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What Happened At Miss North Dakota USA?

In my previous blog post, I wrote that I had expected Codi Miller to win the Miss North Dakota USA pageant that was held in Fargo on November 19th & 20th.  I personally did not want Codi to win because I wished that she would stop competing in pageants.  Winning would lead to her competing in the Miss USA pageant.

When I saw the Miss North Dakota USA pageant results on Sunday November 20th, I couldn’t believe it.  The winner of Miss North Dakota USA, and the winner of Miss North Dakota Teen, were not representative of North Dakota at all.  I was very, very angry about the pageant results.

I wondered who the judges were.  Before and after the pageant, I looked on the Miss North Dakota USA website, and I could not find anywhere who the judges were.  I had already read that the pageant organizer and producer, Future Productions, was based in Minneapolis.  Were the judges from Minneapolis too?  The ideology, culture, and values of the large, liberal city of Minneapolis are completely different than the culture and values in North Dakota which is 95% rural, farming, and ranching, with the one exception being Fargo.

I do not like that the Miss North Dakota USA pageant is held in Fargo.  I do not like that the organizers and producers of the pageant are from Minneapolis.  I do not like that the names and short biographies of the pageant judges are not given.

In order to not be sued for libel, I can not write what I think happened.  Other people have already been sued for libel and defamation by Miss USA for making specific accusations which they were not able to prove.  I will give the following example, with quotes from the Wikipedia website, regarding former Miss Pennsylvania USA Sheena Monnin:

“Monnin became a household name a few years ago when she was sued by Donald Trump for US$5 million for calling the “Ms. USA pagent” rigged. She alleged that the Miss Universe Organization had predetermined the results of the Miss USA 2012 pageant.”

“In June 2012, Ms. Monnin said that another contestant, Karina Brez (as Miss Florida USA) saw the names of the top five on a telecast paper in the same order in which they were later called out. Brez later said she had made her comment jokingly. Brez went on to then say that she made the whole thing up, changing her story more than once.  Monnin stepped down when what she said were those same contestants were named to the Top 5. Immediately following Monnin’s resignation, The Trump Organization publicly denied Monnin’s allegations. Following television appearances by Donald Trump and an interview with his attorney, Monnin appeared on the Today Show to give an interview with Ann Curry explaining her position.

“On the night of the Miss USA awards, Monnin made a Facebook post calling the pageant “fraudulent”, “lacking in morals”, “inconsistent”, and “in many ways trashy”.  Monnin refused to renounce her claims.”

I can not write allegations that I can not prove.

I believe that many people in North Dakota do not agree with the Miss North Dakota USA pageant results.  Maybe many North Dakotans do not like that the pageant is held in Fargo, and that the the names and short biographies of the pageant judges have not been listed, especially where the judges are from.

If you are unhappy with the Miss North Dakota USA pageant, do not participate in it, do not sponsor it, do not cooperate with it.