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An Appreciation For Hettinger North Dakota, Part I, South Side

This is a difficult article for me, because I want to get this right. I strongly believe that if I can’t convey exactly what I mean here, neither the local people or people from elsewhere will come away with any understanding or see what it is that I want them to see.

It’s so complicated and subtle, that I can’t explain everything in just one part. Today, I am going to begin with a little bit of an overview and preface, and share a few photographs and videos from the south side of Hettinger, which is only about six miles north of the border with South Dakota.

I am 53 years old now. I was born and grew up in Florida. I went to college for three years in Virginia, and another three in Florida. I have lived and worked in Colorado, Texas, Utah, Arizona, Idaho, and North Dakota. I have visited these cities which have some fame, notoriety, or significance: Key West, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Cocoa, Daytona, St. Augustine, Gainesville, Tampa, Clearwater, Sarasota, Savanah, Washington D.C., Madison, Philadelphia, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Colorado Springs, Denver, Aspen, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Sedona, Flagstaff, Salt Lake, Uintah Mountains, Teton Mountains, Butte, Bozeman, Billings, Laramie, Bismarck.

At least 90% of the time when I visited these cities that I mentioned, I was looking at houses and neighborhoods to see and understand what these areas were like, trying to take in the character, attributes, features, impressions, observations, feelings, house by house, street by street.

To save time, I will just come out and say that even though I can understand the appeal of Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Clearwater, Santa Fe, and Paradise Valley because of their geographical environment, there are just too many people, and it takes having more than a million dollars to afford a residence with privacy, safety, and security.

Key West, Cocoa, St. Augustine, Sarasota, Savanah, Sedona, Flagstaff, Bozeman, Uintah Mountains, and Teton Mountains are picturesque, with a beautiful environment, and many fun things to do, but they can only be enjoyed long term if you either earn more than $100K per year or already have a tremendous amount of money.

Every place that I have ever tried to live as an adult, eventually I felt compelled to move away because what I earned, was not enough money to afford a residence that was pleasant, safe, and peaceful. There was nothing in my price range in Tampa or Flagstaff, though my employment was steady. In areas that I liked where houses were affordable, I could not get good, steady employment.

I left my house in Idaho in 2011, to come work in western North Dakota during the 2007-2014 Oil Boom. Though I didn’t have much difficulty finding employment, housing was extremely expensive due to price gouging. It wasn’t until several years after the oil boom ended that I moved into my own apartment in Dickinson, instead of living in someone else’s house or sleeping in a camper on employer property.

The 2011-2020 years that I lived in western North Dakota, were some of the most painful, difficult, depressing, frightening years of my life. The people in the oil towns of Williston, Watford City, New Town, Dickinson, Belfield were for the most part, the worst people that I have ever been around or dealt with in my life. The majority of out-of-state workers who came to North Dakota during the oil boom, came because they weren’t doing well where they were, due to the consequences of their own actions, decisions, mistakes, failures, crimes, character, and lack of ability. The majority of the local people were mean and unfriendly, both because of the unwanted changes brought on by the oil boom, and because North Dakotans aren’t friendly to begin with.

When my father died in the spring of 2020, he left me enough money that I could have started over anywhere that I wished, or I could have gone back to my home in Idaho. From everything that I had learned and experienced first-hand in my life thus far, combined with everything that I had been reading and seeing in the news for the past several years, especially the Coronavirus pandemic, I didn’t know of anyplace better to go. I had had a really bad time in western North Dakota for the past nine years, but a lot of that had to do with being at the mercy of other people: property owners, roommates, employers, co-workers, Police, local people.

Suddenly, I was no longer so affected by property owners, roommates, employers, co-workers, Police, and local people in North Dakota. Additionally, I had not known that the value of my home back in Idaho had more than quadrupled. Looking back, I went from sleeping in my $500 truck-bed camper, or my 7’x14′ utility trailer on company property, or living with an unpleasant roommate, or low-rent apartment downtown, to being able to buy the most expensive house in Dickinson if I wanted to.

I bought an old, small, plain house outside of Dickinson, one of the lowest priced houses available, because I expected housing prices in western North Dakota to continue to drop following the end of the oil boom. Once I got moved and settled into my new house, and was no longer so fearful of losing my employment and my place to live, and no longer burdened with other constant financial worries, I began to explore western North Dakota a little bit more.

I finally found the secret hidden Pine Forest of western North Dakota, which only three local North Dakotans had ever accidently mentioned in front of me, but then shut up, and never would answer my questions about it. The first and second time that I went there, the adjacent landowners and Game & Fish Officer acted protective of it and wary of me being there.

Western North Dakota is very barren and treeless, it was astonishing to find a large hidden dense pine forest, with rocky tree-covered hills and valleys. It reminded me of Flagstaff or Billings. It would be an excellent place to have a house. The trees provide shade in summer, a wind-break in winter, a barrier to noise, and provide privacy. Only a dozen property owners in that vicinity, and they make sure the property stays within the family, keeping outsiders out.

After having travelled as far north as Williston, northeast to Jamestown, as far west as Sydney MT, east to Bismarck, and southwest through Bowman into Wyoming, besides the Killdeer Mountains, I had not known that the terrain of western North Dakota could be anything other than dry badlands or flat treeless prairie. The hidden Pine Forest was a surprise to me.

In 2018 I drove to Hettinger, North Dakota to buy a Dodge Van. I was so mentally focused on inspecting and buying the van, that I wasn’t paying much attention to my surroundings. In 2020 I went to Hettinger to buy a BMW motorcycle, and again I was so mentally focused on inspecting and buying the motorcycle, that I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings, but when I had to drive into a residential neighborhood on the south side, I was surprised at how nice, tidy, and quaint it was.

The third time that I drove into Hettinger, was to buy a Ford F250 truck. After concluding this purchase, I could not help but note that these people that I had bought the van, motorcycle, and truck from, were very honest, truthful, no-nonsense, to-the-point, and fair. With these good experiences that I had had, liking the looks of the town more and more, I began shopping more regularly in Hettinger at the Runnings Farm & Fleet store, and at Kennedy’s Grocery store, rather than Dickinson.

Soon, before shopping or after shopping in Hettinger, I began to turn down different streets to see what the rest of Hettinger was like. On the north side of town, there were a couple of hills, with pine trees, and custom homes that were built in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s, that very much reminded me of Flagstaff and Billings. The small plane airport was just to the west of this very nice, pleasant neighborhood.

In downtown Hettinger, about half of the streets are uphill/downhill, through smaller or longer hills. The way that these downtown houses were built in the 1890s through present day, to account for the terrain by using basements, retaining walls, terraced yards, house-over-garage, house entry at street-side, reminded me of Lynchburg VA, Trinidad CO, Pueblo CO.

On the south side of Hettinger, along the railroad tracks, lake, and river, I found the largest, oldest trees that I have ever seen in North Dakota. This section along Mirror Lake, is so shady with large trees, and old buildings, that it reminded me of old small towns in Florida and Georgia.

I have been thinking for several months now, that if I could live anywhere in the World, (realizing that financially I actually can, and will have to decide one day), that I would pick Hettinger. In another, future article, I will have to explain that the people in Hettinger are not very friendly, but even so, I would still pick Hettinger to live.

In the very beginning of this article, I wrote a list of the noteworthy cities that I have visited. Adding together and considering the attractiveness, pleasant environment, peacefulness, safety, small amount of crime, low traffic, low cost of living, low housing cost, quality of life, close availability of healthcare, easy access to shopping, isolation from disasters, no chance of riots, conservative community, I would pick Hettinger to live, versus anywhere else in the World.

For this article, Part I, I am going to share some videos and photos from the south side of Hettinger. For these three videos below, please try watching them expanded to full screen.

South side of Hettinger, looking south, South Dakota border is about 4 miles south

South side of Hettinger, looking north towards Mirror Lake and downtown

Mirror Lake, downtown Hettinger

For these four photographs below, Please Click On Each Image and Use The Enlargement Icon

Mirror Lake viewed from railroad tracks looking south
Downtown Hettinger railroad warehouses
Downtown Hettinger looking east
Downtown Hettinger Looking east

The Lovely Queen Marlene On TikTok

Where I have been living for the past nine years in western North Dakota, it is very sparsely populated. The town where I bought a house two years ago, has a population of 600. The other nearby towns within 10-30 miles, Havelock, Daglum, De Sart, Pierce, Whetstone Butte, Schefield, have been abandoned. But then there’s Amidon and Lefor, each with a population of about 50 people.

Some of the main reasons why western North Dakota has very few people, is because it gets so cold here in the winter, as low as -50 degrees Fahrenheit, with many days each year of 40-50 mph winds, and the landscape is mostly flat treeless prairie.

For the past nine years I have had time to consider why there is a shortage of women in western North Dakota, and a scarcity of attractive women. My belief, is that when the German and Ukrainian immigrant farmers arrived by ship in the east coast cities of the U.S. in the early 1900s, and then began the journey by wagon heading west, the attractive German and Ukrainian women escaped by sneaking off along the way, or pleading for rescue from passersby. The attractive women didn’t want to begin again living in 10’x12′ stacked grass sod huts, in freezing weather, with high winds for most of the year, all alone on a farm in the middle of nowhere.

Western North Dakota is a good place for me to live, because I don’t like people, or being around people most of the time. However, because I grew up in a sunny, warm, picturesque town on the Atlantic Ocean in Florida, the kind of place where beautiful women from all over the World wanted to visit or live, I just took it for granted that this is what life would be like. Attractive, healthy, happy, fun women who wanted to date, go places, do things, was what I was accustomed to being around.

Women who grew up taking ballet class, piano lessons, riding lessons, and knew that they were going to college whether they wanted to or not. A job, profession, or occupation was just something for them to do while young, dating, and waiting to become married. They had no worries. I never had a reason to believe or expect that there would be a shortage of women like this in my future.

Which brings me to Queen Marlene on TikTok. Marlene De Lima was born and raised in sunny South Africa. If you were White and born in South Africa, you were middle-class, upper-middle-class, or very wealthy. Girls took dance lessons, music lessons, riding lessons, played tennis, went to the beach, sun bathed by their swimming pool, frequently had barbeques, family vacations, whether they lived in a city or on a farm.

The middle-class, upper-middle-class childhood that Marlene De Lima had growing up in South Africa was probably slightly more privileged than mine was growing up in a small coastal town in Florida, but was still very similar. And Marlene has all of the qualities and characteristics of the women that I was around growing up, things that I miss: showering, getting ready, getting dressed in the morning in clothes, jewelry, and hair that looks nice; caring about their appearance, behavior, things that they say and do, to maintain and leave a good impression.

I recognize something different in Marlene that is particular to South Africa. In the mid 1600s, the Dutch East India Company began to establish a ship re-supply operation in Cape Town, South Africa. Many former employees of the Dutch East India Company remained in South Africa to become settlers. These Dutch settlers sometimes married indigenous people, and created a new South African ethnic group who spoke Dutch, called the Cape Coloureds. Because of the appearance of Marlene’s eyes, hair, complexion, callipygous ass, and impetuousness, I believe that at least one of her ancestors was a Cape Coloured.

I like Marlene, I think that she is attractive and very spirited. It does not surprise me that she works as a sales representative.

Beach And Golf Resort In Western North Dakota

During the Winter of 2020-2021 I had thought about videoing my motorcycle rides through the abandoned towns of western North Dakota when it warmed up in May. I was inspired to do this from watching the “Adventure Rides” on YouTube that were made primarily by BMW motorcycle riders.

You can either scroll back through my blog post articles or use the search bar on my website to read about some of the old abandoned towns that I had looked up and done some research on.

Due to the Coronavirus travel restrictions, and some other problems, I had not been back to my home in a small Idaho town from approximately August of 2019 until March of 2021. I had no idea, but during the 1-1/2 years that I was gone, about 100-200 people from California had moved in. This may not seem like enough people to affect anything, but it completely changed the character of this small Idaho town.

I am not going to dwell on this in this blog post, but to give an example, across the street from my house in Idaho, the 80-acre farm field was recently developed into 1/2-acre lots with new $500K houses. Nobody in this town can afford a $500K house, they are all for the Californians.

Because of what I just experienced in Idaho, I completely changed my plans to video my “Adventure Rides” through western North Dakota, because I do not want Californians and developers to get the idea that this would be the next place to try to ruin. I know that I can count on the local people here in western North Dakota to continue to be mean, nasty, hostile, unfriendly, and uncooperative to discourage anyone from moving here.

Instead of videoing my motorcycle rides, explaining and showing where I am, I might from time-to-time just show a few pictures, and not tell where they were taken. I am surprised at some of the things that I see, once I travel a few miles away from paved roads and highways.

On Memorial Day, I came across a few abandoned homes on my motorcycle ride, but one of these old farms had its own small lake, with what appeared to be White Sand Beaches. White Sand Beaches, in North Dakota? I stopped and looked at this, not only did this lake have white sand beaches, it had a few white sand bars in the middle. I pictured young women and housewives sunning themselves wearing Bikinis, children playing in the water, and a couple of Sunfish Sailboats meandering along:

Tropical White Sand Beaches in North Dakota (click to enlarge image)

I rode another mile or two, and just as I came over a hill, I saw what appeared to be almost a Golf-Course-like greenbelt strip. I stopped and took a photo, but when I rode past this greenbelt strip, it did not lead to a house, this strip was trees and grass only, that extended about 1/2 mile. This could be its own Golf Course, out in the middle of nowhere:

Golf Course in the middle of nowhere North Dakota (click to enlarge image)

A few miles further, there was quite a long lake, with some old tree growth, which was very surprising to see in western North Dakota:

Farm Lake with some old trees (click to enlarge image)

I will just throw in one last photo that shows an old house that is no longer being lived in. This is a fairly large house, probably 100 years old. You can’t see it in this photo, but on the back side of this house, there is a very large upstairs outside porch deck. This upstairs outside porch deck is about 20ft x 30ft, large enough for the entire family and some of their friends. You don’t often see this kind of frivolous recreational amenity in old North Dakota houses:

Old North Dakota Farm House with upstairs outdoor deck (click to enlarge image)

I like to stop and think about what it must have been like to sit out on the upstairs deck on warm Summer nights, far far from anywhere, with total darkness for miles that would enable you to see thousands of stars in the sky. Or what it must be like to have your own private forest and lake on your farm, with no neighbors for miles.

Even though this looks appealing, I need to give people who aren’t from here, the warning that it gets down to -50 degrees Fahrenheit in the Winter here, and during some months the wind gusts exceed 100 mph across this prairie grassland.

Whenever you see one of these abandoned farm houses, it’s not unusual for people to no longer live in these houses because the electrical, plumbing, heating, and water-well are far outdated, with no insulation whatsoever in these houses. But the acreage is still being farmed, so no, these houses can’t be bought cheap, these houses can’t be bought at all because the farmers won’t sell them.

Escorts Of Western North Dakota

In yesterday’s blog post article about Stark County Commissioner Ken Zander being accused by a female county employee of sexual harassment, I asked why can’t we just have something like this http://www.escortofitaly.com/ , then women in Stark County won’t have to be harassed anymore.

If you click on the website link up above, you can look at the Gallery photographs and listings of the escorts that are available in the major cities of Italy.  You can read the description of what this escort service is providing.

Why can’t we have this here?¬† I have copied the description of services from the Escort Of Italy website, and edited it, for use in western North Dakota:

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See, why can’t we have this in western North Dakota where there is a shortage of women?¬† In the near future, I will copy to this blog post the email addresses for all of the City Commissioners and County Commissioners in western North Dakota, so that you can send them an email message in support of this type of thing.

I Need To Warn Everyone About Dickinson And Western North Dakota

I started this blog about three years ago to tell everyone from out of state what Dickinson, North Dakota is like.  I wanted people to have truthful information about Dickinson so that they would be prepared and know what to expect if they came to Dickinson to work, or perhaps they would choose not to come if they knew the truth.  Now more than ever, I need to warn people about Dickinson and Western North Dakota.

First, the Oil Boom is over in North Dakota.  The number of operating oil drill rigs went from 200 a few years ago, to less than 40 currently.  There are fracturing operations going on, and work over rig operations going on, but these operations will be winding down in about a year.  There are many, many experienced applicants already living in Western North Dakota for every job opening that is advertised.

Second, Dickinson and Western North Dakota are going to experience a great Economic Bust in approximately 1-1/2 years.  There are a combination of more than four economic factors that guarantee an Economic Bust is coming.  At least 70% of the oil field jobs went away after 2015.  Many oil field workers moved out of state, but some remained.  There are now many, many experienced and able-bodied applicants for every job that is advertised.  The wage rates are decreasing, workers are making less money.  70% of the oil field jobs went away.  Every business is making less money.  Businesses need fewer employees now.  More people will be forced to move away from Western North Dakota due to a reduction in wage rates, and a reduction in jobs.  As more and more people move away, businesses will close, there will be fewer jobs, and more people will have to move away.

Three, the people in Western North Dakota have hated outsiders for many generations.  They have hated and mistreated the out of state workers in every way possible throughout this Oil Boom in North Dakota that began in 2007.  Now that the Oil Boom is over, the people in Dickinson are targeting out of state workers with hatred and hostility like never before.  The local human resources personnel with the City of Dickinson, Stark County, the State of North Dakota, and private employers, hide job openings and only disclose them to friends and family members, so that their friends and family members can get hired.  The Western North Dakota Highway Patrol and police are targeting out of state workers to try to make them leave North Dakota.

Prior to working in Western North Dakota, I worked in Tampa for seven years, Arizona for five years, Idaho for five years, and Texas for one year.  In Tampa, Arizona, Idaho, and Texas, I never once got stopped by the police in those eighteen years of working.  In the past year in Western North Dakota, I have been stopped and questioned by the police three times. None of these times was I speeding.

Western North Dakota Romance Novel, Chapters 3 & 4

Chapter 3

Rob’s delivery route with United Express began on the west outskirts of Dickinson, and extended to Buffalo Gap and Medora to the west, as far north as the Missouri River, and as far south as Bowman. ¬†He would start out in the morning from Dickinson heading west, making his first deliveries on old Highway 10 through the South Heart area and continuing westward to Belfield. ¬†Once the Belfield deliveries were completed, he could head north toward Grassy Butte on Highway 85, or he could head south on Highway 85 toward Bowman. ¬†But today, he needed to get southwest of Belfield by 10:00 a.m.

Rob’s delivery van was equipped with a GPS tracking and sending unit, that constantly transmitted his van’s location back to United Express via cell phone towers. ¬†His location was always known, except for when there was no cell phone coverage, or when he wrapped the GPS tracking unit in aluminum foil.

On Rob’s second day working for United Express, he had witnessed a coworker get reprimanded for his delivery van being at a stand still for fifteen minutes at one particular address. ¬†The driver admitted and explained to his supervisor Gary, that the homeowner had a four wheeler for sale in his front yard, that he had asked about it, wanted to know if it ran, and had the owner start it up and show it to him. ¬†The supervisor Gary, angrily explained that under no circumstances can you stop making your deliveries for this amount of time.

Later that day when Rob stopped for lunch, he searched for and found the GPS tracking and sending unit underneath the dashboard of his delivery van, to the right of the steering column.  When he got home, he did an internet search for how to block the signal, and how not to be tracked.

Chapter 4

Rob quickly got through his deliveries on the west outskirts of Dickinson and through the South Heart area. ¬†He never had a reason to become delayed in this area, the houses were too close together, the neighbors saw and knew each other’s activities, and his big white delivery van was very noticeable. ¬†It was usually in the more remote areas that the women customers wanted him to come inside.

From a young age, Rob had the ability to sense when women were interested in him.  He was not overly handsome, exceptionally cute, tall, charismatic, or charming.  Yet there was something about him that women liked.

The circumstances of meeting women alone in remote areas, and his gift at detecting when women had an interest in him, made him a very prolific lover. ¬†He did not put a lot of thought into women or care about them. ¬†He had very little to say to them, nothing that he wanted to discuss, and he did not have an interest in listening to them or asking anything about them. ¬†This worked out fine. ¬†In the moment, the women did not want to know if he was married, if he had kids, what his future plans were, and they sure as hell didn’t want to answer too many questions about themselves, they just wanted to have sex.

Though Rob never thought too deeply about why so many married women customers wanted to have sex with him, their “reasons” varied. ¬†Mostly, these married women had been wondering and thinking about being unfaithful for some time, but they just did not have the opportunity. ¬†Their only time in town was spent grocery shopping and doing errands. ¬†Everyone knew everyone. ¬†There was no chance to meet anyone, to talk to anyone, without being overheard and being noticed, no place to get away with someone. ¬†This young and willing delivery driver showing up when their kids were at school and their husband was at work was like an answer to their prayers.

(The characters in this novel are fictional, and are not based on real or actual persons.  The events in this novel are fictional. Any resemblance to real or actual persons, or actual events, is entirely coincidental.)

What Happened At Miss North Dakota USA?

In my previous blog post, I wrote that I had expected Codi Miller to win the Miss North Dakota USA pageant that was held in Fargo on November 19th & 20th.  I personally did not want Codi to win because I wished that she would stop competing in pageants.  Winning would lead to her competing in the Miss USA pageant.

When I saw the Miss North Dakota USA pageant results on Sunday November 20th, I couldn’t believe it. ¬†The winner of Miss North Dakota USA, and the winner of Miss North Dakota Teen, were not representative of North Dakota at all. ¬†I was very, very angry about the pageant results.

I wondered who the judges were.  Before and after the pageant, I looked on the Miss North Dakota USA website, and I could not find anywhere who the judges were.  I had already read that the pageant organizer and producer, Future Productions, was based in Minneapolis.  Were the judges from Minneapolis too?  The ideology, culture, and values of the large, liberal city of Minneapolis are completely different than the culture and values in North Dakota which is 95% rural, farming, and ranching, with the one exception being Fargo.

I do not like that the Miss North Dakota USA pageant is held in Fargo.  I do not like that the organizers and producers of the pageant are from Minneapolis.  I do not like that the names and short biographies of the pageant judges are not given.

In order to not be sued for libel, I can not write what I think happened.  Other people have already been sued for libel and defamation by Miss USA for making specific accusations which they were not able to prove.  I will give the following example, with quotes from the Wikipedia website, regarding former Miss Pennsylvania USA Sheena Monnin:

“Monnin became a household name a few years ago when she was sued by Donald Trump¬†for US$5 million for calling the “Ms. USA pagent” rigged. She alleged that the Miss Universe Organization¬†had predetermined the results of the Miss USA 2012¬†pageant.”

“In June 2012, Ms. Monnin said that another contestant, Karina Brez¬†(as Miss Florida USA)¬†saw the names of the top five on a telecast paper in the same order in which they were later called out. Brez later said she had made her comment jokingly. Brez went on to then say that she made the whole thing up, changing her story more than once.¬†¬†Monnin stepped down when what she said were those same contestants were named to the Top 5. Immediately following Monnin’s resignation, The Trump Organization¬†publicly denied Monnin’s allegations. Following television appearances by Donald Trump¬†and an interview with his attorney, Monnin appeared on the¬†Today Show¬†to give an interview with Ann Curry¬†explaining her position.

“On the night of the Miss USA awards, Monnin made a Facebook¬†post calling the pageant “fraudulent”, “lacking in morals”, “inconsistent”, and “in many ways trashy”.¬†¬†Monnin refused to renounce her claims.”

I can not write allegations that I can not prove.

I believe that many people in North Dakota do not agree with the Miss North Dakota USA pageant results.  Maybe many North Dakotans do not like that the pageant is held in Fargo, and that the the names and short biographies of the pageant judges have not been listed, especially where the judges are from.

If you are unhappy with the Miss North Dakota USA pageant, do not participate in it, do not sponsor it, do not cooperate with it.

Who Judged Miss North Dakota USA?

The Miss North Dakota USA pageant was held in Fargo, North Dakota on November 19th & 20th.¬† I found out about a week prior to this year’s pageant, that a girl I like, Codi Miller, was going to be a pageant contestant.¬† I thought to myself, “Oh great, she will probably win.¬† I wish that she would stop.¬† I wish that she would be just plain Codi.¬† If she wins, she won’t stop.¬† Oh well, maybe she will eventually get this out of her system.”

I wrote a blog post, contemplating why women compete in beauty pageants.  I was concerned that trying to be a beauty queen and a princess takes young women out of reality and normalcy, and will inevitably make them unable to deal with real life.  After I thought about the women journalists Diane Sawyer and Joanne Nosuchinsky who had won beauty pageants, and later went on to have successful careers, I conceded that pageants might help some women.  Maybe some women just wanted to use the pageants as a stepping stone in their career.

I then looked up and read more about the Miss North Dakota USA pageant: the organizers, the history, past winners, frequently asked questions & answers, the Miss USA Pageant Contestant Contract.  I wrote two more blog posts about the Miss North Dakota USA pageant, making observations, comments, and suggestions.

It was not until late in the day on Friday, November 18th, that all of the pageant contestants were listed on the Miss North Dakota USA website.¬† The listing just showed the contestants’ first name, first letter of last name, one photograph, and their sponsors.¬† I would have liked to have seen the last name of the contestants, and a short biography, at least where they were from.

The girl that I liked, Codi, I saw her latest pageant photograph, and I thought that she would win.¬† As I already said, I didn’t want her to win, I wished that she would stop.¬† Codi was Miss North Dakota Teen in 2009, and Miss Rodeo North Dakota in 2014.¬† I had already seen from previous pageant photographs that she has perfect calves, perfect thighs, bottom, stomach, breasts, shoulders, arms, neck, all perfect.¬† Her latest photograph shows that she looks even better now.¬† I showed other people the Miss North Dakota USA pageant contestants’ photographs, and they all said, “Oh wow, look at her.”, pointing out Codi, they didn’t have anything to say about the other contestants.¬† I thought that there was no contest.¬† I thought that it was embarrassingly uneven.

When I finally saw the Miss North Dakota USA Pageant winners on late Sunday November 20,¬† I said, “What the Fuck!¬†¬†God Dammit!¬† What the Fuck!”

I am going to say what everybody in North Dakota outside of Fargo is thinking!¬† First of all, “What the Fuck!”¬† Second, “What the Fuck happened!”¬† Third, “Why the Fuck are two Latinas Miss North Dakota USA, and Miss North Dakota Teen?¬† Who the Fuck were the God Damn judges?”

North Dakota is about 92% White.  About 95% of the land area in North Dakota is farming and ranch land occupied by white farmers.  The entire history of North Dakota is about ranching and farming.  North Dakota is made up of hundreds of small towns where people farm, ranch, herd cattle, and ride horses.  No young lady represents North Dakota more than Codi Miller, who grew up on a third generation North Dakota farm out in the badlands.  Going to a rural school with only forty kids in the entire school.  Riding horses and rounding up cattle.  Competing in High School rodeo.

God Damn!¬† Do Latinas from the city of Fargo represent North Dakota? ¬†No, they don’t represent North Dakota at all!

I had already read that the company Future Productions based in Minneapolis, organizes and produces the Miss North Dakota USA pageant.  Minneapolis is a very liberal, large city.  Minneapolis has a completely different ideology, culture, and values than 95% of rural North Dakota, with the exception being Fargo.  Where did the judges come from?  Did the judges come from Fargo or Minneapolis?

Both before and after the pageant, I looked on the Miss North Dakota USA website, and I could not find any mention of who the judges were. ¬†I could not find out who the judges were anywhere. ¬†Shouldn’t this be plainly stated? ¬†Why aren’t the judges identified, with some information about where they are from, and their occupations?

I have looked at many of Codi Miller’s photographs from various sources, and I have looked at many of the pageant winner’s photographs from various sources. I believe that Codi Miller was the best looking, most attractive, most feminine, most perfectly proportioned, most dignified contestant, and the best representation of North Dakota. ¬†I think that there are many, many North Dakotans that are wondering why Codi did not win.

In order to not be sued for libel, I can not explain why I think that Codi did not win.

In my next blog post, I will plead with North Dakotans to de-fund, not sponsor, not cooperate with, and not participate in Miss North Dakota USA.

Why I Don’t Go Back To Idaho, And The Triple Blasphemy Of Mormonism

Many readers send me e-mail saying, ‚ÄúWhy don‚Äôt you go back to Idaho.‚ÄĚ I will answer this question, and in answering this question, you will see why I created this blog website and why I write what I write.

In May of 2007 I drove from Arizona to eastern Idaho with the intention of moving there. I had done some research about where I was going, the Idaho Falls area. Idaho Falls was the second largest city in Idaho, the population in that area was about 100,000. Housing prices were not high, that was one of the main reasons why I was moving there. I wanted to buy a home and land. The area in Arizona where I was moving from, the average house price was $400,000, which was too much money for me.

When I first drove into Idaho Falls and got off the interstate, I was slightly lost and drove a little outside of town into the farming area. It was exactly like scenes out of a children’s book, plain modest tidy homes with green grass, green pastures, and beautiful clean blue streams of water running through it. Driving further, I came to a wider and faster flowing feeder canal with small white capped waves. There was an abundance of clean water flowing. You could clearly see the Teton Mountains to the east, and they seemed only to be about fifteen miles away. This was the Snake River Valley.

In the late 1800s, the Mormons had settled the Snake River Valley through 180 acre government land grants to homesteaders. I did not have anything against the Mormons, though I was something like a Methodist. I thought that Mormons didn’t drink alcohol, didn’t smoke, didn’t drink caffeinated beverages, and had large families. What is wrong with that?

In Idaho Falls, there was a Mormon Church, The Church Of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints, about every five to ten blocks. Idaho Falls is about sixty to seventy percent Mormon. After I had lived in Idaho Falls for several months and had met people, I was invited to the LDS, Latter Day Saints Church.

I won’t go into all of the details, but at LDS Church, first there is the general assembly of all persons together before the Bishop of that Ward or Precinct, then the men and women dis-assemble and go to individual meetings based on their age group.

I did some reading at home about the Mormon Church. In the early 1800s, their prophet, Joseph Smith, was visited by the angel Moroni, and he was told where a book of golden tablets was buried along with a sacred vest. Joseph Smith later retrieved this book of golden tablets and the sacred vest. The book was written in an unknown language, which only Joseph Smith was granted the power to read. Joseph Smith verbally translated the book of golden tablets to a friend who wrote everything down, and this is how The Book Of Mormon was created.

Many people were, and are skeptical, about Joseph Smith being a prophet of God. Many people ask, ‚ÄúWhy can‚Äôt the book of golden tablets be looked at by anyone, even just a few experts, to prove and verify that the book of golden tablets does exist?‚ÄĚ Another reason why many people were, and are skeptical about Joseph Smith being a prophet of God, is because The Holy Bible does state and imply that Jesus was the final messenger that would be sent by God, no prophet would come after him.

I was skeptical about Joseph Smith being a prophet of God, but I went to several more LDS Church services. The general assembly of all persons was dismissed one morning, and I went to the men‚Äôs study group. A man in the study group stated the Mormon belief, ‚ÄúJust as God evolved, we too can evolve, and become Gods of our own planet one day.‚ÄĚ ¬†I said to myself, ‚ÄúWhat the fuck did he just say! What the fuck did he just say!‚ÄĚ

When this study group dismissed, I anxiously asked my two Mormon Missionary friends, what was this guy talking about. Unfortunately, this was no mistake, this is Mormon Doctrine. The Mormon Missionaries explained to me that Mormon men believe that through work, effort, and reincarnations, that men can evolve to become more God-like, and that they will be Gods of their own planet one day. This was the craziest thing that I had ever heard, and I realized right away that it was blasphemous in at least three different ways.

If you are a Christian, you believe that God is a supreme being. Stating that God ‚Äúevolved‚ÄĚ, is stating that God might not always have been a supreme being and implying that God is not perfect, is fallible, and makes mistakes. Stating that we too can evolve to become like God, is just outright blasphemy, and again denying that God is a supreme being. Stating that we too can become Gods of our own planet one day is the third blasphemy, continuing to state that we can become like God. If you readers have never heard this, and you don‚Äôt believe me, please look this up for yourself.

I informed my Mormon Missionary friends that I could not attend the LDS Church anymore, that this thing about God evolving was blasphemous to me. I was suspicious about Mormons from that day forward. Each Mormon man that I met from then on, I thought to myself, ‚ÄúDoes he believe that he will become God of his own planet one day? If he does, he has got to be crazy.‚ÄĚ I wondered how educated people like doctors and lawyers could believe something like this, if they do, they must have something mentally wrong with them. In case you women readers missed it, I said that the Mormon men believe that they will evolve to become God of their own planet one day, as for the women, they do not pass into a higher realm, they pass out of existence.

Once I explained how I felt about not being able to attend the LDS Church anymore, I was black listed in Idaho at the medium level of disfavor. Good, high paying jobs, which are not plentiful in Idaho Falls, were no longer open to me. The hottest, best looking, best temperament Mormon women were no longer available to me. Before moving to Idaho, I had no idea that Idaho Falls was sixty to seventy percent Mormon, and that Idahoans really want newcomers to join their Mormon Church to increase their numbers and their prosperity. If you don’t join, they look at it as undermining and refusing to increase their success and prosperity.

I had to weigh having a good, high paying job, and a hot, beautiful, subservient wife, against eternal damnation of my soul. If I would have known that Idaho was going to be this way, I never would have moved there in the first place. I wish that there would have been some useful truthful information about ‚Äúliving in Idaho‚ÄĚ right there at the top of the search results on the internet, telling everyone what it is really like before they move there.

That is why I have a blog website about Dickinson, Watford City, and western North Dakota. I want to tell all of the people from out of state the truth before they move here. There are not a lot of job openings now, housing prices are still high, there is a shortage of women, people are unfriendly and uncooperative, the police are aggressive in DUI arrests, there is not much to do, it is extremely cold and grey for seven months out of the year, and the Catholics here a mean and nasty to everyone.

How Men Are Assessed In Western North Dakota, Part I

I have lived in Dickinson, North Dakota for almost four years now.  The local people in Dickinson, judge, assess, and evaluate men differently than they do in other parts of the United States.

I lived in Florida mostly until I was 30.  After that I lived and worked in Colorado, Utah, Texas, Arizona, Idaho, and North Dakota.  Higher education is important and valued in Florida, Colorado, Utah, Texas, and Arizona.  Not valued very much in Idaho and North Dakota.

In the states that I just mentioned that valued higher education, if you had a bachelors degree, this would allow you to enter into and work your way up in accounting, advertising, banking, business management, construction management, healthcare, human resources, insurance, manufacturing, marketing, real estate appraisal, sales, and other businesses.¬† What employers were looking for, were people who had adult level competency in reading, writing, math, history, logic, critical thinking, decision making,¬†ability to learn, and ability to complete tasks¬†unsupervised.¬† Local people in western North Dakota don’t look at things this way.

Things are different in western North Dakota.¬† For instance, if there was no Oil Boom, people that had good logic, critical thinking, and decision making ability would move away, so people in western North Dakota could never evaluate anyone based on these three criteria, because they wouldn’t be here in the first place.¬† Some of the other criteria that are important elsewhere like reading, writing, math, and history, are not important in western North Dakota.¬† In western North Dakota, they were looking for people that would stay and show up¬†for work.

In western North Dakota, the most important characteristic in a male, was that he stay and show up for work.

In the small town in Florida that I grew up in, in the college towns that I went to school in, in the cities that I¬†worked in, women would rather date, be with, and marry a guy that had a college degree, because everyone knows that college graduates make more money and have more employment opportunities.¬† In most of the places that I lived, women were very aware of the employment possibilities and earnings potential for every type of education.¬† Women would most like to be in a relationship with a medical doctor, 2nd lawyer, 3rd MBA or PhD, 4th physician’s assistant, pharmaceutical sales rep¬†or engineer.¬† In western North Dakota, what really turns a woman on, is a guy that is going to stay here and show up for work.

North Dakota Could Be A Good Place To Live, If…

North Dakota could be a good place to live.  I have lived in North Dakota for almost four years now.  I have had a lot of bad things to say about North Dakota, but I also know of some good, unique things about North Dakota, that nobody talks about.

I have lived in Florida, Virginia, Texas, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and Idaho.  In comparison, even to the sparsely populated states of Utah and Idaho, you can really, really be left alone in North Dakota.  Once you get on your own property in North Dakota, you are left alone like no other place I have been.  The place that I live on outside of Dickinson, is not even one acre, yet I have had less interference on this property than I have had on my rural five acres in Idaho.

Even if you are not on your own property, once you are driving around outside of the towns, whether it’s outside of Dickinson, or outside of Watford City, you are mostly on your own. ¬†You are not being surveilled, watched, monitored, scrutinized, or spied on. ¬†In Florida, Virginia, Colorado, and Texas, it was hard to get away from people, you can go to remote rural areas, and there is somebody there. ¬†In North Dakota, you can really get away from people.

There is not a lot of crime in North Dakota. ¬†In the cities, like Dickinson, Williston, and Bismarck, there is a small amount of theft due to piece of shit people from out of state bringing in illegal drugs, which result in addicts committing thefts. ¬†In the rural areas, there is very little theft. ¬†The rural areas are sparsely populated, people live on large pieces of property, there just aren’t people creeping around on other people’s property trying to steal someones laptop computer or DVD player.

I very much like that North Dakota is sparsely populated, you can be left alone, you can get away from people.  In your own home, you can be free from interference, noise, theft, and other crime.  Living in North Dakota can be very stress-free because of the reasons that I just mentioned, but also because of the slow pace of life in the rural areas where there is not a lot going on.

Doing some reading yesterday, I read some research that a North Dakota journalist had conducted in order to write an article.  The journalist questioned and surveyed out of state workers that had come to North Dakota during this past Oil Boom.  About 80% of the workers stated that they did not plan on living in North Dakota permanently.  The journalist was surprised to learn that the workers said it was not that there was no shopping, lack of restaurants, lack of entertainment, lack of things to do, or that it was cold, the workers said that they did not know where they could afford to live.

North Dakota probably has the most amount of undeveloped land of any state, much of it barren prairie.  How could it be that the out of state workers did not think that they would ever be able to afford a place to live?  90% of you already know why, and yes, I am going to start talking about the greedy, immoral, property managers, property developers, and property investors again, though just briefly.

Everybody listen up!  Many of the out of state workers that came to work in North Dakota during this last Oil Boom would have stayed, would have brought their families to live here permanently, because of the peace and quiet of the wide open spaces, being able to raise a family without interference on their own land, without having to deal with the stress of traffic, fear of drugs, gangs, and crime.  However, left unchecked, the greedy property managers, property developers, and property investors quickly quadrupled the cost of rent and housing, making all the workers believe that they could never afford to live in North Dakota.

North Dakota would have been tremendously better off, if it would have not allowed the greedy people here to mistreat the workers, and cause them to leave.




Lies From Williston, North Dakota

On April 26, 2016, someone showed me a news article from Williston, North Dakota, that was titled ‚ÄúOil Boom Headed For North Dakota! (It‚Äôs About To Get Crazy Again) ‚ÄĚ. This story was posted on the website ‚ÄúOil Field Job Finder‚ÄĚ.

This article had so many outrageous exaggerations, far-fetched scenarios, and misportrayals of what is currently happening in Williston, that the website would not allow any comments to be posted, and the author was not named. For people currently working in Western North Dakota, it is obvious that this article is a very desperate attempt to get people to move to Williston and invest in Williston.

Supposedly, the several sources for the information in the article were a former mayor of Williston, Ward Koeser, the president of the Williston Basin American Petroleum Institute, Ken Callahan, and Mr. Helms with the North Dakota Department of Natural Resources.

This news article stated that everyone in Williston needed to get ready for all the workers to come back to Williston in the next six months, because the price of oil was getting high enough for all the oil companies to proceed with drilling and fracking operations. All the drilling companies, fracking companies, and oil field service companies would need to become fully manned again.

So many people would be moving back to Williston, that construction companies would need to come back to Williston to start building more houses and apartments. The population of Williston would soon grow from 30,000 to 80,000.

I went and looked at the price of North Dakota oil the day that I read this article, it was $37 per barrel. What the hell were these people talking about? I know what they were trying to do, they were trying to lie to people and mislead people.

The website that I got the daily price of oil from, had several quotes from oil companies stating that, ‚ÄúThe price of oil would have to get to $60 per barrel, and remain there for quite some time, before they would be willing to start drilling and fracking operations again.‚ÄĚ. There were additional articles that explained once the price of oil came back up and remained there for a long enough period of time, to make the oil companies start drilling again, it would then take one to two years for the drilling, fracking, and oil service companies to become completely manned with workers again.

The City of Williston recently began legal procedures to force the closure of ‚Äúman camps‚ÄĚ, so that the few remaining workers in Williston would have to go stay in the vacant hotels and apartments in Williston. Why would they force the closure of the man camps right now, if they were expecting the Oil Boom to begin all over again in six months?

I couldn’t stand the misinformation in this article. This is just like in the book/movie ‚ÄúThe Grapes of Wrath‚ÄĚ, about the Great Depression in the 1930s. All these poor destitute starving homeless people kept traveling across the United State to get to California for the ‚Äújobs, there‚Äôs jobs in California‚ÄĚ, but there weren‚Äôt any jobs. You people in Williston need to stop with your stupid shit.

Just before I uploaded this blog post today, I was sitting in a barber shop, and I heard a local person and the barber discussing this news article “Oil Boom Headed For North Dakota! (It’s About To Get Crazy Again)”. ¬†They were asking each other, “Where did this news article get its information? ¬†What are they saying is their basis for the prediction that all this work is supposed to begin again any time soon? ¬†Other news articles are saying that it would take one to two years, after the price of oil remains high, to get all the oil companies, drilling companies, fracking companies, and service companies fully manned again.”

More About Survival In Western North Dakota

In the South, where I lived for most of my life, you don’t absolutely need a four wheel drive vehicle. I will concede that you might live at the end of a muddy road, and you don’t like getting stuck, but it’s not like you are going to die if you get stuck.

In North Dakota, it’s not that you own a four wheel drive vehicle because you like driving off road, you own one because you are trying not to drive off road. You own a four wheel drive vehicle in North Dakota because you are trying to stay on the road. Going off the road in North Dakota might cause you and your passengers to die, yes die.

Unlike the South, in North Dakota, most often there is no guardrail along highways where there is a several hundred foot drop, less than twenty feet from the edge of the road. On Hwy 85 just south of Watford City, even at the curves, there is a very narrow road shoulder, then a very steep embankment, then a several hundred foot drop. I know from experience, that if you get off the narrow flat shoulder, and onto a wet embankment, Don’t Move!

In North Dakota the embankments contain a clayey soil, they contain bentonite, which is far more slippery than dish soap when wet. If you are on a wet embankment, that has more than a slight incline, Just Stop! If you are just a couple of feet from the edge of pavement, stop, and keep it that way! Even if you have a four wheel drive vehicle with all four wheels locked, if you drive forward or reverse, you will begin sliding laterally, downhill, all the way to the bottom, however far that is. Let a heavy truck that is completely on the pavement, pull you back onto the shoulder from behind, while you are still only a few feet from the edge of pavement. Even then, it is dangerous for the tow vehicle. In wet or icy conditions, even a heavier tow vehicle can get pulled over the side from a lighter vehicle that suddenly gives way.

In the several winters that I have lived in North Dakota, the coldest it has gotten has been about 25 degrees below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. With a small amount of wind, with wind chill factor, it might have been -40 degrees Fahrenheit. If you had on just blue jeans and a hoodie, and tried to walk, you might have hypothermia in about ¬ľ mile. If you didn‚Äôt reach a warm shelter within that ¬ľ mile, you would die.

In North Dakota, you should do everything you can to avoid unintentionally dying in the Winter. Four wheel drive is not for monkeying around in the Winter, it is for staying on the road, and helping you get back onto the road. If you are driving out of town, you need to make sure that you and all of you passengers have warm enough shoes, clothing, and jacket to be outside for at least ¬Ĺ hour, because you might be. No kids, especially teenage girls, just wearing pajamas, thinking that they are only going to have to walk no more than thirty feet to and from the car.

Unfortunately, many people do not have extra radiator coolant, aluma-seal, or tools in their vehicle, nor do they know if they have an inflated spare tire or a jack. Their preparedness plan is to try to get somebody else to pull over and help them, using their extra coolant, aluma-seal, tools, fix-a-flat, jack, air compressor, etcetera, give them ride. This plan is not always going to work.