Holy Shit! I Can’t Believe How Women Have Changed In North Dakota!

Though I swore that I would never again look at the internet dating site “Plenty of Fish”, I got bored and looked at it last night. Holy Shit! I can’t believe how women have changed in North Dakota!

In previous blog posts, I wrote that I had never looked at internet dating sites until I got to North Dakota in 2011. There were so few women in Dickinson, I didn’t know what else to do to meet women. When I went to work in an oil field in southwest Texas in 2012, I continued to look at women’s profiles on Plenty of Fish.

I may have written already, that I had thought that I had understood women, but after reading about a thousand women’s profiles on Plenty of Fish, I was shocked to see that I hadn’t understood women at all. I was literally sickened at what I saw. I had always thought that women were interested in romantic love, but in reality, they were solely interested in what you had to offer. In fact, they were very calculating about what they wanted, and if you didn’t have what they wanted, do not contact them. All the women had a list of requirements.

The most common requirement, was that the man should be at least six feet tall, even if they were 5’-2”. This is what they wanted, and if you were not at least six feet tall, do not contact them. Another common requirement was that the man must understand that they had children, and that their children would always come first. There were different financial requirements for the man, such as that he must be a “professional”, he must have at least a bachelors degree, that he must like to travel and be able to travel, which means he must be able to pay for everything.

One of the reasons that I was so disgusted with women after reading so many of their profiles, was how and why did they think they were able to make these unilateral demands? If you have two or three kids, where is your husband? You let some man impregnate you two or three times, now where is he? And why the fuck do you think that you can start making demands of men you have never met?

I had not looked at Plenty of Fish profiles for more than a year. Last night I looked. Many of the same unattractive women in Dickinson, Watford City, and Williston still had their profiles up and were checking them daily. Many of the not very attractive women still had their profiles up and were checking them daily. Many of the O.K. looking women still had their profiles up and were checking them daily. I thought it was sad, they had a list of demands, and no one was very interested in accommodating them.

I was surprised to see profile pictures of some very, very, attractive women in Dickinson, Watford City, and Williston. I read the profiles of these very attractive women, and I could not believe it! Just about every last one of them dropped every requirement. Holy Shit! What happened! There was no height requirement, no age requirement, no income requirement, no education requirement, no demand to pay for their travel, and no condition that their kids come first. One of these very attractive women said, “I’m just looking for a guy that will stick around.”. Some of these very attractive women said that they would like to go out for drinks, or go out to dinner. This is the first time that I have ever seen very attractive women acting reasonable in their profile.

In Williston, the ratio of men to women had been probably 10:1, in Watford City the ratio had probably been 30:1, in Dickinson the ratio was about 3:1. There were about 20,000 men in Williston and Watford City that were desperately seeking women for company, that were being paid high wages due to working many hours, that were willing to spend a lot of money on women. All of that is gone, it is over. About 20,000 men have left North Dakota and gone home. Left behind are these very attractive women who were used to having men fight over them for the chance to spend money on them. They got left here. I guess that when all those guys lost their jobs in Williston, they were broke, and left town, left these women here. Now what are they supposed to do? Well, I will give these very attractive women credit for realizing right away that they had better start acting reasonable. I didn’t even bother reading the profiles of the not good looking women. Any opportunity they had for getting a man is now gone in their lifetime thanks to their list of demands.

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