Are All Women Crazy?

In the past couple of months, I wrote a blog post titled “Problem Women Moving To Dickinson, North Dakota”.  In that post, I explained that over the past several years living in Dickinson, I had gone to restaurants and had gotten to know the women who worked at these restaurants.  I came to believe that many of these women had had a hard time back in the state where they had come from, because they were crazy, and had acted crazy.  I believed that they were no longer able to obtain employment in the state where they came from, because of the way they had behaved, the trouble they had gotten into, and their employment/employer record and history.

Anywhere and everywhere in the United States, there are bartender jobs, waitress jobs, retail jobs, and hotel jobs.  Why would a woman move to the coldest, most desolate, and highest cost of living area in the United States to work in a bar, restaurant, store, or hotel?  Even during the recent Oil Boom, when bartender women could make $300 to $400 on some nights, the expense of living in Western North Dakota would have not allowed much financial gain.  The reason they moved here:  Unlike everywhere else, the shortage of workers in Western North Dakota, caused employers to not look into the background, behavior, and employment history of workers.

I am bringing up this subject of crazy women moving to Western North Dakota again, because of a recent experience.  There was a young lady that I liked, that I tried to get to know recently.  She was very pretty.  She is the manager of a bar and restaurant.  When no one was around, I would talk to her about where she came from, her family, her interests, where else she had lived, things she had done, things she wanted to do.  I liked her, I thought that she was intelligent.

As I got to know more and more about this young lady, I heard her talk about difficulties, which were normal, everybody has problems.  I listened to things she had done, places where she had travelled, things that she wanted to do, it was all normal.  Then one day, as she let her guard down around me, I suppose, she started to talk about doing some things lately that were kind of trashy.  Then, she started to show that she was very self-centered, narcisistic, and selfish.  What really surprised me, was that she appeared to be more self-centered than the most self-centered woman I had known, more narcisistic than the most narcisitic woman I had known, and more selfish than the most selfish woman I had known.  This scared me, I was scared, because I had known some bat-shit crazy women, and she was crazier.

You might think that she was just trying to scare me away.  Some older men, came and sat at the bar.  One was a nicely dressed, successful professional man in his fifties.  One was a successful blue collar boss in his fifties.  All of us men had been served, and were working on business/paperwork.  The young lady that I had liked, was talking to another young lady, she proceeded to talk for at least twenty minutes if not thirty minutes, about a fight that had begun last night with her boyfriend, because he did not turn on the dishwasher before he went to bed.  On and on and on she went, about the anger, the outrage, the problems, the distress, he had caused her by not turning the dishwasher on before he came to bed.  His explanation in the morning was not adequate or sufficient.  His explaining to her about all the things that he did around the house was irrelevant and unrelated to him not turning on the dishwasher, and only made her angrier.  His text messages later that day were “A fucking essay, that she didn’t want”, and nothing he had said or done forgave him, corrected, remedied, alleviated the harm, the anger, the damage, of him not turning on the dishwasher.

I thought, my God, she is crazy.  I am so glad that I don’t live with her.  That dishwasher wouldn’t exist any more if she kept on after me like that about not turning on the dishwasher.  Are all women crazy?  Is it just the ones that work in bars and restaurants?  I have got to get out of here.


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