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Escorts Of Western North Dakota

In yesterday’s blog post article about Stark County Commissioner Ken Zander being accused by a female county employee of sexual harassment, I asked why can’t we just have something like this http://www.escortofitaly.com/ , then women in Stark County won’t have to be harassed anymore.

If you click on the website link up above, you can look at the Gallery photographs and listings of the escorts that are available in the major cities of Italy.  You can read the description of what this escort service is providing.

Why can’t we have this here?  I have copied the description of services from the Escort Of Italy website, and edited it, for use in western North Dakota:

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See, why can’t we have this in western North Dakota where there is a shortage of women?  In the near future, I will copy to this blog post the email addresses for all of the City Commissioners and County Commissioners in western North Dakota, so that you can send them an email message in support of this type of thing.

The Worst Job Advertisement I Have Seen In Some Time, AE2S Construction

I have been looking at the on-line job advertisement sites like North Dakota Job Services and Indeed.com, and I came across one of the worst job advertisements that I have seen in some time, for a Project Coordinator at AE2S Construction:

Due to our continued growth, AE2S Construction is currently seeking an experienced Project Coordinator to work out of our Watford City Shop location.  The ideal candidate is organized with an eye for detail, is a strong communicator, and excels in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment.

  • Assemble project documents, shop drawings, manuals, etc., and other project and post-construction submittals, for distribution to clients and vendors
  • Assemble and verify construction contract change order information for approval by Project Manager
  • Provide assistance with contract administration for various projects
  • Participate in project status meetings
  • Enter project data, track the accounting and billing of materials, and maintain ProContractor database
  • Maintain calendars, coordinate meetings, and arrange travel with Travel Coordinator for ACL staff
  • Provide project coordination and support to ACL Construction Manager, Project Managers, Estimators, and all other employees to include duties such as filing, copying, scanning, answering phones, mailing documents, preparing conference room and meeting materials, and distributing mail
  • Perform weekly processing tasks, in conjunction with the AE2S Construction Accounting team, including payroll, timesheets, equipment usage processing, new hire paperwork, accounts payable, credit card processing, and initial accounts receivable follow up
  • Create payment requests and prepare lien waivers
  • Maintain WC vehicles and equipment registrations and other related licensing and maintenance
  • Order and manage inventory of office supplies
  • Work directly with the AE2S Construction Accounting team on all matters related to WC accounting, as well as perform additional accounting activities as requested

This is fucking ridiculous.  If you cut that list in half, that would still be more work than one person should be assigned.  What the Fuck is wrong with AE2S Construction?  Who wrote this?

If you count down to bullet points #7 and #8, just those duties alone are what one administrative assistant should be assigned.  I am an engineer, and I have worked as an estimator, project coordinator, superintendent, and project manager, and whoever wrote this job advertisement is a Fucking Asshole, or perhaps the entire company management are Assholes.

Once the job advertisement gets into ordering office supplies, filing, answering phones, copying, scanning, arranging travel, preparing conference room and meeting materials, it appears that they are most likely seeking a woman with secretarial skills, and getting her to do accounting, payroll, human resources, billing, and project coordination too.  This is wrong.

I hope that any woman who reads this understands what this is all about, she would be expected to perform accounting, payroll, human resources, and project coordination work, and not be paid at the same level as an accountant, human resources person, or project manager.

If there is any woman or person who could perform all of these duties, please start your own business.  You are a very talented, intelligent, and skilled person.  Do not let other people take advantage of you by dumping their work on you because they are lazy pieces of shit.

For Those Of You Who Don’t Understand The Oil Boom, Read The Book, Moby Dick

This past weekend, when the HBO channels were free, I watched the movie “In The Heart Of The Sea”, about the whaling ship the “Essex” from Nantucket.  The story of what happened to the whaling ship the “Essex”, inspired Herman Melville to write the novel Moby Dick.

I recommend reading the novel Moby Dick, written by Herman Melville, and also watching the movie “In The Heart Of The Sea”, about what happened to the whaling ship “Essex”.  They both tell the same story, but in slightly different ways.

The final voyage of the whaling ship Essex took place in 1820.  The town of Nantucket where the Essex sailed from, was one of the largest docking ports for whaling ships in North America.  North America was experiencing a “Whaling Boom”, which was an Oil Boom.  The whole point of whaling, was to boil the whale blubber to reduce it down to whale oil.  Whale oil was the biggest source of oil in the world at that time.

The book and the movie portray the ship owners in Nantucket as greedy capitalists, in the middle of an Oil Boom.  In the movie, it shows that the wealthy local people, would insist and make sure that their sons were captains of the whaling ships, whether they were qualified or not.  (This scenario is similar to the Oil Boom in Dickinson.)

The First Mate, had to be highly competent, to make up for the shortcomings of the ship captain who was in his position due to his family.  The harpooner, also had to be highly competent, because they wouldn’t get any oil without a good harpooner.  The First Mate, and the harpooner, stood to make a lot of money if they produced a great many barrels of oil.  (The First Mate and the harpooner are kind of like a drill rig boss or a tool pusher in this North Dakota Oil Boom.)

All the men on the whaling vessel would be away from home for one to three years.  And there would be no good food, and no women out at sea.  (Just like going to work in Williston, Watford City, or Dickinson.)

The men who manned the whaling ships, would experience great danger on the job, and great physical hardship.  The men who manned the whaling ships, did it because they had no viable economic opportunity where they had come from.  The men had some hope and expectation that they would strike it rich.  (This is exactly the same as what happened in Williston, Watford City, and Dickinson during this Oil Boom.)

Scenes in the book, and in the movie, where a whale gets harpooned, and the whale drags the men in the whale boats, sometimes smashing the whale boats, this is the same as riding in crew trucks on Highway 85 and Highway 22 during the Oil Boom in North Dakota, it was the same thing and equally as dangerous.

In the book Moby Dick, and in the movie “In The Heart Of The Sea”, there is a great white whale that attacks the ship Essex, and sinks it.  Later, when the men are stranded in their smaller whale boats, the great white whale follows the men and attacks them again.

I like to compare this great white whale to the Catholic Church in Dickinson, the great evil beast.

Then, the men end up cannibalizing each other.  This same thing is going to happen in Dickinson when all the businesses close, and there is no money in Dickinson, the people here will begin cannibalizing each other.

My Fantasy Harem In Dickinson, North Dakota

Like most men, I like to ponder who I would include in my harem, if I had a harem.  In Dickinson, I already have a good pool of candidates to choose from that are written down in one of my previous blog posts titled, “List Of Attractive Women In Dickinson, North Dakota”.

In order to not be offensive and insulting to the married women over 40 years old on my “List Of Attractive Women In Dickinson, North Dakota”, these women are excused from being in my fantasy harem.  Also, in order to not embarrass the women on my list of attractive women, and to not anger their husbands, I will only use these women’s first names in this blog post.

Kaycee is excused because I think that she would be too upset and could not handle being in my harem.  Tracy is excused because she recently moved to Montana.  Melissa is excused because of her job.  I haven’t decided whether or not to include Jessica, I don’t want Jessica to be stuck in the middle of what I am about to describe below.

My harem would include Jessie, Marinna, Codi, and Kit.  I have thought about it and thought about it, and I always have the same problem.  Jessie and Marinna would be in an alliance against Codi and Kit, for the following reasons:

Jessie and Marinna are very practical.  When it is their turn to go to the grocery store, which they do together, they buy about two or three full shopping carts of food.  They even use coupons and look for what is on sale.  They buy many cartons of eggs, many gallons of milk, big sacks of beans, big sacks of rice, big sacks of potatoes, boxes of pasta, whole chickens, roasts, pork chops, and sausage.  They actually have in their heads, what meals they are going to cook, and how long this food will last.

Codi and Kit on the other hand, when they go to the store together, the whole household becomes tense even before they get back from the store because everyone knows what is going to happen.  They are going to come back from the store with boxes and boxes of cereal, Captain Crunch, Lucky Charms, Cocoa Puffs, Frosted Flakes, Raisin Bran, Frosted Mini Wheats, Grape Nuts, and Cheerios.  Maybe some boxes of frozen waffles, maybe some chicken breasts.

This makes Jessie and Marinna become enraged, because not only do they feel that Codi and Kit wasted a lot of money on buying overpriced cereal, but they see this as an attempt by Codi and Kit to get out of cooking, by not buying anything that requires cooking.  What are we supposed to do, eat cereal every day for two weeks?

When Codi and Kit get home and put the boxes of cereal on the counter, they each open separate boxes of cereal, they each fix themselves a bowl of cereal, and they sit down and eat, acting like nothing is wrong, even though Jessie and Marinna are getting ready to kill them.

Jessie and Marinna begin to say, “Well it looks like you two aren’t planning on doing any cooking for a while.  And since you probably don’t plan on doing any cleaning either, your know what that leaves?  Yeah, you know what that leaves!”

Codi and Kit act like they are unconcerned, but they actually start to lose their appetite and wish that they had done a better job shopping.  Later, Codi and Kit start trying to clean the house, but Jessie and Marinna just say, “Too late, too late, it won’t do you any good, too late!”

This is about as far as I ever get fantasizing about my harem because there is so much conflict and fighting.

Patterson Lake Was Like WalMart Parking Lot Friday

At the house where I live in Dickinson, there is a nice gas grill on the back porch, and a nice gas grill on the front porch.  The house is in a quiet rural area.  But, about half of the time, I don’t want to eat at home, because my room mate, the home owner, starts doing things that ruin my dinner:  watching a stupid television show, talking non-stop about problems, tripping over something and causing a cascading crash that goes on for minutes.

In one of my trucks, I have a bag of charcoal briquettes, matches, charcoal lighter fluid, plates, paper towels, and utensils.  I normally have a small cook out grill in the back of my truck, but the leg screws got rusty and it was unsafe so I threw it out.  On Friday, I went to the store and bought a new small charcoal grill for $25.  I went to the grocery store and bought some hamburger meat, some hot dogs, vegetables, and aluminum foil.  I was looking forward to going to Patterson Lake to cook out because it had been a nice, warm, sunny day.

When I got to Patterson Lake, it was as busy as a WalMart parking lot, and people were driving around fast and aggressively like they were in hurry.  I hate it, and can’t understand it, when people drive fast at Patterson Lake.  Are they thinking that they are going to miss seeing the water, trees, and grass if someone else gets there first?  I have seen it before, and this is how it was on Friday, that new four door trucks and new Suburbans drive 35 mph to 40 mph to get to a parking space, come to a stop fast, and then the people don’t know what to do or why they came, and they leave in about one minute or less because it’s not like television, and there is nothing going on.  Of course there is nothing going on dumbass! it’s trees, grass, water, and clear sky.  It would have been peaceful and quiet if people like you wouldn’t keep coming and going at 40 mph.

I parked by the covered picnic tables at the north side of the parking lot.  I have been cooking out at this spot since 2011, and have done so many many times.  I had to assemble the new cook out grill that I had just bought.  As I was assembling this grill on my truck tail gate, I noticed that the new concrete path that was built last year, now passes about twenty feet from the picnic tables.  Walkers and people walking their dogs kept passing by, talking and looking at me.  I came to Patterson Lake to get away from people and eat in peace.  This location was not going to work.

When I got done assembling the new grill, I put it in the back of my truck and I started driving to the west end of the park to find a place to cook out away from people.  Half way to the end of the park, I could see that there were people parked at the west end of the park too.  I was angry, that I could not get away from people, and I would have to go home and cook out on the gas grill on the porch.  The whole point of my trip to buy a new grill and go to Patterson Lake, was to not have to eat at home with my room mate.

Though I was angry at how absurdly busy Patterson Lake was, I think that I understand it.  There are a tremendous amount of new apartments and new town homes in Dickinson.  The apartment dwellers don’t have any yard, and on a nice day, they don’t want to stay inside their apartment that they have been stuck in all winter.  The apartment dwellers want to get outside and do something.  There are not a lot of things to do in Dickinson, so the only thing that many people could think to do, was drive to Patterson Lake.  Although when they get to Patterson Lake, they don’t know what to do, and they just turn around and leave.

The Ballsiest High School Girl I Ever Saw In Dickinson, North Dakota

One of the few things that I like to do in Dickinson, North Dakota is go to the West River Community Center and walk the indoor track.  Five laps around the track equals one mile.  I like to walk more than I like to jog or run, because I like to think.  Sometimes, I walk as many as forty laps.

Most of the other indoor track users only go for four or five laps, losers.  I walk so many laps, it can take me a couple of hours.  Over the past couple of years, I have gotten to see all of the track users.  By far the best runner of all, is this young blonde girl.  She is about 5′-2″, weighs about 100 lbs, is between 16 years to 20 years old, she sometimes wears glasses, and she puts her moderately long blond hair in a pony tail.

Unlike all the other runners, this young blonde girl will run for twenty laps.  Unlike all the other runners, she doesn’t slow down, she runs the same speed, which is pretty fast, the whole time.  She doesn’t stomp, waddle, limp, breathe hard, or show any kind of weakness.

For a while, I don’t think that she liked me, because I was walking, not running.  But she seemed to dislike me less when she realized that I was walking eight miles.  After she quit disliking me, she seemed to be relieved when I was there, because I didn’t bother her, I was older, and no one could do anything to her when I was there.  Some young high school boys did try to bother her one time.  She was very pretty, and not very big.

One evening not long ago, I walked the track at the West River Community Center, and when I got done at about 8:00 p.m., I went to a bar where I know the employees and the customers.  I was thinking to myself, this isn’t normal to go exercise for a couple of hours and then go to a dark, dive bar.  As I was sitting there thinking this, in walks this little blonde 5′-2″, 100 lb girl, with the pony tail, that is the best runner that I have just been describing, Holy Shit!

The bartender girl that I know, who jogs about four or five laps at the West River Community Center, walks over to the 5′-2″, 100 lb girl, and says, “I recognize you from the track, but you look so young, I have to ask you for your ID.”  The young girl says, “Yes, I know, I’m actually a medical doctor.”  She ordered her drink, and then she went and sat at the black jack table and played black jack.

I thought to myself, “Man, that is the ballsiest high school girl that I have ever seen!  Not only coming into a bar and ordering a drink, but telling the bartender she was medical doctor, and then going and playing black jack, on a school night even!”

How To Fight Allergies In North Dakota

I never in my life had allergies.  Never until 2014 in Dickinson, North Dakota.  At first, I did not mind very much that my eyes became red.  A day later, I did not like it when my eyes began to water and my nose began to run.  Soon after this, I had difficulty seeing because my eyes became so swollen.

I did not know what to do, or how to treat this because I had never had allergies before.  The only thing that I knew to do was to take some Benadryl (Diphenhydramine) tablets.  The Benadryl (Diphenhydramine) probably stopped my nose from running, and it may have lessened the watering of my eyes, but it made my eyes extremely sensitive to light.  I had to wear special oversized sunglasses over top of regular sunglasses, and even then the sunlight hurt my eyes.  I looked up the side effects of Benadryl, and sometimes sensitivity to light was listed, but I doubt that most people had as much difficulty with light as I experienced.

My first allergic reaction in 2014 went away after about four days.  I just assumed my allergic reaction was caused by plant and tree pollen.  I had about two severe allergic reactions in 2014, three in 2015, and three in 2016.  Besides the severe allergic reactions being painful and embarrassing, I had great difficulty driving during the day because the sunlight was blinding to me, even wearing two pairs of sunglasses.  I was most of all worried that I might lose my job if anyone found out how much difficulty I was having with my eyesight.

I spent about eight to ten hours reading everything  I could to find out what was wrong with me, why my eyes were so affected, did anyone else experience this, what remedies and medications were there.  I learned a little bit more about allergens, immune reactions, and histamines, but not much more about remedies and medications.

In 2016 I tried Claritin (Loratadine), and it did not help very much.  In 2016 I tried Allegra (Fexofenadine) and it worked better than Benadryl, and it did not make my eyes as sensitive to light.  I had a very severe allergic reaction in early 2017, and I resorted to taking three Allegra (Fexofenadine) in a day, when you are only supposed to take one.  Taking more than one Allegra appeared to help me, but this might be the type of medication that can cause physical damage by taking more than directed.

Even taking more Allegra than prescribed did not completely make my allergy symptoms go away.  My eyes continued to be swollen and watery.  I was worried that I would lose my job if I had no way to stop my severe allergy attacks.

I saw a television advertisement for Flonase Sensimist, that claimed this medication blocked six types of allergens, whereas other allergy medications only block one allergen.  I went to a grocery store and bought a spray bottle of Flonase Sensimist for $15.  I read the medication instructions inside my truck, and then I inhaled two sprays of Flonase Sensimist into each nostril.  Within a matter of seconds I felt better.  Within a few minutes I felt much better.  I couldn’t believe it, my eyes no longer itched and watered.

I was very grateful that I had found a medication that worked immediately and completely.  I was in disbelief that this cure was so easy.  I felt a little foolish that I had not tried a nasal inhaler before, back in 2014, 2015, and 2016, but I didn’t know.  I had asked other people what they did for allergies, and I had read all about allergies, and there was no clear answer or solution.

I hope that anyone who has severe allergies in North Dakota will try Flonase Sensimist nasal spray and not have to go through what I went through.

The Difference Between The Oil Field In Texas And North Dakota

In May of 2011 I came to Dickinson, North Dakota to work in the oil field, and I stayed for about eight months.  In April of 2012, I went to work in the oil field in Texas, and I was in Texas for about ten months.

I have written about two hundred blog posts describing what living in Dickinson, North Dakota was like during the oil boom: extremely high housing prices, housing prices increasing by 400% to 500%, people living in their cars, extremely cold weather in the winter, police trying to stop everyone, shortage of women, lack of attractive women, lack of anything to do, local people being hostile, unfriendly, not cooperative, unhelpful, hateful, mean, and mistreating educated people in every way possible.

In Texas there was not really a shortage of housing.  Near the oil fields, they made trailer parks where they needed trailer parks.  In the oil field where I worked, the housing prices were increased by 100% to 150%.  Near the oil field, I lived in a three bedroom, one bathroom new manufactured home in a very nice RV park that rented for $1,800 per month, (In Dickinson, North Dakota this same manufactured home would have had rent of $3,000 per month.)  In the large cities that were involved in the oil industry like Dallas and Houston, housing was very affordable.  I lived in a three bedroom, two bathroom, two car garage house, with a big yard, in a nice neighborhood outside of Dallas, and the house rent was $1,000 per month, (In Dickinson, North Dakota this same house would have had rent of $3,500 per month.)

There was a shortage of women in the oil field areas of Texas, however the women that were there did like oil field worker men very much, unlike Dickinson, North Dakota.  Also, all the oil field workers that I knew in Texas would sometimes go away for the weekend to San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, or Mexico where they would have a good time, and the women all liked the oil field worker men very much, unlike North Dakota.  In Texas, most people valued education, and I was treated with much more respect in the oil field and everywhere else in Texas when they knew I was an engineer, unlike North Dakota.

North Dakota got down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit in Winter.  Texas got up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit in Summer.  The police tried to follow, sneak up on, and stop all the oil field workers in North Dakota.  The police did the same thing in Texas.  I would much rather go to jail or prison in North Dakota, than in Texas.

It was harder to get an oil field job in Texas, because there are over 25 million people in Texas, and many people want to work in the oil field in Texas.  It was much easier to get an oil field job in North Dakota, because there are less than 1 million people in North Dakota, and there was a shortage of oil field workers.  This I believe, is the reason why you often see Texas license plates on vehicles in North Dakota, it had been much much easier to get an oil field job in North Dakota than in Texas.

I would rather live in North Dakota than in Texas, because I don’t like large cities like Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio.  Large cities bring out the worst in people, pushy aggressive uncaring behavior.  And, in the large cities, the wealthy people live so much better than the lower middle class and poor people, that this causes a great deal of discontentment.  Partly because of the wealthy people living so much better than the lower middle class and poor people in Texas, I have never seen so much bragging, boasting, showing off, fakery, and pretending to be something you are not, than I have in Texas, which is very sickening and repulsive to me.

Though there is a lack of things to do in North Dakota, a shortage of women, a lack of attractive women, the local people are hostile, unfriendly, not helpful, uncooperative, and they have hatred for educated people, the worst thing about Dickinson was the absurd greed of the property owners, property developers, and real estate agents in trying to take almost all of people’s money for housing.  They did not attempt to do this in Texas.  This is one reason why the population of Texas is over 25 million, and the population of North Dakota is less than 1 million.  North Dakota drives people away.

Almost Getting Caught By The Drug Task Force In Dickinson, North Dakota

In 2011, at the second oil field service company that I worked for in Dickinson, about 50% of the employees were illegal drug users.  Several of the employees were currently on probation.  More than several of the employees did not have a driver’s license.

After I got the crew truck loaded in the morning with equipment and material, and sometimes had to hook up a trailer, I would leave the company yard to go pick up two or three crew workers who did not have a driver’s license.  After work, I would have to drop these crew workers off.

On the long drives to the job sites in the morning, I would listen to the crew workers talk about how drunk they got last night, how high they got last night, what drugs they did last night, what women they went home with last night.  The talk was mostly funny and entertaining.

At the job sites, when we were tying rebar, or setting concrete forms, there was more talk about each crew worker’s adventures.  How they got caught for burglary, how they got caught for possession of drugs, the police chases, their sentences, their restitution, what each of their probation officers was like.

On Friday, one or two of the crew workers would plead with me to please stop at Wal-Mart on the way into town so that they could cash their pay check.  Sometimes, they would plead with me to stop at the post office so that they could pick up a package of illegal drugs, and I would tell them no.  Half of these crew workers, they spent all of their time talking about, thinking about, and trying to get high.

After working for this oil field service company for several months, I was in a bar in Dickinson one evening playing pool, when in walked a man about 40 years old wearing a hat that said “Mason” on it.  I was thinking to myself, a brick mason would not wear a hat that said “Mason” on it.  This “Mason” was wearing jeans, white tennis shoes, and a t-shirt.  He was not sweaty, filthy, or dirty.  There was a strange looking younger man with him, that was small, who had blond hair, and crooked teeth.

This “Mason” walked right over to where I was, and he wanted to play pool.  I listened to him talk.  He said that he was from Ohio, very near Kentucky.  He said that he was working on a school project in Dickinson.  I asked him if he had found a place to live, and he said that the company he was working for let him stay in the company shop building.  He talked a little bit about the work he was doing, without me asking.  He appeared to know a little about masonry, but a brick mason would not have talked about masonry at all.

He started talking to this other guy playing pool about getting some drugs.  This “Mason” did not look like or act like a drug user, nor did he look like or act like a mason.  I suspected that he was an undercover police officer.  He went on talking with the people playing pool.  He kept returning to the subject of drugs, wanting to buy drugs.  After about forty minutes, I wanted to give him the phone number of one of the crew workers that used drugs, just to get him to shut up and go away, whether he was a cop or not.  I thought that it would be funny.  I got my phone out, and looked at my contact list, I was just about ready to give him a phone number to call, I hesitated, and I did not.

In giving the “Mason” the phone number of the crew worker that I had in mind, who was already on probation for drug offenses, I thought that this crew worker would be suspicious right away that he was a cop, and tell him to fuck off.  I did not know if this “Mason” was a police officer or not, he acted like one.

I thought about it later that night, and the next day.  I began to realize that giving that “Mason” a phone number to call, if he was a police officer, the drug task force would probably try to charge me with conspiracy to traffic narcotics, a four to ten year prison sentence.

I did not use illegal drugs, I did not sell illegal drugs, I was not involved in the trafficking of illegal drugs, I did not have any criminal record.  I came to Dickinson to work in the oil field, which was what I was doing.  The company that I worked for hired people that used illegal drugs and people with criminal records because they were tolerant and these were the people that they could get.  I had to work with these people every day, pick some of them up in the morning in the company truck, and drop them off after work, otherwise I would not have had involvement with these people.  Somehow, probably because of my association with these people, the undercover drug task force police officer came up to me and kept asking about getting drugs.  I didn’t realize that giving him the phone number of some person that was a drug user, would be enough for me to go to prison, but that is exactly what the drug task force does.

I talked to the company owner the following day, and the crew worker whose phone number I had almost given out.  The company owner said that yes, it probably was an undercover police officer.  The crew worker said, you asshole, why would you give him my number, he probably was a cop?  I said because I thought it was funny.  The crew worker said, oh don’t worry, I would have told him to fuck off, I could tell if he was a cop,  only a cop would start talking out in the open like that.

To this day, this still makes me mad.  The asshole drug task force people in Dickinson trying to entrap me into some conspiracy to traffic narcotics charge.  They are such assholes, they don’t even care if I had no involvement in using, selling, or trafficking narcotics.  These people, are worse than the criminals.

Thank God I Didn’t Have Health Insurance In Dickinson, North Dakota

When I first came to work in Dickinson in 2011, I worked May through December for two different oil field service companies.  The first company that I worked for, I began to have a little bit of pain in my hips at the end of the day from walking around all day on rock scoria.  At many of the oil well locations, the rock scoria ranged from golf ball size to soft ball size, and after ten hours of stepping on rocks the size of soft balls, it became painful.

The second company that I worked for, I was too enthusiastic about getting things done and carrying things that were too heavy for one person to carry.  At my own business that I operated in Idaho from 2007 through 2011, I carried heavy things all day, and at the end of the day my back hurt.  But after sleeping all night, I was O.K. in the morning.  At the second oil field service company that I worked for in Dickinson, my back problems got worse day by day.

In November of 2011, the company that I worked for was doing large concrete pours.  After working twelve hours, and completing the last section of the concrete pour one day, the twenty foot long power screed quit working, its motor would not start.  Instead of vibrating itself across the concrete to level it off, it was sitting there in the middle not going anywhere.  It was many miles from Dickinson, 7:00 p.m., dark, with several concrete trucks backed up waiting to empty the last of the concrete.  We got two people on one end, me and another person on the other end, and we tried to pull the power screed back and forth and forward to level off the concrete.  It was double railed, too heavy, and had too much resistance to pull it by hand.  I hurt my back some standing on one end of it to lift it up and carry it out of the concrete pour area without stepping in the concrete.

I had seen an approximately twenty foot section of black steel schedule 80 pipe laying on the ground at the edge of the location.  Nobody wanted to have anything to do with that piece of pipe, it must have weighed about 300 lbs.  I dragged the pipe across the site with no one helping me, back to the concrete pour, hurting my back some more.  I hurt my back some more getting it out across the concrete with no one helping me.  The owner of the company did make three more people get on each end of that pipe with me and screed out the concrete, pulling it back and forth, and pushing it forward.  The concrete was finished off without any defect at all.

My back was not better the next day, it was not better after several days.  I said to the owner of the company that I could not do the work any more. He said O.K., get your camper off the company property as soon as possible.  I moved my camper  onto a friend’s property in Dickinson.  I thought that in a week or so I would be O.K., and that I would get another job in Dickinson.  I was not O.K. after a week, I had a lot of pain standing up, and I could not walk more than about thirty feet without holding on to something.

I called the North Dakota unemployment/disability telephone number, and I explained that my back problems had gotten worse and worse working for a company until I could not do the work any more.  I thought that I would be O.K. in a week or so, but I was not O.K.  The North Dakota unemployment/disability woman on the phone said, you quit your job, you are not entitled to anything.  I did not think that was correct.  I did not file any disability/injury claim when I was working for the company because I did not think that I had sustained any disability/injury.  I thought that I would be O.K., but I was wrong.  I didn’t want to hire an attorney, I just wanted to go back to my home in Idaho.  I thought that I would be better in a month or so.

I drove back to Idaho to my home in a rural farming area.  For the first month, I lay in bed about twenty hours each day.  My hips hurt and throbbed most of the time, which I thought was due to my back problems.  I had a hard time standing up long enough to wash a dish or plate at the kitchen sink.  I had a very hard time getting into and out of my truck.  On a good day, I would try to go to the grocery store, but I would have to hold onto a shopping cart the whole time after getting out of my truck in the parking lot, in order to walk, and I was in a lot of pain which got worse the longer I was standing.

In January of 2012 I began going to a chiropractor.  I had back X-Rays taken.  The first chiropractor that I went to was not very much help.  After about seven treatments, he even started to suspect and suggest that I might have something wrong with my hips, maybe I needed hip replacement.  I did not have health insurance.  The only way that I could afford hip replacement was if I sold my house to get the money for surgery, which I wasn’t about to do.

I sought out the oldest and most experienced chiropractor in the area.  On the first visit to this second chiropractor, after looking at my back X-Rays and examining me, he said, you have what is called antalgia, it is the most common back problem there is, it means “leaning to one side”.  When you have a damaged area on your spine or disc, your spine will try to lean away from the damaged area.

The second chiropractor that I went to, spent over an hour trying to straighten out my back on my first visit.  He put a kind of hot towels/blankets on my back to relax it for about ten minutes, then he physically pulled my back lengthwise to straighten it, both altogether, and vertebrae by vertebrae.  Then I was laying on my back, he was talking to me, articulating my right leg, and he asked me if I had any knee problems before and I said no, just then he yanked my right leg fairly hard, and my back went “Pop!”  I started laughing, and I said you distracted me, you probably won’t ever be able to pop my back like that again.  He said that’s O.K., sometimes it only takes once like that.  I could tell that he had helped a lot during that first visit.  He only charged $45.

I went back to this second chiropractor about five more times.  I got better and better with each treatment.  I looked forward to these treatments, he spent about an hour each treatment pulling my back straight, trying to “pop” every vertebrae apart one by one.  As my back got better, my hips hurt less and less.  He only charged me $45 for these hour visits, but I paid him more money than this, because I was aware that other chiropractors charge about $45 for fifteen minute treatments.

In April of 2012, I first tried to walk one lap around a grass athletic field, and I just barely did it, my hips and back hurt the longer I was standing.  In a week of trying, I got to where I could walk several laps around the athletic field, but my back hurt the longer I was standing.  It took me all of 2012 to work at getting better.  I became aware that I did not have hip problems, my hip pain was mostly related to my back pain.

In early 2013, I got to where I was 85% recovered from my back injury.  I had learned that I needed to do a variety of back strengthening exercises so that the many different kinds of muscles in my back would keep my back straight.  I came to realize that though my arms, shoulders, and legs had been strong, and allowed me to pick up and carry heavy things, my back never had been very strong, and this was the part of me that gave out.

In talking to an older woman who had broken her back and later recovered from it, she told me that if I would start taking glucosamine, glucosamine sulfate, or glucosamine with chondroiten, I would notice a difference in about one week.  I started taking the supplement glucosime, which you can buy in most grocery stores, and I recovered to about %100 by the Spring of 2013.  In May of 2013, I was back in Dickinson working for a construction company, having to do physical labor all day, without having physical problems or any pain.

I am very grateful that I did not have any health insurance when I got injured, because I am almost certain that an orthopedic surgeon would have insisted that I needed to have both my hips replaced, and probably also that I needed to have a spinal fusion.  I am not a doctor, I didn’t know about these things, I would have believed what a doctor would have told me.  It was a good thing that I didn’t have money for surgery or health insurance, and I had to get better without surgery.  It is now five years later from my back injury, and I don’t have any back pain, back problems, hip pain, or hip problems.

Looking back on everything that happened, especially if you are an older worker, if you are at work and you hurt your knee or back, you should quickly decide if you need to inform your employer of this injury, because if you don’t inform your employer right away, and your knee or back injury turns out to not go away, and prevents you from working, North Dakota workers compensation and North Dakota disability people will deny your injury claim because you didn’t report it right when it happened.  I was out of work without any pay for at least four months, and was unable to do physical labor jobs for more than one year.

Watford City Police Chief Arthur Walgren Resigns, February 2017

I was shocked and disappointed to read the February 6, 2017 Williston Herald newspaper article titled “Watford City police chief resigns”.  I thought that the Watford City Police Department was well run, unified, and all on the same page.  What happened, what was this about?

In January 2017, Police Chief Walgren logged into Assistant Police Chief Jesse Wellen’s e-mail account, and sent an internal e-mail to the entire police department saying that he was coming out of the closet as a homosexual.  It was meant as a prank.

No police officers complained, but city officials found out about the e-mail as Assistant Police Chief Jesse Wellen tried to find out who the culprit was.  The “city officials” once they found out about the e-mail, decided that it was “inappropriate” and “wasn’t going to be tolerated”, and to suspend the Police Chief without pay.

I don’t even know where to begin.  On a scale of 1 to 10 of what police officers have to deal with every day, this is about a “2”.  The police officers know, that an e-mail like this is most likely a prank, and if it was true, so what, big deal.

Most police officers, corrections officers, paramedics, firefighters, and military service members that make a career as a first responder have a sense of what is a big deal and what is not a big deal.  Someone getting shot, stabbed, burned, losing a limb, that is a big deal.  A stupid prank, not a big deal.  If a first responder is going to get upset about every small thing, they are going to be upset all day, every day, and probably have a short career.  But the newspaper article said that no police officers complained.  Good.

I wish that the “city officials” in Watford City would have looked at the “big picture”.  Is the crime under control in Watford City?  Are there complaints against the police department by citizens?  Are there internal complaints within the police department?  Are they unable to hire and retain police officers?

I had to deal with Watford City police officers about three times in 2015, and about six times in 2016.  I would say that crime was very under control in Watford City, I didn’t have any complaints against the officers, I never detected any dissent among the officers, and all the officers appeared to get along.  This is probably why the Police Chief felt it was O.K. to play this joke within his department, everything was going O.K., and everyone was getting along.

I believe that the Watford City Police Department was well run.  I met Police Chief Walgren once in 2016, he was very mild-mannered, alert to what was going on, intelligent, and to the point.  I don’t know what the “city officials” in Watford City were thinking, I don’t think they were thinking.

It would have been a good idea for the “city officials” to offer the counsel, “Please refrain from logging into other people’s e-mail accounts, it could create problems, you can see that can’t you?  Pranks of this sort could result in a formal complaint, and some type of legal action.  Please refrain from pranks like this.”  This counsel could have been given verbally.  This would have been appropriate for a city employee on their first offense, especially since a good job was being done overall.

I bet everyone in Watford City will begin to wish that a big deal hadn’t been made about this.  I know I wish it hadn’t.

What A Day Is Like Working For An Oil Field Service Company In Dickinson, North Dakota

Let us say that it is December and it is 0 degrees Fahrenheit outside.  I would wake up at about 5:45 a.m., and put on wool socks, sweat pants, sweat shirt, overalls with a winter lining, steel toe work boots, and then a heavy winter jacket.  This is at least $350 in clothing.  It would have been about $700 in clothing if it were FR “Fire Resistant” rated, which some companies require.

I had a large duffle bag which contained my hard hat, safety glasses, sun glasses, gloves, climb harness, towel, roll of paper towels, bottles of water, map, pen, calculator, and paper.  I had taken a black permanent marker and wrote my name and phone number very clearly on the outside of my duffle bag.  My climb harness, lanyard, and carabiner was at least $200, and I wanted my duffle bag full of stuff back if it fell off or out of the truck.  I had to carry all my personal gear in a duffle bag, because you never knew for certain what truck you would be driving or riding in, or if the truck you planned on taking would be gone.  Also, I was prepared to say at any time, “Pull over and let me the fuck out of this truck.”

I would get to the company shop at about 6:30 a.m.  I would check the engine oil on “my truck”.  I would check the engine oil and fuel level on the truck generator.  I would check the hydraulic fluid level on the bucket lift.  I would bleed off the water on the air compressor tank.  I would check the gasoline cans and diesel cans on the truck.  After discussing where we were going and what we were doing that day, we would load whatever parts, supplies, material, equipment, and special tools we needed that day.  We might have to hook an equipment trailer up to the truck.

We would drive to a truck stop to get diesel fuel in the truck, diesel in the diesel cans, gasoline in the gas cans, and water for the water jug.  Everyone would buy food, drinks, and snacks if they needed to.  There would be no other place that day to stop for food or drinks.  You could never be completely certain that you would be stopping to get fuel in the morning, so you had to come to work with some food and drinks.  After the truck stop, it would be time to go pick up the workers with DUIs.  You waited to do this last, so that they would hopefully be up and ready to go by this time.

The workers with the DUIs that you had to go and pick up, would have a strong stench of alcohol and cigarettes from being at the bar all night, staying up all night, and rolling out of bed at 7:00 a.m. wearing the same clothes from yesterday to come and get in the truck.  They would begin telling about the girl they went home with from the bar last night, but would interrupt themselves to beg to stop at the convenience store.  You had better stop or they will be complaining all day, and possibly run you over with a piece of equipment.

While driving to the jobsite, the drug addicts and DUI people would begin exchanging oxycontin and hydrocodone in a way that you weren’t supposed to see or hear, but how could you not see or hear, they are sitting next to you and behind you.  Keep in mind, that many oil field service companies participate in the “Axiom” program, where a positive drug test is reported to all the other oil field service companies, and you are barred from working in the oil field for three years.  If you are offered a hydrocodone, and you take one, and then the drug addicts who gave it to you go and report you so that you are required to take a drug test, do not take a drug test, leave the company without saying a word.  You could go and get another job, but if you test positive, you are banned from working in the oil field for three years.

At the jobsite, the first thing that you have to do is fuel the equipment: generators, bobcat, lull, snorkel lift, backhoe, etc., but make sure the DUI people and drug addict people, who are either hung over or high, are putting diesel fuel in diesel equipment, and gasoline in gas equipment, and of course with a lit cigarette hanging out of their mouth.  Smoking is not permitted on oil field locations.  You need a “hot work permit” from the oil field location owner prior to having any open flame on the location.

Remember on a remote jobsite, you are on your own.  Always expect your coworkers to run you over with any piece of equipment either on accident or on purpose.  Always expect your coworkers to drop something on you, cause something to fall into you, or hit you with something.  Identify something on your truck to use as a weapon, like a pipe or pipe wrench, that you can hit your coworkers in the head with.  Most of your work crew will be convicted criminals, drug addicts, and alcoholics, so being on a jobsite with them, is the same as being in prison.

The work that you might do at your jobsite: install fencing, a cattle guard, spill containment barrier; dig trenching and install conduit for electrical and controls; set rebar, set forms, and pour concrete; erect a steel building; assemble and set a pump jack in place.

Depending on your crew, you can look at the work plans, measure locations and perform layout, begin dragging equipment and material where it needs to be, all on your own, while others are happy to operate the backhoe or skid steer loader.  I preferred to find an area of responsibility and do it well, in order to be left alone, and other workers would identify another part of the work that needed to be done and complete that in order to be left alone.  Ideally, I would do layout, a couple of people would begin tying rebar, and a couple of people would start setting forms.  It never failed that a couple of workers would stand there watching.  Eventually you could ask the stand still workers to help carry forms and rebar to where they needed to be, once things got underway.

Each of the workers had some ability, some more than others.  Some were O.K. operating equipment and that is what they liked to do, some were good at digging with shovels and carrying things and that is what they liked to do, some were good at assembling things and that is what they liked to do.  Almost everyone figured out that it was better to get to work doing something that you liked to do, rather than standing there and being told to do something that you didn’t like to do.  The crews were like pirates sometimes, everyone going and doing what they wanted to do, and everything getting done, without orders.

It was very cold in the winter.  Hopefully there would not be any wind.  Hopefully it would warm up from 0 degrees Fahrenheit in the morning to 20 degrees Fahrenheit during the afternoon.  If you could keep busy doing something once you got out of the truck, you could stay warm, you might even start sweating with all your winter clothes on.  One of the most dreaded things, was having to poop, because there were no portable toilets most of the time.  You had to walk out into a field with a roll of paper towels, take off your jacket, unfasten and drop your winter lined overalls, squat, and try to hurry up and poop without falling over or pooping on your bulky overalls around your ankles.  Make sure your wallet, car keys, and cell phone didn’t fall out of your overalls, they probably did.

Concrete pours would sometimes cause us to remain at an oil field location until 10:00 p.m. to finish it and cover it.  Then drive an hour back to Dickinson, and drop people off, before heading to the shop to put the truck away, maybe having to unhook a trailer.  The longest day that I can remember, we left the shop at 7:00 a.m., we worked at about five locations that were pretty far away, we got done at the last location at 2:00 a.m., and made it back to the shop at 4:00 a.m.  That was working 21 hours straight.  Wireline operators and casing installers often have to work that many hours straight.

Most days, me and the other workers looked forward all day long to making it back to Dickinson that night.  We were cold, tired, aching, injured, and hungry.  We had been outside all day, probably 12 hours.  My feet, ankles, hips, and back were killing me from walking around all day on big chunks of scoria rock carrying heavy things.  Most of the oil field workers in Dickinson experienced the exact same thing, or worse.  Going to the bars and restaurants, this was the only time the workers would see or speak to a woman all day long, and the women bartenders and waitresses were shitty, there were hundreds of men, why be nice?  The Dickinson police would wait around the bars and restaurants to give the oil field trash DUIs.

A Dickinson Resident’s Justification For The Greed In Dickinson, North Dakota

I finally heard from a Dickinson resident’s own mouth, the justification for the greed in Dickinson, North Dakota.

I have known an older retired gentleman in Dickinson for a year.  He and his family are from Dickinson.  He owns several properties in Dickinson through inheritance.

This older gentleman discusses religion with me most of the times that I see him.  I don’t mind discussing religion with people, though I am beginning to change my mind.  I am beginning to see that often times when people are eager to discuss religion, they are interested in trying to persuade you to their way of thinking.

Jehovah’s Witnesses have tried to tell me that when someone dies, they are dead in the ground until the resurrection.  Other Christians say that when someone dies, they go to heaven.  Other Christians say that you can’t go to heaven unless you are Baptized.  Some Christians say that the Sabbath day must be observed on Saturday instead of Sunday.  The people expressing their opinions on religion, are often so certain that they are right, that they feel they need to convince everyone else to believe what they believe.

I listen to the older gentleman from Dickinson, who tries to point out a truer interpretation of some of the passages from the Bible, because I don’t mind hearing what he has to say.  The past several times that I have met him, I have tried to discuss what he thinks about how Dickinson has treated out of state workers.  He recognizes that there was a lot of greed in Dickinson, and that the Bible addresses greed over and over again.  I think that he even said that the term “usury” in the Bible, does not just mean lending out money at interest, it means any manner of taking advantage of someone else, which is what I believe.

However, it was very illuminating when this older gentleman began to express the view, “These people that came here from out of state that aren’t doing well, you can kind of tell that they have brought it on themselves, can’t you?  By the way they were living, the things that they were doing, they weren’t right with God.”

At this point, what I was thinking in my mind, was that in 2009, the economy got bad in the area of Idaho where I lived.  The young male workers, and the older male workers who had wives and children, thought that they could support themselves and their families better by going to work out of state.  The economy got bad in many places in the United States in about 2007.  That is why you see vehicle license plates from Florida, Texas, California, Arizona, Utah, and Idaho in Dickinson, North Dakota.

The older gentleman from Dickinson continued to explain himself, he had the belief that all of the out of state workers that came to work in North Dakota, must have done something wrong in order to deserve their financial difficulties.  I said, “Don’t you remember the Book of Job in the Bible?  Job was a good person in the sight of God, though he allowed Satan to test Job with every type of torment and calamity.  The human witnesses to Job’s problems, believed that Job must have done something wrong to deserve all the bad things that happened to him.  But this was not the case.”  I said to the older gentleman from Dickinson, “I thought that that was the point of the Book of Job, to let people know that you can’t assume that bad things happen to someone because they must have done something wrong.”

I gave some examples of people that I have known for a many years, who are honest, hardworking, moral, and ethical, yet their life has been a constant struggle and difficult since childhood.  Other people that I have known for many years, are less hardworking, lazy, selfish, and inconsiderate, yet they have had easy lives since childhood.  What kind of life you get, is not based on how “good” a person you are.

I said that it was very illuminating what this Dickinson resident elaborated on.  Because he and his family were doing well financially, he and his family were righteous and good, whereas these people who came from out of state to work in Dickinson who were not doing well financially, must have been living immorally.

The only difference that I am aware of, is that there was an Oil Boom in North Dakota, instead of Arizona, Utah, or Idaho.  If it would have been the other way around, North Dakotans might have had to travel out of state to go work in Idaho.

What I finally heard from a Dickinson resident’s own mouth, was why they felt they were entitled and justified in treating out of state workers so badly in many different ways.  To take advantage of them so egregiously in the price of housing.  To disrespect and mistreat the workers with experience, training, and education.  These people from out of state were not “good” people, they must have done something wrong in order to cause the financial need for them to have to go work out of state.

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear And Everything You Read In Dickinson, Watford City, And Williston, North Dakota

The Oil Boom is over in North Dakota.  It has been over for at least a year and a half.

I did not like it when lies were told in order to lure people here during the Oil Boom, and I don’t like it when lies are told now in order to prop up businesses and real estate.

The Big Lie that was told to lure people here during the Oil Boom was, “Everybody is making $100,000 per year in the oil field.”  I have lived in Dickinson for over four years now, and I only ever met three people who made close to $100,000 per year in the oil field:  a drill rig boss, a wireline operator, and a union electrician.

The second Big Lie that was going around was, “This Oil Boom is going to last for twenty years.”  This lie was told in order to get the out of state workers to bring their families here and buy a home here.

These two Big Lies hurt people.  I met many truck drivers that were never paid during the Oil Boom, and they left North Dakota worse off than when they came.  I met many other out of state workers who left North Dakota broke.

Currently, the local people who own property like to say, “Things are starting to pick up again, the oil field work is coming back.”  No, it is not. The local people keep saying this because they don’t want all the out of state workers to leave, and cause the local businesses to fail and real estate prices to collapse.

The local people, business owners, and real estate agents don’t like what I have to say and what I write.  I think, “Don’t try to save yourself from going broke by tricking other people.  What you are doing is no better than picking someone’s pocket or perpetuating some kind of fraud on other people.  Don’t think that there is no harm in it, because there is.”

What I have seen in Dickinson and Williston for the past several years, is that a business will make a big deal about advertising jobs or announcing a job fair.  Often times, this is mostly propaganda in order to promote a business or make a business appear to be doing well.  My room mate falls for this every single time without fail.

If you want free advertising, because your business is doing so poorly that you can’t afford to pay for advertising, contact the chamber of commerce, North Dakota Job Service, and the newspaper, and say that you want to have a job fair.  All the stupid people in Dickinson and Williston get so excited when there is a job fair, just like when a state lottery jack pot gets big, they think “This is my big chance!”

If you are a good mechanic, good crane operator, good heavy equipment operator, good plumber, good electrician, or good auto body person, you already know that you can walk into any business and talk to the owner or manager, and probably get a job in Dickinson or Williston within a couple of days, if you are good at what you do.  This does not work if you are an idiot, a drug fiend, or so severely overweight and out of shape that you have a hard time walking and standing upright.

The people that get excited about a job fair, are people that normally can’t get hired, and they think of a job fair as an occasion where the normal rules don’t apply:  “They’re giving away free jobs!”, “My brother got a job, my sister got a job, my mother got a job, that guy that pushes his shopping cart around town got a job!”, “They want to fly me out to Denver for two weeks to swamper school, then when I get out I get a $1,000 bonus, and I start out at $30 per hour, they told me it didn’t matter about my hemoroids, I even showed them!”

Throw in some free hot dogs and free hamburgers, and your business will be the most widely known and successful business in town in the minds of the idiots and people who can’t get a job.  They will not realize no one got hired or one or two people got hired to work in the warehouse.

Current Indicators Of A Work Slow Down In Dickinson, North Dakota

On Wednesday February 15 at 8:30 p.m., I went to the new Family Fare Grocery store in Dickinson, North Dakota that opened in approximately 2015.  I would estimate that the shopping area in this grocery store is 300 ft long x 200 ft wide, pretty big.  In the parking lot there were about ten vehicles.  While shopping inside, I saw two other customers.  When I went to check out, none of the cash registers had a light on, and there were no cashiers on duty, not one.  This is the first grocery store that I have ever been to in my life that did not have a least one cash register open and one cashier on duty.  Keep in mind that it was now 8:45 p.m. on a Wednesday night, and it was a good weather night, not cold and not snowing.

I went through a self-check out line to pay for my groceries.  On the way out, I looked to see if they had anyone working at their coffee shop, and there was not a soul around.  At the old Family Fare Grocery store beside Runnings, and at this new Family Fare Grocery store near Menards, I had noticed that through the latter part of 2016 and into 2017, these two stores began to minimize their staff more and more.  But not having even one cashier on duty seemed very drastic.

But if I think back a little further, the Family Fare Grocery store and the Wal-Mart in Dickinson had both been open 24 hours a day up until approximately the end of 2015.  I can remember when there used to be a long line at the check out in the Family Fare Grocery store in Dickinson at 8:30 p.m. on a week night.  I can remember when there were more shoppers in the Family Fare Grocery store in Dickinson at 2:00 a.m., than there are now at 8:30 p.m.

On Saturday afternoon February 11th, I had to go to the Ace Hardware store in Dickinson.  I regretted that I had not gone there during the week, I thought that the store would be crowded and very busy on Saturday.  When I got there, I thought that the store must have closed at noon or something, because there were no cars in the parking lot, and hardly any cars in the parking spaces in front of the store.  The store wasn’t closed.  There were only two customers inside.  Since 2011 when I first came to Dickinson, I have never seen the Ace Hardware parking lot anywhere near that vacant.

In the same shopping center where the Ace Hardware store is located, there is the King Buffet Chinese restaurant.  This has been one of the most popular restaurants in Dickinson for the past several years because it is all-you-can-eat, it is not expensive, they have a variety of food, and the food is pretty good.  In approximately 2014 this restaurant nearly doubled its size by expanding into the adjacent business spaces.  Driving by the King Buffet Chinese restaurant this past week after 8:00 p.m., the parking lot was nearly vacant, there were hardly any customers.

Throughout Dickinson, the local people who own homes here, keep saying, “The oil field work is picking up again, it is coming back.”  I see no evidence for this, the evidence shows the exact opposite.  I hate and dislike local people saying, “The oil field work is picking up again, it is coming back.”, because this is an outright lie, meant to keep people here and prevent the real estate prices from collapsing.  I don’t like people trying to lie to and trick other people for financial gain.

The only thing that I see happening, is oil production continuing at current levels, and the people involved in maintaining the current level of production keeping their jobs.  I believe that for the next several years, the number of oil well drill rigs operating in North Dakota will be between 40 to 80 drill rigs.  I don’t see any reason for a mad rush to drill as many oil wells as possible as quickly as possible, because a great number of oil wells being completed and coming into production at the same time would make an oversupply of oil, and cause an oil price drop that would make each of the new oil wells not profitable.  It seems obvious at this point, due to the current low price of oil, that oversupply of oil makes oil wells not profitable.

Because of the steady rate of oil production, and 40 to 80 drill rigs operating, there will not be a huge demand for new workers in the oil field in North Dakota in the next several years.  Many workers will not have the opportunity to work a great deal of overtime hours.  Pay will not be as high as it had been during the oil boom years of 2007 through 2015.  The decrease in pay, the decrease in the demand for housing, and people leaving the area due to the inability to find replacement jobs when jobs are lost, will make the price of housing decrease.  My guess would be that the price of housing in Dickinson will decrease 10% by the end of 2017.

Warning About Patterson Lake In Dickinson, North Dakota

In May of 2011 when I first came to Dickinson, North Dakota to work in the oil field, I began going to Patterson Lake on the weekends.  Patterson Lake is just a few miles from downtown Dickinson.  During that summer, on the north shore of the lake where they had public parking, a beach, boat ramp, cook out grills, and campground, there would be several hundred people on Saturday and Sunday.

When I returned to Dickinson in May of 2013, I was disappointed to see that on every weekend that summer there were fewer than fifty people at Patterson Lake beach.  It was kind of lonely.  I talked to other people to ask what happened, what changed.  I came to the conclusion that the Dickinson State University girls became tired of being ogled by both the out of state oil field workers and the local men, that the out of state oil field workers became tired of the locals, and the locals became tired of the out of state oil field workers.  The DSU students, the out of state oil field workers, and the locals all quit going to Patterson Lake in the summer.

I still enjoyed going to Patterson Lake.  I would sit in a beach chair and read, swim, cook out with friends, go kayaking, and walk my dog.  But often times there were very few people at Patterson Lake.  On the north shore of the lake, the paved public parking area had the capacity for approximately six hundred vehicles, and there would be only six vehicles.

In 2013, I began to see some things that I didn’t like at Patterson Lake.  I would park in the nearly completely vacant main parking lot on the north shore of the lake, and walk east along the trails and along the shore line to the end of the park to follow the trail loop.  At the very last parking area, about 1/2 mile from the main parking area, fairly often there would be a parked vehicle with a couple of Hispanic males in it.  At the very last parking area, I never once in the past four years saw these people who parked like this walking, exercising, bicycling, playing frisbee, or cooking out.  What I did see, was other vehicles enter the park not slowing down for anything and drive 35 mph to 40 mph all the way back to the last parking area, and then leave within five minutes driving 35 mph all the way back out of the park, looking straight ahead not at the scenery, and not slowing down for anything.

There was no reason for adult males to be sitting in a parked car at the most distant and remote area of the park, and having other vehicles drive fast through the park to get back there, and then quickly leave, other than for drug dealing, or other illegal activity.  I didn’t like walking the trails and shore line, and on the way back come across this activity.  I felt like talking to the police about it, but I believed that I wouldn’t be telling them anything that they didn’t already know.

Sometime in 2016, improvements were made to the north side of Patterson Lake.  Two new additional children’s play grounds were constructed adjacent to the main parking area.  A wide concrete path was constructed for walking, rollerblading, and bike riding that makes a big loop through park.  In the past, most of the people that I saw walking through the park, were exercising large dogs.  Now with the new wide concrete path and new playgrounds, I have seen many more women and women with children using the park.

I had been concerned about women walking the park by themselves in the past, because of the strange males that would park and sit in their cars in the most distant and remote area of the park.  When I saw more women and women with children coming to the park and walking the new concrete paths that lead out to the distant and remote areas of the park, I was even more worried, because these women seemed to be under the impression that it was safe now.  No, it is not entirely safe.  The concrete paths are only thirty feet from the woods in areas of the park where the users are far from the parking lot, so far they can’t be seen, and so far they can’t be heard.  It is possible for a male to wait in the woods, leap out, and grab someone and drag them back into the woods, without there being any witnesses.

In the Fall of 2016, I observed an adult male at Patterson Lake that was behaving very strangely.  He was not relaxing, resting, exercising, or recreating, he was acting very agitated.  He would drive to an area of the park, look, then drive to another area of the park look, then drive on, until he made it back to the main parking area. He got out of his car and behaved strangely, he acted like he was mentally ill.

The next time that I went to Patterson Lake, I parked in the main parking area and I began writing checks to pay bills, looking up from time to time.  There was no one else on the north shore of Patterson Lake at that time.  After about fifteen minutes, I saw on the south shore of Patterson Lake something splashing in the water like a person or a large animal.  I got out of my vehicle to walk on the new concrete path down to the edge of the north shore of the lake to see what it was in the water on the south side.  I stood there and I looked and I looked, and all of a sudden about seventy feet from me, here comes that strange mentally ill man jumping out of the bushes right beside the concrete path.  I had spooked him, he had thought that I had spotted him hiding in the bushes, but I hadn’t known he was there, he startled me.

I can only guess why he was hiding in the bushes right beside the concrete path.  I wrote down the license plate number of his vehicle, a description of his vehicle, a description of him, and how he had been acting, and I gave this in writing to a Sheriffs officer.  After I left, I believe that the Sheriff officer probably ran the license plate number to see if this person had been convicted of any type of assault in the past.

I want women who visit Patterson Lake or plan on visiting Patterson Lake, to not get on the trails, shoreline, or concrete paths alone, and follow them out into a remote and hidden area.  I have been going to Patterson Lake regularly for more than four years, and I have seen strange men parked in the remote areas, and, hiding in the bushes.

Here is a video of Patterson Lake in Dickinson, North Dakota:

When Can Health Care Workers Report Someone?

In July 2012, James Holmes killed 12 people and wounded 70 others in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater pre-meditated shooting.  He was arrested outside the movie theater immediately after the shooting.  Not long after his arrest, the public defender attorneys representing James Holmes began to enter a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity.

James Holmes’ defense attorneys, three psychiatrists hired by his defense attorneys, police investigators, his family members, university administrators, health care professionals, and other investigators found and reported the following facts:  James Holmes had suffered from mental illness since at least age 11 when he tried to commit suicide.  In June of 2011 at the age of 24, James Holmes enrolled as a Ph.D. student of neuroscience at the University of Colorado.  During his one year period of enrollment at the University of Colorado, James Holmes met with three different mental health professionals.  One of these mental health professionals considered placing him on an involuntary mental health hold because of his homicidal thoughts, but she did not.  During his enrollment at the University of Colorado, James Holmes expressed to  a female student that he was dating, his desire to kill people.  He made a similar statement to a male student.

One month prior to the shooting, a University of Colorado psychiatrist Dr. Lynne Fenton believed that James Holmes was mentally ill and possibly dangerous, and at that time she reported to the University of Colorado campus police that James Holmes had made homicidal statements.  During this time, James Holmes purchased a Glock 22 pistol, a Remington 870 Express tactical shotgun, a Smith & Wesson M&P15 rifle, 3,000 rounds for the pistol, 3,000 rounds for the rifle, and 350 rounds for the shotgun.

A few hours before the shooting, James Holmes mailed his notebook which contained all his thoughts and plans about killing people to his psychiatrist Dr. Fenton.  A few minutes before the shooting, James Holmes called an emergency mental health crisis line to try to get help, but the crisis line disconnected him before he could speak to anyone.

In the days and weeks following the shooting, when I heard about the school psychiatrist Dr. Lynne Fenton having told the campus police that James Holmes was mentally ill, possibly dangerous, and that he had made homicidal statements, I thought that she had really stuck her neck out in order to try to prevent murder and tragedy.  At that time, I thought that whatever James Holmes had told her, was bound by doctor-patient confidentiality.  I thought, “Didn’t the campus police understand that the threat from James Holmes was so severe, that the psychiatrist was violating professional rules of conduct in order to let them know that they had to do something?”

Most people have heard about and know about HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.  What most people know about HIPAA, is that it restricts and prohibits the disclosure of PHI, an individual’s Protected Health Information, which means any part of their medical record.  In my experience working in healthcare, every day, there is always someone accusing someone else of a HIPAA violation, to a ridiculous degree.  For a healthcare worker to go so far as to call the police and give a an individual’s personal identifying information, that is unheard of.  But did you know, that there is a specific law in HIPAA that allows this?  In the whole entire hospital that I worked at, and in this hospital’s parent health care system, no one knew about the following section of HIPAA:

Section 164.512(j):

§ 164.512 Uses and disclosures for which an authorization or opportunity to agree or object is not required.

A covered entity may use or disclose protected health information without the written authorization of the individual, as described in §164.508, or the opportunity for the individual to agree or object as described in §164.510, in the situations covered by this section, subject to the applicable requirements of this section. When the covered entity is required by this section to inform the individual of, or when the individual may agree to, a use or disclosure permitted by this section, the covered entity’s information and the individual’s agreement may be given orally.

(j)Standard: Uses and disclosures to avert a serious threat to health or safety

(1)Permitted disclosures. A covered entity may, consistent with applicable law and standards of ethical conduct, use or disclose protected health information, if the covered entity, in good faith, believes the use or disclosure:


(A) Is necessary to prevent or lessen a serious and imminent threat to the health or safety of a person or the public; and

(B) Is to a person or persons reasonably able to prevent or lessen the threat, including the target of the threat; or

(ii) Is necessary for law enforcement authorities to identify or apprehend an individual:

(A) Because of a statement by an individual admitting participation in a violent crime that the covered entity reasonably believes may have caused serious physical harm to the victim; or

(B) Where it appears from all the circumstances that the individual has escaped from a correctional institution or from lawful custody, as those terms are defined in § 164.501.

(2)Use or disclosure not permitted. A use or disclosure pursuant to paragraph (j)(1)(ii)(A) of this section may not be made if the information described in paragraph (j)(1)(ii)(A) of this section is learned by the covered entity:

(i) In the course of treatment to affect the propensity to commit the criminal conduct that is the basis for the disclosure under paragraph (j)(1)(ii)(A) of this section, or counseling or therapy; or

(ii) Through a request by the individual to initiate or to be referred for the treatment, counseling, or therapy described in paragraph (j)(2)(i) of this section.

(3)Limit on information that may be disclosed. A disclosure made pursuant to paragraph (j)(1)(ii)(A) of this section shall contain only the statement described in paragraph (j)(1)(ii)(A) of this section and the protected health information described in paragraph (f)(2)(i) of this section.

(4)Presumption of good faith belief. A covered entity that uses or discloses protected health information pursuant to paragraph (j)(1) of this section is presumed to have acted in good faith with regard to a belief described in paragraph (j)(1)(i) or (ii) of this section, if the belief is based upon the covered entity’s actual knowledge or in reliance on a credible representation by a person with apparent knowledge or authority.

Most readers probably don’t have much interest in reading the above section of HIPAA law.  There are some health care workers, and their attorneys, who might rejoice at finding this section of HIPAA law.  What it means, is that if you are a health care worker, and you are treating a patient that is an imminent threat to you, others, or the public, you can inform security, your supervisor, your department, and even law enforcement if you believe that this is necessary to prevent the imminent threat to a person or the public.

IDF Women Of Israel On Facebook

I recommend that everyone look at and read the Facebook page IDF Women of Israel.

In Israel, when women reach the age of 18 years, military service is mandatory for at least two years.  I like this.

No matter who they are, they are drafted into the Israeli Defense Forces.  They all must complete boot camp training, with all the women together on a military base, living in barracks.  When the drill instructor wakes them up at 4:00 a.m., or 5:00 a.m., they must jump out of their bunks and stand at attention.  If they are ordered to get dressed, get geared up, and get into formation outside, they have just several minutes to get out there.

In the Israeli military, the women either already know, or learn quickly, that they can’t take an hour to get ready, or not show up on time, now means NOW!  Not only do they have to get outside with their rifle, helmet, body armor, and pack immediately, they are going on an eight mile hike, whether they want to or not.  I am sure that they don’t like it, but they do it.

By the time their boot camp training is completed, which I believe their basic training is six weeks, they can all run for several miles with all of their packs, body armor, and weapons in the desert heat.  You can look at their pictures on the IDF Women of Israel Facebook page and see that they are all in very good shape and are proud of themselves.

During their basic training, they have all learned how to disassemble, clean, and reassemble their handguns and automatic rifles.  They have learned how to accurately shoot their handguns and rifles.  Some of them qualify as marksmen or sharpshooter.  They have all been trained in hand-to-hand fighting, performing guard duty, and going on patrol.

The IDF Women of Israel, after completing their basic training, are assigned to patrol duty and guard duty all along the border in Israel, which they perform very competently and effectively.  Any enemy of Israel knows that they are just as likely to get shot by an IDF woman guarding the border as an IDF man guarding the border.

What the IDF Women of Israel have that most American women will never have, is the knowledge that they can jump out of bed, get their body armor on, get their pack on, grab their weapon, and run to their duty post, ready and able to shoot an intruder.  They are not scared or faint of heart in doing it, they have done it hundreds of times, and they will not hesitate to shoot someone.  Many of the IDF Women go on to have advanced training in hand-to-hand fighting, sniper training, special weapons, explosives, reconosaince, surveillance, and special missions.  All IDF Women are expected to be able to be recalled to active duty until the age of 38.

At first when I looked at the IDF Women on Facebook, I was impressed that they were all in such good physical shape, and were happy and confident after completing basic training.  Then when I saw and read about their training and duty assignments, I could see that they were very competent.  I was glad for them that they were able to fight and shoot to defend themselves.  They were trained enough and had enough practice that they would be able to fight and shoot for the rest of their lives.  Keep in mind that all women in Israel are required to do this.

In the United States, especially for women that don’t want to do it, I would enjoy it being mandatory for them to complete basic training, where they have to jump out of bed, get all their gear on in a couple of minutes, and hike eight miles through the desert, every day for six weeks.  To learn how to fight and how to shoot.  And be required to perform guard duty and border patrol for two years.

What Happened To Other People Who Moved To Dickinson, North Dakota

Many people do not like my blog website because I write so many negative things about Dickinson, and they think that these things aren’t true.  What I had wanted to do for a long time, was to show what other people write about Dickinson, and what happens to other people in Dickinson, North Dakota.

In this blog post, I want to point out someone else’s blog post about moving to Dickinson, North Dakota, and what happened to them.  I found this other person’s blog post by typing into a Google search, “relocating to Dickinson, North Dakota”.  I found an article titled “Reflections on Moving to North Dakota in the Winter”.  The website address of this article was https://fhsarchives.wordpress.com/…/reflections-on-moving-to-north-dakota-in-the-winter.

The article was written in March of 2010, and was posted to the Forest Historical Society website, by an approximately 36 year old man named Joseph who had recently completed his Ph.D., and had been working as an assistant professor in Michigan.  He had recently accepted a position as a research historian at Dickinson State University.  In January of 2010 Joseph moved to Dickinson with his cat, his baby, his wife, and his mother-in-law.

When he first arrived in Dickinson, he and his family stayed in a rented town home.  The second week he was in Dickinson, there was a blizzard with -30 degree Fahrenheit wind chill, and widespread power outages.  This made Joseph see the benefit in owning a home with a fireplace.  Joseph wrote that he found a home that had two fireplaces, and that he would be able to purchase this home in the Spring of 2010.

It was surprising to me that in 2010, in the middle of the Oil Boom, that a young man who just completed his Ph.D., would be able to purchase a home in Dickinson.  The house Joseph was describing, sounded like it would have cost at least $250,000, because even small older houses cost that much in Dickinson at that time.

I wondered what happened to Joseph.  So I looked him up on the internet using his full name, Ph.D., his research historian position, and I found on the internet his complete resume from year 2011.  Joseph moved to Dickinson in January of 2010 to accept the position of research historian at Dickinson State University.  However, before 2010 was over, he was in down in Houston, Texas as an adjunct humanities professor at Strayer University.

What would make a Ph.D. move his family to Dickinson in January to accept a position at Dickinson State University, find a house to buy, and leave Dickinson before the year was up?

In my opinion, these are the likely reasons:  Dickinson State University being backwards and substandard;  Dickinson State University cutting a position that someone just relocated here to fill;  local people in Dickinson being unfriendly, not helpful, uncooperative, and hostile;  being treated with disrespect in every way possible for having a great deal of education.

It was not that Dickinson was too cold, because Joseph had spent approximately the previous ten years in Michigan.  It was not that Joseph was not good enough in his job, he had been successful in his previous academic positions, and he later went on to work as an adjunct professor at a university in Tennessee from 2012 to the present 2017.

I have written in many blog posts that the local people in Dickinson are unfriendly, not helpful, uncooperative, hostile, and that they deliberately disrespect educated people in every way possible.  I believe that this is what happened to Joseph to quickly kill his enthusiasm about moving to Dickinson, and leave Dickinson in less than a year.

I will give some more accounts about what happened to other people in Dickinson in future blog posts.

A Type Of Greed That Hurt An Individual’s Own Family In Dickinson, North Dakota

A week ago I wrote two blog posts about “Causes And Effects Of Excessive Land Greed In Dickinson, North Dakota”.  I wrote that during this most recent Oil Boom in Dickinson from 2007 through 2014, land owners were unwilling to sell vacant, unoccupied, barren grassland outside of Dickinson for less than $100,000 per acre.  In addition to that, the land owners would not sell off just one, two, three, four, or five acres, the buyer had to purchase the entire 30 acre to 120 acre parcel.

One of the reasons why the land owners would not sell off just one to five acres, was because they feared that someone putting a house on one lot, would make a developer no longer want the remaining lots for industrial or commercial use.  Or, an industrial building on one lot, would make a developer no longer want the remaining lots for residential use.  An additional reason why the land owners would not sell off just one to five acres was, greed.

Outside of Dickinson, there is still a tremendous amount of vacant, unoccupied, barren grassland stretching for hundreds of miles in every direction.  And, there are not very many single family homes on one to five acres outside of Dickinson, you can drive around outside of Dickinson and you will notice this immediately.  The houses just stop, crowded small houses all together next to each other, and then they just stop.  This is because the land owners would not sell off just one to five acres.

I met some of the land owners in Dickinson during the Oil Boom.  Some of the land owners I knew very well.  I will explain what happened to one of them, though what happened to the other land owners that I knew, is very similar.

This particular land owner was born in Dickinson on his parents’ farm.  He inherited some land from his parents, but purchased an additional parcel of land in the 1990s for about $800 per acre.  He was very poor throughout his life.  He had two marriages that did not last very long.  Most of his life he was single.  What he described to me about both of his marriages, was two wives with young children that just could not stand the many periods of being broke, and having to go to charities for food and diapers.  In Dickinson, when there was not an oil boom going on, employers paid very low wages and it was very difficult to get any job at all.  His two wives left North Dakota, taking their young children with them.

His ex-wives and children did not want to have very much contact with him for twenty to thirty years because of the bad memories.  He would have liked to have traveled out of state to visit them, but he never had the money.  When the Oil Boom came back to Dickinson in 2007, within several years most of the people in the United States began to hear about it, including his ex-wives and children, who were now adults.

The land that he had purchased for about $800 per acre in the 1990s, he now wanted to sell for $100,000 per acre.  He turned down many offers from people and businesses to purchase one to five acres at $100,000 per acre.  He turned down offers to buy the whole parcel for $2.5 million, which was just over $80,000 per acre.

Meanwhile, from 2007 through 2014, he informed his family members that soon he would be very wealthy from the sale of his land.  He wanted his adult children to talk to him, and have a better opinion of him, so he talked about what he planned to do with his millions, and what he could do for them.  He informed his adult children, some of them who were now married with young children, that when his land sold he would be willing to buy each of them a home of up to $160,000, with some conditions.

His adult children had grown up poor without a father, and with bitter mothers who hated their father.  They had all moved on with their life, had adjusted, and had an equilibrium in their life with their jobs, spouses, children, and households.  The adult children had mixed feelings about their father in North Dakota now wanting to have involvement in their lives, now that he was expecting to be very wealthy, and trying to make up for the past.  The adult children replied “No”, with his offer to buy them homes, probably seeing that this was an attempt by him to have the right to visit them and his grandchildren whenever he wanted, without them being able to refuse.

The Oil Boom came and went, with all offers from buyers being refused, because the land owner felt that his land was just too valuable to sell.  Though the highest offer was $2.5 million, no one would buy this land now for even $400,000, because no one needs it now or wants it now.

The land owner’s adult children had not thought about their father very much once they had families of their own, until he began informing them weekly and monthly for seven years, that soon he would be very wealthy.  Whatever their feelings for their father, at least they could expect to have a large inheritance one day.  What is $3 million divided five ways, $600,000?  I believe that each of the adult children had some hope of receiving something, because that is what they were led to believe.

I believe that many many North Dakota families went through this.  Growing up poor with a lot of bad memories and disappointment, but finding an equilibrium and way to get by in life as an adult.  When the Oil Boom came back, land owners believed that they had a chance to become very wealthy.  Adult children and their spouses waited to see how much money their parents would receive from oil leases, oil revenue, and the sale of land.  How much money would this be, and how would they share it?

Because of the Oil Boom, many North Dakotans that were getting by in life, began to wonder how their life would change.  Would they be able to move from an apartment into a house?  Would they be able to buy a new reliable vehicle?  Would they be able to go to college?  Would they be able to get their teeth fixed?  Would they be able to have a different kind of life?  If often depended on what amount of money a family member would receive, and if they would be willing to share this money.  The Oil Boom caused a lot of disagreement, animosity, and hard feelings in families that otherwise would not have happened.