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Incredibly Beautiful Escorts Of London

Yesterday I received a reader comment about my blog website article on “Escorts of Italy”, referring me to the website address for Escorts of London.

Previously, I was amazed at the “Escort of Italy” escort service because of the very high quality and beauty of the women they employed, who ranged in age from 18 years to 28 years of age.  The Escort of Italy service provided women in Rome, Venice, Milan, and also in Florence I believe, for about $250 per hour.

For the Escort of Italy service, you could browse through their gallery of about thirty escorts, view four or five photographs of each escort,  read their age, height, size, and weight, what they were willing to do sexually, and make an appointment with the girl that you wanted.  All of the women were in very good physical health, with no tattoos.

Today, when I went and looked at the website PerfectLondonEscorts.com, I saw that the escorts they offered in London were just as perfect as the escorts that I saw on the Escort of Italy website, but I soon realized that in London they had two or three times as many women.

Keep in mind that the Escort of Italy service gets their women primarily from Russia, whereas it looks like Perfect London Escorts has many women who are from England, Ireland, and Scotland, with probably some women from elsewhere as well.

In my opinion, the best way to look at the Perfect London Escorts website, is to click this link https://perfectlondonescorts.com/, and then when this website comes up, at the top of their web page, click on the “Gallery” tab in order to see all of their women.

Here where I live in Dickinson, North Dakota, due to the very cold weather, barren landscape, lack of anything to do, and the recent oil boom, the ratio of men to women is about 3:1.  The women who are here, are overweight, unattractive, mean, and nasty, except for the Methamphetamine addict women who are thin, filthy, criminals.

I wish that in North Dakota, there could be an escort service with women like the ones shown on the Perfect London Escorts website, but the Government and Law Enforcement have to make sure that North Dakota is one of the most miserable places on Earth.


I Am Again Recommending That Men Go Look At The “Escort of Italy” Website

Almost one year ago, I wrote a blog post article about the “Escort of Italy” website.  This website, and this escort service, is one of the most amazing, fascinating, and impressive things that I have ever seen in my life.

I have lived in Dickinson, North Dakota for about six years, where there is a shortage of women, a scarcity of attractive women, the women who are here are mean and nasty, and prostitution is not allowed.  When I look at the “Escort of Italy” website, I can’t believe that such a thing exists, but it’s true.

Before I go any further, and provide any links to this website, I need to caution everyone, that you will see nudity on this website.  Because of the cultural difference, and acceptance of prostitution in Italy, when you are on this escort website, if you click on any of the women’s photographs, it will give you the age, height, weight, and nationality of each woman, and what she is willing to do sexually.

To save you some time, if you want to see the largest number of escorts at once, click on the tab for “Travel Girls”.  Click on the escort named “Rozy Model”, for instance.  She might be the girl that I would ask for.  That’s what you do, you pick and ask for the girl that you want.  The “Travel Girls” are more expensive, I think that you have to pre-pay for a large amount of time and pay travel expenses.  The other escorts in the towns of Milan, Rome, and Florence are almost as pretty, and they cost about $250 per hour.

Here is a short excerpt from the “Escort of Italy” website.  If you click on any of the differently colored text in this excerpt, it takes you to this website:

“You are welcome to our high class escort agency Italy, offering you the best female escorts Italy for hotel or private dating, exclusive girlfriend experience, travel and vacation escort with charming Italia girls, VIP escort girls Italy for business occasions and many more. If you are looking for pleasure and comfort, then you have come to the right place. Our elegant Italy escorts will meet the most subtle expectations of a lonely man who is eager to find love and companionship in Italia. We offer our clients the finest attractive escorts in Milan, escort girls Rome, and Turin escorts. Our Italy escort agency provide both incall and outcall services for the guests and residents of the country.”

It kills me, that rather than suffering through living in Dickinson, like being in prison, for only $250 each week, I could look forward to being with “Rozy Model” or “Fiona”.  I suppose it could be worse, I could be living in North Korea.

A Very Educated Young Woman Talks About Her Experience As An Escort

For a couple of years now, I have written blog posts where I try to explain that some women choose to be an escort for very logical, valid, legitimate reasons.

Some women can earn more money in one hour long appointment with a man, than they can earn in two weeks at their regular job.

Please watch this video made by a young woman who graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Finance, who describes how she made $10,000 in one week, by going to just three escort appointments.

Warning, there are a couple of instances of adult language used in this video.

After you have watched this video, you will have seen and heard this young lady admit that several of her clients were people that she would have liked to have had sex with anyway, for free.  Because her clients liked her, and thought that she was intelligent, one of them just went ahead and gave her $5,000 for her one hour visit, so that she could focus on school and not have to be an escort for the remainder of the semester.

One of the things that you will see from this video, is that not only do some women make the decision to have sex for money, not have a bad time doing it, actually like their clients, but the clients are often very positive, pleasant, and encouraging people.

When prostitution is illegal and there is the constant threat of arrest, this what causes prostitution to involve women who are unhealthy, drug addicted, always high, involved in crime, and controlled by pimps.

Whether men work as a stock broker, or a truck driver, are married or single, they want to have sex with a woman and are willing to pay her for it, because they don’t want the trouble, aggravation, arguing, sexual harassment lawsuit, waste of time, and waste of energy trying to get their wives or other women to cooperate.

A Fair Resolution To A Case Of Prostitution In Dickinson, North Dakota

On November 7th and November 8th of 2017, I wrote three blog posts about “Police Corruption” and “Legal Entrapment” in North Dakota.

I was very, very angry about two specific cases of Legal Entrapment in North Dakota, one in Fargo and one in Dickinson, where police placed a fake advertisement on the internet for a woman offering sex.  When men responded to the fake advertisement in order to arrange to meet the woman, at a later point in time, the police then made up the statement, that the fake woman was under 18 years of age.

Two men were arrested and charged with Patronizing a Minor for Commercial Sex Activity, a Class A felony punishable by 20 years in prison.  Neither of the men who were charged, ever sought to contact an underage woman for sex to begin with, the police made the statement that the woman was under 18, at a later point in time, at which point both men then tried to break off contact.

For the case in Fargo, when it went to trial, the Cass County District Court Judge Susan Bailey, was asked by the defense attorney to allow the jury to consider not just the felony charge, but also the misdemeanor charge, and she allowed the jury to consider both charges.  This resulted in the jury deciding on a verdict of guilty for a misdemeanor charge.  This defendant was very fortunate that both the judge and the jury had a clear understanding of what had happened, and realized that a 20 year prison sentence was not warranted.

For the case in Dickinson which began in September of 2017, it began proceeding towards a felony jury trial, but by the end of January 2018, it was resolved by a plea agreement to a misdemeanor charge.  The defendant was very fortunate that he did not receive the possible maximum sentence of 20 years in prison, which was a possibility.

I am writing this blog post, to again discuss prostitution in Dickinson, North Dakota, and to warn everyone about the police approach to prostitution in Dickinson, North Dakota.  Just because the two defendants in the cases that I described above ended up with misdemeanors, does not mean that this is what anyone else should expect to happen.

The defendant in Dickinson, hired the attorney Robert Bolinske in Bismarck, the state capitol 100 miles to the east of Dickinson.  Robert Bolinske may have been the best possible criminal defense attorney for this type of case in Dickinson, because he has one of the best reputations as a trial lawyer and defense attorney in the state.

An attorney like this, probably charges $250 per hour more or less, so for every 10 hours, that’s $2,500.  To resolve this case after four months by reaching a plea agreement without going to trial, probably cost at least $5,000 in legal fees.  If this case would have gone to trial, the legal fees probably would have been at least $10,000.

I am explaining this as a warning, with the way that the police in Dickinson place fake advertisements for prostitutes, and attempt to create enhanced charges when men try to meet the fake prostitute, you can expect to pay $5,000 to $10,000 to have any hope of not going to prison for 20 years.

Attorneys Need To Be Involved In Prostitution In North Dakota

In western North Dakota, there is a shortage of women.  In Dickinson, the ratio of men to women is still probably 3:1.  In the other towns of Williston, Watford City, Killdeer, Belfield, New England, Richardton, and Taylor, the ratio varies from 3:1 to 10:1.

Because of the Catholic Church and Heidi Heitkamp, the Police approach to handling the situation of men seeking prostitutes, is to place a fake advertisement with an attractive looking woman on the internet offering sex, and then arrest the men when they show up to meet the prostitute.

Then, once the Police received further Heidi Heitkamp sponsored training, the Police would place a fake advertisement on the internet with an attractive woman offering sex, establish contact with interested men, and then at some later point in time, make up the fact that the woman was under 18, so that the men would face 20 year sentences under laws for Exploiting a Minor For Commercial Sex, even though they never sought to contact a minor in the first place.

The result of this approach by the Police, has resulted in only the most hideous, unhealthy, diseased, out-of-their mind drug addicted street hookers from the big cities in other states, being brought to North Dakota by their criminal pimps in order to fill the void.

Other men in western North Dakota, have resorted to having sex with animals, as reported in the Jamestown Sun newspaper article dated January 28, 2013 “Horse becomes victim of sexual assault in west North Dakota.”  A quote from this newspaper article reads, “…an illegal act ranchers suggest happens all too often in this area, but rarely gets reported.”

This may be one of Heidi Heitkamp’s proudest achievements, but I personally do not want to have sex with horses or diseased, drug-addicted street prostitutes.

I have been thinking for a couple of years, that the best way for North Dakota to address the shortage of women in western North Dakota, would be to have very well regulated legal prostitution.  Licenses would be granted to prostitutes, fees would have to be paid to cover the cost of the regulatory oversight, and bi-monthly health checks would be required.  These bi-monthly health checks would be to detect sexually transmitted diseases, but I suppose they could also include drug testing.

Well regulated legal prostitution is not going to happen in North Dakota any time soon, probably.  I found on the internet, how professionally and proudly they advertise and offer beautiful Escorts in Italy, on the website www.escortofitaly.com , and I could only feel anger, resentment, and remorse that we can’t have anything like this here.

After more thinking, it occurred to me recently, that Attorneys could become involved in prostitution in North Dakota, to help eliminate some of the risks for both clients and prostitutes, in having legal problems.  In discussing what I have in mind, I want to refer to the prostitutes as Escorts, because I am not in favor of street prostitution.

I foresee, that the best Attorneys to consult, would be Attorneys that specialize in Criminal Defense, who would have some desire and interest in advising Clients on the legality and what to avoid, in what they had already made up their mind to do.  A Client might have the following conversation with an Attorney:

“I have a good paying job in Dickinson, and I work all the time.  There is a shortage of women, and a scarcity of attractive women in Dickinson.  I can’t go to the bars after work to try to pick up women, because there aren’t any, and it is just a waste of time.  I would like to hire an Escort, like the one shown here on the website Backpage, but I don’t want to be arrested and lose my job.

Though I understand that prostitution is illegal, I want to find and hire an Escort.  Can you advise me on how to contact an Escort, and not become entrapped by the Police in Dickinson?”

Now, before you consider what an Attorney might say to this inquiry, I propose that Escorts, also consult with a Criminal Defense Attorney, and have the following discussion:

“I have been working as an Escort, and this is what I want to do.  If I see two Clients a day at $250 each, that’s $500 per day.  If I work five days a week, that’s $2,500 per week.  I can easily make over $100,000 per year.

Though I understand that prostitution is illegal, this is what I want to do.  I do not want to be arrested by the Police in Dickinson.  What do you suggest that I do, what can I do to avoid being arrested?”

Criminal Defense Attorneys have to advise Clients all the time about illegal things that they are involved in, that have not yet been detected by the Police, whether it is involvement in illegal drugs, theft, embezzlement, or assault.  These Attorney conversations about prostitution with Clients or Escorts, would not be out of bounds.

Attorneys are not going to be involved in the commission of illegal activities, because they do not want to be arrested and disbarred.  However, I believe that Attorneys could advise on a very formatted screening process for Escorts and Clients, that would greatly reduce the chances for legal entrapment by the Police.

The big “gotcha” moment by the Police when a Client meets an Escort, always seems to take place at some location that the Police have managed to take control of, such as a hotel room, or restaurant where several Police Officers are hiding nearby.  The necessary element that triggers the arrest, is the Client bringing up, or the Client engaging in discussions of sexual acts or exchange of money.

If Criminal Defense Attorneys could devise some kind of format for both a Client and an Escort to adhere to, and not deviate from, this format may be able to foil any attempts by the Police in entrapment schemes.  This format would or should probably involve a preliminary meeting between a Client and an Escort at a location where the Police could not take control, and where there would be no discussion of sexual acts, or the exchange of money.  Any attempt by either party to deviate from this format, would probably be an indication that this was a Police set-up.

The reader might be asking, why would anyone go through this much trouble?  To an Escort that makes over $100,000 per year for working less than 20 hours per week, it is worth a great deal to her not to have any problems with the Police.  To a man who does not want to pay $6,000 to $10,000 per year in child support for the next eighteen years just because he wanted to have sex, yes it is worth it to him to find an Escort, and not lose his job in the process.

Legal Entrapment Of Manish In Dickinson, North Dakota

This is the third of three blog posts that I am writing about two very similar cases of legal entrapment in North Dakota.  In Fargo and in Dickinson, Law Enforcement created a fake advertisement for a prostitute or girl wanting to have sex, and then posted these fake advertisements on internet websites.  The very reprehensible thing about this, is that these fake advertisements for a prostitute or a girl wanting to have sex, did not say that the girl was under 18 years of age.  Law Enforcement attracted men with their fake advertisements, and then later began to make up the fictitious scenario that the prostitute or girl was a minor.

In the first of these two cases that I have written about, 42 year old business owner Dan Durr of Fargo, has already been found not guilty of the Class A felony charge of Patronizing a Minor for Commercial Sexual Activity, because his defense attorney demonstrated in court that Dan Durr did not respond to an advertisement for sex with a minor, never intended to have sex with a minor, and immediately left when he was told that the prostitute was under 18.  The Fargo Police made up the scenario that the prostitute was under 18, after Dan Durr arrived at the location.  There never was a minor involved whatsoever, the Fargo Police just made up this fake scenario after Dan Durr arrived, in order to increase the charges from a Class B misdemeanor, to a Class A felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

It was very wise for Dan Durr’s defense attorney to just stick with the very clear facts of evidence that Dan Durr did not respond to an advertisement for sex with a minor, never intended to have sex with a minor, and left immediately when he was told that the prostitute was under 18.  Because other facts were so clear, Dan Durr’s defense attorney did not have to bring up the fact that what the Fargo Police did was legal entrapment.

Several days ago, I began reading many articles and legal opinions on what constitutes legal entrapment.  At that time, I was not fully aware of how many times defendants and defense attorneys claim legal entrapment in cases of prostitution stings.  It turns out, that in just about every case of prostitution stings conducted by Law Enforcement, the defendants and the defense attorneys always claim legal entrapment, but they don’t always use this as their legal defense.

The reason that defendants and defense attorneys don’t always use legal entrapment as their legal defense in cases of prostitution stings, is because there are two or three specific elements that must be demonstrated very clearly, and it is not always certain that these elements can be demonstrated clearly enough to satisfy a jury.

In the case of Manish of Dickinson, which I wrote about in my previous blog post, his case has two important elements that just about exactly match two of the requirements of legal entrapment, and very likely the third requirement also: 1) The advertisement that he responded to stated that the person who posted the advertisement was 18 years of age;  2)  Once being informed that the girl was under 18, Manish repeatedly sent text messages stating that he would not have sex with someone under 18;  3)  Law Enforcement’s continued repeated attempts to persuade Manish to meet the girl, likely involved “inducements”,  “persuasions”, and other ploys not permitted to be used by Law Enforcement to lead someone to commit a crime and then arrest them for this crime.

In criminal law, entrapment is a practice whereby a law enforcement agent induces a person to commit a criminal offence that the person would have otherwise been unlikely or unwilling to commit.  However, when entrapment is used as a legal defense in a court of law, the details and fine points become much more specific.

The following excerpts which I have taken from the internet website Lawyers.com article “Entrapment: How Far is Too Far for the Police?”, are consistent with everything that I have read:

“Entrapment is a defense to a criminal charge. Although many people think of all police undercover operations as “entrapment,” in fact law enforcement agents and informants may use false identities and deception in their undercover investigations. But there’s a limit: The entrapment defense is an important check on what police can do to make an arrest by enticing someone to commit a crime.

Typically, defendants raise an entrapment defense when they claim that an undercover agent or informant convinced them to commit a crime that they were not predisposed to commit. If a judge or jury finds entrapment, the defendant cannot be convicted

The Legal Tests for Entrapment

Courts use one of two tests when deciding whether a defendant was entrapped:

  • The “objective” test. Some states ask whether the police conduct would have induced any law-abiding person to commit the crime. Here, the question is whether the police conduct in inducing the criminal act would have caused a reasonable person in the same circumstances to commit the crime, regardless of the specific mental state of the defendant. For example, assume an undercover agent asks someone to buy marijuana for that agent in a state where it is illegal. The agent says he wants the marijuana because he needs it to treat the side effects of chemotherapy. Because this type of inducement might cause anyone to commit the crime, the application of objective test would very likely result in a finding of entrapment, even if the defendant had a prior history of drug purchases for recreational reasons.
  • The “subjective” test. The majority of states and the federal courts apply a test that examines both the nature of the enticement and the defendant’s state of mind. When asserting this defense, defendants must show that they were induced to commit the crime and may have to weather the prosecutor’s attempts to show that they were predisposed to commit the crime. Let’s look more closely at the subjective test.

Proving Entrapment Under the Subjective Test: The Undercover Officer Was Insistent and the Defendant Was Resistant

The subjective test looks first at the police conduct, then turns its attention to the defendant’s predisposition (or not) to commit the crime charged.


Inducing someone to commit a crime involves more than simply asking that person to commit it. Law enforcement can even lie about certain facts, by using false names, businesses, or associates. To prevail, defendants must usually show at least some persuasion or mild coercion. For example, an undercover agent might ask someone to commit a crime based on friendship, hardship, or a play for sympathy. If a judge or jury concludes that a defendant was pressured to commit a crime, they will likely find that the defendant has been induced. To establish inducement in most jurisdictions, a defendant will be required to show that it is more likely than not that he has been induced by law enforcement to commit a crime.


Defendants who have presented evidence that they were induced may not be home free just yet. While there must be inducement under the subjective test, the question of predisposition is usually the more important factor. Once inducement has been raised by the defense, the prosecutor has the burden to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the defendant was predisposed to commit the crime…”

My belief is, that because Manish responded to an advertisement for sex posted by someone who was 18 years of age, he showed no Predisposition to want to have sex with minor.  More importantly, once Manish was informed that the girl was under 18, Manish sent several text messages stating that he would never have sex with someone under 18.  I think that this clearly establishes that Manish had no intention or Predisposition to have sex with a minor.

My belief is, that because Manish responded to an advertisement for sex posted by someone who was 18 years of age, and then he was later informed that the girl was under 18 once he began communicating with her, this was the first step of “inducement”.  Originally, he had no intention of having anything to do with someone under 18.  Once Manish stated several times in text messages that he would never have sex with someone under 18, and the Dickinson Police tried to continue to communicate with him, I think that this was the second “inducement”, where “The undercover officer was insistent and the defendant was resistant.”

If it turns out that the Dickinson Police undercover officer used any other type of ploy, such as a plea for help, aid, assistance, or friendship, to maintain contact with Manish, the case for entrapment will be very clear and complete.

The defense attorney for Manish may know of a better way to proceed legally, perhaps similar to the defense for Dan Durr of Fargo.  I wonder if the case of Manish being proved to be very egregious entrapment, would or could lead to a Civil Court Case seeking monetary damages against the City of Dickinson Police Department.

Update 2/12/2018:

I received an e-mail from Manish’s sister today, explaining that this court case has been resolved.  She asked if there was anything that I could do, to not damage his name and reputation any further.  I decided to remove his last name from my blog posts, because I believed that Manish was unjustly entrapped to begin with.  However, I want these blog posts to remain on the internet, because I do not want this same thing to happen to anyone else.

In Defense Of Manish Dickinson, North Dakota

In my previous blog post, I wrote about two arrest reports and court cases that were very similar in North Dakota.  In each of these two court cases, the defendants were charged with Patronizing a Minor for Commercial Sexual Activity, a Class A felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

I hate it when the Police in North Dakota create and post a fake advertisement for a prostitute on an internet website, and then arrest the men when they show up for their appointment with the prostitute.  This is wrong for several reasons.

In many towns in North Dakota, there is a shortage of women.  Mathematically, there are not enough women to go around.  In Dickinson, the ratio of men to women is approximately 3:1.  In towns like Watford City and Williston, the ratio of men to women was at times greater than 10:1.

Prior to moving to Dickinson in 2011, I never had an interest in prostitutes or prostitution.  After living in Dickinson for a couple of months, I could not help but realize that there was a shortage of women.  I began looking for women to meet on the internet dating sites like match.com, plenty of fish, mingle, datehookup, and other sites.  Looking at about four or five internet dating sites, there were still very few women available for dating in Dickinson, North Dakota.

Older truck drivers in Dickinson, recommended to me that I look at the internet classifieds website called Backpage.  They said, look under the Escorts section.  I looked at the escorts on Backpage, and I didn’t know what to think of all this.  I didn’t really want to be with an escort that had sex with many men each day.

It is a good thing that I didn’t try to hire an escort right away from Backpage, because it is very common for Law Enforcement to place a fake advertisement for an escort, and then arrest the man when he shows up for his appointment.

This is what happened to Manish of Dickinson, only much, much worse.  Law Enforcement did create a fake advertisement on Backpage.com, in which the woman posting the ad was listed as being 18 years of age.  However, when Manish asked about her age, she replied that she was almost 16.  Manish responded several times that he would never have sex with someone who is under 18, because he did not want to get into trouble.

Looking at Manish’s name, it appeared to me that he was from India.  I thought about how hard it must be for him to meet women in Dickinson, being from India, looking, acting, and sounding different.  With his age being 29, I thought that he might even be a student at Dickinson State University.

I looked Manish of Dickinson up on the internet, and this is what I found.  In his early twenties, he worked at convenience stores and as a cook while he worked his way through College.  He studied finance and accounting, and he graduated from College in approximately 2014.  Not long after graduating, he got a very good job in Dickinson, where he has been employed for a little over two years.

I can understand that Manish might have had difficulty meeting women in Dickinson.  Myself, and everyone that I know in Dickinson, has had difficulty meeting women in Dickinson, there is a shortage of women.  It is unfortunate, but understandable, that he attempted to meet a woman on the internet website Backpage.

The woman that Manish contacted on Backpage.com, her advertisement said that she was 18 years of age.  This turned out to be a fake advertisement created by the Dickinson Police.  When Manish contacted her, the Dickinson Police began making up the story that she was almost 16, there was no minor involved.  Manish replied that he would never have sex with someone under 18, because he did not want to get into trouble.

The Dickinson Police kept communicating with Manish, posing as the girl who placed the advertisement on Backpage.com, and they persuaded him to meet her at a motel in Dickinson.  It appears that Manish tried to get out of meeting the girl, and instead parked at the McDonalds across the street from the motel.  That is when the Dickinson Police arrested Manish and charged him with the felony Patronizing a Minor for Commercial Sexual Activity.

It seems to be very clear from the evidence, that Manish never sought or intended to meet a girl under the age of 18.  It was the Dickinson Police that began trying to make up fake circumstances after the fact in order to frame Manish for a much more serious crime that he never intended to commit.  Even though Manish replied several times that he would not have sex with someone under 18, the Dickinson Police kept after him, trying to persuade Manish to meet.

The Dickinson Police tried to make a criminal out of someone who would not have been a criminal, had it not been for this treacherous underhanded scheme by the Police.  Many lawyers and judges believe that it is legal entrapment when Law Enforcement induces someone to commit a crime that they otherwise would not have committed, so that Law Enforcement can then arrest them for this crime.

In court, when entrapment is used as a legal defense, the defense attorney must persuade the jury that Law Enforcement persuaded or compelled the defendant to commit a crime that he was otherwise not inclined to commit.  There are several circumstances that must be present, and I think that in this particular case, these circumstances are clearly present.  I will explain why this particular case meets the requirements of legal entrapment in my next blog post.

I want to conclude this blog post by expressing my disgust at the Dickinson Police Department, and the person ultimately responsible for this, the Chief of Police Dusty Dassinger.  You all know that there is a shortage of women in Dickinson.  You all know that if you create a fake advertisement for a prostitute in Dickinson, you will get more responses than you can handle.  With men who are desperate to meet women, why do you think that it is a good idea to lure them to meet a prostitute, and then try to make up the fictitious circumstance that she is under 18 in order to frame these men for a much more serious crime that they never intended to commit?

Update 2/12/2018:

I received an e-mail from Manish’s sister today, explaining that this court case has been resolved.  She asked if there was anything that I could do, to not damage his name and reputation any further.  I decided to remove his last name from my blog posts, because I believed that Manish was unjustly entrapped to begin with.  However, I want these blog posts to remain on the internet, because I do not want this same thing to happen to anyone else.