Lies From Williston, North Dakota

On April 26, 2016, someone showed me a news article from Williston, North Dakota, that was titled “Oil Boom Headed For North Dakota! (It’s About To Get Crazy Again) ”. This story was posted on the website “Oil Field Job Finder”.

This article had so many outrageous exaggerations, far-fetched scenarios, and misportrayals of what is currently happening in Williston, that the website would not allow any comments to be posted, and the author was not named. For people currently working in Western North Dakota, it is obvious that this article is a very desperate attempt to get people to move to Williston and invest in Williston.

Supposedly, the several sources for the information in the article were a former mayor of Williston, Ward Koeser, the president of the Williston Basin American Petroleum Institute, Ken Callahan, and Mr. Helms with the North Dakota Department of Natural Resources.

This news article stated that everyone in Williston needed to get ready for all the workers to come back to Williston in the next six months, because the price of oil was getting high enough for all the oil companies to proceed with drilling and fracking operations. All the drilling companies, fracking companies, and oil field service companies would need to become fully manned again.

So many people would be moving back to Williston, that construction companies would need to come back to Williston to start building more houses and apartments. The population of Williston would soon grow from 30,000 to 80,000.

I went and looked at the price of North Dakota oil the day that I read this article, it was $37 per barrel. What the hell were these people talking about? I know what they were trying to do, they were trying to lie to people and mislead people.

The website that I got the daily price of oil from, had several quotes from oil companies stating that, “The price of oil would have to get to $60 per barrel, and remain there for quite some time, before they would be willing to start drilling and fracking operations again.”. There were additional articles that explained once the price of oil came back up and remained there for a long enough period of time, to make the oil companies start drilling again, it would then take one to two years for the drilling, fracking, and oil service companies to become completely manned with workers again.

The City of Williston recently began legal procedures to force the closure of “man camps”, so that the few remaining workers in Williston would have to go stay in the vacant hotels and apartments in Williston. Why would they force the closure of the man camps right now, if they were expecting the Oil Boom to begin all over again in six months?

I couldn’t stand the misinformation in this article. This is just like in the book/movie “The Grapes of Wrath”, about the Great Depression in the 1930s. All these poor destitute starving homeless people kept traveling across the United State to get to California for the “jobs, there’s jobs in California”, but there weren’t any jobs. You people in Williston need to stop with your stupid shit.

Just before I uploaded this blog post today, I was sitting in a barber shop, and I heard a local person and the barber discussing this news article “Oil Boom Headed For North Dakota! (It’s About To Get Crazy Again)”.  They were asking each other, “Where did this news article get its information?  What are they saying is their basis for the prediction that all this work is supposed to begin again any time soon?  Other news articles are saying that it would take one to two years, after the price of oil remains high, to get all the oil companies, drilling companies, fracking companies, and service companies fully manned again.”

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