Improvements In Watford City, North Dakota

In the second week of May, I read in the Dickinson Press newspaper an article about the City of Watford City meeting with the North Dakota Department of Transportation about completing Highway 23 Business that runs through Watford City.  In particular the City wanted to discuss street lights, curb, and sidewalk.  Although the newspaper article didn’t say it, you could tell that the meeting was about, “Can we please get this road finished, it is bad, everybody is sick of it, and it makes us look bad.  Particularly, there is no lighting, curb, and sidewalk.”

I have complained in several blog posts about the roads in Watford City, and the “Disenchanted Highway”.  The combination of no lighting, no edge of pavement marking, no guardrail, no road shoulder, and a steep drop off to thirty feet below, made it dangerous to drive in Watford City at night.  If you drive through Watford City now, you will see that they are working on fixing these things.

If people in Watford City try, they might be able to make it into a nice town again.  Something that everybody can do, is to tell several of the local restaurants that their food is bad, and overpriced.  There are two restaurants in Watford City, that are outstanding, both in how bad their food is, and how overpriced their food is.  Another restaurant that I went to, has food trays of slop, and I just walked out.  When you have more than several restaurants like this in Watford City, it makes people scared to try any other restaurants in Watford City.

I am scared to try any more restaurants in Watford City because of what I have experienced.  The only two places in Watford City where the food is good, is the Jack & Jill grocery store, and Taco Johns.  The Jack & Jill grocery store is directly across the street from the Watford City Police Department, so the meth addicts, hoodlums, and white trash don’t shop there, which is the best thing about it.  The white trash, hoodlums, and meth addicts shop at Cash Wise.

Update & Current Information:  In September of 2016, Highway 23 Business on the east side of Watford City was mostly complete, and it finally had permanent clear speed limit signs in place.

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