Some Angry Women In Western North Dakota

Partly because I got so busy at two of my jobs, I quit going to restaurants in Dickinson and Watford City. For the past couple of weeks I have gone through the drive-thru at Arby’s, or I ate frozen dinners. I have spent a lot less money. I have uncashed pay checks laying in my bedroom and my vehicle.

The other part of why I quit going to restaurants, and why I have uncashed paychecks, is because the women at the restaurants and the women at the bank are such angry people that I don’t want to go there. At the restaurants, there is absolutely no way that I am going to order alcohol because of the way the police are in Dickinson and Watford City. I feel bad for the waitresses because they don’t have many customers, so I have been leaving them a 25% to 40% tip. But they still walk around acting angry all the time, and I am sick of it. I don’t want to be around them.

Yes, many women in Dickinson, Watford City, and Williston really blew it. These women will never, ever, in their lifetime have 30 men to 1 women ratios again. 2007 to 2014, seven years, was their chance to date as many men as they wanted, then narrow it down to the best 3 or 4, and ask them if they were ready to get married. This was the best opportunity that any woman would ever have to pick a husband. But they wanted to have a good time, but they wanted to try to do better, they didn’t think that it would come to an end, but it did. They probably got accustomed to telling men to “fuck off”, and acting shitty towards men. Now, it has dawned on them that they are making $350 a week as a waitress in desolate, barren, cold North Dakota, all the men have gone, and they’re not coming back. Yes, they’re screwed.

These angry women are just reaping what they have sewn. They have no one to blame but themselves. I am going to tell you what their mom and dad are thinking, what their family and friends back in Minnesota or Montana are thinking, what every employer who reads their resume is thinking, what anyone who finds out is thinking: “Yeah, right, you’re a cute young lady that was working in Watford City or Williston for three years as a waitress, and you’re not married? Yes, we get the picture.”. And they would be 100% correct. They were having a good time, that’s why they stayed there for three years. They made their bed, now they can lay in it.

At the bank that I currently go to in Dickinson, I keep getting the angry young women tellers, that are angry that they didn’t catch a man. They not only got to see hundreds of men every day, but they got to see how much money they were making, and how much money they had in their account. One of the young lady tellers is very pretty, and as white as she can be. She picked as her fiancé, a man that you could say was “diverse”. God knows, everyone knows, how bad white men are, white men are practically the source of everything bad in the world. So though there were thousands of white men to date in Dickinson, she could not date a white man. Her fiancé, his mom and dad, loaded their belongings onto burros, and headed back where they came from, leaving this poor defiled white girl behind. Now, every time I go to the bank, this pretty young white girl is acting all bug-eyed and freaked out, and I don’t know if she is going to tear my pay check up, tear my driver’s license up, because I am a white male and I am being paid well, and this can’t be right.

Next week, I am going to take my uncashed paychecks and open a checking account at Dakotah Bank. The people at Dakotah Bank are fairly reasonable local people. I am too scared to go to the other bank, I just never can tell what those women are going to do, they are just so angry.

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