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There Aren’t Even Any Skank Girls In Western North Dakota

I have lived in Western North Dakota for almost five years now. I have written many blog posts about the shortage of women and the scarcity of attractive women in Western North Dakota. About one year ago I wrote a blog post titled, “List Of Attractive Women In Dickinson, North Dakota”. On that list, I have included three women from Watford City, one woman from Belfield, one woman from South Heart, two women from Amidon, and about ten women from Dickinson. I have only been able to come up with about twenty attractive women in Western North Dakota, and I have been here for five years.

I thought about attractive women that I could add to my List Of Attractive Women, being careful to not include any skank women, and then I realized that there aren’t even any skank women in Western North Dakota. About one month ago I wrote a blog post titled, “Skank Women From The South”. In that blog post I had intended to point out and explain that there aren’t any skank women in Western North Dakota, but I only managed to describe skank women.

Skank women start out in life being underprivileged. They are often pale and skinny as children and adolescents because they don’t have access to very much food, and they don’t get to go outside and play in the sun. Also, they sometimes have scars from a car accident, animal attack, or other mishap. When they become teenagers, they sometimes blossom into attractive young ladies, but they are poor, and not from respectable families, so they are not destined to be a cheerleader, homecoming queen, or go to college and be in a sorority. Sometimes, they have a stigma attached to them because their mother was so wild, or their father was a criminal.

As all good respectable women know, their husband, boyfriend, brother, or son can become involved with a skank woman. Skank women did not have a lot growing up, they did not have high expectations in life, they only expected to have small pleasures in life, such as going out, getting drunk, and having the affection and company of men.

Skank women are not necessarily trashy. If I wanted to talk about white trash women, I would say that I was talking about white trash women. White trash women are the next level below skank women. Now that I think about it, there aren’t even hardly any white trash women in Western North Dakota.

In Western North Dakota, besides the twenty attractive women on my list, it skips straight down past the skank women level, straight past the white trash women level, and stops at one of two lower levels, the battle axe women, and the drug addict women.

Just like there is a scarcity of attractive women, there is a scarcity of plain average women, and you mainly see women that are the battle axe women, the women with big ankles, ham fists, and scowling faces, that look like somebody hits them in the face with the flat side of a 1”x4” board every morning. The other women that you mainly see are the drug addict, problem women, that came from Los Angeles, Los Vegas, Spokane, or Coeur d’Alene.

The South is full of skank women. They work at banks, book keeping, retail stores, offices, and in health care. They are easy to meet and talk to. You meet them at the places where they work, at any store you go to, any place you go: convenience stores, gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, Wal-Mart, laundromats, dry cleaners, the beach. They don’t go to the gym, or go to church.

Skank women like getting asked out. If they got asked out nicely three times in one day, they would probably agree to go out on three different dates. They look forward to getting slightly dressed up, to meet someone for dinner at a restaurant, or drinks at a bar. They like meeting people, going places, and doing things. They see going out with people as an opportunity to do all kinds of things that they like: eating good food, having good drinks, getting drunk, dancing, making friends, going new places, seeing other people’s nice clothes, jewelry, cars, motorcycles, boats, animals, and homes. They like to have fun, they look forward to having fun.

The battle axe women in Western North Dakota want to make everyone miserable, most of the time, they are like ogres or trolls. The problem drug addict women that came to Western North Dakota from Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Spokane, and Coeur D’Alene to work at the bars, restaurants, and hotels just want to get high on meth, crack, or heroin.

I Want To Be The Dead Chicken Around Your Neck

In my previous two blog posts I wrote about the Miss North Dakota USA pageant.  I am so angry and disgusted with the Miss North Dakota USA pageant, that it would be fine with me if Future Productions and Miss USA never came back to North Dakota.  There are some young women and their families that would disagree with me.  They think that they can compete and win, get the publicity, get a scholarship.  Sometimes, you need to withdraw, not participate, not cooperate, oppose, speak out against, and fight some things in order to get them changed, even if it costs you.

Most of the local people in western North Dakota are not going to like what I write.  Though the local people who read my blog may agree with a blog post, or two, or three, if they read more, they will eventually come across more and more things that they don’t like.  They will find things that hit too close to home.

I don’t want to be like the local Chambers of Commerce, that attempt to put everything about western North Dakota in a good light.  I don’t want to be like the Dickinson Press newspaper, only able to report hard facts, and not entirely able to discuss negative things for fear of losing readers, subscribers, advertising, and individual reporters fearing losing their job.

I don’t want to write only things that the people I like will enjoy and agree with.  I don’t want to not write what will make the people I like angry and offended, wanting me to shut up.

I want to be the dead chicken around your neck.  I want to bring up, remind, and keep reminding everyone what happened and is happening in Dickinson, Watford City, and western North Dakota.

(Also, I want what the frog wants, in the Brothers Grimm tale “The Frog King”.)