Western North Dakota, Survivalists, And One World Government Part III

I wrote in my previous blog post that you will probably continue to see more shootings by Islamic extremists, more shootings by Black militants, and more rioting by Blacks in the large cities in the United States, but not in North Dakota. There may be Martial Law, National Guard troops, road and highway check points, weapons bans, and other emergency measures in the large U.S. cities, but not in Western North Dakota. Law enforcement officers in North Dakota would be reluctant and unenthusiastic in trying to search for and confiscate firearms owned by citizens in North Dakota.

Rather than sit back and laugh at what was happening in the other states, people in North Dakota need to watch what is happening in other states and take it as advance warning. People in North Dakota would have about a six month to two year head start on the rest of the United States to get their affairs in order, which is far more time than anyone else will get. One of the Executive Orders signed by a President in the last thirty years states that in a “National Emergency”, the Department of Homeland Security will have authority over National Guard, State Police, and local law enforcement. This means that though North Dakota National Guard and North Dakota law enforcement would not want to do anything that had previously been un-Constitutional to citizens, they will not be in charge, they will be receiving orders from the Department of Homeland Security.

The reason that North Dakota will not be left alone in a “National Emergency” is because in the past thirty years a President signed another Executive Order that states in a “National Emergency”, all means of energy production, all energy supplies, all means of food production, and all food supplies, will come under government control. Because of oil, natural gas, coal, farming, and ranching in North Dakota, you will have National Guard troops here following Federal Government orders, and local law enforcement being given orders that they may not like.

I don’t want to scare farmers and ranchers in North Dakota, but if things get out of control in the rest of the United States to cause a “National Emergency”, the Federal Government may use the Executive Order that exists, to take control of your farm, your ranch, your energy supplies, and your food supplies. Farmers, ranchers, and local law enforcement need to know this ahead of time so that people in North Dakota can get their affairs in order ahead of time.

What I mean by “getting their affairs in order” is to know what to expect, what will likely happen or possibly happen, and prepare accordingly. I will give some examples. The firearms that you bought at WalMart and Runnings, there is a record of it, from when you completed the background check forms. The government may demand that you surrender your firearms, especially because they have a record of you buying them. You may be better off willingly giving up the firearms that the government knows you bought, in order for you to be able to keep and hide the ones there is no record of. If your home is searched, don’t expect that you can hide firearms in the walls, ceilings, or under floor boards, because metal detectors will likely be used.

Do not keep all your emergency supplies, food supplies, and fuel supplies in one place. Remember, there is an Executive Order that states all food supplies and energy supplies come under government control in a “National Emergency”, which means the government can take them. You don’t want all of your supplies in one place anyway in case somebody else finds them when you are not at home. In previous blog posts I wrote that everyone in North Dakota needs to have emergency supplies in their vehicles in case something happens, but now I want to write more about it.

Even if you have a Subaru wagon or Honda accord, you can fit a Rubbermaid tub or storage box in the back or in the trunk. It is possible and even likely that you will have problems away from home in North Dakota. I recommend the following items as a minimum: battery jumper cables, tow rope, can of fix-a-flat, flashlight with extra batteries, sleeping bag, several bottles of water, some non-perishable food, and hidden emergency money. I also recommend having a change of clothes, a warm winter jacket, rain poncho, mini-air compressor, small mechanics tool kit, a firearm and extra ammo.

Regarding what I just wrote about having emergency supplies in your vehicle, and all this other planning for civil unrest, riots, and “National Emergency”, some readers are thinking that this is ridiculous. Do you think that if you have problems, you can just go walk to somebody else’s house and ask for help? Do you think that it is not your responsibility to provide for yourself, that other people should provide you with the items that you need in an emergency? Other people are not always going to be willing or able to help you. In fact, in many instances, other people may be willing to take everything you have and leave you dead. All survivalists, all of them, know that there will be people wandering around in an emergency looking and begging for help. It is known and understood that you can’t help people who show up begging. You feed them, they will get hungry again, head straight back to you, telling and bringing others. You can not venture out away from your shelter and supplies to help someone who says that their car is broken down.

Everyone and law enforcement need to think about what I have written, do their own research, think about what is happening in the United States, plan and prepare for what is coming, and decide what they are going to do.

3 thoughts on “Western North Dakota, Survivalists, And One World Government Part III

  1. Reading this in 2021 after almost two years of lockdowns, shutdowns, mandatory gain of function injections that will reprogram/deprogram turn us into zombies, turn the existing zombies into a hybrid super-zombie class, there will be no more farms, no more food, I am reminded of Soylent Green. We are not that far off.


    1. In reply to dirtgirl,

      Not only were there apocalyptic books like “1984”, “Brave New World”, and “Fahrenheit 451” that were written more than fifty years ago describing fairly accurately all of the things that would happen in the future to make society unrecognizable, such as “drug use”, “recreational sex”, prohibition and censoring of words, speech, writing, ….author and radio show host William Cooper was explaining and warning what would happen during the 1990s, ….there became a flood of apocalyptic movies such as “The Road”, “The Book of Eli”, “World War Z”, “I Am Legend”, and “The Walking Dead”.

      Early on, I came to believe that the “Zombies” had nothing to do with Halloween type ghouls, but were a euphemism for the street criminals from the ghetto, many of whom are Black, Hispanic, or White Trash. I very, very strongly believe that writers/directors/producers were trying to find a way to capture/portray the fear that people have of criminal street people from the ghetto, without being interfered with or stopped because of accusations of “Racism”. They were able to present these stories using “Zombies”, when there is not any likelihood of us facing real Zombies, and every likelihood the we would be facing hordes of unemployed, uneducated, poor, ruthless, drug-addict, criminal people from the ghetto.


  2. Ha! Zombies, Vampires, Superheroes….all real in some form I think. Walking Dead was clearly a precursor to what we have to look forward to in 2024. This beautiful land overrun by greedy oxygen thieves. Perhaps this is how the natives felt about the British. Time is cyclic, you know.
    I did not read the whole comic because it made my eyes hurt but the first few pages are eerily spot on


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