3rd Post About Prostitution In Dickinson, North Dakota

This will be my third blog post about prostitution in Dickinson, North Dakota.  Back during the oil boom, I used to write that the ratio of men to women in Dickinson was about 3:1.  I used to write that all of the attractive housewives in Dickinson had to do their shopping during the day, before all the oil field workers got off work, so that they wouldn’t be asked out, propositioned, and harassed.

There was a shortage of women in Dickinson, and all of the construction workers, truck drivers, and oil field workers realized that they were just wasting their time trying to pick up the waitresses and convenience store clerks, who were asked out by ten different guys every day.  Some truck drivers told me to go to the website “Backpage”, and look under the “escort” category.  There were some nice looking women escorts.  However, in the newspapers and on television news, there were regularly reports about the police in Dickinson and Bismarck arresting men who showed up for their appointment with escorts.  It was infuriating to me, the women in Dickinson didn’t want to be harassed by men, so the men sought out prostitutes instead, and the police arrested the men when they showed up for their appointment with an escort.

Now the oil boom is over, and about 80% of the male out-of-state workers have left  Dickinson.  The ratio of men to women in Dickinson is now probably equal.  There is not really a need for prostitution in Dickinson now.  However, all of the wives of the property developers and property managers will now probably have to become prostitutes.  Most of the real estate agent women also will have to become prostitutes.

Now that about 80% of the male out-of-state workers have left Dickinson, there is not a need for additional waitresses and bartenders.  There are very few job openings in Dickinson now.  The occupancy rate in the new apartments in Dickinson is probably about 30%.  The property developers are probably going to go bankrupt.  The property investors/property managers are probably going to go bankrupt.  Properties and houses are not selling now because so many people have left town.  Real estate agents are not making any money.

It is kind of unfortunate for them, that the property developer wives, property manager wives, and real estate agents are going to have to become prostitutes now, when all of the oil field workers who had money have left town.

I want to provide some useful, helpful information to all the women in Dickinson who will now have to become prostitutes.  I hereby grant permission to the Chamber of Commerce in Dickinson to reprint the following useful information:  I recommend that you do not stand on street corners or walk the street.  There is no use being out in the cold, your friends and neighbors will likely drive by and recognize you.  You need to place an advertisement on the website “Backpage”, under “escorts”.  I recommend that when you post your photos, you have some kind of blind fold across part of your face, so that your friends and neighbors will not recognize you.  Try to write a brief, inviting, description of services, that makes you stand out from the other women.  By posting an advertisement online, and waiting for phone calls, you can still show houses, do book keeping work for your husband, do laundry, and do cleaning.

You need to be cautious about being a prostitute.  I recommend that you read the website written by Maggie NcNeil titled,”The Honest Courtesan”.  You can e-mail her, and ask her questions.  Maggie McNeil used to be a prostitute and a madam.  You should talk to your customers on the phone first, to get an idea what they are like, and to try to find out some information about them.  You might be safer having your customers come to your own home.  If your husband is going to give your customers a dirty look, and say things like,”If you go over thirty minutes, it’s another fifty dollars”, you might have to meet your customers at a vacant house or apartment that you are trying to show as a property manager or real estate agent.

If you have a customer that looks clean, he is probably a cop.  Most of your customers will be older, overweight truck drivers.  Also in Dickinson, there are a lot of blacks from Africa, that have come to Dickinson to work at WalMart, or attend Dickinson State University.  Remember, Africa has a very high rate of AIDs, so you will have to be especially careful when working for these customers.

I think that’s enough for now.  I will try to think of more helpful, useful, advice for property developers, property investors, property managers, and real estate agents in Dickinson, during this time at which you are going bankrupt.  I won’t hold it against you that you tried to gouge and take advantage of everyone for the past eight years.





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