Women From Grant County, North Dakota

Several months ago I wrote a blog post titled “Reasons Why The Women In Dunn County Are Prettier And Healthier Than The Women In Dickinson”.  In that blog post, I explained that Dunn County was a completely rural county, with most of the people living out in the middle of no where on large farms and ranches.  The children have to walk 1/4 mile to the end of the driveway in the morning to wait for the school bus when it is 0 degrees Fahrenheit.  After school, the children have to walk 1/4 mile back up the driveway and begin their farm chores and taking care of farm animals.  They also have to do housework like cleaning, vacuuming, doing laundry, and help getting dinner started.

The children have to do farm chores and housework because their mothers and fathers typically both have full time jobs, and their mothers and fathers have to do farm work when they get home too.  Because all of the children and women have to do so much physical activity and work, they are in very good physical condition.  They are not overweight because they get so much exercise, they don’t sit around eating and watching television all day.  They don’t eat junk food, and there aren’t any fast food restaurants in the completely rural county.

Grant County, North Dakota is very similar to Dunn County, almost identical.  Grant County is 1,666 square miles, and only has a population of 2,400.  The towns are Carson, Elgin, New Leipzig, Leith, Raleigh, and Heil.  Have you heard of these town?  Probably not very often, or not ever.

For about two years, I have been distracted by a very polite, friendly, healthy, good looking young woman who works at a business in Dickinson.  She is different from the other young women in Dickinson because she is not crazy, trashy, low class, and mean.  In order to repay her for her politeness and friendliness, I have not bothered her at work by trying to talk to her about anything other than business, although I would have liked to.  I did not want to delay her in her work, and possibly/probably make her uncomfortable and embarrassed.

Recently when I was looking at Facebook, I saw this young lady on Facebook.  I looked at her Facebook profile.  I had not known that she was from Grant County.  At first, I thought that Grant County included Beaulah, which is northeast of Dickinson.  Grant County is southeast of Dickinson.  Finding out that this polite, friendly, healthy, good looking young woman was from Grant County explained a lot, and was to me, the final piece of a puzzle.

In the more than four years that I have lived in Dickinson, with the shortage of women, lack of attractive women, and problem women, the very few decent respectable young women that I have met were from Amidon population 20, Beulah population 3,200, Dunn County population 5,000, and Grant County population 2,400.

I have already written at least four blog posts about Miss Rodeo North Dakota Codi Miller and her sister Kit from Amidon.  This young lady from Grant County that I had to do business with from time to time for the last couple of years, is very much like Codi and Kit, in just about every way.  It wasn’t until I saw her Facebook page that everything became so clear.

When I wrote the blog post titled “Reasons Why The Women In Dunn County Are Prettier And Healthier Than The Women In Dickinson”, I wrote that the families living out in the middle of no where were able to raise their children without interference, and without bad influences.  I have already described that all the family members are constantly working and busy doing physical activity, not sitting around eating junk food and watching television.  The mothers, fathers, farm animals, and farm work are the main influence in each others lives, not television, not movies, not things from the city like meth, heroin, crack, drug dealers, pimps, trashy women, lesbians, gays, or transgenders.  The children learn to listen to their parents, what is right and wrong, what is respectable and what isn’t, what is good and what is bad, how to behave, what is expected of them, and how to work.

In Florida and in Idaho, I have seen and met children who grew up on a farm, that got into every kind of trouble there is:  drugs, crime, sexual promiscuity, self destructiveness.  But this seemed to have always been the direct result of the children becoming influenced by bad children and bad people that their parents were unaware of.  Fortunately, for places like Amidon and Grant County, there aren’t any bad children and bad people that the parents are unaware of, there aren’t any unknown outside influences ruining their children.

I wish that I would have known and understood earlier in my life what women are like who grow up in completely rural areas like Amidon, Dunn County, and Grant County.  I think that I understand now why they want to get married early, with the intention of it being a life-long marriage, and just stay home out in the middle of no where at the end of a dirt road.

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