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Angry Women Competing In Miss North Dakota USA 2019 In Fargo This Weekend

For those of you who don’t know, I like Codi Miller.  Codi is from the small town of Amidon, North Dakota, population 20, and she went to a school that was so small, there were only 40 kids in the entire school, 1st through 8th grade.  In 2009, Codi was Miss North Dakota Teen USA, and in 2014 she was Miss Rodeo North Dakota.

I first laid eyes on Codi in 2014 at an event where she was making an appearance as Miss Rodeo North Dakota, and I thought to myself at that moment, how stern and unapproachable she looked, though she was very beautiful.  The second time that I saw Codi, it was in 2015, I was talking to a plain looking young lady wearing eye glasses, jeans, and a T-shirt, who I thought was a simple country mouse, and as I was talking to her I began to realize that she was very beautiful, and I thought that she didn’t know, because nobody ever told her.

As I continued to ask her about herself, because I was interested in her and I wanted to date her, if she was out of high school yet, she began to say that she had gone to college, etcetera, etcetera, until I said hold on, wait a minute, are you Miss Rodeo North Dakota, and she said yes, she was.

From that day, I liked Codi very much.  I wrote her a couple of letters, but she did not write back.  Either because I looked up and read about Codi, or because I heard or saw that she was competing in the Miss North Dakota USA pageants, or because she did not respond to my offer to send her some opossums,  I began writing blog post articles about Codi, such as “Meeting Miss Rodeo North Dakota”, “What It Would Be Like To Marry Codi Miller”, and “What It Would Be Like To Be Married To Codi Miller”.

Because of my avowed interest in Codi, various people tried to arrange for the opportunity for me to meet Codi again, where she would have difficulty in getting away from me, because she was supposed to be there.  They offered to do this for me, because of how much I liked and admired Codi, but also because of the entertainment value in seeing what would happen, like watching some Pepe Le Pew cartoon where a skunk is in love with a cat.

I didn’t want to upset or bother Codi, so I didn’t make any effort to see her again, though I would like to see her and be with her again.  Also, many times I thought what would I ever do with Codi?  It’s not like I could take her to an all-you-can eat Barbeque restaurant, or take her to look for Bigfoot on the Fort Berthold Reservation, things that I like to do.

So about a week ago, I saw on my Facebook Page that Codi was near the top of my “People You May Know”, which happens when Codi is up to something.  So I looked at Codi’s Facebook Page to see what she is doing.  It is that time of year again, the Miss North Dakota USA pageant in Fargo, North Dakota.

This will be about the third year that Codi is competing in the Miss North Dakota USA pageant.  She had some words for me in one of her Facebook comments, that went something like this, “I was reading something that was written by a man that I don’t know…that he wishes that I would stop competing in beauty pageants, and be just plain Codi, not rodeo queen Codi,.. I want people to know, that I am me, all the time, and these pageants have been such a positive experience for me…..”.

When reading this comment, I was thinking, do you not know me because you don’t remember me, because you want to pretend to not remember me, or because you want to give a disclaimer that you have had nothing to do with the things that I write?  All three of these things can be true, as far as I am concerned, because now that I know where I stand, I know that I can only ever be Codi’s “Back Door Man”, which I like the sound of, and there are way less duties and responsibilities.

As Codi is getting older, more experienced, and more confident, it is more natural for her to express herself, her thoughts, opinions, goals, ambitions, what she likes, and what she doesn’t like, she is finding her voice.  What also might have inspired her to speak her mind, whether she knows it or not, was meeting Miss North Dakota Cara Mund, who became Miss America Cara Mund, who became very outspoken, unprecedentedly outspoken, about her mistreatment by Miss America chairwoman Gretchen Carlson.

From this point forward, Miss America Cara Mund, will be known as the “Honey Badger”.  There is no need to even mention her name, just referring to her as “Honey Badger” will suffice, and people will know or figure out who you are talking about.  For instance, a television reporter from KFYR in Bismarck could say, “The Honey Badger has returned to Bismarck to speak to area students about the importance of standing up to bullying.”  You see, the honey part, is like she is nice and sweet, but then the badger part is like she is mean and ferocious, and there are some other qualities there too that I don’t want to get into right now.

The other reason why Codi is speaking her mind and being confident, besides finding her voice, is I suspect that she thinks that she can win this time.  So I went and looked at the photographs of all the contestants in this year’s Miss North Dakota USA pageant, and yes, this is the case.  I don’t see how she wouldn’t win this time.  I myself might even have been able to place in the top five this year if I had known soon enough in advance to get ready and enter.

At the bottom of this blog post, I will include a link to the photographs of the entrants in this year’s Miss North Dakota USA pageant.  Several of these young ladies look angry, like they are ready to file their first sexual harassment/discrimination/hostile-work-environment lawsuit already, even before the pageant even starts.

The angry looks on some of these pageant contestant’s faces doesn’t come as that much of a surprise to me, because young women have been given the impression that this is the way to go.  “If you’re not accusing someone of mistreating you and initiating a lawsuit, you’re not trying”.  So rather than looking fresh, eager, energetic, optimistic, excited, or happy, they look like they are ready to tell their side of the story, on how they have been wronged and mistreated, just like Miss America chairwomen Gretchen Carlson did to get her $20 million lawsuit settlement from Fox News.

Good luck to all of the young ladies in this year’s Miss North Dakota USA pageant, this will be about the last year that people will put up with women’s shit anymore, the pendulum has swung about as far as it can go.


I Want To Be The Dead Chicken Around Your Neck

In my previous two blog posts I wrote about the Miss North Dakota USA pageant.  I am so angry and disgusted with the Miss North Dakota USA pageant, that it would be fine with me if Future Productions and Miss USA never came back to North Dakota.  There are some young women and their families that would disagree with me.  They think that they can compete and win, get the publicity, get a scholarship.  Sometimes, you need to withdraw, not participate, not cooperate, oppose, speak out against, and fight some things in order to get them changed, even if it costs you.

Most of the local people in western North Dakota are not going to like what I write.  Though the local people who read my blog may agree with a blog post, or two, or three, if they read more, they will eventually come across more and more things that they don’t like.  They will find things that hit too close to home.

I don’t want to be like the local Chambers of Commerce, that attempt to put everything about western North Dakota in a good light.  I don’t want to be like the Dickinson Press newspaper, only able to report hard facts, and not entirely able to discuss negative things for fear of losing readers, subscribers, advertising, and individual reporters fearing losing their job.

I don’t want to write only things that the people I like will enjoy and agree with.  I don’t want to not write what will make the people I like angry and offended, wanting me to shut up.

I want to be the dead chicken around your neck.  I want to bring up, remind, and keep reminding everyone what happened and is happening in Dickinson, Watford City, and western North Dakota.

(Also, I want what the frog wants, in the Brothers Grimm tale “The Frog King”.)

What Happened At Miss North Dakota USA?

In my previous blog post, I wrote that I had expected Codi Miller to win the Miss North Dakota USA pageant that was held in Fargo on November 19th & 20th.  I personally did not want Codi to win because I wished that she would stop competing in pageants.  Winning would lead to her competing in the Miss USA pageant.

When I saw the Miss North Dakota USA pageant results on Sunday November 20th, I couldn’t believe it.  The winner of Miss North Dakota USA, and the winner of Miss North Dakota Teen, were not representative of North Dakota at all.  I was very, very angry about the pageant results.

I wondered who the judges were.  Before and after the pageant, I looked on the Miss North Dakota USA website, and I could not find anywhere who the judges were.  I had already read that the pageant organizer and producer, Future Productions, was based in Minneapolis.  Were the judges from Minneapolis too?  The ideology, culture, and values of the large, liberal city of Minneapolis are completely different than the culture and values in North Dakota which is 95% rural, farming, and ranching, with the one exception being Fargo.

I do not like that the Miss North Dakota USA pageant is held in Fargo.  I do not like that the organizers and producers of the pageant are from Minneapolis.  I do not like that the names and short biographies of the pageant judges are not given.

In order to not be sued for libel, I can not write what I think happened.  Other people have already been sued for libel and defamation by Miss USA for making specific accusations which they were not able to prove.  I will give the following example, with quotes from the Wikipedia website, regarding former Miss Pennsylvania USA Sheena Monnin:

“Monnin became a household name a few years ago when she was sued by Donald Trump for US$5 million for calling the “Ms. USA pagent” rigged. She alleged that the Miss Universe Organization had predetermined the results of the Miss USA 2012 pageant.”

“In June 2012, Ms. Monnin said that another contestant, Karina Brez (as Miss Florida USA) saw the names of the top five on a telecast paper in the same order in which they were later called out. Brez later said she had made her comment jokingly. Brez went on to then say that she made the whole thing up, changing her story more than once.  Monnin stepped down when what she said were those same contestants were named to the Top 5. Immediately following Monnin’s resignation, The Trump Organization publicly denied Monnin’s allegations. Following television appearances by Donald Trump and an interview with his attorney, Monnin appeared on the Today Show to give an interview with Ann Curry explaining her position.

“On the night of the Miss USA awards, Monnin made a Facebook post calling the pageant “fraudulent”, “lacking in morals”, “inconsistent”, and “in many ways trashy”.  Monnin refused to renounce her claims.”

I can not write allegations that I can not prove.

I believe that many people in North Dakota do not agree with the Miss North Dakota USA pageant results.  Maybe many North Dakotans do not like that the pageant is held in Fargo, and that the the names and short biographies of the pageant judges have not been listed, especially where the judges are from.

If you are unhappy with the Miss North Dakota USA pageant, do not participate in it, do not sponsor it, do not cooperate with it.