph Smith was granted the power to read. Joseph Smith verbally translated the book of golden tablets to a friend who wrote everything down, and this is how The Book Of Mormon was created.

Many people were, and are skeptical, about Joseph Smith being a prophet of God. Many people ask, “Why can’t the book of golden tablets be looked at by anyone, even just a few experts, to prove and verify that the book of golden tablets does exist?” Another reason why many people were, and are skeptical about Joseph Smith being a prophet of God, is because The Holy Bible does state and imply that Jesus was the final messenger that would be sent by God, no prophet would come after him.

I was skeptical about Joseph Smith being a prophet of God, but I went to several more LDS Church services. The general assembly of all persons was dismissed one morning, and I went to the men’s study group. A man in the study group stated the Mormon belief, “Just as God evolved, we too can evolve, and become Gods of our own planet one day.”  I said to myself, “What the fuck did he just say! What the fuck did he just say!”

When this study group dismissed, I anxiously asked my two Mormon Missionary friends, what was this guy talking about. Unfortunately, this was no mistake, this is Mormon Doctrine. The Mormon Missionaries explained to me that Mormon men believe that through work, effort, and reincarnations, that men can evolve to become more God-like, and that they will be Gods of their own planet one day. This was the craziest thing that I had ever heard, and I realized right away that it was blasphemous in at least three different ways.

If you are a Christian, you believe that God is a supreme being. Stating that God “evolved”, is stating that God might not always have been a supreme being and implying that God is not perfect, is fallible, and makes mistakes. Stating that we too can evolve to become like God, is just outright blasphemy, and again denying that God is a supreme being. Stating that we too can become Gods of our own planet one day is the third blasphemy, continuing to state that we can become like God. If you readers have never heard this, and you don’t believe me, please look this up for yourself.

I informed my Mormon Missionary friends that I could not attend the LDS Church anymore, that this thing about God evolving was blasphemous to me. I was suspicious about Mormons from that day forward. Each Mormon man that I met from then on, I thought to myself, “Does he believe that he will become God of his own planet one day? If he does, he has got to be crazy.” I wondered how educated people like doctors and lawyers could believe something like this, if they do, they must have something mentally wrong with them. In case you women readers missed it, I said that the Mormon men believe that they will evolve to become God of their own planet one day, as for the women, they do not pass into a higher realm, they pass out of existence.

Once I explained how I felt about not being able to attend the LDS Church anymore, I was black listed in Idaho at the medium level of disfavor. Good, high paying jobs, which are not plentiful in Idaho Falls, were no longer open to me. The hottest, best looking, best temperament Mormon women were no longer available to me. Before moving to Idaho, I had no idea that Idaho Falls was sixty to seventy percent Mormon, and that Idahoans really want newcomers to join their Mormon Church to increase their numbers and their prosperity. If you don’t join, they look at it as undermining and refusing to increase their success and prosperity.

I had to weigh having a good, high paying job, and a hot, beautiful, subservient wife, against eternal damnation of my soul. If I would have known that Idaho was going to be this way, I never would have moved there in the first place. I wish that there would have been some useful truthful information about “living in Idaho” right there at the top of the search results on the internet, telling everyone what it is really like before they move there.

That is why I have a blog website about Dickinson, Watford City, and western North Dakota. I want to tell all of the people from out of state the truth before they move here. There are not a lot of job openings now, housing prices are still high, there is a shortage of women, people are unfriendly and uncooperative, the police are aggressive in DUI arrests, there is not much to do, it is extremely cold and grey for seven months out of the year, and the Catholics here a mean and nasty to everyone.

Recommendations For People In Dickinson And Watford City Regarding The Recession

It is clear now that drilling operations in western North Dakota will not increase in the next six months, possibly not in twelve months, possibly not in twenty-four months.  Western North Dakota is entering into a Recession at this time.

More people will continue to lose their jobs, even some city government, state government, and federal government jobs.  Wage rates will go down.  Very few people will work overtime hours.  The longer that oil drilling operations do not increase, the worse the Recession will get.  If the Recession continues for a year, there will not be enough jobs for everyone.  There will be fierce competition for even low wage jobs.

It will become necessary for skilled trades people from western North Dakota to travel to other states that may have building projects.  These skilled trades people sending money back to their families that stay behind in western North Dakota, this money coming into town to pay for rent, mortgages, car payments, and consumer items will help the local economy.  The fact that some workers will go away, leave town, and find work out of state, will allow there not to be 100 people applying for and fighting over every single local job.

Now in western North Dakota, the heads of households, moms and dads, need to have a serious family meeting like they may have never had before, with the TV off, phones put away, and everybody being quiet and paying attention.  I don’t believe in scaring kids or sharing financial information with kids, but this Recession is going to be so bad, that you are going to need to make your family members understand now.  You are going to have to explain to your kids that either mom or dad, or both, may lose their job, have reduced hours, or reduced wages.  The family is going to have to do things differently.

The family can no longer waste money on stupid shit.  In order to pay for necessities like rent, utilities, and food, the family can not waste money on stupid shit.  You have got to let the kids know that they can’t be whining about expensive toys, clothes, trips, because there is not going to be money for that.  Not to waste food and utilities.  Mom or dad may have to go work out of state.  Mom or dad may have to get a second job.  Teenage sons or daughters may have to get a job after school and use that money to pay for their own clothes and other things.  Mom and dad need to explain the necessity of doing these things, and explain what everyone else in Dickinson and Watford City will go through.  Some of their friends will lose their homes or be evicted from their apartments, or have to move away.

You the reader may be thinking that this is drastic.  Yes, it is drastic.  If this were Idaho, where people have not been making much money, for ever, I would have had little talks with my family all along about not spending money, not one Big talk scaring everybody.  But that is what is required now, to scare your family.

Even though ordinary workers in Dickinson and Watford City did not save a lot of money because rents were so high, many workers made a high enough hourly wage to make consumer items like clothes, cell phone, groceries, and gas easily affordable and not significant.  Individuals and families in Dickinson and Watford City have gotten used to spending a lot of money every day, because they had a lot of money coming in.  If it has not already happened to them, it very likely will happen soon that they will not have so much money coming in.  They will have to change their spending habits, drastically.

I would be explaining to my family that his whole thing was crazy anyway.

Looking back on this, people from all over the United States that were having financial difficulties and not making much money where they were, came to North Dakota in hope of getting a good job and getting ahead.  It was because of this hope, that they went and paid $1,500 to $2,500 per month for a place to live, thinking that they would still clear enough money to come out ahead.  I have lived here in North Dakota now for four years, and I have only ever met people who came here who at best just got by.  I have only ever met people who came here who just paid for themselves and their families and just got by.  The cold, the unfriendliness, nothing to do, no where to go, no women, and no one got ahead, they just paid for their existence, and now its over.

To make it all worth while, I expect some North Dakotan to offer up, “Nobody asked you to come here.”

Entering A Recession In Western North Dakota

Many people will groan or curse as soon as they see the title of this blog post.  I want to be very vocal about the Recession that western North Dakota is about to enter into.  I want to warn as many people as possible, as soon as possible.

It is very clear now that oil drilling operations are not going to increase in the next six months, maybe not in twelve months, maybe not in twenty-four months.  The only things that could cause a sudden demand for increased U.S. oil production would be a war, or an oil embargo by the Middle East.

There are very few job listings in newspapers and on internet job sites.  I have seen the wage rate decrease by several dollars per hour for some of the jobs that are listed.  The rents advertised by the recently completed apartment buildings decrease every month as people move away, vacancy rates increase, units become harder to rent, and people are being paid much less money due in part to no overtime being worked.

Driving around Dickinson, Belfield, and Watford City, there is much less traffic, very mild traffic in morning and evening rush hour, and hardly any traffic at all at night.  Very few people are going to restaurants and bars.  Wal-Mart and the grocery stores are not very busy.

Not everyone is going to be able to remain in western North Dakota.  There will not be enough jobs to go around.  The highest pay jobs will be mechanics at the car dealers, and nurses at the hospitals.  A few city government, state government, and federal government employees will lose their jobs here locally, government workers will lose some jobs.  It will come to the point in about a year, that there will be so many people here locally seeking any kind of work, that all the retail jobs will pay about $9 to $10 per hour, and the fast food jobs will pay about $8 per hour, and people will be competing fiercely for these jobs.  There will simply not be enough jobs to go around, and the wage rate will drop.

Heavy equipment mechanics, mechanics, equipment operators, electricians, plumbers, and welders that can’t find work in western North Dakota, should be able to find work elsewhere in the United States where they are building, possibly some place like Denver.  These workers already know this.

Retail workers and fast food workers, there might not be high wages anywhere else in the U.S., but there are places where the cost of living is less, and it is warmer.

All the crazy, mentally ill, trashy women that came to North Dakota because they couldn’t get a job where they came from, I believe that they will probably stay here in North Dakota, because they have no money, no where to go, and no body wants them.  They know, they know that even if they could get hired at Dennys or Cracker Barrel in a different state, the managers, co-workers, and customers wouldn’t put up with their meth addict demeanor and attitude for five minutes.

The Beauty Of Western North Dakota

I recognize the beauty of western North Dakota.  It is like the ocean in many, many ways.

I am reminded of the ocean when I look across the rolling prairie.  When I look out across it, it is empty, there is nothing there.  It is beautiful because of its vastness and emptiness.

It is frightening in its emptiness and desolation.  Even though I admire it, it makes me feel uneasy.  It is desolate and barren.  I can never forget how cold it gets, how the wind blows, how poor it is, and how hard it is to survive.

I only enjoy looking at it, when I am sitting someplace warm and safe, like my vehicle, and I have money.  I never want to be forced to work outside in the wind and cold ever again, and to be at the mercy of other people in North Dakota.

It is exactly like being on a ship at sea.  There are no women.  Everything is fine when you are warm and dry, and can look out upon the ocean.  When there is a storm, and you have to be out in the wind and rain, it is miserable.  When the weather is bad, you realize how close you are to dying.

Tiger Salamander In Watford City, North Dakota, Part II

I didn’t mean to keep everybody in suspense over what happened to the green & black Tiger Salamander that I saw walking down the street nine days ago.  I felt bad for him because he was walking in the middle of the road at less than 1 mph, and I didn’t think that he knew where he was going.  I put him in a cardboard box, and I looked him up on the internet.

Green & black Tiger Salamanders are native to North Dakota.  During the rainy season, once each year, they get out and walk to the pond where they were born, in order to find a mate.  Then they go walking, usually on a rainy night, to go find a place to stay for the Winter.

I read about five internet articles that described what they like to eat, what to do if you want to keep one as a pet, and what they do and where they stay during the Winter.  All the internet articles downplayed the statement, “…or, they go and live in some other animal’s burrow.”

I didn’t know what to do with him.  I did not want to go buy a 15 to 20 gallon aquarium, make dry land, water pond, plant plants, go to the pet store to buy crickets every week, and have to worry about the cat knocking the lid off the aquarium, and the dog knocking over the aquarium.  You can’t change your mind about keeping him in the middle of the Winter, because you can’t take him out of the house and let him loose in the snow and freezing temperature.

When I got up in the morning after keeping him in the cardboard box over night, and looked to see how he was doing, he might have drank some of his water, but he had not eaten any of the hot dog pieces that I had cut up for him.  Later that day, I showed him to a neighbor lady, and she said, “I would like to say that he is cute, but he isn’t.”  I agree, he was creepy and hideous looking, and poisonous.

In the late afternoon, I talked to the person who owns the house where I live in Dickinson, and he said that Tiger Salamanders make good pets, although they don’t do a lot in the Winter, and when they are very active in their aquarium, they stink.  I can believe that, because I detected a stinky smell already.

When it got completely dark that night, I took the Tiger Salamander over to a field that had been in the direction of where he was headed the night before, and let him go.  There were some large dirt piles, brush piles, and debris piles, so he had many hiding places to chose from.  I did not want to take him further away, because I think that he would probably try to walk back to the retention pond to find a mate next Fall.

In the field where I let him go, there were many rabbits and mice.  These rabbits and mice already have holes and burrows.  Mice already have high pitch squeak voices, and I can picture some mouse woman shrieking at him, “Oh no! You’re not staying here!  Get out!”  Of course he’s not going to leave.  Probably for a weak, some mouse woman will be yelling at him, bitching, griping, and complaining non-stop.  Then, everybody will just have to go around him and step over him for the rest of the Winter.

If You Have To Leave Dickinson Or Watford City To Go Work Out Of State, Part I

For the past seven months while working in Watford City, I have seen several of my neighbors move out and move away each month because they lost their job. During the past several weeks I have been looking at the internet job site Indeed.com, and the North Dakota Job Services website, for job listings in Watford City and Dickinson, and there are very few jobs.  Yes, there is a similar job advertisement for Registered Nurses that gets repeated over and over, but there always is.  Lately there is usually a job listing for a heavy equipment mechanic, an electrician, a welder, and a truck driver, and I mean one listing for one position.  The amount of jobs advertised for Watford City and Dickinson is probably the same as, or less than Bismarck, Fargo, or Billings.  At this time, more of the out of state workers will have to return home, start over again in some other city away from home, and maybe even some local Watford City and Dickinson residents will have to leave and go to work out of state.

I want to give some recommendations and warnings to people who are not experienced in having to leave home and go to work out of state, and give some reminders to those who do have to have to look for work out of state from time to time.

I can not warn North Dakotans strongly enough that it will not be easy or safe going to look for work out of state.  When I went to look for work in Dallas, Texas in 2012, the very first night that I was there in a motel, someone took a utility knife, shoved the blade in my truck tire and broke it off.   I believe that it was this angry black guy, who somehow didn’t like the Idaho license plate on my truck, thinking that Idahoans were racist.  People in Texas don’t even know where Idaho is on the map.  If you recall from the national news in July of this year, a black man shot six white police officers in Dallas.  You had better believe me that in Dallas and Houston, which are about 40% Black, that they don’t like Whites, and that they will rob you and assault you as if you were in Somalia, especially, especially because you are White and have a North Dakota license plate.

You need to obtain a concealed weapons permit while you are still in North Dakota, before you leave to go to try to find a job in states like Texas, Arizona, Colorado, or Florida.  Most states honor other states’ concealed weapons licenses.  Traveling in an area with an out of state license plate, being unfamiliar with the area, is very dangerous.  When you are driving, at a gas station, at a restaurant, or at a motel, you are very likely to be the victim of robbery or a theft.  If you are from North Dakota, I don’t know how I am going to make you understand how prevalent crime is outside of North Dakota, and how likely you are to be victimized while traveling out of state.  You need to have a firearm on your person, and in your vehicle, but you need to have a concealed weapons permit because you are more likely to be stopped by the police and have your vehicle searched with an out of state license plate.

When you go to work or look for work out of state, I recommend that you take a truck or SUV instead of a car if possible, bigger is better up to a point.  There are several reasons for this.  One, when you are in traffic and unfamiliar with the roads and highways, people will let you change lanes and try to stay out of your way more when you are in a larger vehicle.  Two, when you are unfamiliar with roads in an area, and you make a mistake, with a larger vehicle people make an extra effort to move out of the way and not get hit with your vehicle.  Three, if you have an accident, with a larger vehicle you are more likely to have a vehicle that has survived the accident and you can continue trying to find work, rather than having a car that is destroyed and having to take a bus back to North Dakota.

What I have done for the past fifteen years, whether in the backseat of my truck or the backseat of my SUV, I have a large sturdy trunk which has a padlock, and the padlock has a chain which locks the trunk to a seat frame.  A thief would have to break my vehicle window to unlock the door, but the thief could not carry away the trunk because it is chained to the seat, and it would make a lot of noise and take a while to beat the trunk open.  What crack heads and meth addicts are looking for, are certain items that are easy to grab out of vehicles, typical items in plain view:  pocket book, wallet, check book, CD collection, radar detector, laptop computer, briefcase.  I try to keep valuables and things that I don’t want to get stolen, locked in the trunk in the backseat.

I hope you know that you are going to have to sleep in your vehicle mostly when you are going to work or looking for work out of state.  When you are driving a long way, it is better to pull into a rest area and sleep for a while when you get tired, and when you feel like driving again, drive.  Planning on staying in a motel while trying to get somewhere is like planning on wasting time and wasting money.  If you try to get your money’s worth out of your motel, you are just wasting time there.  It doesn’t matter that you are wrinkled when you are trying to get where you are going, and if you look a little rough it probably actually keeps people away from you when you are traveling.  You do want to get cleaned up as much as you can before you meet people regarding your employment.

I didn’t say anything about it, because I wasn’t thinking about it because I am not married, you don’t want to bring your wife or girlfriend with you when you are going to look for work out of state, because it will not be fun or pleasant.  If your family’s financial outlook is bad enough to where you have to look for work out of state, you don’t want to take your wife or girlfriend with you and try to make it a pleasant trip, because it will cost you about four times as much: stopping at restaurants for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; staying at a “nice” motel every night.

I will cover this in more detail in Part II, but you absolutely need to leave your wife and children behind when you go to work out of state, and for at least several months after you begin working.  If you don’t do it this way, you will very likely end up worse off than if you hadn’t gone to work out of state at all.

First On First Dickinson Summer Nights Concerts, Year End Review 2016

The last First On First Dickinson Summer Nights Concert of 2016 was this past Thursday, September 1st.  I went to just about every downtown Dickinson summer concert in 2014, 2015, and 2016.  I have mixed feelings about the downtown summer concerts this year.

No one can deny that there were more than several well-known, famous, “bigger” performers this year:  Fire House, Black Hawk, Steel Heart.  Firehouse gave a very good performance, and they acted like they were glad to be back in Dickinson.  32 Below probably gave a performance that was as good as Firehouse, and they acted the most enthusiastic about being in Dickinson while they were on stage.

Event organizer and MC, Brock White, was positive, professional, and up beat at every event.  Event organizers Tracey Tooz and Mike Odegaard were professional, competent, and executed everything well.  The tractor trailer stage with roof and lighting was an excellent stage, the stage could not have been better.

The event area was much larger than last year.  There were about four different food vendors at each event.  Because of the larger event area, and the rented table trailers, people were able to sit and eat more comfortably.  Most event attendees would have liked it if the Wurst Shop would have been a food vendor again this year.

Everything that I have stated so far up above is good and positive.  The negative comments that I am going to write concern mostly the type of people that attended the concerts.  Somehow, the drinking of alcohol has become the predominant focus of the event.  I don’t know if anybody ever saw this coming, knew that this would happen, or considered whether this was desirable or not.

I know that alcohol sales are probably the primary way that the events are paid for, and that drinking alcohol may be the main reason why so many people come downtown for the concerts on Thursday nights, but the heavy drinkers make the events not “family friendly”, or even “friendly”.

Good-natured, mature adults, can be jovial and considerate people when they are drinking beer.  Good-natured, mature, jovial, considerate drinkers are fine for families with children to be around.  But the summer concerts were not highly attended by families with children.  I believe that more and more each year, moms and dads with kids, and other types of moderate, conservative people do not dare to come to the summer concerts because of the heavy drinking.  And I agree that these people are probably right in not coming to the summer concerts because the drinking of alcohol has become predominant, and many of the drinkers are not mature, or good-natured.

There are many young men and women that get drunk, start acting foolish, not using good sense, acting kind of wild, and many adults who aren’t drinking don’t want or wouldn’t want themselves or their kids to be around these young people.  There are both younger people and older people that become uninhibited when they drink alcohol, and they let their hostility come out in contentiousness, hostility, and fighting, which makes moderate adults not want to be around when there are a lot of people drinking alcohol.

Once it gets past about 8:30 p.m. at the downtown summer concerts, I get the definite feeling and impression that the crowd is not that friendly, the crowd is mostly wanting to get drunk and act wild, so it is not really like a community event at that point, it is like being in a bar that is having a band that night.


I Am Going To Become The Person In Watford City That Drives 25 mph And Holds Up Traffic

When I first wrote this blog post in September of 2016,   I wrote, “I am going to become the person in Watford City that drives 25 mph and holds up traffic.  I don’t want to, but I have to.  The police are making me.”

I was complaining that whenever I tried to go into town on Highway 23 Business, the speed limit was not clearly posted, the speed limit changed daily, it was usually 25 mph, but you couldn’t tell for sure.  When I would drive 30 mph into town, the people behind me would tail gate me, yet I knew that the police in Watford City were very aggressive in stopping people for going even 5 mph over the speed limit.  I would have liked to just pull over to let the tailgaters pass me, but I couldn’t because of the high concrete curb.

I hated driving into Watford City because of the tailgaters and the police.  Driving home that day on Highway 23 Business going 30 mph, I had twelve vehicles backed up behind me, but an oncoming Watford City police Suburban put their radar on me, and came to a stop in the road, in order to make a U-turn, to give me a speeding ticket.  The police Suburban was not able to get turned around because there were twelve vehicles behind me.

I wrote that I liked going into Watford City to go to the Jack & Jill grocery store, Tractor Supply, and Taco Johns, but the Watford City police were being so aggressive in wanting to pull people over for speeding or any reason, that I should probably just stay home.  I already knew that you absolutely had better not go out to bars and restaurants in Watford City at night and have any alcohol because you will very likely get pulled over by the Watford City police, they are so aggressive in stopping everyone for anything.

In October of 2016, permanent, clear, speed limit signs got posted on Highway 23 Business entering the east side of Watford City.  The speed limit signs go from 45 mph on the outskirts of town, to 35 mph just outside of town, to 25 mph as you enter town.  The Watford City police began being not over aggressive in speed limit enforcement on Highway 23 Business on the east entrance into Watford City.

I had been complaining that I was sick of the Watford City police being so aggressive in wanting to pull everyone over in Watford City.  I later wanted to go back and edit this blog post because I recognize, and want to acknowledge that it has to be like this in Watford City.  I want to explain why the police in Watford City have to be so aggressive in trying to stop everyone.

I was born and grew up in the South.  I lived in the South until I was about 3o years old.  I lived in Watford City for ten months.  I saw that most of the workers in Watford City were poor people from the South, many of them White Trash.

I know with 100% certainty, that due to the large amount of poor workers from the South, about 5,000 of them, if the Watford City police were not very aggressive in stopping drivers, getting their local address, checking for outstanding warrants, looking for alcohol, drugs, and weapons, that Watford City would be over run with every type of misbehavior and crime.

The only reason why there are not a tremendous amount of traffic accidents, robberies, burglaries, assaults, shootings, destruction of property, drug overdoses, drug addictions, drug trafficking, and gangs in Watford City, is because the Watford City police, McKenzie Sheriff, and Highway Patrol are very aggressive in Watford City in following people, running their license plates, stopping people and getting their local address, putting their information in, checking for warrants, looking the people over, looking their vehicles over, looking for drugs, weapons, and being alert and detecting illegal activity.  If you want to be able to live in Watford City without crime, you have to go along with this and put up with this.


How Men Are Assessed In Western North Dakota, Part II

In my previous blog post, Part I, I wrote that the most important thing to local people in western North Dakota in evaluating a man, is that he will stay and show up for work.  Everywhere else that I have lived, this criteria never even entered people’s minds.

I will try to explain how different this is, the way western North Dakota evaluates men, by giving some examples of the most favorite men in the rest of the United States.  The actor Paul Newman had a long career as a leading man and as ladies’ man.  He was not big, tall, or muscular, but he was charming, handsome, and boy-ish looking.  I watched many movies with Paul Newman:  Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Color Of Money, Hud, The Verdict, The Long Hot Summer, and Cool Hand Luke.  Paul Newman was well-liked in all of his acting roles, and he most often played a character who was quick-witted, sharp, intelligent, charismatic, spontaneous, adventurous, and out for a good time.  Everywhere that I have ever lived men would admire or be envious of someone as sharp, handsome, and charismatic as Paul Newman.  Everywhere that I have ever lived women would have loved to have had a relationship with a man like Paul Newman.

The most recent Paul Newman movie that I watched was The Long Hot Summer.  In this movie, when Paul Newman came to town, he was walking and carrying a suitcase.  Besides being poor, it was soon learned that he had a terrible reputation.  But because he was handsome, intelligent, sharp, and quick witted, he soon won the admiration of the wealthiest man in town, who began to insist that he mate with his daughter.  The wealthy man’s daughter tried to resist the character played by Paul Newman, but she couldn’t.  Throughout the movie, from beginning to end, Paul Newman was always threatening to leave.  Which made the wealthy man offer Paul Newman a lot to stay and have children with his daughter.

In western North Dakota a man does not get evaluated on wit, charm, charisma, handsomeness, or intelligence, but on whether he is going to stay and show up for work.  In most of Paul Newman’s movies, he plays a character that is on the run, trying to get away, adventure seeking, and not staying in one place, which rates very low with North Dakotans.

The leading men in movies, are the ones that the vast majority of the public finds heroic, handsome, and appealing.  James Dean, Marlon Brando, Steve McQueen, and Clint Eastwood were the leading men, the ladies’ men, the heroes, that most often played characters that were independent, couldn’t stay in one place, and were on the run, which rates very low with North Dakotans.

What the vast majority of men and women found to be heroic, exciting, admirable, desirable, and attractive, was a handsome, physically fit, in-shape, independent, intelligent, quick thinking, adventure seeking male:  Tom Cruise in Top Gun, Mission Impossible, Jack Reacher;  Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones;  George Clooney in the Quiet American, Michael Clayton, Oceans Eleven;  Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall;  Daniel Craig in James Bond.

Everywhere that I have ever lived, I have seen women attracted to men that were physically fit, in shape, handsome, charming, charismatic, adventurous, intelligent, sharp, and quick witted, just like the characters played by the actors Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, Harrison Ford, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Daniel Craig.  However in western North Dakota, like I have been saying, local people use as their main criteria for evaluation of a man is that he is going to stay and show up for work.

Getting to the point:  The men that stay in western North Dakota and show up for work kind of look like bulls or bears.  Men in western North Dakota are assessed and evaluated like live stock or farm animals.  Local men and women look at men, and if they don’t see extra fat on them, they don’t see how they are going to stay outside in the winter.  If they don’t see that the man has a large frame and extra fat, they don’t see that he will be able to do much work or stay out in the cold.  The local men and women in western North Dakota think that a good man should look like a prize pig or a prize bull at the county fair.

Everywhere else that I lived, women would dream of running on the beach hand in hand with their boyfriend, jumping in the waves, rolling in the sand.  God only knows what the women in North Dakota dream about.

Trying To Change Things In Dickinson And Watford City, North Dakota

In my blog posts I have written about: The Dickinson Mafia, Dickinson State University, Dickinson Police Department, Dickinson Chamber of Commerce, Watford City Chamber of Commerce, Watford City Police Department, Belfield, Gladstone, Catholics, Bohemians, Black People, Mexicans, Real Estate Agents, Property Developers, Property Investors, White Trash, Jessie Veeder, Dan Porter, Kristi Schwartz, Bill and Kamal Patel, Outlaw Sippin Band, Codi Miller, Marinna Marsh, Eric Smallwood, Bigfoot, UFOs, women, bartenders, prostitution, restaurants, and that arrogant Mexican who owns that Mexican restaurant.

Many people are mad at me.  I will suffer some negative consequences as time goes by and people figure out that it is me who wrote these things about them.  There are at least three things that I accomplish when I write about Dickinson and Watford City:  I give the readers from out-of-state a better understanding of what is going on in western North Dakota; I point out things to the local readers that they might want to think about, consider, and change; and I cause the local people who are directly involved to think about what they are doing and maybe change what they are doing.  It is worthwhile to me to give truthful information to people from out-of-state to save them from having problems, and to try to cause some things to change in Dickinson and Watford City that will benefit everyone.

There are some things that I write about, that no one else addresses in public, and the Dickinson Press newspaper will not write about.  There are some things that I write about, that no one thought needed to be written about.  The following are some subjects that I have written about that I still think are important:

  • The Dickinson Mafia.  The Dickinson Mafia exerted beneficial control over development in Dickinson.  The town of Dickinson is very organized and clean, even though it just went through an Oil Boom.  However one of the things that the Dickinson Mafia should have done was grab hold of all the Real Estate Agents and Property Investors by their necks and said, “You are not going to fuck up this beneficial growth of Dickinson by ripping off all these people so bad, that they can’t wait to leave here when this boom is over!  Do you understand that you are going to ruin the whole economic future of Dickinson for years to come with your short-sighted gouging that is only going to last a couple of years?”
  • Dickinson State University.  I quit going to the West River Community Center in 2013 because of all the hoodlum street thugs, which were here in Dickinson because they were brought here by DSU.  Everybody in Dickinson noticed this, where did all these inner city street street thugs come from?, my God, it’s DSU that is recruiting them here!  In about 2015, I think that Dickinson State University quit doing this, because I don’t see as many hoodlum street thugs in Dickinson as I used to.
  • Dickinson Chamber of Commerce and Watford City Chamber of Commerce.  At first, the Dickinson Chamber of Commerce and the Watford City Chamber of Commerce did not want to allow my blog on the first page of Google search results, but now they don’t fight with my blog as much.  Probably, the Chamber of Commerce wants people from out-of-state to know that housing prices are very high, that most people who come to North Dakota to work will not make $100,000 per year, that it is very cold for about seven months each year, and that there is no homeless shelter.
  • Jessie Veeder.  Jessie Veeder is a singer, writer, and photographer from Watford City.  I wish that she would write about Watford City and North Dakota exactly how it is, not how she wants it to be.  She should know from her grandparents, parents, and old people in Watford City how hard life in North Dakota had been, how poor people were, and how much of a struggle it was to survive.  It is very important that people in North Dakota know and never forget how hard and difficult it was for people up until this most recent Oil Boom.  People here need to know this so that they conserve everything they have, don’t waste anything, and don’t live foolishly.  There has been about a twenty-five year gap between Oil Booms in North Dakota.
  • Women, bartenders, restaurants, and prostitution.  It took me a while to catch on, but I am now 100% certain, that the single women who came to North Dakota to work had something wrong with them.  There are jobs in human resources, nursing, administrative assistant, banking, retail, hotel, bartending, and waitressing, everywhere in the United States.  A woman could make more money in these occupations in Florida, Texas, New York, Arizona, or California and live in a more comfortable and better social environment.  With the cost of housing in western North Dakota, there was no financial advantage to women in these occupations to move to North Dakota.  The thing was, they were so fucking crazy, that they could not get a job in Florida, Texas, New York, Arizona, or California, a background check or even just talking to them for five minutes would reveal that there was something wrong with them.  In North Dakota, there was a shortage of workers, so employers didn’t do much of a background check or much of an interview to exclude crazy people.  In addition to the extremely cold weather, very high housing prices, lack of things to do, and shortage of women, when you did go to a restaurant or a bar, the women servers were crazy and had something wrong with them.  I argued and argued in this blog that prostitution should have been allowed in western North Dakota due to the shortage of women.  I argued that housewives didn’t want truck drivers, construction workers, and oil field workers trying to solicit them everywhere they went.  But I was wrong about prostitution, if all the waitresses and bartender women had something wrong with them, I can’t even imagine how horrible the prostitutes would have been.


Having A Young Attractive Girlfriend In Watford City Is Like Having A Monkey

Having a young attractive girlfriend in Watford City is like having a monkey, because everybody wants to come and look at it.

When I was about 11 years old, riding my bicycle, some chubby kid coming the other way on the sidewalk said, “Hey, they got a monkey over there, they got a monkey.” I asked where is this?  And the chubby kid said right down there at the house on the corner.  I rode down there, and there was no monkey, but there was a wooden crate up in a tree, and a long leash tied to one of the tree branches.

I rode about six blocks home to my neighborhood, and talked to the neighbor kids about the alleged monkey.  One of the kid’s older brothers had seen it.  Nobody told me.  Anyway, the owner would let it out from time to time, but not for very long because it would attract too many kids.  The kids would get all excited and start yelling, and the monkey would get all exited, jumpy, and upset, which he didn’t want.  Everybody asked where did he get it, how much did it cost, and how can I get one.

The same thing happens to guys in Watford City that have young attractive girlfriends, everybody wants to come and look at it, wanting to know where they got it, and how much did it cost.  I usually go and look at their girlfriends when they leave them sitting in the truck.  One of my neighbors has to drive fast past me because I always try to look at his girlfriend.

This is not a bad idea, because I do talk to some people’s girlfriends when they aren’t at home.  One very attractive 21 year old girlfriend does talk to me about three times a week before her boyfriend gets home from work, because she refuses to live like some guy’s monkey.  She wants to go outside in Watford City, and do things, and go places like everybody else.  She knows that everybody looks at her, but she is not going to let this keep her from going outside.

The last place she lived, somebody broke into her apartment, went through all of her stuff, and the only thing that they took, was all of her underwear.  She was mad that she didn’t have any underwear, the only pair she had left was one that was in the dirty laundry basket.  I was thinking, “Why would they take all her underwear from her drawers?  That would be like getting new ladies’ underwear from the store.  What is the point in that?  What they should have done if they liked her, was take the underwear that she had been wearing, that would be the underwear to take.”  I was going to explain this to her, but then I thought, no, I better not.

Outlaw Sippin And The Green River Gargoyles Of Gladstone

Gladstone, North Dakota is fifteen miles east of Dickinson on Interstate 94.  The town of Gladstone sits high above the Green River which runs through the center of town.  The population of Gladstone according to the 2010 Census was 239.

Gladstone has a Highway that runs through it, called “The Enchanted Highway” that has ten of the largest scrap metal sculptures in the world depicting such things as birds, fish, and grasshoppers.

In the 1970s Gladstone had the “Green River Concerts” which were outdoor music concerts that lasted through the day and into the night, with a high amount of alcohol being consumed, along with marijuana, and LSD.  Some of my older friends in Dickinson who are in their 60s, start giggling when I ask them about the time people demanded to have some of their wine, and they didn’t know that the wine had LSD in it, and they had never taken LSD before, and they went out of their minds in the fields in Gladstone that night.  This is probably why they quit having the Green River Concerts.

This may have been when people in Gladstone started seeing gargoyles.  Some people said, “How can you tell the difference between gargoyles and North Dakotans?”  Some people said that the gargoyles had wings and could fly, which makes them different than North Dakotan people.  A mayor of Gladstone, I’m not going to say which one, said,”I don’t want anybody to shoot at, or try to kill what they think is a gargoyle.  It could be somebody’s kid, or somebody who has something wrong with them.  I have a call in to Fish & Game, and until I have something back from them in writing, I don’t want anybody trying to shoot one.”

The towns people said, “Can we at least call Outlaw Sippin, they investigated the Giant Sea Squid of Sakakawea and that Dennis Johnson thing?”  (Is it any wonder that they would call Outlaw Sippin?  Beni Paulson lives not ten miles away in Richardton.)

The Outlaw Sippin band consists of Brady Paulson, Beni Paulson, Emil Anheluk, and Jessie Veeder.  Jessie Veeder likes to take photographs, so it was her job to stay around Gladstone and try to photograph a gargoyle.  Brady and Beni thought that the gargoyles might be living in the coal mine shafts between Dickinson and Gladstone, so they went to look there.  Emil thought that the gargoyles might have something to do with the Assumption Abbey in Richardton, so Emil went there.

The Assumption Abbey is a Benedictine Monastery that was built in Richardton in 1899.  Today one of the things that the monks do at the monastery is make soap, which they sell at their gift shop.  When Emil went to the monastery to follow his hunch, he didn’t want to let on what he was doing.  He started talking to the monks about the monastery, and what it was like there.  The monks offered to let Emil stay there in an extra room in the dormitory, to dine with them, and to participate in their activities.

A day came and went with Emil living in the dormitory, dining in the hall with all the monks, making soap, and chanting.  Emil liked chanting.  Emil liked it so much and was having such a good time, that he soon forgot about the gargoyles and why he was there.  Had it not been for an intervention by Brady and Beni, Emil might still be there to this day.

Well, Jessie Veeder was supposed to be taking photographs of a gargoyle, and she didn’t see one, and she started talking to people, and there is a bar in Gladstone, and Brady and Beni had to go get her too, and this turned out to be not one of their better cases, but nobody got hurt, and maybe I shouldn’t have even talked about this case.


Outlaw Sippin And The Giant Sea Squid Of Sakakawea

During the 1970s and 1980s there was a cartoon television show “Scooby Doo”. The television show was about a group of four members, Fred, Velma, Daphne, Shaggy, and their stupid dog Scooby.  They drove a van, the “Mystery Machine”, and every episode they would happen upon a mystery that needed to be investigated.  Also on television at the same time was the cartoon “Josie and the Pussycats” which was about a band, that would happen upon a mystery in every episode that needed to be investigated.  Therefore, I see no reason why the Outlaw Sippin band can’t investigate mysteries.  Hence, “Outlaw Sippin And The Giant Sea Squid Of Sakakawea”.

The Outlaw Sippin band consists of members Brady Paulson, Beni Paulson, and Emil Anheluk of Dickinson, and Jessie Veeder of Watford City.  Lake Sakakawea is a 480 square mile reservoir located twenty miles northeast of Watford City.  The creation of the lake flooded the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation villages of Van Hook and Sanish.

There are at least two legends regarding Lake Sakakawea.  There is a Native American legend of a Missouri River monster, Miniwashitu, that is now trapped in Lake Sakakawea after the dam was built.  The second legend is that a crew of underwater welder divers refused to continue to work on a dam gate repair until shark cages were brought in due to the size of the paddle fish encountered, which were big enough to swallow the divers.  Is it any surprise that the Outlaw Sippin band would be called in to investigate, not twenty miles from Jessie Veeder’s home?

The circumstances of the Outlaw Sippin band’s involvement, is strangely similar to those described in Jules Verne’s novel “Twenty Thousand  Leagues Under The Sea”, which coincidently, also involves a giant sea squid.  However, Lake Sakakawea is only 180 feet deep and 176 miles long.

Brady, Beni, Emil, and Jessie are onboard a pontoon boat in search of the giant sea squid, when they encounter the creature.  During the subsequent attack, Brady, Beni, Emil, and Jessie are hurled overboard.  They cling to the creature to keep from drowning, which they find is not a creature at all, but a submarine!  They are captured, and brought before the captain, Dennis Johnson, former mayor of Dickinson.

To be continued…

Reasons Why I Can’t, Couldn’t, Wouldn’t Marry Codi, Kit, Marinna, Or Kristi, In Dickinson, North Dakota

For the first two years that I lived in Dickinson, North Dakota, I complained that there was a shortage of women, and a lack of attractive women in Dickinson, North Dakota.  For the first time in my life, I began to look at internet dating sites.  Looking at five different internet dating sites, there were still very few attractive women in Dickinson.  I believed that there were many things wrong in Dickinson.  The residents here were producing ugly children, and no attractive or normal women would move here.

After about two years of living in Dickinson, I went to a grocery store before 5 p.m. during the week, and I saw a few attractive women, which made me suspicious.  Then, there was a Chile cook-off at the Astoria Hotel that I went to, and there were many different kinds of attractive women there.  There were attractive women at the downtown summer street parties.  I looked up some of the pretty girls that I had met downtown on Facebook, and they all had pretty girl friends.  So, I found out that there are attractive women in Dickinson, but they do hide most of the time.

This year I wrote about some of the women that I like in Dickinson, Codi, Kit, Marinna, and Kristi.  I also wrote about a very beautiful housewife that I met, and some beautiful Bohemian women and girls that I met.  With the exception of one 32 year old Bohemian woman with two kids who didn’t tell me that she was married, and one other exception, I did not try to pursue a relationship with any of these women that I liked, because I liked them and did not want to make them unhappy.

I did not want to make them unhappy, because then I would be unhappy.  It would be very sad for any one of these women to like me, to trust me, to believe in me, and to try to have a life with me, and me let them down.

For all of these women, their beauty, attractiveness, and health would allow them to marry a man that was much more successful than me.  I don’t want to keep them from having a nice home, nice car, nice clothes, not having to work, being able to travel, and being able to have kids who won’t go without anything.  I could not stand knowing that I ruined everything for them.

The only women that I would be comfortable dating, would be women that already had their life ruined.  A single mom with two kids said to me once, “I’m just looking for a guy who has a job, and can fix shit.”  This woman already had a courtship with the man she thought was “the one”, a wedding, honeymoon, first child, second child, many problems, a divorce, and the difficulties of raising children alone.  She was looking for someone that she liked, that she could trust, that would help her, and make her life easier.  She no longer was expecting a man to provide her with a nice home, nice car, travel, and not having to work.

Another way to say this is, I just can’t handle women putting all of their expectations on me.  Not entirely because of the fear of failing, but the understanding of the reality that I will likely never be able to provide as much as I would have wanted to.

Unfortunately, the reality is, that most of the men that will pursue these women that I like, will not be any wealthier or any more successful than me, and the thought of ruining these women’s lives is not something they concern themselves with, only the goal of obtaining these women for themselves.


Reformation And Rehabilitation Of White Trash In Watford City, North Dakota

This discovery, like the discovery of penicillin, was accidental and may be just as important. I had written in several previous blog posts that many of the workers who have come to Watford City are poor White Trash. The police in Watford City do not allow the White Trash to misbehave.

Anything that White Trash typically do, is not allowed in Watford City: No speeding, no reckless driving, no throwing garbage out car windows, no drunken driving, no picking up street prostitutes, no buying meth or crack, and no selling meth or crack. The White Trash are under such tight control, that they do not go out in Watford City, they just stay home.

The White Trash are behaving not just because the police in Watford City have methods of strict enforcement of laws, but also because the White Trash have good paying jobs. The jobs that the White Trash have in Watford City allow them to pay their rent at the apartments where they live, buy food, and make payments on a four door four-wheel-drive truck, and they want to keep their job and everything they have now.

Without anybody keeping track or documenting what is going on, I think that I am the first person to note that the White Trash have not only changed their behavior, but I think that this change may be semi-permanent and lasting. I am the first person to observe and document a large population of White Trash transform into Lower Middle Class in a short period of time! This transformation process is probably repeatable! It may even work on Blacks and Convicted Criminals!

Step One: The subject individual must be relocated far away from previous environment and previous human contacts. Step Two: The subject individual must be relocated to an environment with strict law enforcement and strict rule enforcement. Step Three: The subject individual must be allowed to obtain employment through a fair process and proof of non-drug use, such employment allowing the subject individual sufficient income to pay for his own food, housing, and other things that he desires. Step Four: There is no food, housing, or anything provided unless the subject individual works, however if the subject individual does work the income he receives is sufficient to pay for food, housing, and other things that he desires.

After I thought about it some more, this is similar to when Great Britain in the 1800s began shipping convicted criminals from the prisons in Great Britain to prisons in Australia, and after a period of time allowed the convicted criminals to homestead in Australia.  Being far away from friends, family, criminal people, criminal enterprises, and given the chance to work and have their own property, many convicted criminals became successful farmers and ranchers, and turned their lives around.

My Second Song For The Outlaw Sippin Band, “Happy As A Toad In A Valve Box”

The Outlaw Sippin Band in Dickinson, North Dakota is comprised of Brady Paulson, Beni Paulson, Emil “The Edge” Anheluk, and Jessie “The Linda Ronstadt of Watford City” Veeder. In a previous blog post, I explained how I wrote a duet for Beni and Jessie titled, “Take Your Chicken And Your Thing!”. In this blog post I have a new song that I wrote for Jessie Veeder titled “Happy As A Toad In A Valve Box.”

The origin of this song is as follows. I was in line at the Jack & Jill grocery store in Watford City, and ahead of me in line was this young attractive blond girl, and all she was buying was one single drink. I thought to myself, “Man, that girl is buying just one drink, I have to buy about four ice teas just for one night. It’s not like I drink a lot. I probably drink about as much as a toad if he were my size, and I don’t even spend all day in a valve box. I wonder how toads get inside valve boxes, I hope they can get out.” Knowing that the Outlaw Sippin Band needed another song, I figured that I would write one.

I was thinking of the Moody Blues song “Nights In White Satin”, the rhythm and music of that song.

Nights in white satiiinnn…..                                                                                                                          Never seeing the ennnnddd…..


Happy as a toad in a valve boooxxx…..                                                                                                     Never wanting to leeeavvve……

Days spent in darkneesss….                                                                                                                         Bugs coming to meeeee…..

Nights in white satiiinn……                                                                                                                           Never seeing the ennnddd…

And I love yooouuu…..!                                                                                                                                      Yes I love you…..!                                                                                                                                               Ohhhh I love yooouuu……!


Now, this song supposes that the toad can get out of the valve box. And people may be wondering, does the toad have white satin sheets, and where did he get them? So unless I do some more work on this song, it should come after “Take Your Chicken And Your Thing!”, that way the details of this song won’t matter as much.

O.K., I worked on it some more:

Toad in a valve boooxxx…..                                                                                                                              Never wanting to leeeavvve……

Days spent in darkneesss….                                                                                                                         Bugs coming to meeeee…..

And I love yooouuu…..!                                                                                                                                      Yes I love you…..!                                                                                                                                               Ohhhh I love yooouuu……!

Nights on white sidewaaalllk….                                                                                                                   Never seeing the eenndd….

Knife River Constuctiooonnn….                                                                                                                    Built it for meeeee…

And I love yooouuu…..!                                                                                                                                      Yes I love you…..!                                                                                                                                               Ohhhh I love yooouuu……!