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Are We Supposed To Seduce The Married Women In Dickinson And Watford City, North Dakota?

Are we, the out of state workers, supposed to seduce the married women in Dickinson and Watford City, North Dakota?  The Catholics, Senator Heidi Heitkamp, law enforcement, and the judicial system don’t want there to be any prostitution of any kind whatsoever, so I guess we must be supposed to seduce the married women.

The ratio of men to women in Dickinson is about 3:1, and the ratio of men to women in Watford City is about 10:1.  There are not enough women for everybody to have one, therefore, we must borrow someone else’s, because prostitution is not allowed.

Most of the time, very attractive young ladies with good dispositions already have a boyfriend or husband.  They are so sought after because of their beauty and good personality, that they always either have a boyfriend or are married.  Fortunately, married women are easier to seduce than single women, as I will explain.

Married women, by the fact that they are married, have demonstrated that they like men enough to marry one of them.  If they have been married for at least a few years, they are used to men.  They are used to a man touching them, grabbing them, handling them, having sex with them, sleeping next to them, snoring, being sick around them, being dirty, sweaty, and smelly.  So they are not uncomfortable with men, or the things that men do.

I have written in previous blog posts that all of the housewives, waitresses, and store clerks were tired of being propositioned ten times every day by the truck drivers, construction workers, and oil field workers.  I have written that all of the housewives in Dickinson, Dunn County, and Watford City, hide, they hide, and they try to only go out to do errands and shopping between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in order to avoid all of the male workers who are currently still at work during those hours.  But the housewives try to avoid the male workers, because they actually like some of them, they find some of them to be cute or handsome.

When a married woman sees a strong dirty sweaty construction worker that she thinks is cute or handsome, she starts fantasizing about all the work that she could have him do back at her house.  She starts fantasizing about the strong dirty sweaty construction worker taking her, without asking, (so it’s not her fault), in an animalistic primitive wild lust that she can’t stop, (so it’s not her fault).

The housewives, they have already noticed that some of the out of state workers are cute or handsome, and they have already thought about it.  The housewives that are sometimes the most vulnerable to seduction, according to scientific research, are the ones with a couple of children under the age of eight.  This is because of both a high hormone level at this time, and the fact that they are looking for relief and  escape from their squabbling squealing children.

When you combine the fact that housewives are used to men, are used to having sex, are not scared of sex, are not scared of getting pregnant, find strong sweaty construction workers attractive, have high hormone levels, want an escape from their squealing kids, and, and are probably mad at their husband for something and want to get back at him, you see that housewives are very ready to be borrowed temporarily by out of state workers.

The Catholics could not have set things up any better for the greatest amount of adultery in Dickinson and Watford City, with there being so many men, so few women, and absolutely no prostitutes allowed for the out of state workers.

In my next blog post, I will write about how people in Dickinson and Watford City can tell if their child was fathered by an out of state worker.

Maggie McNeil, The Honest Courtesan, Part I

“Maggie McNeil, The Honest Courtesan, frank commentary from an unretired call girl”.

Maggie McNeil is probably the best writer that I have ever read.  Maggie McNeil is not her real name.  She grew up in New Orleans, and went to Catholic school.  In 1987 she graduated from the University of New Orleans with a Bachelor of Arts in English.  In 1993 she graduated from Louisiana State University with a Masters in Library Science.

After graduating, she got married to her boyfriend that she met in college, and began working as a librarian.  After about four years of marriage, her marriage did not work out, she got a divorce, and her husband left her with a large amount of debt.  In 1997 she began working as a stripper in New Orleans in order to be able to pay down her debt.  She found out that she could make even more money as a prostitute, so that is what she did.

In about 2006, she married her favorite client, and retired from being a stripper and a prostitute.  She began writing about her life and about prostitution on her website “Maggie McNeil, The Honest Courtesan”.

In 2011 when I first came to Dickinson, North Dakota to work, there was a shortage of women, and lack of attractive women.  For the first time in my life, in my early 40s, I began looking at internet dating sites.  Though I began looking at five different internet dating sites each day, there were still very few attractive women in Dickinson.  Older workers told me to go to the website “Backpage”, and look under “Escorts”.  There were some attractive women advertising in the “Escort” section of “Backpage”, and at $250 per hour, that is way less money, less time, and less effort than trying to have a girlfriend.

However, the police in Dickinson, Williston, and Bismarck were creating fake “Escort” profiles on “Backpage”, and they were arresting the men when they went to their appointment with the “Escort” they contacted.  I was angry, and I still am angry, that everyone in Dickinson and Williston knew that there were way more men than women, the ratio was probably 3:1 in Dickinson and 10:1 in Williston.  Everyone knew that all of the housewives, waitresses, and store clerks were tired of being propositioned ten times a day by truck drivers, construction workers, and oil field workers.  I blame those God damn ignorant scheming Catholics in western North Dakota for not allowing and interfering with men trying to have relations with women in a way that did not harass the housewives, waitresses, and store clerks.

In trying to look for women on the internet, and reading about prostitution on the internet, I found the website “Maggie McNeil, The Honest Courtesan”.  I was impressed with Maggie McNeil’s writing.  She was very logical, organized, and coherent in her writing, it was very professional.  Actually, it was beyond professional, she was a very good and talented writer.

I wrote Maggie McNeil a fairly long e-mail complimenting her writing, explaining my thoughts, and asking her some questions.  She e-mailed me back saying that I should read Ayn Rand if I didn’t think women could be logical.

I have read about one hundred of Maggie McNeil’s blog posts, though she has written more than a thousand.  Some posts tell about her childhood, some are about her education, some about her marriage, being a librarian, a stripper, a prostitute, a writer, and about legalizing prostitution.  Most of her writing is about legalizing prostitution and decriminalizing prostitution.

The reason that I am writing about Maggie McNeil, is that I want other people to read her blog posts, especially women, especially women in North Dakota.  Sometimes she explains very thoroughly that she likes having sex, she always has, even from when she was a teenager, that she sees nothing wrong with it, and is unashamed about it.  I hope that her writing and explaining will help many readers in North Dakota realize that sex is completely normal, it’s not like some terrifying animal escaping from the zoo, which is how North Dakotans look at sex and nudity.

Also, I would like for women, community leaders, elected representatives, Senator Heidi Heitkamp, judicial officers, and law enforcement to read Maggie McNeil’s blog website in order to understand more than they do now about why some women want to get paid to have sex.  Maggie McNeil is very intelligent and well educated.  She realized when she was in financial debt, that she could make more money as a stripper, than at her job as a librarian.  Then, she realized that she could make more money as a prostitute, and that she liked being a prostitute.  This is what she wanted to do as a profession.  She is not a drug addict or a criminal.  There are many other women like her, that want to be paid to have sex, because they can make more money this way, and like it better than other employment options.

I will write more about this in my next blog post Maggie McNeil, The Honest Courtesan, Part II.

Reformation And Rehabilitation Of White Trash In Watford City, North Dakota

This discovery, like the discovery of penicillin, was accidental and may be just as important. I had written in several previous blog posts that many of the workers who have come to Watford City are poor White Trash. The police in Watford City do not allow the White Trash to misbehave.

Anything that White Trash typically do, is not allowed in Watford City: No speeding, no reckless driving, no throwing garbage out car windows, no drunken driving, no picking up street prostitutes, no buying meth or crack, and no selling meth or crack. The White Trash are under such tight control, that they do not go out in Watford City, they just stay home.

The White Trash are behaving not just because the police in Watford City have methods of strict enforcement of laws, but also because the White Trash have good paying jobs. The jobs that the White Trash have in Watford City allow them to pay their rent at the apartments where they live, buy food, and make payments on a four door four-wheel-drive truck, and they want to keep their job and everything they have now.

Without anybody keeping track or documenting what is going on, I think that I am the first person to note that the White Trash have not only changed their behavior, but I think that this change may be semi-permanent and lasting. I am the first person to observe and document a large population of White Trash transform into Lower Middle Class in a short period of time! This transformation process is probably repeatable! It may even work on Blacks and Convicted Criminals!

Step One: The subject individual must be relocated far away from previous environment and previous human contacts. Step Two: The subject individual must be relocated to an environment with strict law enforcement and strict rule enforcement. Step Three: The subject individual must be allowed to obtain employment through a fair process and proof of non-drug use, such employment allowing the subject individual sufficient income to pay for his own food, housing, and other things that he desires. Step Four: There is no food, housing, or anything provided unless the subject individual works, however if the subject individual does work the income he receives is sufficient to pay for food, housing, and other things that he desires.

After I thought about it some more, this is similar to when Great Britain in the 1800s began shipping convicted criminals from the prisons in Great Britain to prisons in Australia, and after a period of time allowed the convicted criminals to homestead in Australia.  Being far away from friends, family, criminal people, criminal enterprises, and given the chance to work and have their own property, many convicted criminals became successful farmers and ranchers, and turned their lives around.

Improvements In Watford City, North Dakota

In the second week of May, I read in the Dickinson Press newspaper an article about the City of Watford City meeting with the North Dakota Department of Transportation about completing Highway 23 Business that runs through Watford City.  In particular the City wanted to discuss street lights, curb, and sidewalk.  Although the newspaper article didn’t say it, you could tell that the meeting was about, “Can we please get this road finished, it is bad, everybody is sick of it, and it makes us look bad.  Particularly, there is no lighting, curb, and sidewalk.”

I have complained in several blog posts about the roads in Watford City, and the “Disenchanted Highway”.  The combination of no lighting, no edge of pavement marking, no guardrail, no road shoulder, and a steep drop off to thirty feet below, made it dangerous to drive in Watford City at night.  If you drive through Watford City now, you will see that they are working on fixing these things.

If people in Watford City try, they might be able to make it into a nice town again.  Something that everybody can do, is to tell several of the local restaurants that their food is bad, and overpriced.  There are two restaurants in Watford City, that are outstanding, both in how bad their food is, and how overpriced their food is.  Another restaurant that I went to, has food trays of slop, and I just walked out.  When you have more than several restaurants like this in Watford City, it makes people scared to try any other restaurants in Watford City.

I am scared to try any more restaurants in Watford City because of what I have experienced.  The only two places in Watford City where the food is good, is the Jack & Jill grocery store, and Taco Johns.  The Jack & Jill grocery store is directly across the street from the Watford City Police Department, so the meth addicts, hoodlums, and white trash don’t shop there, which is the best thing about it.  The white trash, hoodlums, and meth addicts shop at Cash Wise.

Update & Current Information:  In September of 2016, Highway 23 Business on the east side of Watford City was mostly complete, and it finally had permanent clear speed limit signs in place.

Cursed Land In Watford City, North Dakota

I am sick again in Watford City. I wrote a previous post titled “Being Sick In Watford City”. In that post, I wrote that I think there must be something wrong with the land that I am working on. I wrote that in a half joking way, but more and more I want to know what this land had been before I got here. I don’t want to give the specific location of where I am working because I don’t want to cause my employer problems and myself problems.

I need to go into the Watford City offices to inquire about what had been here. I don’t know if I should say, ”Hello. I am sick all the time, like I have never before been in my life. I am wondering if the property that I am working on is making me sick. Can you tell me if this property used to be the town landfill or dump? Did they dump a tremendous amount of DDT, Agent Orange, hazardous waste, uranium, or something like that on this property?”

Ever since I got here, a coworker has been saying that this property is cursed. I say to them, “You are just kidding aren’t you, you don’t really mean that do you?” They always reply, “No, I’m serious.”

How I found out about the Haven family murder in Watford City in 1930, was because I was trying to determine what had been on this land. I wrote the post titled “Blood Bath In Watford City”. All five Haven family members were murdered on their farm by the hired man, Charles Bannon, who was hung from a bridge over Cherry Creek. Was I working on the Haven farm? So far, from what I can tell, the Haven farm is ½ mile away from the land I am working on.

I thought that this land might have been a paupers’ cemetery, what they call a “Potter’s Field”. I spent a couple of hours trying to explain to a friend of mine that when a person dies, and their body is not claimed by friends or family, the county will bury them in what is known as a “Potter’s Field”, and there is no marking of the grave, and most often no record of the location of the body. I continued to explain, that as time goes on, everybody gets older, a town expands, and property gets sold. A property gets sold with the buyer being told it had been a “Potter’s Field”, but there isn’t a written record of the number and location of the bodies. The property may get sold again several more times, and no one remembers that the property had ever been a paupers’ cemetery. The land gets built on, with just about nobody remembering what had been there.

I Want To Beat The Chamber Of Commerce In Watford City, North Dakota

I want to beat the Chamber of Commerce in Watford City, North Dakota. I want to tell people the truth about Watford City. I want people to have correct information before they decide to move here.

On the internet, there are articles titled, “Watford City, The Good Life Awaits”. A more truthful title would be, “Watford City, A Difficult Life Awaits”. I don’t think that it is right to lure people here with false information. Watford City is a small town with less than 5,000 permanent local residents. Most of the permanent local residents are tired of the out-of-state workers, road construction, and new development. If Watford City had had small town charm and friendliness, it got destroyed back in about 2009. The area became completely re-oriented to handle oil field operations and workers. It was like a war or an invasion.

Watford City is very cold and grey from October through April, that’s seven months. There is very little to do, day or night. The only good places to shop are Tractor Supply, and the CENEX gas station. There are very few restaurants, most of them are both bad and high priced. I strongly recommend that no one drink at bars in Watford City. The police are very eager and aggressive in stopping people for speeding and DUI.

One bad thing about Watford City, is that some of the roads were completed in a hurry, they have no street lights, no street signs, no center stripes, no edge of pavement marking, no road shoulders, and no guard rail, just a drop off to thirty feet below.

Another bad thing about Watford City is that there is a shortage of women, and lack of attractive women. The ratio of men to women is about 6 to 1 right now. In order to make things worse, some businesses in Watford City are hiring lesbians, instead of heterosexual women.

Because most of the people from western North Dakota know that there is nothing in Watford City, they will not move here to work. The majority of people in Watford City right now are out of state workers. Most of the out of state workers are poor, many of them white trash, many of them from the South.

Update & Current Information:  In April of 2016, Watford City began making road improvements, which included adding dump truck loads of dirt to the road shoulders on the Disenchanted Highway to make it safer.  By September of 2016, Highway 23 Business on the east side of Watford City was mostly completed, with permanent clear speed limit signs in place.

Due to the large amount of out of state workers, many of them White Trash, Watford City has had to implement strict law enforcement, with many City Police, Sheriffs, and Highway Patrol on duty and being very aggressive in pulling people over for speeding, DUI, suspicious behavior, any reason at all.  This is about the only way to keep large numbers of White Trash under control.  Currently, it is safe for women to be out in Watford City between sunrise to sunset.