People Resorting To Sex With Animals In Dickinson, North Dakota

In my previous four blog posts I wrote that the Catholics, Senator Heidi Heitkamp, law enforcement, and the judicial system in western North Dakota have all decided that there is not going to be any prostitution allowed whatsoever, even though there are way more men than women, and prostitution is necessary.  Rather than achieving a glorious state of morality and purity in western North Dakota, it has resulted in adultery, and sexual abuse of animals.

Right now, everybody needs to go read the Jamestown Sun newspaper article dated January 28, 2013 “Horse becomes victim of sexual assault in west North Dakota.”  Go read the article, not only was a horse sexually assaulted, this was not the first time that this happened to a horse in this area, and, it has happened to cattle in this area too.

A quote from this newspaper article reads, “…an illegal act ranchers suggest happens all too often in this area, but rarely gets reported.”

Another quote from this newspaper article reads, “This is not the first time an attack like this has happened. Horse farrier Lee Hecker found his daughter’s older mare on the ground with grease on its “rear-end” this fall.”

Another quote from this newspaper article reads, “Hecker has over the years found evidence of assault on his horses and cows.”

I am so sick of the Catholics in Dickinson.  The Catholics here in Dickinson, instead of having kindness and charity towards others, have hatred and hostility towards others.  Instead of helping the people who arrived here in Dickinson, they took advantage of them in historic proportion.  Just like the Catholics here have got a complete misunderstanding of the teachings of Christianity, which has them believing that they should treat others with hostility, hatred, and abuse, their determined efforts to not allow men the opportunity to have sex with women, has forced the men here to turn to horses and cows for sex.

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