IDF Women Of Israel On Facebook

I recommend that everyone look at and read the Facebook page IDF Women of Israel.

In Israel, when women reach the age of 18 years, military service is mandatory for at least two years.  I like this.

No matter who they are, they are drafted into the Israeli Defense Forces.  They all must complete boot camp training, with all the women together on a military base, living in barracks.  When the drill instructor wakes them up at 4:00 a.m., or 5:00 a.m., they must jump out of their bunks and stand at attention.  If they are ordered to get dressed, get geared up, and get into formation outside, they have just several minutes to get out there.

In the Israeli military, the women either already know, or learn quickly, that they can’t take an hour to get ready, or not show up on time, now means NOW!  Not only do they have to get outside with their rifle, helmet, body armor, and pack immediately, they are going on an eight mile hike, whether they want to or not.  I am sure that they don’t like it, but they do it.

By the time their boot camp training is completed, which I believe their basic training is six weeks, they can all run for several miles with all of their packs, body armor, and weapons in the desert heat.  You can look at their pictures on the IDF Women of Israel Facebook page and see that they are all in very good shape and are proud of themselves.

During their basic training, they have all learned how to disassemble, clean, and reassemble their handguns and automatic rifles.  They have learned how to accurately shoot their handguns and rifles.  Some of them qualify as marksmen or sharpshooter.  They have all been trained in hand-to-hand fighting, performing guard duty, and going on patrol.

The IDF Women of Israel, after completing their basic training, are assigned to patrol duty and guard duty all along the border in Israel, which they perform very competently and effectively.  Any enemy of Israel knows that they are just as likely to get shot by an IDF woman guarding the border as an IDF man guarding the border.

What the IDF Women of Israel have that most American women will never have, is the knowledge that they can jump out of bed, get their body armor on, get their pack on, grab their weapon, and run to their duty post, ready and able to shoot an intruder.  They are not scared or faint of heart in doing it, they have done it hundreds of times, and they will not hesitate to shoot someone.  Many of the IDF Women go on to have advanced training in hand-to-hand fighting, sniper training, special weapons, explosives, reconosaince, surveillance, and special missions.  All IDF Women are expected to be able to be recalled to active duty until the age of 38.

At first when I looked at the IDF Women on Facebook, I was impressed that they were all in such good physical shape, and were happy and confident after completing basic training.  Then when I saw and read about their training and duty assignments, I could see that they were very competent.  I was glad for them that they were able to fight and shoot to defend themselves.  They were trained enough and had enough practice that they would be able to fight and shoot for the rest of their lives.  Keep in mind that all women in Israel are required to do this.

In the United States, especially for women that don’t want to do it, I would enjoy it being mandatory for them to complete basic training, where they have to jump out of bed, get all their gear on in a couple of minutes, and hike eight miles through the desert, every day for six weeks.  To learn how to fight and how to shoot.  And be required to perform guard duty and border patrol for two years.

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