Western North Dakota, Survivalists, And One World Government, Part II

In my previous blog post I wrote about some of the reasons for the civil unrest and riots in the United States in the past several years. So far this Summer, there was a shooting of a performer in Orlando after her concert for no reason; a shooting of 50 more people in Orlando the following day by an Islamic extremist; protest marches in Dallas, Los Angeles, and Baltimore over the police shootings of two Black suspects; followed by the shooting of 12 police officers in Dallas by a disgruntled militant Black man. Each one of these incidents has caused liberal people, celebrities, journalists, politicians, and legislators to start talking about gun violence, gun control, and gun bans.

If you watch the television news and read the newspapers, you can see that from now on, whenever a police officer shoots a Black suspect, this is going to be followed by Blacks protesting in all of the large U.S. cities because the Blacks have been led to believe that they are being discriminated against. As in Dallas, these protests may lead disgruntled Blacks to shoot innocent whites. You also can tell from watching television news and reading the newspaper that Muslim extremists are going to continue to attack people in U.S. cities.

I have never wanted to live in a large city, I hated the times that I had to be in one, and I don’t like travelling near or through large cities. I think that cities bring out the worst in people, making people rude, pushy, aggressive, unfriendly, inconsiderate, hurried, and stressed. I am especially glad that I don’t live in a city now, where a police officer shoots a Black suspect in a different state, and now the Blacks are going to riot, loot, block roads and highways, and attack innocent whites. Or, you live in a city, you’re stuck in a crowd, and an Islamic extremist or Black militant is going to start shooting everyone. I am glad that I live in Western North Dakota where there aren’t any cities.

I believe that the Islamic extremist shootings, Black militant shootings, police shootings of Black suspects, rioting and looting by Blacks will continue in the cities and get worse. In the cities, they may have to impose curfews, try to impose weapons bans, bring in National Guard, block roads with check points. This could happen in Detroit, New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Atlanta, Jacksonville, St. Louis, Cleveland, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, so many cities, that hey, why doesn’t Obama or Hillary just declare Martial Law.

I believe that some or all of the things that I just described will happen. I am glad that I live in North Dakota because North Dakota will be one of the least affected states. There are very few cities in North Dakota, and none in Western North Dakota. There are very few Blacks in Western North Dakota. There won’t be a need to impose any restrictions on people in Western North Dakota, and even if the Federal Government wanted to, all of their resources need to be sent to the most troubled areas, and Western North Dakota would be the lowest priority.

If you live in Western North Dakota, you probably won’t have to deal with rioters, looters, or protestors blocking roads and highways. You know that there is not going to be any looting, but if it was attempted somebody with a gun would say, “You go put that back where you got it.” Or, there might be a couple of shot people in front of a business laying on the ground and people would get the idea. As far as protesters blocking the road, people would just drive around them in the shoulder or the median, and if anybody ran and jumped in the way they would likely get run over.

As far as gun bans of any kind, I do not think that the police, sheriff, or highway patrol in Western North Dakota would go to people’s homes asking about weapons, because I don’t think they believe in taking citizens’ firearms away. I don’t think that they would go to people’s homes, but if they were forced to go, I think that they would not try to find weapons. And if they were forced to search, I don’t think they would search too hard. This is how things are now, and it would take the implementation of severe measures and controls to change the way things are now with law enforcement in Western North Dakota, and North Dakota would be one of the last states to comply with non-traditional and un-Constitutional rules.

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