How Women In Dickinson Can Behave Like Southern Ladies, Part 4 of 4

This will be the last part for the time being.  There is a lot more to cover, but it would take a big book to include everything, and I don’t want to entirely devote this blog to this subject.  Parts 1, 2, 3, & 4 cover what I think are some of the most important things.

6.  Do Not Look Like A Slob In Public.  Try to take a shower, comb your hair, and put on clean normal clothes before you leave your home.  You might think that it is cute when you wear pajama pants and slippers to go to the store, but actually, people think that your family must be so trashy that you don’t even know any better.  You might think that you are cute when you go to the King Buffet or the Pizza Ranch in your pajama pants and slippers, but other people at the restaurant see you and think, “You must have gotten your welfare assistance payment today, that is why you are out to eat in your pajamas.”

The big problem is, women get in the habit of always wearing sweat pants or pajama pants, an over size worn t-shirt, an over size worn hoodie sweatshirt, and they live the rest of their life dressing this way.  They say to themselves, “I am just going to the post office, I am just going to the bank, I am just going to the car dealer to drop off my car.”  Do the women who work at the bank or at the car dealer dress this way?  No, the women who work at the bank and at the car dealer don’t dress this way because it is not allowed, they would look like a slob.  You look like a slob.

7.  Do Not Act Like A Slob In Public.  When you are out with your family, do not act like a troop of baboons, yelling, screeching, grabbing things, picking at yourselves, oblivious to the human beings around you.

8.  Do Not Become Over Intoxicated In Public.  No, people will not forget the things that you said and the things that you did when you were drunk.  They will not think that it was just the alcohol, they will think that that is how you really are, and it just finally came out.

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