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Watford City Police Chief Arthur Walgren Resigns, February 2017

I was shocked and disappointed to read the February 6, 2017 Williston Herald newspaper article titled “Watford City police chief resigns”.  I thought that the Watford City Police Department was well run, unified, and all on the same page.  What happened, what was this about?

In January 2017, Police Chief Walgren logged into Assistant Police Chief Jesse Wellen’s e-mail account, and sent an internal e-mail to the entire police department saying that he was coming out of the closet as a homosexual.  It was meant as a prank.

No police officers complained, but city officials found out about the e-mail as Assistant Police Chief Jesse Wellen tried to find out who the culprit was.  The “city officials” once they found out about the e-mail, decided that it was “inappropriate” and “wasn’t going to be tolerated”, and to suspend the Police Chief without pay.

I don’t even know where to begin.  On a scale of 1 to 10 of what police officers have to deal with every day, this is about a “2”.  The police officers know, that an e-mail like this is most likely a prank, and if it was true, so what, big deal.

Most police officers, corrections officers, paramedics, firefighters, and military service members that make a career as a first responder have a sense of what is a big deal and what is not a big deal.  Someone getting shot, stabbed, burned, losing a limb, that is a big deal.  A stupid prank, not a big deal.  If a first responder is going to get upset about every small thing, they are going to be upset all day, every day, and probably have a short career.  But the newspaper article said that no police officers complained.  Good.

I wish that the “city officials” in Watford City would have looked at the “big picture”.  Is the crime under control in Watford City?  Are there complaints against the police department by citizens?  Are there internal complaints within the police department?  Are they unable to hire and retain police officers?

I had to deal with Watford City police officers about three times in 2015, and about six times in 2016.  I would say that crime was very under control in Watford City, I didn’t have any complaints against the officers, I never detected any dissent among the officers, and all the officers appeared to get along.  This is probably why the Police Chief felt it was O.K. to play this joke within his department, everything was going O.K., and everyone was getting along.

I believe that the Watford City Police Department was well run.  I met Police Chief Walgren once in 2016, he was very mild-mannered, alert to what was going on, intelligent, and to the point.  I don’t know what the “city officials” in Watford City were thinking, I don’t think they were thinking.

It would have been a good idea for the “city officials” to offer the counsel, “Please refrain from logging into other people’s e-mail accounts, it could create problems, you can see that can’t you?  Pranks of this sort could result in a formal complaint, and some type of legal action.  Please refrain from pranks like this.”  This counsel could have been given verbally.  This would have been appropriate for a city employee on their first offense, especially since a good job was being done overall.

I bet everyone in Watford City will begin to wish that a big deal hadn’t been made about this.  I know I wish it hadn’t.

I Am Going To Become The Person In Watford City That Drives 25 mph And Holds Up Traffic

When I first wrote this blog post in September of 2016,   I wrote, “I am going to become the person in Watford City that drives 25 mph and holds up traffic.  I don’t want to, but I have to.  The police are making me.”

I was complaining that whenever I tried to go into town on Highway 23 Business, the speed limit was not clearly posted, the speed limit changed daily, it was usually 25 mph, but you couldn’t tell for sure.  When I would drive 30 mph into town, the people behind me would tail gate me, yet I knew that the police in Watford City were very aggressive in stopping people for going even 5 mph over the speed limit.  I would have liked to just pull over to let the tailgaters pass me, but I couldn’t because of the high concrete curb.

I hated driving into Watford City because of the tailgaters and the police.  Driving home that day on Highway 23 Business going 30 mph, I had twelve vehicles backed up behind me, but an oncoming Watford City police Suburban put their radar on me, and came to a stop in the road, in order to make a U-turn, to give me a speeding ticket.  The police Suburban was not able to get turned around because there were twelve vehicles behind me.

I wrote that I liked going into Watford City to go to the Jack & Jill grocery store, Tractor Supply, and Taco Johns, but the Watford City police were being so aggressive in wanting to pull people over for speeding or any reason, that I should probably just stay home.  I already knew that you absolutely had better not go out to bars and restaurants in Watford City at night and have any alcohol because you will very likely get pulled over by the Watford City police, they are so aggressive in stopping everyone for anything.

In October of 2016, permanent, clear, speed limit signs got posted on Highway 23 Business entering the east side of Watford City.  The speed limit signs go from 45 mph on the outskirts of town, to 35 mph just outside of town, to 25 mph as you enter town.  The Watford City police began being not over aggressive in speed limit enforcement on Highway 23 Business on the east entrance into Watford City.

I had been complaining that I was sick of the Watford City police being so aggressive in wanting to pull everyone over in Watford City.  I later wanted to go back and edit this blog post because I recognize, and want to acknowledge that it has to be like this in Watford City.  I want to explain why the police in Watford City have to be so aggressive in trying to stop everyone.

I was born and grew up in the South.  I lived in the South until I was about 3o years old.  I lived in Watford City for ten months.  I saw that most of the workers in Watford City were poor people from the South, many of them White Trash.

I know with 100% certainty, that due to the large amount of poor workers from the South, about 5,000 of them, if the Watford City police were not very aggressive in stopping drivers, getting their local address, checking for outstanding warrants, looking for alcohol, drugs, and weapons, that Watford City would be over run with every type of misbehavior and crime.

The only reason why there are not a tremendous amount of traffic accidents, robberies, burglaries, assaults, shootings, destruction of property, drug overdoses, drug addictions, drug trafficking, and gangs in Watford City, is because the Watford City police, McKenzie Sheriff, and Highway Patrol are very aggressive in Watford City in following people, running their license plates, stopping people and getting their local address, putting their information in, checking for warrants, looking the people over, looking their vehicles over, looking for drugs, weapons, and being alert and detecting illegal activity.  If you want to be able to live in Watford City without crime, you have to go along with this and put up with this.


Reformation And Rehabilitation Of White Trash In Watford City, North Dakota

This discovery, like the discovery of penicillin, was accidental and may be just as important. I had written in several previous blog posts that many of the workers who have come to Watford City are poor White Trash. The police in Watford City do not allow the White Trash to misbehave.

Anything that White Trash typically do, is not allowed in Watford City: No speeding, no reckless driving, no throwing garbage out car windows, no drunken driving, no picking up street prostitutes, no buying meth or crack, and no selling meth or crack. The White Trash are under such tight control, that they do not go out in Watford City, they just stay home.

The White Trash are behaving not just because the police in Watford City have methods of strict enforcement of laws, but also because the White Trash have good paying jobs. The jobs that the White Trash have in Watford City allow them to pay their rent at the apartments where they live, buy food, and make payments on a four door four-wheel-drive truck, and they want to keep their job and everything they have now.

Without anybody keeping track or documenting what is going on, I think that I am the first person to note that the White Trash have not only changed their behavior, but I think that this change may be semi-permanent and lasting. I am the first person to observe and document a large population of White Trash transform into Lower Middle Class in a short period of time! This transformation process is probably repeatable! It may even work on Blacks and Convicted Criminals!

Step One: The subject individual must be relocated far away from previous environment and previous human contacts. Step Two: The subject individual must be relocated to an environment with strict law enforcement and strict rule enforcement. Step Three: The subject individual must be allowed to obtain employment through a fair process and proof of non-drug use, such employment allowing the subject individual sufficient income to pay for his own food, housing, and other things that he desires. Step Four: There is no food, housing, or anything provided unless the subject individual works, however if the subject individual does work the income he receives is sufficient to pay for food, housing, and other things that he desires.

After I thought about it some more, this is similar to when Great Britain in the 1800s began shipping convicted criminals from the prisons in Great Britain to prisons in Australia, and after a period of time allowed the convicted criminals to homestead in Australia.  Being far away from friends, family, criminal people, criminal enterprises, and given the chance to work and have their own property, many convicted criminals became successful farmers and ranchers, and turned their lives around.

Western North Dakota, Survivalists, And One World Government Part III

I wrote in my previous blog post that you will probably continue to see more shootings by Islamic extremists, more shootings by Black militants, and more rioting by Blacks in the large cities in the United States, but not in North Dakota. There may be Martial Law, National Guard troops, road and highway check points, weapons bans, and other emergency measures in the large U.S. cities, but not in Western North Dakota. Law enforcement officers in North Dakota would be reluctant and unenthusiastic in trying to search for and confiscate firearms owned by citizens in North Dakota.

Rather than sit back and laugh at what was happening in the other states, people in North Dakota need to watch what is happening in other states and take it as advance warning. People in North Dakota would have about a six month to two year head start on the rest of the United States to get their affairs in order, which is far more time than anyone else will get. One of the Executive Orders signed by a President in the last thirty years states that in a “National Emergency”, the Department of Homeland Security will have authority over National Guard, State Police, and local law enforcement. This means that though North Dakota National Guard and North Dakota law enforcement would not want to do anything that had previously been un-Constitutional to citizens, they will not be in charge, they will be receiving orders from the Department of Homeland Security.

The reason that North Dakota will not be left alone in a “National Emergency” is because in the past thirty years a President signed another Executive Order that states in a “National Emergency”, all means of energy production, all energy supplies, all means of food production, and all food supplies, will come under government control. Because of oil, natural gas, coal, farming, and ranching in North Dakota, you will have National Guard troops here following Federal Government orders, and local law enforcement being given orders that they may not like.

I don’t want to scare farmers and ranchers in North Dakota, but if things get out of control in the rest of the United States to cause a “National Emergency”, the Federal Government may use the Executive Order that exists, to take control of your farm, your ranch, your energy supplies, and your food supplies. Farmers, ranchers, and local law enforcement need to know this ahead of time so that people in North Dakota can get their affairs in order ahead of time.

What I mean by “getting their affairs in order” is to know what to expect, what will likely happen or possibly happen, and prepare accordingly. I will give some examples. The firearms that you bought at WalMart and Runnings, there is a record of it, from when you completed the background check forms. The government may demand that you surrender your firearms, especially because they have a record of you buying them. You may be better off willingly giving up the firearms that the government knows you bought, in order for you to be able to keep and hide the ones there is no record of. If your home is searched, don’t expect that you can hide firearms in the walls, ceilings, or under floor boards, because metal detectors will likely be used.

Do not keep all your emergency supplies, food supplies, and fuel supplies in one place. Remember, there is an Executive Order that states all food supplies and energy supplies come under government control in a “National Emergency”, which means the government can take them. You don’t want all of your supplies in one place anyway in case somebody else finds them when you are not at home. In previous blog posts I wrote that everyone in North Dakota needs to have emergency supplies in their vehicles in case something happens, but now I want to write more about it.

Even if you have a Subaru wagon or Honda accord, you can fit a Rubbermaid tub or storage box in the back or in the trunk. It is possible and even likely that you will have problems away from home in North Dakota. I recommend the following items as a minimum: battery jumper cables, tow rope, can of fix-a-flat, flashlight with extra batteries, sleeping bag, several bottles of water, some non-perishable food, and hidden emergency money. I also recommend having a change of clothes, a warm winter jacket, rain poncho, mini-air compressor, small mechanics tool kit, a firearm and extra ammo.

Regarding what I just wrote about having emergency supplies in your vehicle, and all this other planning for civil unrest, riots, and “National Emergency”, some readers are thinking that this is ridiculous. Do you think that if you have problems, you can just go walk to somebody else’s house and ask for help? Do you think that it is not your responsibility to provide for yourself, that other people should provide you with the items that you need in an emergency? Other people are not always going to be willing or able to help you. In fact, in many instances, other people may be willing to take everything you have and leave you dead. All survivalists, all of them, know that there will be people wandering around in an emergency looking and begging for help. It is known and understood that you can’t help people who show up begging. You feed them, they will get hungry again, head straight back to you, telling and bringing others. You can not venture out away from your shelter and supplies to help someone who says that their car is broken down.

Everyone and law enforcement need to think about what I have written, do their own research, think about what is happening in the United States, plan and prepare for what is coming, and decide what they are going to do.

Western North Dakota, Survivalists, And One World Government, Part II

In my previous blog post I wrote about some of the reasons for the civil unrest and riots in the United States in the past several years. So far this Summer, there was a shooting of a performer in Orlando after her concert for no reason; a shooting of 50 more people in Orlando the following day by an Islamic extremist; protest marches in Dallas, Los Angeles, and Baltimore over the police shootings of two Black suspects; followed by the shooting of 12 police officers in Dallas by a disgruntled militant Black man. Each one of these incidents has caused liberal people, celebrities, journalists, politicians, and legislators to start talking about gun violence, gun control, and gun bans.

If you watch the television news and read the newspapers, you can see that from now on, whenever a police officer shoots a Black suspect, this is going to be followed by Blacks protesting in all of the large U.S. cities because the Blacks have been led to believe that they are being discriminated against. As in Dallas, these protests may lead disgruntled Blacks to shoot innocent whites. You also can tell from watching television news and reading the newspaper that Muslim extremists are going to continue to attack people in U.S. cities.

I have never wanted to live in a large city, I hated the times that I had to be in one, and I don’t like travelling near or through large cities. I think that cities bring out the worst in people, making people rude, pushy, aggressive, unfriendly, inconsiderate, hurried, and stressed. I am especially glad that I don’t live in a city now, where a police officer shoots a Black suspect in a different state, and now the Blacks are going to riot, loot, block roads and highways, and attack innocent whites. Or, you live in a city, you’re stuck in a crowd, and an Islamic extremist or Black militant is going to start shooting everyone. I am glad that I live in Western North Dakota where there aren’t any cities.

I believe that the Islamic extremist shootings, Black militant shootings, police shootings of Black suspects, rioting and looting by Blacks will continue in the cities and get worse. In the cities, they may have to impose curfews, try to impose weapons bans, bring in National Guard, block roads with check points. This could happen in Detroit, New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Atlanta, Jacksonville, St. Louis, Cleveland, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, so many cities, that hey, why doesn’t Obama or Hillary just declare Martial Law.

I believe that some or all of the things that I just described will happen. I am glad that I live in North Dakota because North Dakota will be one of the least affected states. There are very few cities in North Dakota, and none in Western North Dakota. There are very few Blacks in Western North Dakota. There won’t be a need to impose any restrictions on people in Western North Dakota, and even if the Federal Government wanted to, all of their resources need to be sent to the most troubled areas, and Western North Dakota would be the lowest priority.

If you live in Western North Dakota, you probably won’t have to deal with rioters, looters, or protestors blocking roads and highways. You know that there is not going to be any looting, but if it was attempted somebody with a gun would say, “You go put that back where you got it.” Or, there might be a couple of shot people in front of a business laying on the ground and people would get the idea. As far as protesters blocking the road, people would just drive around them in the shoulder or the median, and if anybody ran and jumped in the way they would likely get run over.

As far as gun bans of any kind, I do not think that the police, sheriff, or highway patrol in Western North Dakota would go to people’s homes asking about weapons, because I don’t think they believe in taking citizens’ firearms away. I don’t think that they would go to people’s homes, but if they were forced to go, I think that they would not try to find weapons. And if they were forced to search, I don’t think they would search too hard. This is how things are now, and it would take the implementation of severe measures and controls to change the way things are now with law enforcement in Western North Dakota, and North Dakota would be one of the last states to comply with non-traditional and un-Constitutional rules.

Western North Dakota, Survivalists, And One World Government, Part I

In my previous post, I wrote about the book The Turner Diaries that was written by the white supremacist William Pierce in 1978. The book describes the disintegration of society in the United States that takes place in the future years 1989 to 1999. The main factors that are described in the book are the passage of legislation banning possession of firearms, government searches of people’s homes for firearms, the increase in crime and the inability of people to protect themselves, the implementation of martial law, rebellion against the government, and civil war.

What I didn’t mention, but what many people already know, The Turner Diaries is very derogatory towards Blacks, Jews, and Hispanics, blaming them for most of the crime, corruption, and degeneration of values in the United States. The book blames the majority of Whites for being satisfied with their lives of eating, watching TV, and watching sports, and failing to notice, object, or protest to corruption in government, and liberalism progressing so far in the media, schools, the legislature, and judicial system that the United States was transformed into a country with no principles, ethics, values, or morals.

I wrote in my previous blog post that much of what is described in The Turner Diaries, that was written in 1978, has happened or is happening now in the United States. I will give a couple of examples.

Approximately four years ago in Deland, Florida, George Zimmerman was performing a neighborhood watch when he saw a suspicious person, and he called the police. George Zimmerman got out of his vehicle to see what was going on, and the suspicious acting person, Treyvon Martin, physically attacked George Zimmerman. George Zimmerman had a concealed weapons permit, and a firearm on his person, and he shot Treyvon Martin. At first, the police or sheriff department did not arrest or seek criminal charges against George Zimmerman. Currently in most states, and throughout the history of the United States, if a person is physically attacked they can lawfully use a firearm to defend themselves. But because Treyvon Martin was Black, Blacks protested, Blacks threatened to riot, “no justice, no peace”, so there had to be a trial. George Zimmerman had to go through about a two year ordeal, he was almost sacrificed in order to pacify Black protestors, but he was found not guilty. If I had physically attacked George Zimmerman, and I had been shot, my family and friends, and myself, would have thought, “That’s what happens when you attack somebody.”

The second example, almost two years ago, a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, Darren Wilson, was on patrol when he drove up to a large young man named Michael Brown. Michael Brown punched police officer Darren Wilson in the head, reached in the vehicle and tried to take away the police officer’s firearm, there was a struggle for the gun, shots were fired in the struggle for the gun. Michael Brown retreated, the officer was injured and dazed but got out of the vehicle and ordered Michael Brown to stop. Michael Brown charged at the officer, and was shot and killed by the officer. If Michael Brown was white, that would be the end of the story. But Michael Brown was Black, so there were protests, rioting, and looting. If I would have done this to officer Darren Wilson, my family probably would have told Darren Wilson that he did the right thing, there was nothing else that could have been done.

In the two examples that I gave above, one Black man attacked a man in Florida and was shot, one Black man attacked a police officer in Missouri and was shot. Blacks all over the United States protested, demonstrated, threatened riots, and did riot and loot. However, at least one Black man is shot every day of the year in Chicago, more than one on some days, but Blacks don’t say a word about it, they could not care less. The truth is, Blacks could not care less about other Blacks being killed, Blacks are killed every day in conflicts in Africa, Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, and they don’t complain at all about this, not one word. You can seek for yourselves to determine why the television and newspaper media work the Blacks up into a frenzy over some Black deaths. Why does the news media want to convince Blacks that they are being victimized, to cause civil unrest, cause Blacks to riot, cause Blacks to loot, to attack whites, to attack police officers? The Turner Diaries explains why.

There are people with power and a great deal of money in the United States and elsewhere that want things to be different in the United States. One of the first things that they would like to do is to take away all firearms, this is necessary in order to accomplish the remainder of their plans. The Elites don’t want ordinary individuals owning and living on their own 3 acres, 30 acres, 300 acres, or 3,000 acres, you are too independent, not subject to control, you are tying up farming, timber, water, and mineral resources, and getting in the way of their use of it. What kinds of things are you teaching your children?, probably not what they want them to believe.

The Elites would like all ordinary people to live in their modest housing unit, along side all the other ordinary people in their modest housing units, to get all the ordinary people onto as small an amount of land as possible, to free up all other land to use how they see fit. Once all the ordinary people are confined to as small a land area as possible, they won’t need personal vehicles, they can all take buses and trains. Once everyone is confined to small housing units, with no personal vehicles, they can be paid much less for the work that they do. Once cash is eliminated, gold and silver confiscated, people will only have electronic credits. All taxes, all fines, all monies owed will be deducted from your electronic credits, whether you want to pay or not. You will be completely controllable as an individual. Masses of people will be completely controllable. Education will form children to persons who conform to the system. Information and entertainment will be compatible with conformation to the system. It is necessary that masses of people conform and accept this order, in order for humans to survive. Too many resources were being depleted and polluted, too many resources being used for war and preparation for war, too many conflicts over resources and unequal sharing of the Earth’s resources. A New World Order, One World Government had to be created.

So, beginning with the end in mind, the Elites have got to make changes in the United States. The Media, movies, television shows, television news, magazines, newspapers, are all trying to spread liberal beliefs and ideology. The Education System is indoctrinating people with liberal beliefs and ideology. The Military is being transformed to accept and practice liberal ideology, and so is the Health Care System. U.S. Government Departments are claiming more and more control over private business, private property, and private individuals. However, the U.S. Constitution is getting in the way, and the legislative and elective process is too slow, all these ordinary people have to think about want they want, decide, and vote, which is taking too long to make the necessary changes.

If the Elites can create enough chaos and crisis in the United States, maybe Martial Law can be declared, maybe the Constitution can be suspended, measures can be implemented in the emergency. Sign agreements like the North American Free Trade Agreement, the Trans Pacific Partnership, do not stop illegal immigration, these things will drop the income and standard of living in the United States to where people are struggling. Then, try to use the Federal Government to cause banks to give mortgages to Blacks and Hispanics on homes that they are unable to pay for. House prices will go up and up, until nobody can afford their mortgages. The economy crashes, people can’t pay for their houses, low wages are being blamed on the immigrants, Blacks are rioting because they are being told they are being victimized. The economy crashing is not just people having less money, it is able-bodied intelligent adults not being able to get a job at all, or only being able to get a very low wage job, and having to work many hours beyond 40 hours per week at low wage jobs. The mass shootings in the United Sates recently were by individuals that were extremely disgruntled. I believe that they were so angry with their circumstances in life, because of the way the United States is right now, economically, socially, ideologically. The shootings that result from people’s anger recently are what the Elites are looking for to begin banning firearms.

What The Police in Watford City And Dickinson Are Trying To Do

A few days ago, a new resident in the apartments where I sometimes stay in Watford City asked me a question.  He asked, “What is it with this 25 mph speed limit?  Has the money that Watford City received from oil revenue decreased so much that the police are having to write everyone tickets to make money?”  I said no, that’s not it at all, the police want to have the opportunity to meet you.

I explained that the police like pulling people over, that way they get to meet you.  They look at your out of state driver’s license, everybody here is from out of state, and they run it to see if you  have any outstanding warrants, and whatever other criminal history information that might come up.  Then they are going to ask you, “What’s your local address?”  The police want your local address, so in case you are involved in anything now or at a later date, they know where you are staying here locally.

Just walking up to your vehicle, the police can tell if you are a construction worker, a skilled trades person, a professional, or a homeless person.  A construction worker will most likely have a beat up vehicle with construction tools laying about.  A skilled trades person will have a nicer vehicle with his tools put away.  A professional person will likely have a clean vehicle with no tools at all.  A homeless person will have all of their personal items stuffed inside their vehicle.

Just walking up to your vehicle, the police can tell if you are likely a drug addict.  Drug addicts sometimes have newer vehicles, but there is usually something messed up with it, like the sunvisor being mangled, the headliner being pulled down, or a back window being smashed.  Whether a newer vehicle, or an older vehicle, drug addicts usually have debris all over the floor, and I don’t mean tools, I mean debris.  Somewhere in that debris, the police will usually find drug paraphernalia.  The police can also spot items in drug addict’s vehicle that have likely been stolen or have been reported as stolen recently.

I am not complaining about the police meeting people, because I agree with it.  One of the things that the police in Watford City and Dickinson are trying to do is eliminate drug trafficking and illegal drug use, which I agree with.

Someone can go ahead and tell me again about how narcotics should be legal, and it is nobody’s business but the user, they aren’t hurting anyone, it’s nobody’s business.  This is a drug user who will say something like this.  I can go ahead and tell them about the women I know who lost custody of their children because they weren’t feeding their children because they were a drug user, using their money to buy drugs, not paying attention to feeding, clothing, and caring for their children.  Drug users steal money from the businesses where they work, from family members, from friends, from neighbors, from strangers, in order to pay for drugs.

Probably at least 60% of the small item theft in Dickinson is committed by people trying to get something to sell to buy drugs.  These are removing items from unlocked cars and homes, and breaking into locked cars and homes.

I am not giving away secrets that shouldn’t be known.  I want everyone in Watford City and Dickinson to know that the police are looking for the opportunity to stop you, meet you, and find out all about you.  If there is anything suspicious about you, they are going to tell the other police, so that they can all watch what you are doing.  They want to know who everybody is and what everybody is doing.  Watford City government, Dickinson city government, county government, highway patrol, the courts, probation, chamber of commerce, business associations, development associations, wealthy individuals, the Dickinson Mafia, all the churches, they are all behind the police having tight control over everybody and this is what they expect to be done.

Police In Watford City, North Dakota

Recently, I caught two adults on our construction site after it was closed and locked for the day.  Each of the gates were locked, and there are signs posted that read “No Trespassing, violators will be prosecuted “.  So there was no reason for them to be on the site, and I believed that they had gotten into the building.  There was nothing in their vehicle, and nothing in their hands, so they hadn’t stolen anything yet.  I yelled at them to get off the site and I said that I was calling the police.  I got their vehicle license plate number.

I dialed 911 because I wanted the police to stop these people to get their IDs, and to question them about what they were doing.  The police dispatcher at first was saying that there was nothing that could be done if they had already left the site.  I started to explain about the “No Trespassing” signs being posted, the site having a fence around it, the gates being locked, then the police dispatcher agreed to have an officer respond.  I gave the vehicle description and the license plate number.

As the minutes passed, I became more and more discouraged that the police were not taking this seriously.  After about six minutes had passed, I thought there was no longer any chance that they were going to spot that vehicle, it was long gone by now.  The police officer arrived after about eight minutes.

I explained to the police officer what had happened.  I showed the police officer where the car had been parked, and showed him that it was real close to the “No Trespassing” signs.  I explained that in the recent past there had been some tools that went missing and some vandalism.  The police officer took it seriously, and was able to identify the driver from the license plate number.

I sent a text message to construction company supervisor describing what happened, with Watford City PD case number.  I was hoping that construction company would not take the attitude with me, “To quit being an asshole and causing problems.”  Supervisor responded wanting to know who they were.  I responded with officer name and number, you will have to ask him.

The following day, site owner wanted to press criminal charges.  Site owner was taking incident more seriously than me.  Others explained to me, the likelihood of these two people planning to strip the building of copper electrical wire and copper plumbing, which I had not yet thought of myself.

Overall, the Watford City Police did a good job, they took this seriously, they found out who it was.

Also, watch out, the Watford City Police will get you for speeding and for DUI, they try hard on this too.

Update & Current Information:. In the four months since I wrote this blog post, I have had to call the Watford City Police back out to our construction site several more times.  The Watford Police response time has been pretty quick, and they have taken the incidents seriously.  Most of the time, we have seen and stopped people who don’t belong on our construction site before they have been able to take anything.  Most of the time, the calls to the Watford Police are just to give a description of the individuals and their vehicles to the police so that they can be on the look out for them at the other construction sites in town.

Do Not Speed In Watford City, North Dakota

Do not speed in Watford City, North Dakota. The police here are very aggressive in stopping speeders in Watford City, they don’t give any leeway or benefit of the doubt, and there are many roads where the speed limit is not clearly posted. Every day that I drive into Watford City, I see that the police have someone pulled over and are writing them a ticket.

Part of what the police are doing, is trying to pay for themselves, they are trying to bring in enough revenue so that they can all keep their jobs. That is why they are so aggressive, and there is no slack given, they have to bring in enough money to pay for themselves. All over North Dakota now, there are local and state budget shortfalls.

The other thing that the police are doing, they are trying to check you out, in ways that you didn’t realize. You probably already know that they are going to check your vehicle license plate number to see if it belongs to the vehicle, or if the vehicle is stolen. They are going to check your driver’s license to see if you have any outstanding warrants, but they can also see what prior arrests you may have. Then the police are going to ask you for your current local address, that, they didn’t have. They want to know where all of these out of state workers are living locally, in case you steal something, or get into a bar fight.

In addition to observing for the smell of alcohol, slurred speech, open containers of alcohol, they are also looking for illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, weapons, stolen property, anything that could lead to an arrest. If the police request permission to search your vehicle, you are better off saying “No”, even if you are sure that you have nothing illegal. I will tell you why.

I bought a truck from a friend of mine, because he bought a diesel truck and needed to get rid of this one. When I bought this truck, it was all clean inside, but I still found some receipts and an old registration behind the back seat. Also, there was a red pill on the floor in a crevice that was hard to reach. That red pill stayed there for about two years, until I went to work in an oil field in Texas, and saw that the police were stopping people for speeding, then taking everything out of their vehicle to search it. I could not have explained what that pill was, I don’t know if it was a hydrocodone. If it was hydrocodone, which I do not have a prescription for, in Texas, I probably would have been found guilty of possession of narcotics, and been sentenced to several years in prison. In Texas, yes, several years.

In Texas, my Idaho concealed weapons permit was valid, I checked before I left. In Idaho, a concealed weapons permit covers both firearms and knives. In Texas, I later found out, it only covers firearms. In Texas, if anyone has a knife with a blade longer than seven inches “on or about their person”, they are “guilty of possession of an illegal knife”, and in your vehicle had already been decided in court to be “on or about your person”. I would not have gotten arrested for the loaded handgun in my vehicle, but I would have gotten arrested for the fixed blade hunting knife that I bought at WalMart. I didn’t know.

Update & Current Information:  In September of 2016, Highway 23 Business on the east side of Watford City was mostly completed, with permanent clear speed limit signs installed.  The police enforcement of the speed limit on the east end of Highway 23 Business is now fair, and it is a good road.

There are still many poor white out of state workers in Watford City.  The only way that Watford City is livable, with a low assault rate, low amount of theft and burglary, low meth addiction and meth trafficking, is through constant aggressive law enforcement by the Watford Police and McKenzie Sheriff.  I don’t like being followed by the Watford Police every time I go some place, and them wanting to pull me over for something, but it kind of has to be this way as long as there are so many White Trash in western North Dakota.

I Want To Beat The Chamber Of Commerce In Watford City, North Dakota

I want to beat the Chamber of Commerce in Watford City, North Dakota. I want to tell people the truth about Watford City. I want people to have correct information before they decide to move here.

On the internet, there are articles titled, “Watford City, The Good Life Awaits”. A more truthful title would be, “Watford City, A Difficult Life Awaits”. I don’t think that it is right to lure people here with false information. Watford City is a small town with less than 5,000 permanent local residents. Most of the permanent local residents are tired of the out-of-state workers, road construction, and new development. If Watford City had had small town charm and friendliness, it got destroyed back in about 2009. The area became completely re-oriented to handle oil field operations and workers. It was like a war or an invasion.

Watford City is very cold and grey from October through April, that’s seven months. There is very little to do, day or night. The only good places to shop are Tractor Supply, and the CENEX gas station. There are very few restaurants, most of them are both bad and high priced. I strongly recommend that no one drink at bars in Watford City. The police are very eager and aggressive in stopping people for speeding and DUI.

One bad thing about Watford City, is that some of the roads were completed in a hurry, they have no street lights, no street signs, no center stripes, no edge of pavement marking, no road shoulders, and no guard rail, just a drop off to thirty feet below.

Another bad thing about Watford City is that there is a shortage of women, and lack of attractive women. The ratio of men to women is about 6 to 1 right now. In order to make things worse, some businesses in Watford City are hiring lesbians, instead of heterosexual women.

Because most of the people from western North Dakota know that there is nothing in Watford City, they will not move here to work. The majority of people in Watford City right now are out of state workers. Most of the out of state workers are poor, many of them white trash, many of them from the South.

Update & Current Information:  In April of 2016, Watford City began making road improvements, which included adding dump truck loads of dirt to the road shoulders on the Disenchanted Highway to make it safer.  By September of 2016, Highway 23 Business on the east side of Watford City was mostly completed, with permanent clear speed limit signs in place.

Due to the large amount of out of state workers, many of them White Trash, Watford City has had to implement strict law enforcement, with many City Police, Sheriffs, and Highway Patrol on duty and being very aggressive in pulling people over for speeding, DUI, suspicious behavior, any reason at all.  This is about the only way to keep large numbers of White Trash under control.  Currently, it is safe for women to be out in Watford City between sunrise to sunset.