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Is This A Case Of I Dindu Nuffin In Dickinson, North Dakota

A 24 year old Dickinson resident, Chelsey Borden, has filed a complaint against Dickinson Police Officer Chad Hopponen alleging that the officer used excessive force in arresting her on January 18.

I will try to give a brief timeline of events as reported by the Dickinson Press newspaper in their January 23 article  https://www.thedickinsonpress.com/news/4879312-Woman-accuses-Dickinson-officer-of-using-excessive-force-department-to-investigate .

On January 18 at approximately 1 a.m. Chelsey Borden left “Army’s West” sports bar and went to the Holiday gas station and convenience store located approximately two city blocks to the east.

Chelsey waited inside the Holiday convenience store and talked to the cashier while waiting for a friend of hers to arrive.  When her friend arrived, Funmi Ujima, the two of them continued to talk together inside of the store.

Within a short time, another woman walked into the store, who was known to both Chelsey and the friend that Chelsey was talking to.  Chelsey said that she had had problems with this woman before, and that this woman began to argue, act aggressive, and then this woman physically attacked her.

 A physical fight ensued, and Dickinson Police Officer Chad Hopponen arrived while this physical fight was still in progress.

The above timeline is roughly what happened, the bare facts.  For the rest of the story, Chelsey Borden has her version, and Police Officer Chad Hopponen has his version.

Chelsey’s Version:

Chelsey said that the other woman pushed her, took a swing at her, and that she was only trying to defend herself when Police Officer Hopponen arrived.  Chelsey said that Officer Hopponen yelled at her, put his finger in her face, yelled at her to put her fucking hands behind her back, and yelled at her to fucking get down on the floor.

Chelsey’s quote from the Dickinson Press then said at this point, that Chelsey put her hands up, and said, Sir, please calm down, and let me explain what happened.  Then, “Without notice or warning he swiped at my face and aggressively forced me to the ground causing my injuries,” she said. “I was thrown into the back of Officer Hopponen’s police cruiser, and he never asked me what happened or listened to my pleas for him to loosen the cuffs, which left bruises on my wrists to this day.”

Some of Chelsey’s complaints are, the Police Officer used excessive force, she suffered a cut on her cheek, she suffered bruising because the handcuffs were used improperly, and the Police Officer didn’t use the training he was taught for de-escalation.

The Police/Officer Chad Hopponen’s version:

The Dickinson Police stated that they do not want to discuss this arrest prior to the completion of both the criminal case and their internal investigation of Police Officer Chad Hopponen, beyond a few initial statements.  “According to police, Borden was arrested shortly after 1:30 a.m. inside the store for what police say was disorderly and tumultuous behavior. Police say Borden resisted the officer’s attempts to gain compliance and take her into custody.”  “Capt. Joe Cianni, Dickinson Police Department, said that the altercation and subsequent arrest were captured on audio and video footage.”

The Dickinson Press newspaper article covering this incident was fairly well written, it was detailed, and thorough.  I wouldn’t say that it was leaning in either Chelsey Borden’s favor or Police Officer Chad Hopponen’s favor, but this article does not include Police Officer Chad Hopponen’s observations, assessments, or opinions, only Chelsey’s.

In a way, this Dickinson Press newspaper story is one-sided, because Police Officer Chad Hopponen wasn’t able to tell his side of the story.  Many months from now, probably not until the criminal case against Chelsey Borden is concluded, the video and audio, of the altercation and the arrest will be made public.

I am writing about this news story, because I am angry about it.  I want to point out what is not being told.  Someone called the Police that night, it was probably the Holiday convenience store clerk.  Everything was not going along fine, everything was not going O.K., there was an argument and then a physical fight between two people at 1:30 a.m. inside the store.

Whoever called the Dickinson Police Department, they didn’t just say that there was a fight inside the Holiday convenience store, the Police Dispatcher asks the caller to explain who is fighting, give a description, what are they wearing, are there any weapons, what is happening.  I believe that it is likely that the caller told the dispatcher who attacked who, and who was hitting who.

Something else that is not being told, is that there was probably alcohol involved.  It was 1:30 a.m. following a Friday night, Chelsey had just come from a bar, one or more of the parties involved had probably been drinking alcohol.  Stop and think about it, when was the last time that you saw a fist-fight between two women at the Family Dollar or Family Fare grocery store during the day?  This is not normal behavior.

My opinion is that when Officer Hopponen arrived at the Holiday convenience store, the Police Dispatcher had already given a description of the aggressor to the Police Officer, based on the information that was given by the caller.  Or, that based on what Officer Hopponen saw as he approached, he was able to determine who the aggressor appeared to be.

I believe that Officer Hopponen encountered two very angry, combative, aggressive women who were currently engaged in a fist-fight inside the store.  My opinion is, that one or both of the women were probably under the influence of alcohol, were not using normal judgement, and were not complying with Officer Hopponen’s instructions.

In Chelsey’s statements to the Dickinson Press reporter, she said that she was being yelled at by Officer Hopponen to put her fucking hands behind her back, and fucking get down on the floor, but instead of doing what he asked, she stood there with her hands up, saying let me explain.

When Police Officers arrive somewhere to possibly make an arrest, they do not know if the people that they are dealing with have any weapons on their person, such as a knife or a firearm.  They would like to have compliance in handcuffing the person, rather than resistance or refusal, because they do not know if the person is armed or what they will do next.  Failing to comply with the Police Officer’s request, means more to the Police Officer than just a difference of opinion, it poses a threat to the Police Officer.

Chelsey said that Officer Hopponen should have used his de-escalation training.  He wasn’t trying to de-escalate, he was trying to make an arrest, take someone into custody, and transport them to jail.  De-escalation, what does that mean in this case, not being arrested, not being taken to jail, and not having two misdemeanor charges on your record?

Prior to publishing this blog post article, I went to the North Dakota Court Repository internet site, and typed in “Chelsey Borden” for Stark County criminal cases.  There is no record of her arrest, which probably means that the prosecutor or the police have dropped the charges against her.

Once the internal Dickinson Police Department investigation of Officer Chad Hopponen has been completed, the Dickinson Police said that the audio and video of the altercation and the arrest will be released to the public upon request.  I am very interested to see and hear what happened.

The Police In Dickinson Are Close To Committing The Crime Of Violating My Civil Rights

It is just about to the point where the Police in Dickinson, North Dakota could be criminally charged with violating my Civil Rights.  The penalty for this, is up to ten years in prison.  I will explain the law on this, and what the Police in Dickinson are doing to me.

Under U.S. Code Title 18, Chapter 13, Sections 241 and 242:

Section 241:  If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same;……

They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both;


Section 242:  Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or to different punishments, pains, or penalties, on account of such person being an alien, or by reason of his color, or race, than are prescribed for the punishment of citizens, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both;

The above citations of the United States Code, are not my interpretation, they are exactly word for word what the law says.

Many U.S. court cases have decided, and established the law by precedent, that the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right of an individual to travel freely.  Here are some examples of U.S. court decisions regarding this:

“The right to travel is a part of the liberty of which the citizen cannot be deprived without due process of law under the Fifth Amendment.”
[Kent v. Dulles, 357 U.S. 116, 125 (1958)]

“The right to travel, to go from place to place as the means of transportation permit, is a natural right subject to the rights of others and to reasonable regulation under law. A restraint imposed by the Government of the United States upon this liberty, therefore, must conform with the provision of the Fifth Amendment that ‘No person shall be * * * deprived of * * * liberty * * * without due process of law’.”
[Schactman v. Dulles, 96 App DC 287, 225 F.2d 938, at 941]

In my case, the two or more persons who are conspiring to oppress, threaten, and intimidate me while I am exercising my Constitutionally protected right to travel freely, are Dickinson Police Chief Dusty Dassinger, and the Police Officers who keep stopping me.

I have explained in several recent blog posts, that in my thirty-four years of driving, I average about one stop by Law Enforcement every five years.  In a period of sixty days in Dickinson, I was stopped by Law Enforcement three times.

This past Sunday morning at 6:30 a.m., I was returning home on four-lane Villard Street in Dickinson.  Villard Street was almost completely vacant at this time on Sunday morning.  During the last mile of my drive on Villard Street, there were only two approaching vehicles.

I slowed down and put on my left turn-signal one city block from where I needed to make a left turn onto a side street.  I had plenty of time to make a left turn in front of the approaching vehicles on Villard Street, until one of the vehicles sped up quite a bit.  I had to then come to a complete stop on Villard Street, as the approaching vehicle caused me to be unable to make a left turn by its speeding up.

I waited for the quickly approaching vehicle to pass by so that I could make a left turn, but once I was forced to come to a complete stop and wait on this vehicle to pass by, this vehicle slowed down, it slowed down a lot.  I became frustrated as I waited on the approaching vehicle as it slowed down more and more.  I almost went ahead and made a left turn in front of it, it was going so slow.

I could then see that this was a Dickinson Police vehicle.  I had seen this vehicle far to the east on Villard Street, and to the west end of Villard Street was another three miles.  Why, why, on a Sunday morning did this Police vehicle need to turn onto the same exact side street that I was trying to turn onto?

What this Police Officer was trying to do, was instigate a conflict and cause some kind of driving violation that he could charge me with.  Initially, I had plenty of time to make a left turn, until this Police Officer sped up quite a bit, in order to be able to cite me for turning dangerously close in front of him.  Then once I came to a complete stop and waited, this Police Officer slowed way down in order to try to get me to turn in front of him again.  The truth is, this Police Officer didn’t need to turn onto the same side street as me, he was just trying to cause an altercation.

I Talked To The Police Officer Who Stopped Me Last Night In Dickinson, North Dakota

On Monday night, September 30, at 11:00 p.m., I was stopped by a Police Officer in Dickinson, North Dakota for failure to come to a complete stop at a stop sign.  I had waited until late at night to drive to WalMart for groceries, because I didn’t want to go to the store when it was busy and crowded.  I was not in a hurry at all, I was driving less than the speed limit, and the last thing I was expecting was to be stopped by the Police.

When the Police Officer asked me for my driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance, I told the Police Officer that I would have to look on my phone for a copy of my proof of insurance.  At the moment, I could not remember whether I had taken a photograph of the insurance card off of my computer screen, or if I had had this insurance card e-mailed to me.

I bought this vehicle that I was driving, six weeks ago.  Initially, what I had placed in the glove box as proof of insurance, was the price quotation that State Farm Insurance had faxed to me, the form that I had to sign and fax back to State Farm Insurance, and I had a photo on my phone of the check payment written out to State Farm Insurance with the dollar amount matching the price quote for this vehicle, the date, and in the memo section the make, model, and year of this vehicle.

The Police Officer was not believing me that I had insurance on this vehicle, even after I showed him the paperwork that I had in the glove box, and the photo of the check payment for insurance on this vehicle.  I had other proof of insurance cards on my phone for other vehicles of mine, but not this one.  I tried to go to and log onto my e-mail, but I couldn’t get the log in page to come up on my phone like it does on my computer.

The Police Officer mentioned to me that failure to have insurance or proof of insurance was a $140 fine, which was not that big a deal to me.  As he was writing my ticket, I was able to get to my e-mail on my phone, go back to August, and luckily I found the proof of insurance card for this vehicle.  I handed my phone to the Police Officer, and he looked at my proof of insurance card for this vehicle.

The Police Officer gave me a ticket for failure to stop at a stop sign, which he explained was $40 and three points on my driver’s license.  I explained to the Police Officer, that I know that the Police in Dickinson are trying to stop as many people as possible in order to try to discover drug crime, but for people like me who are not criminals, this is a problem because I have been stopped three time by Law Enforcement in the past sixty days.

When I got home and I began looking on the internet to try to see how many points would go on my Idaho driver’s license, when these points would appear on my driver’s license, what online driver course I could take to get these points removed, and when I would need to take this online driver course, I found out that I nearly got nine points on my driver’s license for this traffic stop, and that the next time that I got stopped within the next twelve months, my driver’s license would automatically be suspended.

What I did not know or understand at first, was that there is no ticket for failure to have proof of insurance, there is only a ticket for failure to have insurance.  If I would have paid the $140 ticket for what I thought was failure to have proof of insurance, I would have actually been admitting to not having liability insurance, which in North Dakota on the first offense carries a penalty of six points on your driver’s license, and for the second offense twelve points on your driver’s license.

I had no idea that on the way home from WalMart at 11 p.m., not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign, would result in me losing my driver’s license.  But it’s worse than that, I didn’t understand what was going on, I didn’t understand how important it was to show more proof of insurance than what I had with me at the time, I didn’t know that paying the ticket for $140 would have been automatically admitting that I didn’t have liability insurance, which I did have liability insurance, I didn’t know that I would have had nine points on my license immediately, I would not have known that the next time I got stopped within the next twelve months that my driver’s license would automatically be suspended, … and I would have been driving around with a suspended driver’s license and not had any idea.

On Tuesday, I called a couple of DMV and IDT offices in Idaho to try to get some answers on how to handle the traffic ticket that I got on Monday night, to ask if and when the points would go on my Idaho driver’s license, and when and how many times could I take the online driver safety course to get the points removed from my driver’s license.

On Tuesday I called a couple of DMV and NDOT offices in North Dakota to ask questions, though the people in Bismarck were nice, they didn’t have all the answers.  I called the Dickinson Police Department to try to ask to speak to a Police Officer that I already knew like Shift Sergeant Moser, Officer Kinto, or Officer Bates, but was told no.  It was suggested to me that I speak to either the Police Officer who gave me the ticket, or his Shift Sergeant Jason Wallace this evening.

To clarify for those people reading this blog post who don’t understand why this is such a big deal to me:  My home is in Idaho 750 miles away, I am just here in Dickinson, North Dakota to work.  My work location is more than sixty miles from Dickinson, out in the middle of nowhere.  If I lose my driver’s license, I will lose my job.  I have trucks, trailers, and equipment that I have brought to Dickinson to do self-employed work, but without a driver’s license, I couldn’t do my self-employed work either.

If I lose my driver’s license, then my job, I don’t have anyone here to help me.  I don’t have any good friends here, any family members here, any church relationship here, any attorney or accountant business relationships here.  Without a driver’s license, without a job, without any income, that is when I would probably want to hire an attorney to try to help me get something like a temporary restricted license to drive to work, but the attorney would want thousands of dollars, and the Dickinson Police would just cause me to lose my restricted license as soon as possible.

I would not have had any idea that I was getting a total of nine points on my driver’s license by paying the $40 ticket and the $140 ticket from this traffic stop.  I would not have gotten any notification about the nine points on my driver’s license, because I have an Idaho driver’s license.  Any mail from the state of Idaho would be sent to my home or my P.O. box in Idaho.

I have to keep my Idaho driver’s license and do other things like pay state income tax to Idaho, as well as North Dakota, to legally claim Idaho residency.  My home in Idaho is protected from any kind of lawsuit judgement if it is my primary residence, my homestead, but not if it is classified as a second home or investment property.

Getting back to the point, I keep getting stopped so frequently by Law Enforcement in Dickinson, because they are trying to stop drug crime, that I am in danger of having my driver’s license suspended, being arrested for unwittingly driving on a suspended license, losing my job, having no way to earn a living, losing my apartment, and not even being able to drive my equipment and vehicles back to my home in Idaho.

I spent some time looking up on the internet the Police Officer who stopped me and gave me the ticket on Monday night.  He graduated from Dickinson State University about one year ago, he became a Police Officer about six months ago, and he is about 25 years old.

I called the Dickinson Police Department late Tuesday night when this Police Officer was back on duty, and I said that I wanted to ask him some questions about the ticket he gave me, and that I would like to meet him somewhere if possible.  The Dickinson Police Department got a hold of him, and he called me back.

I asked him if I had not found the State Farm Insurance card on my phone, would he have written me a ticket for failure to have liability insurance, he said yes.  I asked him if he would have told me that this ticket for not having insurance carries a six point penalty on your driver’s license, he said yes.  I explained to him, that I had no idea that paying the $140 ticket for failure to have liability insurance means that you agree that you have no liability insurance, I did have liability insurance.

I tried to explain to him again, better than I explained it to him on Monday night, that I understand that the Police are trying to detect crime, but the way that the Police are scrutinizing my driving, and the frequency at which the Police are stopping me, that I am going to lose my driver’s license.  I don’t think that I can drive perfectly all the time.  I am not a criminal, but the Police are turning me into a criminal, to where I am going to end up driving on a suspended license.

I briefly explained that the way that the Police are stopping me so often, that I am going to lose my driver’s license, then lose my job, then lose my home.

This Police Officer explained to me that he was just doing his job.  That he has to enforce traffic laws for public safety, people can’t speed and run stop signs just because they want to.  I explained to him that I don’t speed, that I drive slow, I am always being tailgated, and that I have to pull over to let people pass me all the time.  I didn’t run the stop sign, I just didn’t come to a complete stop.

After I got off the phone with this Police Officer, I had the impression that he believed that he was just doing his job, though I don’t think that he understands the impact of what he is doing.

People are supposed to have the right to travel freely in the U.S.  The whole point of the first communities in the U.S. creating government and Police Officers was to maintain peace and order, not for the Police to hide and sneak up on citizens to try to get them for something like the citizens are prey, enemies, or criminals.

If there is supposed to be a curfew at night in Dickinson, which I agree with, then this law should be voted on by citizens and then published as law.  In effect, what the Police in Dickinson are doing, is they have created a curfew law all on their own.  I see very few people driving at night in Dickinson, and I think that it is because they are scared of getting stopped by the Police and cited for something.

It has been pointed out to me by other people, which I realized was the truth, new, clean, expensive vehicles in Dickinson do not get stopped by the Police.  I just about never have seen a new, clean, expensive vehicle stopped by the Police in Dickinson, its always older less expensive vehicles that get stopped by the Police.

Getting Stopped By The Police Again In The Dickinson Prison Work Camp

This past year, I realized that what Dickinson, North Dakota is really like, it is like a Prison Work Camp.

For more than a year, I have been writing again and again, over and over, that I can’t even drive to work, or drive to the grocery store without the Police following me, stalking me, and trying to pull me over for something.

Back on March 8, 2018 I wrote a blog post article titled, “Getting Stopped By The Police In Dickinson, North Dakota”.  Here are some quotes from what I wrote back in March of 2018:

“I have written again, and again, and again, and again about not being able to go out at night in Dickinson, North Dakota because the Police are so eager and aggressive in stopping people for DUI, or trying to discover illegal activity.”

“At about 5:00 p.m., I drove from the restaurant to visit my friend at his home, who is old and in bad health.  At about 6:30 p.m., I drove to Dairy Queen and got an ice cream cone.  I was driving home from Dairy Queen on Villard Street, when a Dickinson Police car made a U-turn, came after me, followed me, and stopped me.  This turned an ordinary evening and outing, into an unwanted stressful situation.”

“I am so sick of this in Dickinson, being followed by the Police, so that they can think of a reason to pull you over, to try to give you a DUI, or find something else to charge you with.”

Tonight, September 30, I waited until 10:15 p.m. to go to WalMart so that the store would not be crowded.  I bought about $30 worth of groceries at WalMart, and then I drove home.  I drove at about 30 mph to the store, and at about 30 mph home from the store, I was not in a hurry at all.  When I got to the four-way stop at the intersection of 10th Avenue East and  21st Street East, I thought that I came to a complete stop, and then I made a right turn.

A Police Officer made a U-turn, came after me, followed me while he ran my license plate, then he pulled me over for failure to come to a complete stop at the stop sign.  I almost got a $140 ticket for failure to have proof of insurance, because I had the insurance card on my phone, but I wasn’t able to find the insurance card until the last minute.  I did get a ticket for failure to stop at the stop sign, $40 and three points against my license.

Six weeks ago I wrote about getting stopped by the Police in Dickinson, North Dakota, in a blog post article titled “Dickinson, North Dakota Is A Prison Work Camp”.  Here are a few quotes from what I wrote six weeks ago:

“In the past two years of living in North Dakota, I have been stopped by Law Enforcement more times than in my previous thirty-two years of driving.”

“I dread going anywhere in North Dakota, especially just going to the grocery store, going to work, or coming home from work.  In the past thirty days, while I was driving at the speed limit, not doing anything wrong, Law Enforcement that was travelling in the opposite direction, has made a U-turn after passing me, in order to come after me.”

“What Law Enforcement is trying to do, is stop me, ask me questions, and look in my vehicle in order to get me for something.”

I have been stopped three times by Law Enforcement in North Dakota in the past sixty days.  None of it was for speeding, because I drive slow, I am trying to be careful, and I am trying not to be stopped.  But I am learning that there seems to always be something that the Police can get you for, even if you are trying not to be pulled over.

In sixteen years of driving in Florida, from when I was sixteen years old to when I was 32 years old, I was stopped a total of three times by the Police, each time for speeding.  In ten years of driving in Colorado, Arizona, Utah, and Idaho, I was stopped twice by the Police, once for speeding, once for a headlight out.  This is not normal to be stopped by Law Enforcement three times in sixty days, but this is North Dakota, and I am warning people not to move here.

A Definitive Answer On Why There Is So Much Crime In Dickinson, North Dakota

I am sick of writing about the crime in Dickinson, North Dakota, and you are probably tired of reading about it.  I began to find the definitive answer on why there is so much crime in Dickinson, but I hesitated to write about it, because I thought that it would be too difficult to explain, though the answer is simple.

I am going to refer readers to a series of recent articles, presented by the Dickinson Press newspaper, sponsored by the North Dakota Newspaper Association, where one of their journalists, Sam Easter, did a very thorough investigation on why there is so much crime in North Dakota.  This journalist presented all of the facts and figures, but he didn’t shout the answer or conclusion loud enough, maybe he wasn’t permitted to do so because of the political implications.  (refer to this link https://www.thedickinsonpress.com/news/crime-and-courts/4046635-Too-big-too-fast-North-Dakota’s-other-housing-problem, at the bottom of this article there is a link to all of the articles in this series.)

Here is the answer:  In the late 1990s, the state of North Dakota made a deliberate transition from consistent stiff incarceration penalties for drug crimes and theft, to less incarceration penalties and more probation for offenders.  The fact is, it costs the state of North Dakota about $43,000 per year to incarcerate an offender, versus about $1,700 per year to put an offender on probation.

These very high-up people in North Dakota government, like the Governors, Attorney Generals, and State Legislators, they tried to present to North Dakotans, that there needed to be more money spent on prisons.  The North Dakotans were, unsurprisingly, too cheap and pinch-penny to want to spend more money on prisons.

In order to remain popular, and to get re-elected, the Governors, Attorney Generals, and State Legislators, they never came out and said, “Listen you dumb sons-of-bitches, if you don’t spend this money to build new prisons, you are going to be overrun with crime and criminals in your communities.”

Instead, the Governors, Attorney Generals, State Legislators, Judges, and Prosecuting Attorneys have implemented this “Probation for Everyone” policy, knowing full well that the communities would become overrun with criminals.  Their belief was probably that once the ordinary citizens became tired of dealing with so much crime and so many criminals every day, that it would come to the point where North Dakotans would ask for more prisons to be built.

The Governors, Attorney Generals, State Legislators, Judges, Prosecuting Attorneys, Probation Officers, and Police Officers know why there is so much crime in Dickinson, North Dakota, but the problem is that the ordinary citizens don’t know.

The prisons in North Dakota are currently completely full, because new prisons have not been built.  Because the prisons in North Dakota are full, with no room for additional prisoners,  people who are convicted of drug crime and theft in North Dakota are given very little jail time, and probation.

Many of the Probation Officers in North Dakota have as many as 130 offenders to supervise on probation, because probation is given rather than incarceration.  The Police in Dickinson have seen for years, that they can successfully arrest someone for possession of methamphetamine and possession of stolen property, the offender is released from jail on bail, the Police arrest this same offender again for another possession of meth and stolen property while they are out on bail awaiting trial, and in the end, this offender only ever spends a month total in jail, and gets probation.

When I looked up the person who stole my truck in 2017 on the North Dakota Court Repository, he should have still been in prison for an arson charge, while he was out committing multiple felony thefts, and he should have been in prison for these multiple felony thefts, while he was out stealing my truck.  He was out of prison on probation, while he was caught in possession of stolen property, and he was out on bail for this possession of stolen property, when he stole my truck.

I e-mailed a judge who had adjudicated many of this thief’s criminal cases over the years to ask him why he kept suspending most of this person’s prison sentences, when this person kept repeating and repeating felony thefts again and again over the past twenty years, and this judge was outraged, and he told me to go ask the prosecutor.

If you read the Dickinson Press newspaper “Police Blotter” or “Crime and Courts” articles, and go look up the people named who have been charged with theft and possession of illegal drugs using the North Dakota Court Repository on the internet, you will almost always find that they are currently on probation for a previous charge of theft and possession of drugs, and in many cases they are currently out on bail awaiting trial for a previous arrest for theft and possession of drugs.

The Police in Dickinson arrest the same several hundred people for theft, possession of drugs, and drug dealing, over and over again, multiple times each year, because these offenders are not being incarcerated, they are being let out of jail almost immediately right back into Dickinson.  Also, these repeat offenders have no fear of committing crime in Dickinson because their punishment is so lenient.

Stark County Sheriff’s Ron VanDoorne Disciplined For Disorderly Conduct

I just now read a June 6, 2018 Dickinson Press Newspaper article titled “School resource officer disciplined for disorderly conduct”.  This article starts off with “The school resource officer for the Stark County Sheriff’s Department, Ron VanDoorne, was involved in a disorderly conduct incident May 27 at his residence, where Dickinson Police responded to a frantic phone call that said VanDoorne was in the house with a gun.”

After reading this entire Dickinson Press Newspaper article, in essence what this article described, was that Ron VanDoorne had lost his temper after an incident happened in the kitchen of his home, where he was cooking dinner for his wife, adult kids, and grandchildren.  One of the young grandchildren got underfoot when Ron was cooking, which caused a big pot of boiling water to be spilled on himself, and a grandchild.

Not much detail is given in this article about what was said and done right when this happened in the kitchen, but someone made a “frantic” phone call to the Police, saying that Ron “had a gun”.  Ron walked to a nearby park to cool off.  When he returned home a short time later, the Dickinson Police were there.

Sheriff Terry Oestreich said, “Ron was walking back and there was four or five officers present and Ron was not in a good mood, he was very upset,”……”Yeah, he said some inappropriate things to the officers. He was handcuffed and he has apologized to me.”

Captain David Wilkie of the Dickinson police said VanDoorne had been “uncooperative” on that night, but confirmed there were no charges filed.

This incident is funny to me, and I will explain why.  In 2014, there was an advertisement for an opening with the City of Dickinson Police Department.  This job advertisement was hidden, it was not posted on the websites North Dakota Job Services, Monster.com, Careerbuilder.com, Indeed.com, or the Dickinson Press Newspaper classifieds.  I believe that this job opening was posted on the most obscure website possible, so that the only people who would know about it, were people who were personally told about it.

I applied for this opening with the City of Dickinson Police Department, and the application paperwork was very lengthy and time consuming.  After I had already turned in my completed application package, one day before the deadline, I received an e-mail stating that I needed to submit my high school transcripts, before the end of the following day, or my application would not be considered.

I believed that the City of Dickinson had not only hidden this job opening advertisement, but they waited until the last minute, the day before the deadline, to send me an e-mail requiring that I get my high school transcripts from Florida, where I had graduated more than twenty-five years ago.  Without receiving the required payment, a county archivist in Florida went to a warehouse, went through boxes of records to get my high school transcripts, scanned them, and faxed them to the UPS store in Dickinson, so that I would have them before the deadline.

I passed my three written tests for the Frontline National Law Enforcement Exam.  Then I was scheduled to have an interview before a panel with the City of Dickinson human resources person, and three City of Dickinson Police Officers.  I was doing O.K. at the interview, until Ron VanDoorne sunk me.

Ron VanDoorne asked me, “How do you feel about doing customer service?”  I said something like, “I can do customer service, I don’t mind doing customer service, but I understand that being a Police Officer, I would have to do a variety of things, customer service, patrol, responding to calls, writing reports, but that I wouldn’t be doing just one thing all day long, that is what I was looking forward to.”

Ron VanDoorne followed up by asking me if I did not want to do customer service, and I pictured in my mind sitting at a desk all day taking in customer complaints, and I replied that I wanted a job where I did a variety of things, that I didn’t want to do just one thing all day long.  I believed that this line of questioning by Ron VanDoorne, was what caused me to not be hired, because I did not want to do “customer service”.  Really, what a Police Officer is required to do, is be professional, courteous, and civil with everyone, it’s not exactly the same thing as customer service.

The truth is, no I don’t want to do customer service all day long, or I would have applied for a customer service job at a call center.  I should have seen that Ron VanDoorne was just looking to disqualify me anyway, that I should have seen this question for what it was.  It goes without saying, that a Police Officer is supposed to be professional, courteous, and civil at all times.

The hidden job advertisement, the last minute request for high school transcripts from twenty-five years ago, and being disqualified because I answered truthfully that I did not want to do “customer service” all day long, made me a little disgusted and angry with the City of Dickinson, and the City of Dickinson Police Department.

So yes, I think that it is funny that Ron VanDoorne had the Police called on him by his own family, that he got put in handcuffs, that he received disciplinary action, and that this was reported in the newspaper.  Maybe in addition to his required alcohol evaluation, he get some “customer service” counseling, because you can’t go losing your temper with the public and the Police like that.

To summarize for the readers who never agree with what I write, I think that it is funny that Ron VanDoorne got in trouble for blowing up at his family and the Police were called on him, after he disqualified me for potentially not being able to maintain a civil demeanor with people.

Getting Stopped By The Police In Dickinson, North Dakota

I have written again, and again, and again, and again about not being able to go out at night in Dickinson, North Dakota because the Police are so eager and aggressive in stopping people for DUI, or trying to discover illegal activity.

Probably about two or three years ago, I gave up on going to bars in Dickinson, or having any alcohol drink at a restaurant in Dickinson, because I know how aggressive the Police in Dickinson are about stopping people for DUI.  When I am tired, have allergies, the flu, or am dirty from working, and have had no alcohol, I am worried that the Police in Dickinson are going to stop me, question me, and try to give me a DUI, even when I have had no alcohol.

As this Winter in Dickinson has gone by, November, December, January, and February being so cold, and dark outside, with nothing to do, and no where to go, I have become more and more depressed.  The only place in Dickinson to sit down and socialize at night, would be a bar, but you can’t drink in Dickinson, because the Police are so aggressive in stopping people for DUI.

In WalMart, Menards, Runnings, a grocery store, a restaurant, or the West River Community Center in Dickinson, it is not appropriate or acceptable to try to talk to and socialize with employees and customers.  In other towns that I have lived in, where everyone is more trusting and everyone does not have their guard up, you can joke around and talk with people wherever you go, but not in Dickinson.

I had Wednesday and Thursday off in Dickinson.  I had no where to go, and nothing to do.  I thought if there was anything that I needed to shop for and buy, but there wasn’t anything.  At 4:00 p.m. I decided to go to the King Buffet Chinese restaurant.  I took my Dodge truck, which I have driven maybe once in the past three months.

At about 5:00 p.m., I drove from the restaurant to visit my friend at his home, who is old and in bad health.  At about 6:30 p.m., I drove to Dairy Queen and got an ice cream cone.  I was driving home from Dairy Queen on Villard Street, when a Dickinson Police car made a U-turn, came after me, followed me, and stopped me.  This turned an ordinary evening and outing, into an unwanted stressful situation.

I am so sick of this in Dickinson, being followed by the Police, so that they can think of a reason to pull you over, to try to give you a DUI, or find something else to charge you with.  If you do a Google search for “Police in Dickinson, North Dakota”, about the 3rd or 4th search result is an article that I wrote titled, “Liking And Hating The Police In Dickinson, North Dakota”.  In this article, I explain that it is like the Police in Dickinson are stalking people, and I am sick of it.

I know that I have a headlight out on this Dodge truck.  I bought a replacement bulb, which is in a package on the front passenger seat, but it has been too cold to get the old bulb out and put a new one in.  Even when it is 50 degrees, the plastic light bulb base and the plastic headlight socket are so tight, that it takes many tries, cutting my fingers, and almost breaking the bulb and the plastic socket, trying to twist and force the parts to lock together in the socket.  I can’t imagine doing this when it is below freezing.

The Police Officer who pulled me over knows me, and he knows that he pulled me over two blocks away from my apartment.  He still wanted my driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance.  He asked me why I had not gotten this truck registered in North Dakota.  I explained that I went to the Dickinson Motor Vehicle Department, and they told me that in order to get this truck registered in North Dakota, I would first need to bring in the vehicle title, and get the title changed from Idaho to North Dakota.  I don’t have my truck title, it is back at my house in Idaho.

I explained to this Police Officer that I was sick of getting followed and stalked by the Police in Dickinson.

This Police Officer warned me that I could get a citation and fine for not having my vehicle registered in North Dakota.  I was aware, that I could also be given a citation and fine for not having a North Dakota driver’s license.

I wish that I would have had the presence of mind to say to the Police Officer, that my Toyota which I normally drive every day, has North Dakota registration.  I wish that I would have told the Police Officer that I had only driven this Dodge truck once in the past three months.

Here is what I explained to the Police Officer, only not this well, and I will probably eventually be explaining this in court in Dickinson one day:

There are people who own a home in one state, which they claim as their primary residence, but work in another state.  If you do not claim a home that you own as your primary residence, you lose several very important legal and financial protections.

In every state that I have lived, your home that you claim as your primary residence, is exempt from lawsuit and legal judgments.  For instance, if you were in a fight with someone and blinded them in their eye, they could sue you for damages, and if your home that you own was not your “primary residence” or “your homestead”, it would be property that was susceptible to a lawsuit judgment.  Even something as simple as someone falling down your front steps, could result in you losing your home if it is not your “primary residence”.

Secondly, if a home that you own is your “primary residence” or “your homestead”, you receive a very large property tax exemption.  If the home that I owned was not my “primary residence” or “my homestead”, my property taxes would double.

Legal tests for your home being your “primary residence” and “your homestead”, are where does your driver’s license say your address is, are you receiving the “homestead exemption” on this property, what does your address say on your income tax returns, and do you pay income tax on the basis of being a resident of this state.

It is very common for wealthy people to own a home in more than one state, to work in more than one state, and to conduct business in more than one state.  These wealthy people have more than one vehicle, and the vehicle that they are driving may or may not be registered in the state that they are currently in.  Yet they do not get warned by the Police.

In Dickinson, North Dakota, I do not know if anyone has had to go to court yet, to explain that they own a home in a different state which is their primary residence, which is the state that issued their driver’s license.  Some oil field workers, and oil field contractors, though they are working in Dickinson, also work in Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Oklahoma, and Texas.

The people who are from Dickinson, North Dakota, and who have never lived anywhere else, may think that everyone in Dickinson needs to have their vehicle registered in North Dakota, which means having their vehicle titled in North Dakota.  Why would you want to get your vehicle titled in North Dakota, if you are only living in North Dakota temporarily?

In the past six years, I have worked in Idaho, Utah, Texas, and North Dakota, sometimes for only three months at a time.  Can you imagine what a waste of time and money that would be, trying to change your vehicle title, registration, and license plates, every three months or six months, on multiple vehicles?  You North Dakotans wouldn’t do it.

Once you give up the drivers license that shows you as residing at the address of your “primary residence” or “your homestead”, you lose very important legal and financial protections on the home that you own.  Under the law, it becomes more possible for the home to be classified as “investment property”, where you are no longer entitled to the “homestead exemption” on your property taxes, you could be assessed for back property taxes for falsely claiming the “homestead exemption”, an insurance claim on your homeowners policy could be denied because you should have had a different type of policy, someone being injured on your property while you are away could result in your home being susceptible to a lawsuit judgement because it is “investment property”.

On my articles titled “Don’t Believe The Chamber Of Commerce In Dickinson North Dakota” and “I Want To Beat The Chamber Of Commerce In Dickinson North Dakota”, I write that there is no where to go in Dickinson, nothing to do, the Police try as hard as they can to stop everyone for DUI, so you just need to stay home, there is no point in trying to go anywhere in Dickinson.

I don’t want to live in Dickinson, I am just here temporarily because I can currently make more money here than in Idaho where my home is.  My house, and 90% of my personal property, furniture, tools, equipment, clothes, electronics, and vehicles are at my home in Idaho.  I have just a bare minimum of belongings here with me in North Dakota, this is not my home.  I don’t know why this is hard to understand.

Re-Evaluating What The Police And The Dickinson Mafia Are Doing

I am now re-considering and re-evaluating what the City of Dickinson Police and the Dickinson Mafia are doing.  Rather than continuing to complain, I may have to acknowledge that some of their practices, are necessary in Dickinson, North Dakota.

I have written several blog posts in the past complaining about the City of Dickinson Police always being so eager to follow everyone and pull them over.  I know that they were stopping people in order to check driver’s licenses and vehicles, to see if anyone had warrants, were driving under the influence, had illegal weapons or drugs, stolen property, or anything else illegal.  But I was sick and tired of being surveilled and stalked by the Police, when I wasn’t doing anything illegal.

On Thursday night of this past week, when a vehicle ran up over the curb, across the grass strip, and through a chain link fence where I usually park my vehicle, for the third time in the past six months, I wished that the Police in Dickinson could round up all the White Trash in Dickinson.

It’s not just that a vehicle crashed over the curb and through a chain link fence in this 25 mph zone for the third time in six months, or that another vehicle crashed into my equipment trailer in this spot, or that one of my vehicles got stolen during this time, or that my neighbors’ vehicles have had property stolen from them, it’s that this is happening all throughout Dickinson.

I don’t know if things were ever this bad in Dickinson before, or if this happened following the second oil boom in 1983, but Dickinson now is just full of White Trash and hoodlums.  I think that 50% of this is poor White Trash from out-of-state, and 50% of this is locally born White Trash.  I do think that poor drug addict people from out-of-state have had a negative effect on poor locally born people, making them much worse.

What I hated was the Dickinson Police following, surveilling, and stalking everyone in Dickinson, but I guess they have to.  Apparently, if the Dickinson Police let up for one minute, the White Trash take this opportunity to crash a vehicle, steal a vehicle, or steal property out of a vehicle, garage, or business.

I had written blog posts in the past complaining about the Dickinson Mafia.  For those of you who don’t know, the Dickinson Mafia are a group of business owners, property owners, and leadership in the City, that have tried to control what goes in Dickinson in the past:  Development, ordinances, hiring, firing, wage rates, promotions, marriage, who succeeds, and who fails.

I felt that it was wrong for a group of prominent and successful men to try to determine and control so much, what happens to other people.  Now, at this time in Dickinson, when I see so many people running amock, the White Trash problem, the misbehavior, theft, and drug problems, I wish that the Dickinson Mafia would get Dickinson back under control.

Here is how the Dickinson Mafia used to work:  If someone got arrested in Dickinson for DUI, illegal drugs, assault, domestic violence, burglary, or theft, within a day or two, they would no longer have a job in Dickinson, nor would they be able to get another job.  Their spouse may also lose their job within a day or two.  Not being able to pay rent within a month or two, they would be evicted, and would be unable to find replacement housing.  They would have no place to work or live in Dickinson.  They would have to leave Dickinson.

I wish that the Dickinson Press newspaper would begin again to publish the names of people in Dickinson who are arrested for DUI, illegal drugs, assault, domestic violence, burglary, and theft, and publish this in the Dickinson Press Police Blotter every week.

The owners and the managers of every business in Dickinson would read the Police Blotter every week, to see if anyone working for them had been arrested.  And if they didn’t read it for themselves, one of their friends, relatives, or customers would telephone them and let them know.  Once these people’s names were made public, the Dickinson Mafia, the public, customers, friends, and relatives would be saying to them, “Why do let criminals work for you?  Why are you helping criminals?”

Back when the Dickinson Mafia was more active and involved, they did not tolerate or allow White Trash in Dickinson.  I would like to see the Dickinson Mafia, the City of Dickinson Police, and everyone else begin to force the White Trash, hoodlums, drug dealers, and drug addicts out of Dickinson.

Liking And Hating The Police In Dickinson, North Dakota

Sometimes I like, and sometimes I hate, the Police in Dickinson, North Dakota.  I don’t want to be completely ungrateful, sometimes the Police in Dickinson are decent and helpful.

On average, I have some type of interaction with the Police in Dickinson, about once per month.  In the five years that I have lived in Dickinson, I have never once had any trouble whatsoever or negative interaction with the Stark County Sheriff Deputies.

The only times that I have had to deal with the Stark County Sheriff Deputies, is when I have intentionally contacted them.  In these instances, the Sheriff Deputies have been very helpful and cooperative.  All the other times that I have been driving, working, and living in Dickinson, the Stark County Sheriff Deputies have seemed to completely ignore me, and leave me alone.

The complete opposite happens with the City of Dickinson Police.  For the five years that I have lived in Dickinson, whenever I go anywhere, the Police watch me and follow me like I am a criminal involved in illegal activity.  I have been sick and tired of this for the past four years.

There is very little to do in Dickinson, and very few place to go.  One of the few things that you could do, would be to go out in the evening after work and have drinks with dinner at a restaurant or sports bar, but you can’t even do that because the Police in Dickinson are so eager and aggressive in stopping people for DUI.

I have totally given up on going to any bar in Dickinson, or any restaurant and having an alcohol drink, because the Police are determined that you are going to get a DUI.  I feel like I can’t even drive anywhere in Dickinson without the Police wanting to follow me, stop me, and try to arrest me for something.

For instance, about six months ago I was sitting in a restaurant on Villard Street in Dickinson, and my neighbor who is in his 40s, was sitting with his wife and another couple at the table across from me.  These two couples do not drink alcohol, use drugs, or act wild, they go to Church a couple of times each week, and they perform Church charity and volunteer work, which takes up much of their free time.  They are always very sober people, I see them and I talk to them every other day.

My neighbor and his wife exited the restaurant parking lot onto Villard Street in their fairly nice truck, about two minutes before I did.  When I pulled out onto Villard, I saw that my neighbor and his wife had been stopped by the Dickinson Police about four blocks away.

I stopped and asked my neighbor what was going on, and he said, “I have a headlight out on my truck, and the Police pulled me over for that, but they want to go through the whole have you been drinking routine, and run my driver’s license, check my insurance and registration,  I’ll be O.K.”

I hate driving anywhere in Dickinson, because it is so predictable, that the Police are going to be right on you, follow you, and try to stop you for something, to try to get you for a DUI, or some other criminal charge.  I got stopped by the Police in Dickinson on Villard Street last night, because I had a headlight out on my truck.  This was just a reason to pull me over, to try to discover something else to charge me with.

I have thought about this, and I began to believe that each of the Dickinson Police officers want to make an arrest so bad, in order to keep their job, advance in their job, or be able to transfer to a different police department elsewhere.  Unlike the Stark County Sheriff Deputies, who respond to calls or crimes that they witness, but otherwise leave people alone, the Dickinson Police are almost like they are stalking or hunting people just hoping to get them for something.

I am not going to re-write and re-tell the story from one of my previous blog posts, where the Drug Task Force in Dickinson had some undercover Police officers approach me in a bar and ask me again and again where they could buy drugs, so that they could arrest me for being a drug dealer.

Now having explained that I am tired of the Dickinson Police always acting like they want to get me for something when I am driving anywhere in Dickinson, I should probably also explain that I rely on and count on the Dickinson Police to show up when I call them.

Just off the top of my head, I can recall three different instances where a mentally disturbed criminal person went bezerk downtown in Dickinson and began attacking people, and I had to call 911.  As an aside, these three people weren’t from Dickinson, they were recently arrived people, who immediately got into trouble repeatedly, and eventually had to either leave town or stay in jail.

One time I witnessed someone committing a certain type of theft in Dickinson, not petty theft, I called 911, described the situation, got in my vehicle, followed the person until the Dickinson Police could catch up, and they caught the person with the stolen property in his vehicle, and he confessed to stealing it.

I have had to call the Police about three or four times to where I live in Dickinson, most recently last week.  A person that I did not recognize as a resident of my building, was passed out on the stairs at 3:00 a.m., not in a peaceful slumber, but as if he was too drugged or intoxicated to be able to get up or move.

When I have telephoned the Police in Dickinson, they usually arrive fairly quickly and handle the situation adequately, so I need to give the Police in Dickinson credit and show some appreciation.

I am facing a dilemma now, I have counted on the Dickinson Police to show up when I telephone them after witnessing a crime that has been committed or a crime that is still in progress, however I am sick of the Dickinson Police following me so that they can pull me over and try to arrest me for something.

I am starting to feel like Black people who live in inner cities, don’t trust the Police, don’t talk to the Police, don’t have anything to do with the Police, even if you see a crime being committed.

Stopping Theft And Crime In Dickinson, North Dakota

Today when I arrived home at my low rent apartment, I found that someone had parked in my parking space.  I was angry about it, because I had to trim tree branches and clear out some debris in order to make this parking space at the far back corner of the parking lot that abuts neighbors’ backyards.

I didn’t know if somebody was fucking with me, because this has been my spot for months, this spot is away from all of the other parking spaces, everyone has picked their own spot, and there hasn’t been a parking dispute here for at least four months.  I wanted to find out who did this, was this a new tenant, was this a visitor, was this unintentional, or was this intentional.

I was angry enough to yank this car out of this space with my truck, but I quickly realized that this would lead to retaliation against my truck.  I knocked on a neighbor’s door who I thought might have parked this car there, but luckily they were not home.

I was going to leave a note on this car’s windshield saying that I had to clear out this space by trimming tree branches and moving debris, I had been parking here, and asking if they were a new resident, to call me.  The way that this car was parked, it looked like it might not even be running.  It was a very beat up car.  It was parked back up against the side of the garage.  The driver’s door was so close to the side of the garage, that I didn’t see how the driver could have even got out of the car if they had backed it in, they might have pushed it back.

I walked over to the car, to look at it, and I was very surprised and startled when someone got out of it.  They were startled too, because apparently they were trying to hide.  The person who got out of this car, he immediately started saying some lame, nonsense excuse about what he was doing.  I asked him right away, if he had just moved in to these apartments, or if he was visiting someone.  I could tell from his erratic nervous behavior that it was neither.  He said that he lived in this area.  Nothing that he was saying explained what he was doing here on this property, at the far back corner of the parking lot, backed in beside the end of the garage, like he was hiding.

This person said to me, hey, if you want your space that bad, I will leave.  I got his vehicle license plate number and I walked away.  To me, this is what it looks like when someone is getting ready to, or is in the process of going through other people’s vehicles in a parking lot in order to steal things.

I telephoned the Dickinson Police non-emergency number to explain what was going on, but the dispatcher at first was dismissing what I was saying, thinking that I was calling about someone taking my parking space.  I tried to explain, “No, there is so much theft going on in Dickinson right now, and in the area that I live in, I think that this person is here to steal things, they don’t live here, they aren’t visiting anyone here, their story does not make any sense, and they don’t belong here.”

I gave the Dickinson Police dispatcher the vehicle license plate number, and I asked if they could send an officer over so that I could tell them what was going on.  While I was waiting for the Police, I talked to some of my neighbors about what was going on, and they knew a little about this vehicle and the vehicle owner.  He and his vehicle had been spotted at a suspected drug house in the area.  We speculated that what he was doing here, involved either stealing or drugs.

When the Police Officer arrived within about ten minutes of me calling the non-emergency number, the Police Officer said that he knew, and the Police knew, who this person was, and that this was someone that the Police needed to be called about if he showed up at the apartment property again.

I gave the Police Officer the license plate number and a complete description of the vehicle, and some additional information about the vehicle that I got from the neighbors.  I let the Police officer know that some of my neighbors had had items stolen from their vehicles in the recent past.

I know and my neighbors know, that if we find items missing from our vehicles later today or tomorrow, who it was that probably got into our vehicles.  The Police now know, that this guy was caught recently in this neighborhood, parked behind a garage on private property, where he had no reason to be.

The reason that I am acting like this, is because me and my neighbors have had things stolen out of our vehicles recently, and there has been illegal drug activity at the apartments where we live in the recent past.  If we don’t do something about the people who show up here and don’t belong here, the crime will just keep happening here.

You May Not Want To Stop In The Small Towns Of North Dakota

I have lived and worked in North Dakota for a little over five years now.  I have worked in the following towns, in order of largest to smallest:  Bismarck – 73K;  Dickinson – 25K;  Watford City – 6K;  New Town – 3K;  Killdeer – 2K;  New England – 1K;  Belfield – 1K;  Richardton – 600;  South Heart – 500;  Taylor – 300;  Gladstone – 300; and Dunn Center – 200.

When I arrived for the first time in North Dakota back in 2011, at first everything was a new and exciting adventure for me.  Within about three months of living and working in North Dakota, it became more of frightening, worrisome, and scary adventure.  I came to have a great deal of apprehension about what my employer, co-workers, local people, and the Police were going to do to me next.

I came to realize that many or most of the local people from North Dakota were hostile, mean, unfriendly, hateful, uncooperative, and not helpful.  I came to be worried about my safety at work because my co-workers were not careful, so many of them were getting hurt, and everyone seemed to find a way to injure their co-workers.  It was as if the employers in Dickinson could not see the disarray, or straighten things out, however in time it came to appear more likely that the employers in Dickinson deliberately wanted the disorder and ineffectiveness, for reasons that I won’t elaborate on now.

The Police in Dickinson also seemed to have a hatred for people, and a predatory desire to arrest as many people as possible.  Before long, living in Dickinson for me became like being in prison.  There was no where to go, nothing to do, I was in danger of physical harm all day every day, and the Police were always trying to get me for something.

When I went to work outside of Dickinson in some place new, I looked at it as an opportunity to go to a better place.  I thought that in some other place, there might be nicer people, attractive women, or better restaurants.  In the places that I worked outside of Dickinson, I came to find out that most of them were even more unpleasant than Dickinson.

Outside of Dickinson, there were even less attractive women, and even less restaurants.  In Watford City, the Police were even more aggressive and constantly trying to sneak up on me, even more so than in Dickinson.

Within a couple of years of living in North Dakota, and having worked in several small towns, I learned to be very cautious about the small towns.  You have to be very watchful and careful about the small town Police.  Because there is very little going on in small towns, the Police do not have a lot to do.  They spend their time fantasizing about crime, criminals, and making a big arrest.

When a vehicle that the Police do not recognize drives through a small town in North Dakota, that vehicle and its occupants assume the roles that the Police officer has been fantasizing about for days, weeks, months, and years.  They want to try to stop your vehicle for any reason whatsoever, so that they can see who you are, ask you questions, decipher and detect what crime you are involved in, and make an arrest.

Also in the small towns in North Dakota, the local people are not that different than the small town Police in their fantasizing, imagining, and mistrust for people from somewhere else.

I decided to write this blog post, because of two recent incidents that happened to me.  I began working about one hour’s drive from Dickinson in the beginning of November.  At first, I was happy to be getting out of Dickinson, and I was looking forward to change.  I hoped that I might meet some nice people or attractive women in the rural, sparsely populated area that I was going to.

The closest town to my job site, is about ten miles away.  The small gas station in this town, and the small grocery store both close at 6:00 p.m., which is before I get off work at night.  After a couple of weeks of being alone all night after work, staying in a trailer at the job site, I looked forward to going to a restaurant for dinner in a town about 20 miles away.

When I got to the town 20 miles away, I found that the restaurant closes at 7:00 p.m., I was too late.  I went to the grocery store in this town, which closes at 8:00 p.m.  After I had paid for my groceries, and I was walking out of this store carrying my groceries to my vehicle, a store employee came outside and held up his cell phone pointing it at me to either photograph me or video record me going to my vehicle.

At that moment, I was both slightly amused and slightly irritated.  This was such a big deal, someone that they did not know coming into their grocery store, that they had to photograph me.  Their imaginations must have been running wild, who knows what they thought I was going to do.  After a few more minutes, I felt insulted.

As I was driving back to the job site, I began to think that this was not good.  If the people in this grocery store were so sure that I was some kind of criminal, so convinced of this that one of them followed me outside to photograph me and my vehicle, maybe I should just buy all of my groceries in Dickinson.

My current job assignment is a good one.  I am taking over from a ten year employee who recently got let go due to a conflict with a local person at the job site.  No one could have foreseen that what this ten year employee did would have resulted in him losing his job, but it did.  I do not want the same thing to happen to me, so I do not want to have any conflict with the local people.

The day following the incident at the grocery store 20 miles away, I had to take the company vehicle to the gas station 10 miles away from the job site to get fuel.  This was the fourth time this month that I have had to take this company vehicle to this gas station where there is a company account.

This time, the middle-aged woman at this gas station could not understand or did not want to understand anything that I was saying to her.  I said to her that the vehicle parked at pump #3, (which has the company name on the door and was parked closest to the store window), we have a company account under the name …., I would like to put about xx gallons in it.  She could not understand what I was saying, though I repeated what I was saying, twice to her.  An older man at the counter to told me to go ahead.

I went outside, and I tried to get the pump to start more that several times, but it would not start.  Keep in mind, that this was the fourth time that I had taken this company vehicle to this gas station this month.  I gave up trying to put fuel in it, and I began cleaning each of the windows, while I thought about what I wanted to do.  I did not want to get into a conflict with these people.

This was the only gas station in this town, and it was 10 miles from the job site.  The next closest gas station was 20 miles from the job site.  The owner of the company had opened an account with this gas station.  Any kind of disagreement whatsoever, even a minor one, I am sure that these people at this gas station would have told the company owner how “rude” I was.  Then, they would have started politicking with the local people about what a “rude” and “asshole” person I was, and very likely gotten me fired, just like the person who I replaced.

Meanwhile, during this delay, a couple of local people stopped and asked me about what I was doing, one because he did not recognize my vehicle, and the other because he did recognize my vehicle.  I am not supposed to say anything whatsoever about the project that I am working on, and anything that I said would jeopardize my job.

I went back inside the gas station, prepared to say that I would send someone else back tomorrow to get fuel, I needed to go and didn’t need the fuel right now.  I needed to tell them that I did not get fuel, so that there would be no misunderstanding, or a billing for the fuel amount that was already displayed at the pump.  The older man started the pump, and I got fuel.

Were the people at this gas station, trying to be difficult?  Were they trying to start a problem?  This is the only gas station in this town.  Any kind of disagreement, I would have lost.  The owner of the company would have thought, why can’t I just go get fuel without getting into an argument, what is wrong with me?  I don’t know, why can’t I just go get fuel, like I have been for the past 32 years of driving?

I talked to a co-worker, a North Dakota native who is older than me, who has worked at this job site longer than me, and I asked him if he had had problems at this gas station.  He said yes, but it had not come to the point of him having to leave without getting fuel.  I discussed that I might bring fuel from Dickinson, or I might wait until after this gas station closes at night, in order to get fuel with my own personal credit or debit card.  I do not want to get into any conflict with these local people, and I do not want to have any kind of delay in which local people want to ask me questions about work.

Dickinson Needs The American Civil Liberties Union

I am still very angry about what the City of Dickinson Police Department and the Fargo Police Department did recently.  Even though it has been several days since I wrote three long blog posts about it, not only am I not done, I don’t even know where to begin.

There is plenty enough crime going on in Dickinson every day, committed by habitual career criminals, without the Dickinson Police trying to create crimes and make criminals out of law abiding citizens.  I will begin with two brief examples.

Manish Maharjan, a recent graduate from Dickinson State University, and a key employee of a local well respected company, was recently arrested after he responded to an advertisement placed by an 18 year old girl on the internet.  This was a fake advertisement created and posted by the Dickinson Police Department.  After Manish responded, the Dickinson Police started making up fake scenarios about the girl being under 18 in order to get Manish into a lot of trouble.

Like myself, and everyone else that I know, we have found it very difficult to meet women in Dickinson because there is a shortage of women.  The ratio of men to women in Dickinson is approximately 3:1.  It is very, very common in Dickinson, for men to look for women to date on internet dating sites.  With very few women on any or all of the internet dating sites, men then go look on other internet sites such as Craigslist or Backpage.

The Dickinson Police know full well the situation in Dickinson.  When they place a fake advertisement on the internet in Dickinson posing as a woman offering sex, they know that they will get a response from many different men in Dickinson.  Arresting and charging men in Dickinson when they go to meet a woman that they contacted on the internet, does not help anyone in Dickinson.  But the Police in Dickinson went further than this, they made up a fake scenario after contact had been made, so that the man would face a Class A felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

Like I said, there is plenty enough crime happening in Dickinson every day, without the Police in Dickinson trying to create crimes and make criminals out of law abiding citizens.  Why are the Police in Dickinson trying to conceive, plan, and carry out schemes to make criminals out of citizens in Dickinson, so that they lose their jobs in Dickinson and go to jail for many years?

The second example that I will give, happened when I first came to Dickinson in 2011.  I got into the habit of going to the Paragon Bowling Alley bar after work in the evening.  I was playing pool when two men that I did not know walked in and wanted to play pool.  Within about fifteen minutes, they brought up drugs, and then kept asking about where to get drugs.  I was drinking, not thinking, and I almost gave them the phone number of someone that I knew who used any kind of drug he could get.

I suspected that these two guys that came in and wanted to play pool, and began talking about drugs and asking where to buy drugs, were undercover police officers.  Either way, I didn’t care, I just wanted them to shut up about where to get drugs.  Which is why I almost gave them my acquaintance Chris’ phone number.  I didn’t think that they were trying to frame me for being a drug dealer, or for trafficking drugs, but that is exactly what they were trying to do.  What good would this have done to arrest and charge me with being a drug dealer or trafficking drugs, when I neither used nor sold drugs?

The overall point is, What The Fuck Is Wrong With The Police In Dickinson, North Dakota?  Why or how would this be good or beneficial to arrest and charge me with drug dealing, when I neither used or sold drugs?  Why or how would this be good or beneficial to arrest and charge Manish Maharjan with Patronizing a Minor for Commercial Sex Activity, when he never intended or sought to have sex with a minor?

The answer seems to be that the Police in Dickinson, North Dakota are corrupt.  The Police in Dickinson either hate people, get some kind of perverse thrill in arresting and charging law abiding people, or they so want to get ahead in their career that they will conceive, plan, and carry out schemes of entrapment.

I did not like it, and I thought that it was wrong what happened with the death of  Eric Haider in Dickinson.  Eric Haider went missing from a job site in Dickinson, with some evidence that he might have been buried there at the job site where he had been working.  Eric Haider was missing for two years, before his parents hired a private investigation company who located his remains buried on the job site where he had been working.  If the Mayor or Chief of Police in Dickinson would have gone missing while on the job, everyone involved would have been questioned repeatedly over days, weeks, and months, and no stone would have been left unturned.  This was not done for Eric.

I did not like it, and I thought that it was wrong, when the new principal of Trinity High School in Dickinson, Thomas Sander, had been questioned for two days by the Dickinson Police who used “sleep deprivation, intimidation, bullying, threats, deception, lies and the withholding of bathroom facilities, food and water,” until a confession was coerced out of him that he set Trinity High School on fire.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives had to over rule the Dickinson Police Department on this and try to exonerate the new principal Thomas Sander.  The City of Dickinson was then sued by Thomas Sander for “violations of the Fourth, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments, supervisor liability, false arrest and false imprisonment, malicious prosecution, intentional infliction of emotional distress, abuse of process, gross negligence, willful misconduct, deceit, unconstitutional practice and policy, unconstitutional discipline, training and supervision, defamation, vicarious liability, and deliberate fabrication and material omissions in an arrest warrant affidavit.”

I have looked up and read other court cases in Dickinson, where people from prominent and wealthy families in Dickinson have committed very bad crimes, heinous crimes, and have received very, very light sentences.  I have also looked up court records of people from prominent and wealthy families in Dickinson where I know that they have been convicted of several crimes from reading newspaper articles and other sources, but the NDCourts.gov website containing the court records repository has been expunged for these individuals.

This is why I think that the American Civil Liberties Union needs to have a permanent ongoing involvement in Dickinson, North Dakota.  Ordinary people in Dickinson who are not from prominent and wealthy local families are at great risk of being “railroaded”, “set up”, and “framed” in Dickinson, especially people who do not have family or relatives in Dickinson to make sure that they receive fair and legal treatment, that their rights are not violated, that they have adequate legal representation, that they receive due process of law, and a fair trial.

Legal Entrapment Of Manish In Dickinson, North Dakota

This is the third of three blog posts that I am writing about two very similar cases of legal entrapment in North Dakota.  In Fargo and in Dickinson, Law Enforcement created a fake advertisement for a prostitute or girl wanting to have sex, and then posted these fake advertisements on internet websites.  The very reprehensible thing about this, is that these fake advertisements for a prostitute or a girl wanting to have sex, did not say that the girl was under 18 years of age.  Law Enforcement attracted men with their fake advertisements, and then later began to make up the fictitious scenario that the prostitute or girl was a minor.

In the first of these two cases that I have written about, 42 year old business owner Dan Durr of Fargo, has already been found not guilty of the Class A felony charge of Patronizing a Minor for Commercial Sexual Activity, because his defense attorney demonstrated in court that Dan Durr did not respond to an advertisement for sex with a minor, never intended to have sex with a minor, and immediately left when he was told that the prostitute was under 18.  The Fargo Police made up the scenario that the prostitute was under 18, after Dan Durr arrived at the location.  There never was a minor involved whatsoever, the Fargo Police just made up this fake scenario after Dan Durr arrived, in order to increase the charges from a Class B misdemeanor, to a Class A felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

It was very wise for Dan Durr’s defense attorney to just stick with the very clear facts of evidence that Dan Durr did not respond to an advertisement for sex with a minor, never intended to have sex with a minor, and left immediately when he was told that the prostitute was under 18.  Because other facts were so clear, Dan Durr’s defense attorney did not have to bring up the fact that what the Fargo Police did was legal entrapment.

Several days ago, I began reading many articles and legal opinions on what constitutes legal entrapment.  At that time, I was not fully aware of how many times defendants and defense attorneys claim legal entrapment in cases of prostitution stings.  It turns out, that in just about every case of prostitution stings conducted by Law Enforcement, the defendants and the defense attorneys always claim legal entrapment, but they don’t always use this as their legal defense.

The reason that defendants and defense attorneys don’t always use legal entrapment as their legal defense in cases of prostitution stings, is because there are two or three specific elements that must be demonstrated very clearly, and it is not always certain that these elements can be demonstrated clearly enough to satisfy a jury.

In the case of Manish of Dickinson, which I wrote about in my previous blog post, his case has two important elements that just about exactly match two of the requirements of legal entrapment, and very likely the third requirement also: 1) The advertisement that he responded to stated that the person who posted the advertisement was 18 years of age;  2)  Once being informed that the girl was under 18, Manish repeatedly sent text messages stating that he would not have sex with someone under 18;  3)  Law Enforcement’s continued repeated attempts to persuade Manish to meet the girl, likely involved “inducements”,  “persuasions”, and other ploys not permitted to be used by Law Enforcement to lead someone to commit a crime and then arrest them for this crime.

In criminal law, entrapment is a practice whereby a law enforcement agent induces a person to commit a criminal offence that the person would have otherwise been unlikely or unwilling to commit.  However, when entrapment is used as a legal defense in a court of law, the details and fine points become much more specific.

The following excerpts which I have taken from the internet website Lawyers.com article “Entrapment: How Far is Too Far for the Police?”, are consistent with everything that I have read:

“Entrapment is a defense to a criminal charge. Although many people think of all police undercover operations as “entrapment,” in fact law enforcement agents and informants may use false identities and deception in their undercover investigations. But there’s a limit: The entrapment defense is an important check on what police can do to make an arrest by enticing someone to commit a crime.

Typically, defendants raise an entrapment defense when they claim that an undercover agent or informant convinced them to commit a crime that they were not predisposed to commit. If a judge or jury finds entrapment, the defendant cannot be convicted

The Legal Tests for Entrapment

Courts use one of two tests when deciding whether a defendant was entrapped:

  • The “objective” test. Some states ask whether the police conduct would have induced any law-abiding person to commit the crime. Here, the question is whether the police conduct in inducing the criminal act would have caused a reasonable person in the same circumstances to commit the crime, regardless of the specific mental state of the defendant. For example, assume an undercover agent asks someone to buy marijuana for that agent in a state where it is illegal. The agent says he wants the marijuana because he needs it to treat the side effects of chemotherapy. Because this type of inducement might cause anyone to commit the crime, the application of objective test would very likely result in a finding of entrapment, even if the defendant had a prior history of drug purchases for recreational reasons.
  • The “subjective” test. The majority of states and the federal courts apply a test that examines both the nature of the enticement and the defendant’s state of mind. When asserting this defense, defendants must show that they were induced to commit the crime and may have to weather the prosecutor’s attempts to show that they were predisposed to commit the crime. Let’s look more closely at the subjective test.

Proving Entrapment Under the Subjective Test: The Undercover Officer Was Insistent and the Defendant Was Resistant

The subjective test looks first at the police conduct, then turns its attention to the defendant’s predisposition (or not) to commit the crime charged.


Inducing someone to commit a crime involves more than simply asking that person to commit it. Law enforcement can even lie about certain facts, by using false names, businesses, or associates. To prevail, defendants must usually show at least some persuasion or mild coercion. For example, an undercover agent might ask someone to commit a crime based on friendship, hardship, or a play for sympathy. If a judge or jury concludes that a defendant was pressured to commit a crime, they will likely find that the defendant has been induced. To establish inducement in most jurisdictions, a defendant will be required to show that it is more likely than not that he has been induced by law enforcement to commit a crime.


Defendants who have presented evidence that they were induced may not be home free just yet. While there must be inducement under the subjective test, the question of predisposition is usually the more important factor. Once inducement has been raised by the defense, the prosecutor has the burden to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the defendant was predisposed to commit the crime…”

My belief is, that because Manish responded to an advertisement for sex posted by someone who was 18 years of age, he showed no Predisposition to want to have sex with minor.  More importantly, once Manish was informed that the girl was under 18, Manish sent several text messages stating that he would never have sex with someone under 18.  I think that this clearly establishes that Manish had no intention or Predisposition to have sex with a minor.

My belief is, that because Manish responded to an advertisement for sex posted by someone who was 18 years of age, and then he was later informed that the girl was under 18 once he began communicating with her, this was the first step of “inducement”.  Originally, he had no intention of having anything to do with someone under 18.  Once Manish stated several times in text messages that he would never have sex with someone under 18, and the Dickinson Police tried to continue to communicate with him, I think that this was the second “inducement”, where “The undercover officer was insistent and the defendant was resistant.”

If it turns out that the Dickinson Police undercover officer used any other type of ploy, such as a plea for help, aid, assistance, or friendship, to maintain contact with Manish, the case for entrapment will be very clear and complete.

The defense attorney for Manish may know of a better way to proceed legally, perhaps similar to the defense for Dan Durr of Fargo.  I wonder if the case of Manish being proved to be very egregious entrapment, would or could lead to a Civil Court Case seeking monetary damages against the City of Dickinson Police Department.

Update 2/12/2018:

I received an e-mail from Manish’s sister today, explaining that this court case has been resolved.  She asked if there was anything that I could do, to not damage his name and reputation any further.  I decided to remove his last name from my blog posts, because I believed that Manish was unjustly entrapped to begin with.  However, I want these blog posts to remain on the internet, because I do not want this same thing to happen to anyone else.

In Defense Of Manish Dickinson, North Dakota

In my previous blog post, I wrote about two arrest reports and court cases that were very similar in North Dakota.  In each of these two court cases, the defendants were charged with Patronizing a Minor for Commercial Sexual Activity, a Class A felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

I hate it when the Police in North Dakota create and post a fake advertisement for a prostitute on an internet website, and then arrest the men when they show up for their appointment with the prostitute.  This is wrong for several reasons.

In many towns in North Dakota, there is a shortage of women.  Mathematically, there are not enough women to go around.  In Dickinson, the ratio of men to women is approximately 3:1.  In towns like Watford City and Williston, the ratio of men to women was at times greater than 10:1.

Prior to moving to Dickinson in 2011, I never had an interest in prostitutes or prostitution.  After living in Dickinson for a couple of months, I could not help but realize that there was a shortage of women.  I began looking for women to meet on the internet dating sites like match.com, plenty of fish, mingle, datehookup, and other sites.  Looking at about four or five internet dating sites, there were still very few women available for dating in Dickinson, North Dakota.

Older truck drivers in Dickinson, recommended to me that I look at the internet classifieds website called Backpage.  They said, look under the Escorts section.  I looked at the escorts on Backpage, and I didn’t know what to think of all this.  I didn’t really want to be with an escort that had sex with many men each day.

It is a good thing that I didn’t try to hire an escort right away from Backpage, because it is very common for Law Enforcement to place a fake advertisement for an escort, and then arrest the man when he shows up for his appointment.

This is what happened to Manish of Dickinson, only much, much worse.  Law Enforcement did create a fake advertisement on Backpage.com, in which the woman posting the ad was listed as being 18 years of age.  However, when Manish asked about her age, she replied that she was almost 16.  Manish responded several times that he would never have sex with someone who is under 18, because he did not want to get into trouble.

Looking at Manish’s name, it appeared to me that he was from India.  I thought about how hard it must be for him to meet women in Dickinson, being from India, looking, acting, and sounding different.  With his age being 29, I thought that he might even be a student at Dickinson State University.

I looked Manish of Dickinson up on the internet, and this is what I found.  In his early twenties, he worked at convenience stores and as a cook while he worked his way through College.  He studied finance and accounting, and he graduated from College in approximately 2014.  Not long after graduating, he got a very good job in Dickinson, where he has been employed for a little over two years.

I can understand that Manish might have had difficulty meeting women in Dickinson.  Myself, and everyone that I know in Dickinson, has had difficulty meeting women in Dickinson, there is a shortage of women.  It is unfortunate, but understandable, that he attempted to meet a woman on the internet website Backpage.

The woman that Manish contacted on Backpage.com, her advertisement said that she was 18 years of age.  This turned out to be a fake advertisement created by the Dickinson Police.  When Manish contacted her, the Dickinson Police began making up the story that she was almost 16, there was no minor involved.  Manish replied that he would never have sex with someone under 18, because he did not want to get into trouble.

The Dickinson Police kept communicating with Manish, posing as the girl who placed the advertisement on Backpage.com, and they persuaded him to meet her at a motel in Dickinson.  It appears that Manish tried to get out of meeting the girl, and instead parked at the McDonalds across the street from the motel.  That is when the Dickinson Police arrested Manish and charged him with the felony Patronizing a Minor for Commercial Sexual Activity.

It seems to be very clear from the evidence, that Manish never sought or intended to meet a girl under the age of 18.  It was the Dickinson Police that began trying to make up fake circumstances after the fact in order to frame Manish for a much more serious crime that he never intended to commit.  Even though Manish replied several times that he would not have sex with someone under 18, the Dickinson Police kept after him, trying to persuade Manish to meet.

The Dickinson Police tried to make a criminal out of someone who would not have been a criminal, had it not been for this treacherous underhanded scheme by the Police.  Many lawyers and judges believe that it is legal entrapment when Law Enforcement induces someone to commit a crime that they otherwise would not have committed, so that Law Enforcement can then arrest them for this crime.

In court, when entrapment is used as a legal defense, the defense attorney must persuade the jury that Law Enforcement persuaded or compelled the defendant to commit a crime that he was otherwise not inclined to commit.  There are several circumstances that must be present, and I think that in this particular case, these circumstances are clearly present.  I will explain why this particular case meets the requirements of legal entrapment in my next blog post.

I want to conclude this blog post by expressing my disgust at the Dickinson Police Department, and the person ultimately responsible for this, the Chief of Police Dusty Dassinger.  You all know that there is a shortage of women in Dickinson.  You all know that if you create a fake advertisement for a prostitute in Dickinson, you will get more responses than you can handle.  With men who are desperate to meet women, why do you think that it is a good idea to lure them to meet a prostitute, and then try to make up the fictitious circumstance that she is under 18 in order to frame these men for a much more serious crime that they never intended to commit?

Update 2/12/2018:

I received an e-mail from Manish’s sister today, explaining that this court case has been resolved.  She asked if there was anything that I could do, to not damage his name and reputation any further.  I decided to remove his last name from my blog posts, because I believed that Manish was unjustly entrapped to begin with.  However, I want these blog posts to remain on the internet, because I do not want this same thing to happen to anyone else.

It Is O.K. To Proposition Married Women For Sex In Dickinson, North Dakota

It is O.K. to proposition married women for sex in Dickinson, North Dakota.  This is the way the City of Dickinson, the Dickinson Police Department, the people in Dickinson, and the elected representatives like Heidi Heitkamp want things to be.

The ratio of men to women in Dickinson is about 3:1.  In the surrounding towns and adjacent towns like Belfield, Richardton, New England, Killdeer, and Watford City there are even fewer women.  In some of these towns the ratios are more like 5:1, or 8:1.

There is a shortage of women.  There is a scarcity of attractive women.   Law enforcement agencies like the City of Dickinson Police Department have decided that they are not going to allow prostitution.

Today I read a newspaper article dated June 26, 2017 where the City of Dickinson Police Department conducted an operation where they arrested seven men locally here in Dickinson for seeking a prostitute.  This particular newspaper article did not go into the details of how this police operation was carried out, but I believe it was probably the same thing that the police in Williston and Bismarck do, put an advertisement for an escort on the website Backpage, and arrest the men when they show up for their appointment.

I have written about five or six blog posts on prostitution in Dickinson, North Dakota.  Besides there being a shortage of women and a scarcity of attractive women, it is a fact that many women in Dickinson are tired of being propositioned by men where they work, when they shop, anywhere and everywhere they go.  It is also a fact that men don’t want to waste their time, embarrass themselves, and bother women who are not interested in a relationship with them.  It would be a solution for both men and women in Dickinson, for men to look up on the internet women who do want to have sex, and arrange for an appointment with them, however this is not going to be allowed.

There are many men that are older, overweight, or unattractive that are living and working in Dickinson, that are not going to be able to obtain a wife or a girlfriend because they are not handsome, and there are simply not enough women for every man that is here.   There are many men that recognize that they are not in a position to be married or have children in Dickinson, because their employment and housing is very uncertain.  It would be possible for these men to have the company of women some times, for money, but not possible otherwise.

When prostitution is illegal, this is when you get the drug addicted prostitutes, crime, and career criminal pimps.  The whole thing becomes a criminal enterprise, when the prostitutes and clients are engaging in illegal activity, it causes there to be theft, abuse, drugs, extortion, and violence that would not happen if it were legal.

A person does not usually face the threat of robbery, drugs, and violence when they hire a painter, a house cleaner, a masseuse, a dog groomer, a roofer, or any other service person or contractor that they meet at their home or apartment.  It should not matter to anyone in Dickinson whether their neighbor has hired a masseuse, a dog groomer, a house cleaner, a painter, or a prostitute.

I am not going to waste any more time in this blog post arguing and explaining that mathematically there are not enough women in Dickinson for every man to have a wife or a girlfriend, that prostitution is a solution to this problem, and that many women in Dickinson are tired of being propositioned by men.  We must deal with reality, and what the Dickinson Police will allow.

I recommend to men, that every where they go in Dickinson, from now on, that they say to as many women as possible, “Hello, I think you are attractive.  Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?”  Or, “Hello, I think that you are attractive.  Would you like to come over to my apartment?”  This is not illegal, yet.  If you have had difficulty meeting women or finding women who want to be romantically involved, you are going to have to ask as many women as possible.  It may turn out, that you have to ask thirty women for one of them to say yes, or you may have to ask ninety women for one of them to say yes.

Every now and then, you will get a woman who will turn on you, and will want to yell at you.  She will come to a stop in the parking lot of the Family Fare grocery store and say, “What the hell is wrong with you people that keep asking me out or keep asking me to come home with them, who don’t even know me?”  Be polite and apologetic, and say, “I know ma’am, I apologize.  I was really just wanting to hire a prostitute, but the Dickinson Police won’t allow that, and I don’t want to get arrested and lose my job.  I’ve got two kids that I have to pay child support on, and I work all the time.”  She will just stomp off, being more angry at the Dickinson Police than you.

Eventually, when the attractive housewives in Dickinson pitch enough fits with their husbands, refuse to do shopping any more, refuse to do errands, and start talking about leaving Dickinson, with or without them, or start talk about going home with the men that keep asking them out, then there will be meetings and changes at the City of Dickinson Police Department where they will quit interfering with prostitution in Dickinson.

I Need To Warn Everyone About Dickinson And Western North Dakota

I started this blog about three years ago to tell everyone from out of state what Dickinson, North Dakota is like.  I wanted people to have truthful information about Dickinson so that they would be prepared and know what to expect if they came to Dickinson to work, or perhaps they would choose not to come if they knew the truth.  Now more than ever, I need to warn people about Dickinson and Western North Dakota.

First, the Oil Boom is over in North Dakota.  The number of operating oil drill rigs went from 200 a few years ago, to less than 40 currently.  There are fracturing operations going on, and work over rig operations going on, but these operations will be winding down in about a year.  There are many, many experienced applicants already living in Western North Dakota for every job opening that is advertised.

Second, Dickinson and Western North Dakota are going to experience a great Economic Bust in approximately 1-1/2 years.  There are a combination of more than four economic factors that guarantee an Economic Bust is coming.  At least 70% of the oil field jobs went away after 2015.  Many oil field workers moved out of state, but some remained.  There are now many, many experienced and able-bodied applicants for every job that is advertised.  The wage rates are decreasing, workers are making less money.  70% of the oil field jobs went away.  Every business is making less money.  Businesses need fewer employees now.  More people will be forced to move away from Western North Dakota due to a reduction in wage rates, and a reduction in jobs.  As more and more people move away, businesses will close, there will be fewer jobs, and more people will have to move away.

Three, the people in Western North Dakota have hated outsiders for many generations.  They have hated and mistreated the out of state workers in every way possible throughout this Oil Boom in North Dakota that began in 2007.  Now that the Oil Boom is over, the people in Dickinson are targeting out of state workers with hatred and hostility like never before.  The local human resources personnel with the City of Dickinson, Stark County, the State of North Dakota, and private employers, hide job openings and only disclose them to friends and family members, so that their friends and family members can get hired.  The Western North Dakota Highway Patrol and police are targeting out of state workers to try to make them leave North Dakota.

Prior to working in Western North Dakota, I worked in Tampa for seven years, Arizona for five years, Idaho for five years, and Texas for one year.  In Tampa, Arizona, Idaho, and Texas, I never once got stopped by the police in those eighteen years of working.  In the past year in Western North Dakota, I have been stopped and questioned by the police three times. None of these times was I speeding.

The Police Are Trying To Encourage People To Leave North Dakota

I first came to North Dakota to work in the oil field in May of 2011.  For the first two years, I primarily worked around Dickinson, North Dakota.  I realized very soon after arriving in Dickinson, that the police were very eager to stop people for DUI.

There is very little to do in Dickinson, North Dakota.  Especially if you are not from Dickinson, don’t have friends, don’t have family, and don’t own a home here.  There is very little to do here, except go to bars and restaurants.  The police drive around and around the downtown areas, waiting to try to get a chance to stop someone.

The police have already driven past the Paragon, the Spur, the Rock, Bernie’s Esquire Club, the Eagles Lodge, and Applebees several times, and noticed what vehicles were parked outside.  When a customer has to drive home on Villard, State, or Main, the police already know where the person just left.

I don’t call this policing, or law enforcement.  Policing and law enforcement would be to deter and detect crime.  This is more like harassment and corruption, starting out with the intention of making an arrest, pulling over as many motorists as possible, and trying to come up with something illegal that you can accuse them of.

Over the past three years, I have written several blog posts about getting stopped by the police in Dickinson, North Dakota, and Watford City, North Dakota.  I try to not ever drink alcohol at bars and restaurants in North Dakota, because I know that the police are very aggressive in stopping people for DUI.  When I have not been drinking alcohol, and have not been speeding, I have gotten stopped by the police more than several times in North Dakota.   The police are hopeful that once they get you pulled over, they will find something that you can be arrested for.

Beginning this spring, the police and Highway Patrol in North Dakota have become much, much more aggressive in trying to stop motorists for anything they can possibly come up with.  I would say, that this behavior of the police and Highway Patrol in Dickinson now amounts to violating people’s Civil Rights, and constitutional rights.

I have been a licensed driver for 30 years.  In my first 15 years of driving, I got two moving violation tickets, and had one accident.  In my second 15 years of driving, I have gotten no moving violation tickets, and had no accidents.  I got stopped by the Montana Highway Patrol in March of this year, and I was given a “failure to wear seat belt” citation.  I got stopped by the North Dakota Highway Patrol last weekend, and I was given a “failure to wear seat belt” citation.  In both of these stops by the Highway Patrol, I was going under the speed limit, and I was towing a trailer.

Let me repeat, and point out again, that prior to being stopped by the Montana Highway Patrol in March of 2017, and by the North Dakota Highway Patrol in June of 2017, I had not had any moving violations or vehicle accidents in the past 15 years.  During the past 15 years, I have driven to Florida, through Utah many times, and I lived in Arizona, Texas, Idaho, and North Dakota.

I am writing this blog post because I have had enough of the police in Dickinson and the Highway Patrol in Dickinson trying to stop me for something.

In the beginning of June, I rented an apartment in downtown Dickinson.  In mid-June I got stopped by the Highway Patrol when I was towing a trailer from the north side of Dickinson across town to where my new apartment is.  The following weekend, I was continuing to make trips to move things to my new apartment.

I was driving west on Villard, driving the speed limit, 25 mph.  My police radar detector started beeping just as I was passing through the stoplight at 3rd Avenue.  I saw the front end of a Dickinson Police vehicle sticking out beside the wall of the Sax Motor Company building.  He was hiding.  There were very few vehicles on Villard, it was approximately 9:00 a.m.  As I passed the police vehicle that was parked, the police vehicle did not pull out onto Villard.

After I had driven three blocks further, I looked in my rear view mirror, to see if the police vehicle had pulled out onto Villard, and it had not.  I did not want to get stopped by the Dickinson Police.  I did not want them following me.

Just before I reached the west end of Villard, just before the very last stop light beside the gas station, I needed to change into the left lane, because the road narrows from two lanes to one lane.  I didn’t plan on using my turn signal to change lanes, I just looked in my rear view mirror and my side mirror to make sure that there were no vehicles beside me.  Whoa!, there’s that Dickinson Police vehicle, he got behind me and he stayed back three blocks behind me, for about a mile, with his radar turned off so that I didn’t know he was there.

Attention Dickinson Police, this is beyond ridiculous, this is going too far.  First, you are hiding behind the wall of the Sax Motor Company building with speed detector radar on, and then you are pulling out behind passing motorists on Villard, and then following them for one mile, hoping to be able to stop them for speeding, changing lanes without signaling, turning without signaling, failure to come to a complete stop, not maintaining lane, expired registration, brake light not working, etcetera.

This is not policing and law enforcement, this is harassment, and interfering with people’s Civil Rights, and constitutional rights to travel freely, and not be required to explain and prove that you are not engaged in any illegal activity.   I don’t know if the Chief of Police in Dickinson has instructed the police officers to stop, question, and ticket every vehicle with an out of state license plate, or if the police officers in Dickinson have decided to do this all on their own.

Whenever I have to drive in Dickinson now, I have to try to find a way to not get stopped by the police.  I have to watch out for where the police are hiding, and watch out for them trying to sneak up behind me.  Figuring out ahead of time, that there is a temporary construction zone ahead, where you have to change lanes and reduce speed, and that this is why the police are trying to follow behind me right here, without me noticing them.

To answer a question, why do I have an Idaho license plate on my truck?  I have two trucks with North Dakota license plates, and two trucks with Idaho license plates.  I own a home in Idaho, which is my primary residence.  I have the full amount of income tax withheld from my pay checks by the State of North Dakota, and, I have to pay Idaho income tax too.  I pay motor vehicle registration, and income tax, equally to both North Dakota, and Idaho.

I purchased two trucks, thousands of dollars in construction equipment, thousands of dollars in personal property, paid thousands of dollars in truck repairs, and paid $25,000 in rent, all in North Dakota.  I wish that the police would leave me the fuck alone, instead of trying to harass me and try to get me to leave North Dakota.

I think that the police are trying to force people from out of state, to leave North Dakota, so that the less able and less qualified North Dakotans will be able to gain employment.  Also, I think that this is part of a strategy to get the people in North Dakota back under control.

Western North Dakota, Survivalists, And One World Government Part III

I wrote in my previous blog post that you will probably continue to see more shootings by Islamic extremists, more shootings by Black militants, and more rioting by Blacks in the large cities in the United States, but not in North Dakota. There may be Martial Law, National Guard troops, road and highway check points, weapons bans, and other emergency measures in the large U.S. cities, but not in Western North Dakota. Law enforcement officers in North Dakota would be reluctant and unenthusiastic in trying to search for and confiscate firearms owned by citizens in North Dakota.

Rather than sit back and laugh at what was happening in the other states, people in North Dakota need to watch what is happening in other states and take it as advance warning. People in North Dakota would have about a six month to two year head start on the rest of the United States to get their affairs in order, which is far more time than anyone else will get. One of the Executive Orders signed by a President in the last thirty years states that in a “National Emergency”, the Department of Homeland Security will have authority over National Guard, State Police, and local law enforcement. This means that though North Dakota National Guard and North Dakota law enforcement would not want to do anything that had previously been un-Constitutional to citizens, they will not be in charge, they will be receiving orders from the Department of Homeland Security.

The reason that North Dakota will not be left alone in a “National Emergency” is because in the past thirty years a President signed another Executive Order that states in a “National Emergency”, all means of energy production, all energy supplies, all means of food production, and all food supplies, will come under government control. Because of oil, natural gas, coal, farming, and ranching in North Dakota, you will have National Guard troops here following Federal Government orders, and local law enforcement being given orders that they may not like.

I don’t want to scare farmers and ranchers in North Dakota, but if things get out of control in the rest of the United States to cause a “National Emergency”, the Federal Government may use the Executive Order that exists, to take control of your farm, your ranch, your energy supplies, and your food supplies. Farmers, ranchers, and local law enforcement need to know this ahead of time so that people in North Dakota can get their affairs in order ahead of time.

What I mean by “getting their affairs in order” is to know what to expect, what will likely happen or possibly happen, and prepare accordingly. I will give some examples. The firearms that you bought at WalMart and Runnings, there is a record of it, from when you completed the background check forms. The government may demand that you surrender your firearms, especially because they have a record of you buying them. You may be better off willingly giving up the firearms that the government knows you bought, in order for you to be able to keep and hide the ones there is no record of. If your home is searched, don’t expect that you can hide firearms in the walls, ceilings, or under floor boards, because metal detectors will likely be used.

Do not keep all your emergency supplies, food supplies, and fuel supplies in one place. Remember, there is an Executive Order that states all food supplies and energy supplies come under government control in a “National Emergency”, which means the government can take them. You don’t want all of your supplies in one place anyway in case somebody else finds them when you are not at home. In previous blog posts I wrote that everyone in North Dakota needs to have emergency supplies in their vehicles in case something happens, but now I want to write more about it.

Even if you have a Subaru wagon or Honda accord, you can fit a Rubbermaid tub or storage box in the back or in the trunk. It is possible and even likely that you will have problems away from home in North Dakota. I recommend the following items as a minimum: battery jumper cables, tow rope, can of fix-a-flat, flashlight with extra batteries, sleeping bag, several bottles of water, some non-perishable food, and hidden emergency money. I also recommend having a change of clothes, a warm winter jacket, rain poncho, mini-air compressor, small mechanics tool kit, a firearm and extra ammo.

Regarding what I just wrote about having emergency supplies in your vehicle, and all this other planning for civil unrest, riots, and “National Emergency”, some readers are thinking that this is ridiculous. Do you think that if you have problems, you can just go walk to somebody else’s house and ask for help? Do you think that it is not your responsibility to provide for yourself, that other people should provide you with the items that you need in an emergency? Other people are not always going to be willing or able to help you. In fact, in many instances, other people may be willing to take everything you have and leave you dead. All survivalists, all of them, know that there will be people wandering around in an emergency looking and begging for help. It is known and understood that you can’t help people who show up begging. You feed them, they will get hungry again, head straight back to you, telling and bringing others. You can not venture out away from your shelter and supplies to help someone who says that their car is broken down.

Everyone and law enforcement need to think about what I have written, do their own research, think about what is happening in the United States, plan and prepare for what is coming, and decide what they are going to do.

Western North Dakota, Survivalists, And One World Government, Part II

In my previous blog post I wrote about some of the reasons for the civil unrest and riots in the United States in the past several years. So far this Summer, there was a shooting of a performer in Orlando after her concert for no reason; a shooting of 50 more people in Orlando the following day by an Islamic extremist; protest marches in Dallas, Los Angeles, and Baltimore over the police shootings of two Black suspects; followed by the shooting of 12 police officers in Dallas by a disgruntled militant Black man. Each one of these incidents has caused liberal people, celebrities, journalists, politicians, and legislators to start talking about gun violence, gun control, and gun bans.

If you watch the television news and read the newspapers, you can see that from now on, whenever a police officer shoots a Black suspect, this is going to be followed by Blacks protesting in all of the large U.S. cities because the Blacks have been led to believe that they are being discriminated against. As in Dallas, these protests may lead disgruntled Blacks to shoot innocent whites. You also can tell from watching television news and reading the newspaper that Muslim extremists are going to continue to attack people in U.S. cities.

I have never wanted to live in a large city, I hated the times that I had to be in one, and I don’t like travelling near or through large cities. I think that cities bring out the worst in people, making people rude, pushy, aggressive, unfriendly, inconsiderate, hurried, and stressed. I am especially glad that I don’t live in a city now, where a police officer shoots a Black suspect in a different state, and now the Blacks are going to riot, loot, block roads and highways, and attack innocent whites. Or, you live in a city, you’re stuck in a crowd, and an Islamic extremist or Black militant is going to start shooting everyone. I am glad that I live in Western North Dakota where there aren’t any cities.

I believe that the Islamic extremist shootings, Black militant shootings, police shootings of Black suspects, rioting and looting by Blacks will continue in the cities and get worse. In the cities, they may have to impose curfews, try to impose weapons bans, bring in National Guard, block roads with check points. This could happen in Detroit, New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Atlanta, Jacksonville, St. Louis, Cleveland, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, so many cities, that hey, why doesn’t Obama or Hillary just declare Martial Law.

I believe that some or all of the things that I just described will happen. I am glad that I live in North Dakota because North Dakota will be one of the least affected states. There are very few cities in North Dakota, and none in Western North Dakota. There are very few Blacks in Western North Dakota. There won’t be a need to impose any restrictions on people in Western North Dakota, and even if the Federal Government wanted to, all of their resources need to be sent to the most troubled areas, and Western North Dakota would be the lowest priority.

If you live in Western North Dakota, you probably won’t have to deal with rioters, looters, or protestors blocking roads and highways. You know that there is not going to be any looting, but if it was attempted somebody with a gun would say, “You go put that back where you got it.” Or, there might be a couple of shot people in front of a business laying on the ground and people would get the idea. As far as protesters blocking the road, people would just drive around them in the shoulder or the median, and if anybody ran and jumped in the way they would likely get run over.

As far as gun bans of any kind, I do not think that the police, sheriff, or highway patrol in Western North Dakota would go to people’s homes asking about weapons, because I don’t think they believe in taking citizens’ firearms away. I don’t think that they would go to people’s homes, but if they were forced to go, I think that they would not try to find weapons. And if they were forced to search, I don’t think they would search too hard. This is how things are now, and it would take the implementation of severe measures and controls to change the way things are now with law enforcement in Western North Dakota, and North Dakota would be one of the last states to comply with non-traditional and un-Constitutional rules.

Western North Dakota, Survivalists, And One World Government, Part I

In my previous post, I wrote about the book The Turner Diaries that was written by the white supremacist William Pierce in 1978. The book describes the disintegration of society in the United States that takes place in the future years 1989 to 1999. The main factors that are described in the book are the passage of legislation banning possession of firearms, government searches of people’s homes for firearms, the increase in crime and the inability of people to protect themselves, the implementation of martial law, rebellion against the government, and civil war.

What I didn’t mention, but what many people already know, The Turner Diaries is very derogatory towards Blacks, Jews, and Hispanics, blaming them for most of the crime, corruption, and degeneration of values in the United States. The book blames the majority of Whites for being satisfied with their lives of eating, watching TV, and watching sports, and failing to notice, object, or protest to corruption in government, and liberalism progressing so far in the media, schools, the legislature, and judicial system that the United States was transformed into a country with no principles, ethics, values, or morals.

I wrote in my previous blog post that much of what is described in The Turner Diaries, that was written in 1978, has happened or is happening now in the United States. I will give a couple of examples.

Approximately four years ago in Deland, Florida, George Zimmerman was performing a neighborhood watch when he saw a suspicious person, and he called the police. George Zimmerman got out of his vehicle to see what was going on, and the suspicious acting person, Treyvon Martin, physically attacked George Zimmerman. George Zimmerman had a concealed weapons permit, and a firearm on his person, and he shot Treyvon Martin. At first, the police or sheriff department did not arrest or seek criminal charges against George Zimmerman. Currently in most states, and throughout the history of the United States, if a person is physically attacked they can lawfully use a firearm to defend themselves. But because Treyvon Martin was Black, Blacks protested, Blacks threatened to riot, “no justice, no peace”, so there had to be a trial. George Zimmerman had to go through about a two year ordeal, he was almost sacrificed in order to pacify Black protestors, but he was found not guilty. If I had physically attacked George Zimmerman, and I had been shot, my family and friends, and myself, would have thought, “That’s what happens when you attack somebody.”

The second example, almost two years ago, a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, Darren Wilson, was on patrol when he drove up to a large young man named Michael Brown. Michael Brown punched police officer Darren Wilson in the head, reached in the vehicle and tried to take away the police officer’s firearm, there was a struggle for the gun, shots were fired in the struggle for the gun. Michael Brown retreated, the officer was injured and dazed but got out of the vehicle and ordered Michael Brown to stop. Michael Brown charged at the officer, and was shot and killed by the officer. If Michael Brown was white, that would be the end of the story. But Michael Brown was Black, so there were protests, rioting, and looting. If I would have done this to officer Darren Wilson, my family probably would have told Darren Wilson that he did the right thing, there was nothing else that could have been done.

In the two examples that I gave above, one Black man attacked a man in Florida and was shot, one Black man attacked a police officer in Missouri and was shot. Blacks all over the United States protested, demonstrated, threatened riots, and did riot and loot. However, at least one Black man is shot every day of the year in Chicago, more than one on some days, but Blacks don’t say a word about it, they could not care less. The truth is, Blacks could not care less about other Blacks being killed, Blacks are killed every day in conflicts in Africa, Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, and they don’t complain at all about this, not one word. You can seek for yourselves to determine why the television and newspaper media work the Blacks up into a frenzy over some Black deaths. Why does the news media want to convince Blacks that they are being victimized, to cause civil unrest, cause Blacks to riot, cause Blacks to loot, to attack whites, to attack police officers? The Turner Diaries explains why.

There are people with power and a great deal of money in the United States and elsewhere that want things to be different in the United States. One of the first things that they would like to do is to take away all firearms, this is necessary in order to accomplish the remainder of their plans. The Elites don’t want ordinary individuals owning and living on their own 3 acres, 30 acres, 300 acres, or 3,000 acres, you are too independent, not subject to control, you are tying up farming, timber, water, and mineral resources, and getting in the way of their use of it. What kinds of things are you teaching your children?, probably not what they want them to believe.

The Elites would like all ordinary people to live in their modest housing unit, along side all the other ordinary people in their modest housing units, to get all the ordinary people onto as small an amount of land as possible, to free up all other land to use how they see fit. Once all the ordinary people are confined to as small a land area as possible, they won’t need personal vehicles, they can all take buses and trains. Once everyone is confined to small housing units, with no personal vehicles, they can be paid much less for the work that they do. Once cash is eliminated, gold and silver confiscated, people will only have electronic credits. All taxes, all fines, all monies owed will be deducted from your electronic credits, whether you want to pay or not. You will be completely controllable as an individual. Masses of people will be completely controllable. Education will form children to persons who conform to the system. Information and entertainment will be compatible with conformation to the system. It is necessary that masses of people conform and accept this order, in order for humans to survive. Too many resources were being depleted and polluted, too many resources being used for war and preparation for war, too many conflicts over resources and unequal sharing of the Earth’s resources. A New World Order, One World Government had to be created.

So, beginning with the end in mind, the Elites have got to make changes in the United States. The Media, movies, television shows, television news, magazines, newspapers, are all trying to spread liberal beliefs and ideology. The Education System is indoctrinating people with liberal beliefs and ideology. The Military is being transformed to accept and practice liberal ideology, and so is the Health Care System. U.S. Government Departments are claiming more and more control over private business, private property, and private individuals. However, the U.S. Constitution is getting in the way, and the legislative and elective process is too slow, all these ordinary people have to think about want they want, decide, and vote, which is taking too long to make the necessary changes.

If the Elites can create enough chaos and crisis in the United States, maybe Martial Law can be declared, maybe the Constitution can be suspended, measures can be implemented in the emergency. Sign agreements like the North American Free Trade Agreement, the Trans Pacific Partnership, do not stop illegal immigration, these things will drop the income and standard of living in the United States to where people are struggling. Then, try to use the Federal Government to cause banks to give mortgages to Blacks and Hispanics on homes that they are unable to pay for. House prices will go up and up, until nobody can afford their mortgages. The economy crashes, people can’t pay for their houses, low wages are being blamed on the immigrants, Blacks are rioting because they are being told they are being victimized. The economy crashing is not just people having less money, it is able-bodied intelligent adults not being able to get a job at all, or only being able to get a very low wage job, and having to work many hours beyond 40 hours per week at low wage jobs. The mass shootings in the United Sates recently were by individuals that were extremely disgruntled. I believe that they were so angry with their circumstances in life, because of the way the United States is right now, economically, socially, ideologically. The shootings that result from people’s anger recently are what the Elites are looking for to begin banning firearms.