How Men Are Assessed In Western North Dakota, Part I

I have lived in Dickinson, North Dakota for almost four years now.  The local people in Dickinson, judge, assess, and evaluate men differently than they do in other parts of the United States.

I lived in Florida mostly until I was 30.  After that I lived and worked in Colorado, Utah, Texas, Arizona, Idaho, and North Dakota.  Higher education is important and valued in Florida, Colorado, Utah, Texas, and Arizona.  Not valued very much in Idaho and North Dakota.

In the states that I just mentioned that valued higher education, if you had a bachelors degree, this would allow you to enter into and work your way up in accounting, advertising, banking, business management, construction management, healthcare, human resources, insurance, manufacturing, marketing, real estate appraisal, sales, and other businesses.  What employers were looking for, were people who had adult level competency in reading, writing, math, history, logic, critical thinking, decision making, ability to learn, and ability to complete tasks unsupervised.  Local people in western North Dakota don’t look at things this way.

Things are different in western North Dakota.  For instance, if there was no Oil Boom, people that had good logic, critical thinking, and decision making ability would move away, so people in western North Dakota could never evaluate anyone based on these three criteria, because they wouldn’t be here in the first place.  Some of the other criteria that are important elsewhere like reading, writing, math, and history, are not important in western North Dakota.  In western North Dakota, they were looking for people that would stay and show up for work.

In western North Dakota, the most important characteristic in a male, was that he stay and show up for work.

In the small town in Florida that I grew up in, in the college towns that I went to school in, in the cities that I worked in, women would rather date, be with, and marry a guy that had a college degree, because everyone knows that college graduates make more money and have more employment opportunities.  In most of the places that I lived, women were very aware of the employment possibilities and earnings potential for every type of education.  Women would most like to be in a relationship with a medical doctor, 2nd lawyer, 3rd MBA or PhD, 4th physician’s assistant, pharmaceutical sales rep or engineer.  In western North Dakota, what really turns a woman on, is a guy that is going to stay here and show up for work.

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