I Need To Warn Everyone About Dickinson And Western North Dakota

I started this blog about three years ago to tell everyone from out of state what Dickinson, North Dakota is like.  I wanted people to have truthful information about Dickinson so that they would be prepared and know what to expect if they came to Dickinson to work, or perhaps they would choose not to come if they knew the truth.  Now more than ever, I need to warn people about Dickinson and Western North Dakota.

First, the Oil Boom is over in North Dakota.  The number of operating oil drill rigs went from 200 a few years ago, to less than 40 currently.  There are fracturing operations going on, and work over rig operations going on, but these operations will be winding down in about a year.  There are many, many experienced applicants already living in Western North Dakota for every job opening that is advertised.

Second, Dickinson and Western North Dakota are going to experience a great Economic Bust in approximately 1-1/2 years.  There are a combination of more than four economic factors that guarantee an Economic Bust is coming.  At least 70% of the oil field jobs went away after 2015.  Many oil field workers moved out of state, but some remained.  There are now many, many experienced and able-bodied applicants for every job that is advertised.  The wage rates are decreasing, workers are making less money.  70% of the oil field jobs went away.  Every business is making less money.  Businesses need fewer employees now.  More people will be forced to move away from Western North Dakota due to a reduction in wage rates, and a reduction in jobs.  As more and more people move away, businesses will close, there will be fewer jobs, and more people will have to move away.

Three, the people in Western North Dakota have hated outsiders for many generations.  They have hated and mistreated the out of state workers in every way possible throughout this Oil Boom in North Dakota that began in 2007.  Now that the Oil Boom is over, the people in Dickinson are targeting out of state workers with hatred and hostility like never before.  The local human resources personnel with the City of Dickinson, Stark County, the State of North Dakota, and private employers, hide job openings and only disclose them to friends and family members, so that their friends and family members can get hired.  The Western North Dakota Highway Patrol and police are targeting out of state workers to try to make them leave North Dakota.

Prior to working in Western North Dakota, I worked in Tampa for seven years, Arizona for five years, Idaho for five years, and Texas for one year.  In Tampa, Arizona, Idaho, and Texas, I never once got stopped by the police in those eighteen years of working.  In the past year in Western North Dakota, I have been stopped and questioned by the police three times. None of these times was I speeding.

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