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Getting Stopped By The Police In Dickinson, North Dakota

I have written again, and again, and again, and again about not being able to go out at night in Dickinson, North Dakota because the Police are so eager and aggressive in stopping people for DUI, or trying to discover illegal activity.

Probably about two or three years ago, I gave up on going to bars in Dickinson, or having any alcohol drink at a restaurant in Dickinson, because I know how aggressive the Police in Dickinson are about stopping people for DUI.  When I am tired, have allergies, the flu, or am dirty from working, and have had no alcohol, I am worried that the Police in Dickinson are going to stop me, question me, and try to give me a DUI, even when I have had no alcohol.

As this Winter in Dickinson has gone by, November, December, January, and February being so cold, and dark outside, with nothing to do, and no where to go, I have become more and more depressed.  The only place in Dickinson to sit down and socialize at night, would be a bar, but you can’t drink in Dickinson, because the Police are so aggressive in stopping people for DUI.

In WalMart, Menards, Runnings, a grocery store, a restaurant, or the West River Community Center in Dickinson, it is not appropriate or acceptable to try to talk to and socialize with employees and customers.  In other towns that I have lived in, where everyone is more trusting and everyone does not have their guard up, you can joke around and talk with people wherever you go, but not in Dickinson.

I had Wednesday and Thursday off in Dickinson.  I had no where to go, and nothing to do.  I thought if there was anything that I needed to shop for and buy, but there wasn’t anything.  At 4:00 p.m. I decided to go to the King Buffet Chinese restaurant.  I took my Dodge truck, which I have driven maybe once in the past three months.

At about 5:00 p.m., I drove from the restaurant to visit my friend at his home, who is old and in bad health.  At about 6:30 p.m., I drove to Dairy Queen and got an ice cream cone.  I was driving home from Dairy Queen on Villard Street, when a Dickinson Police car made a U-turn, came after me, followed me, and stopped me.  This turned an ordinary evening and outing, into an unwanted stressful situation.

I am so sick of this in Dickinson, being followed by the Police, so that they can think of a reason to pull you over, to try to give you a DUI, or find something else to charge you with.  If you do a Google search for “Police in Dickinson, North Dakota”, about the 3rd or 4th search result is an article that I wrote titled, “Liking And Hating The Police In Dickinson, North Dakota”.  In this article, I explain that it is like the Police in Dickinson are stalking people, and I am sick of it.

I know that I have a headlight out on this Dodge truck.  I bought a replacement bulb, which is in a package on the front passenger seat, but it has been too cold to get the old bulb out and put a new one in.  Even when it is 50 degrees, the plastic light bulb base and the plastic headlight socket are so tight, that it takes many tries, cutting my fingers, and almost breaking the bulb and the plastic socket, trying to twist and force the parts to lock together in the socket.  I can’t imagine doing this when it is below freezing.

The Police Officer who pulled me over knows me, and he knows that he pulled me over two blocks away from my apartment.  He still wanted my driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance.  He asked me why I had not gotten this truck registered in North Dakota.  I explained that I went to the Dickinson Motor Vehicle Department, and they told me that in order to get this truck registered in North Dakota, I would first need to bring in the vehicle title, and get the title changed from Idaho to North Dakota.  I don’t have my truck title, it is back at my house in Idaho.

I explained to this Police Officer that I was sick of getting followed and stalked by the Police in Dickinson.

This Police Officer warned me that I could get a citation and fine for not having my vehicle registered in North Dakota.  I was aware, that I could also be given a citation and fine for not having a North Dakota driver’s license.

I wish that I would have had the presence of mind to say to the Police Officer, that my Toyota which I normally drive every day, has North Dakota registration.  I wish that I would have told the Police Officer that I had only driven this Dodge truck once in the past three months.

Here is what I explained to the Police Officer, only not this well, and I will probably eventually be explaining this in court in Dickinson one day:

There are people who own a home in one state, which they claim as their primary residence, but work in another state.  If you do not claim a home that you own as your primary residence, you lose several very important legal and financial protections.

In every state that I have lived, your home that you claim as your primary residence, is exempt from lawsuit and legal judgments.  For instance, if you were in a fight with someone and blinded them in their eye, they could sue you for damages, and if your home that you own was not your “primary residence” or “your homestead”, it would be property that was susceptible to a lawsuit judgment.  Even something as simple as someone falling down your front steps, could result in you losing your home if it is not your “primary residence”.

Secondly, if a home that you own is your “primary residence” or “your homestead”, you receive a very large property tax exemption.  If the home that I owned was not my “primary residence” or “my homestead”, my property taxes would double.

Legal tests for your home being your “primary residence” and “your homestead”, are where does your driver’s license say your address is, are you receiving the “homestead exemption” on this property, what does your address say on your income tax returns, and do you pay income tax on the basis of being a resident of this state.

It is very common for wealthy people to own a home in more than one state, to work in more than one state, and to conduct business in more than one state.  These wealthy people have more than one vehicle, and the vehicle that they are driving may or may not be registered in the state that they are currently in.  Yet they do not get warned by the Police.

In Dickinson, North Dakota, I do not know if anyone has had to go to court yet, to explain that they own a home in a different state which is their primary residence, which is the state that issued their driver’s license.  Some oil field workers, and oil field contractors, though they are working in Dickinson, also work in Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Oklahoma, and Texas.

The people who are from Dickinson, North Dakota, and who have never lived anywhere else, may think that everyone in Dickinson needs to have their vehicle registered in North Dakota, which means having their vehicle titled in North Dakota.  Why would you want to get your vehicle titled in North Dakota, if you are only living in North Dakota temporarily?

In the past six years, I have worked in Idaho, Utah, Texas, and North Dakota, sometimes for only three months at a time.  Can you imagine what a waste of time and money that would be, trying to change your vehicle title, registration, and license plates, every three months or six months, on multiple vehicles?  You North Dakotans wouldn’t do it.

Once you give up the drivers license that shows you as residing at the address of your “primary residence” or “your homestead”, you lose very important legal and financial protections on the home that you own.  Under the law, it becomes more possible for the home to be classified as “investment property”, where you are no longer entitled to the “homestead exemption” on your property taxes, you could be assessed for back property taxes for falsely claiming the “homestead exemption”, an insurance claim on your homeowners policy could be denied because you should have had a different type of policy, someone being injured on your property while you are away could result in your home being susceptible to a lawsuit judgement because it is “investment property”.

On my articles titled “Don’t Believe The Chamber Of Commerce In Dickinson North Dakota” and “I Want To Beat The Chamber Of Commerce In Dickinson North Dakota”, I write that there is no where to go in Dickinson, nothing to do, the Police try as hard as they can to stop everyone for DUI, so you just need to stay home, there is no point in trying to go anywhere in Dickinson.

I don’t want to live in Dickinson, I am just here temporarily because I can currently make more money here than in Idaho where my home is.  My house, and 90% of my personal property, furniture, tools, equipment, clothes, electronics, and vehicles are at my home in Idaho.  I have just a bare minimum of belongings here with me in North Dakota, this is not my home.  I don’t know why this is hard to understand.

Getting A DUI In Dickinson, North Dakota

On Saturday evening the owner of the house where I live in Dickinson, North Dakota started on an angry rant while I was asleep on the sofa.  I woke up and asked him what is wrong with him, and I said I had to go someplace else.

I had no intention of going out this evening, but now I had to.   The Paragon Bowling Alley diner has prime rib night on Saturday, so that is where I went.  Luckily for me, two nice waitresses that I knew and get along with, were working in the diner on this night.  I saw some other people that I knew sitting in the diner.  The prime rib that I ordered was very good. One of the bar waitresses and one of the bartender women came into the diner and they were both attractive, pleasant, and friendly.

I hardly ever go into the bar at the Paragon Bowling Alley, but I needed to not go home yet, and the women staff this night were pretty and nice.  When I went into the bar, I don’t know where the other women staff went, but Morticia and Divine were behind the bar, so I left.

With nothing to do, I drove east on Villard to the Family Dollar to buy some paper towels, and walk down every aisle looking for anything else to buy.  I didn’t want to go to any other bar in Dickinson,  because the police try as hard as they can to get everyone for a DUI, but I didn’t want to go home, and there is no where else to go.  I thought that I would drive downtown and maybe go to The Rock Bar, Bernie’s Esquire Club, or the Eagles Lodge.

Driving east on Villard toward downtown, I passed a police car that was going west.  Then when I drove past the Rock Bar downtown, I passed another police car.  The police, and the lack of attractive women in bars in Dickinson, was making me just want to drive back to where I live.  I  drove past the Esquire Club and the Eagles Lodge, I didn’t feel like going in.  I got back on Villard to drive west back home.  A police car got behind me and followed me for about a mile to the end of Villard.

I didn’t like being followed by the police all the way to the end of Villard.  I was in the left lane driving 25 mph, the police car was in the right lane driving 25 mph.  Because of the snow and ice on Villard, you could drive for a couple of blocks without seeing the lane markings at all.  The tire tracks from all the previous vehicles that had melted through the snow down to pavement in the left lane, were not actually in the left lane, the worn in tire tracks crossed into the right lane.  What was I supposed to do?  It is safer to drive in the tire tracks of all the previous vehicles that have worn down through the snow to the pavement, which is what most people do, especially when you can’t see the lane markings, but I had to drive on top of the snow and ice for a mile because there was a police car just behind me and to my right.

The police officer was just hoping and waiting for me to cross over a lane marking, which were mostly covered in snow, and the worn in tire tracks of the previous vehicles had crossed over the lane markings.  This would be the reason to pull me over for suspicion of DUI.  In the police officer’s opinion, I would have failed the eye tests, and he would be very certain that I was intoxicated.  However, I had not had any alcohol, I have had something wrong with my eyes my entire life.  Proceeding from there, the police officer would say that my speech was slurred even if it wasn’t, that I could not count off correctly even if I did count off correctly, that I could not stand on one foot even if I could.  If a Breathalyzer test would have shown 0.00, or 0.01, that couldn’t be right, I was either drunk or on drugs, because the police officer doesn’t want to not give someone a citation for DUI, especially me.

I think that I know who this police officer was, because he was driving a Chevy Tahoe instead of a Ford Explorer.  In November of 2014 this police officer pulled over Damon Prescott Butterfield in Dickinson for suspicion of DUI.  Damon Butterfield did agree to take several field sobriety tests like the ones that I described above.  There was almost not enough evidence against him to be convicted of DUI after the field sobriety tests, however after being asked several times, he had admitted to having a few beers.  He refused to take a Breathalyzer test, and was placed under arrest, and was informed of the North Dakota law about driver’s license suspension for refusal to submit to chemical tests.

Damon Butterfield was taken to jail in Dickinson where he continued to refuse to submit to any chemical test.  At a court hearing, his driver’s license was suspended for 180 days for refusal to submit to chemical tests when requested, which is a North Dakota law that you can go look up.  Damon Butterfield appealed his driver’s license suspension on several grounds, one of them being that the North Dakota law was unconstitutional, and that some of the processes of the traffic stop and sobriety tests were unconstitutional for various reasons.  This case was heard on appeal, and it eventually was heard in the Supreme Court of North Dakota.  It should not come as a surprise that the Supreme Court of North Dakota stood by the North Dakota law to suspend someone’s driver’s license if they refuse to submit to chemical tests.

However, what many people have discovered in North Dakota, especially truck drivers, is that it is better to have your driver’s license suspended for 180 days for refusal to submit to a chemical test, rather than submit to a chemical test and have the blood alcohol result used to convict you of DUI.

I had a long discussion about the Damon Prescott Butterfield VS Levi Supreme Court case two weeks ago, and I was on the side of law enforcement mostly.  I did not like the tactic which can be used to get out of a DUI:  do not admit to having had any alcohol, no matter what the police officer says; do not take any field sobriety tests, no matter what, perhaps say that you are sick; do not take any Breathalyzer or chemical tests; if you are placed under arrest, advise the police that you wish to speak to an attorney;  at jail continue to refuse to take any chemical test on the grounds that you have the right to speak to an attorney.  This is a delay tactic, which some attorneys may participate in, to have enough time pass that when you finally have spoken to your attorney hours after your arrest, if you took a Breathalyzer test at that time, the blood alcohol level would be much lower.  Because all questions, field sobriety tests, and chemical tests were previously refused, and a chemical test taken a couple of hours after arrest was below the blood alcohol level limit, there exists no evidence to support a DUI conviction

I described the tactic to get out of a DUI, because I didn’t like being followed by the police, and likely being railroaded into a DUI, even though I had not had any alcohol.  It is not illegal in North Dakota to drive to and from a bar.  It is not illegal in North Dakota to have one or two alcohol drinks and drive home.  The way the police act in Dickinson, they assume that everyone driving at night is guilty of DUI, and they need to be followed until there is a reason to pull them over, so that they can be questioned, given sobriety tests, and given a Breathalyzer test.

Once Again, Talking About Restaurants And Restaurant Employees In North Dakota

I am once again writing about restaurants in Western North Dakota.  Recently I wrote that just about all of the restaurants in Watford City have food that is both bad and overpriced.  When most of the restaurants that people try in a town are bad, people are scared to try other restaurants in that town.  I believe that many people who have to drive on Highway 85 deliberately do not stop in Watford City because of possibly one or two bad experiences dining in Watford City.

The one good restaurant in Watford City is Taco Johns.  The food is good or O.K.  The food is served quickly and it is not expensive.  The staff are friendly, funny, and polite.  I have never seen an employee there have a bad or negative attitude.  So this shows me that it is possible to have a good, fast, inexpensive, friendly restaurant in Watford City.

This past Sunday evening in Watford City, I drove into town at about 6:30 p.m. and I noticed that the streets were vacant.  I noticed many vehicles in the new hotel parking lots, the new apartment parking lots, and at the homes downtown.  It was completely apparent that no one was going out, everyone was staying home.  A little bit because of the Watford Police being so strict on DUI enforcement, but mostly because of the whole bad experience of going out in Watford City, people here just realize they need to stay home.

A neighbor here in Watford City who I have known for about five months, said that she and her family went out to eat in Watford City on Father’s Day, and that the waitress was really horrible, and had a very bad attitude about her job, and that this just ruined going out for her family.  She said that she told the waitress, “You know, I hope that you find a job that you really like one day.”

The neighbor that was explaining this to me, was complaining that she and her husband together make about $16,000 per month, that they would like to go do things that they enjoy and go out to eat, but there is nothing to do and nowhere to go.  I was surprised that my neighbor was telling me this, because I was thinking the exact same thing.  I had worked every day from May 1st through June 15, every day.  I had had several uncashed paychecks because I didn’t need the money and  I didn’t feel like going to the bank.  I had been too busy to go to a sit-down restaurant, and I didn’t really want to because they are all so bad. I had been eating mostly frozen dinners and take-out.

The middle of last week I went to a diner in Dickinson that I had been going to since 2011.  The food is not very good, but I like visiting with customers that I know and employees that I know.  I talked to some long time employees that I know, but the waitress didn’t know me, she was from out of state.  At that time, there were not any customers, and I was trying to talk to the waitress, which she did not like, because she said so.  So I left, leaving no customers in the diner.

I almost felt like telephoning the owner of the diner who I have known for four years on the following day, and explaining: “You have fewer, and fewer, and fewer customers.  Yes it’s true that many workers have moved away, and many people have lost their jobs, a lot of people don’t have money.  But, I have money, because I have been working every day for the last six weeks.  I come to your diner to socialize, not for the food.  Anything that I might order at your diner, I could just as easily make at home.  Your waitress let me know that she did not like me, so I left, leaving no one in your diner.  Why do you think there was no one in your diner, and you have less and less customers?”

I wrote several previous posts about “Problem Women” moving to North Dakota.  I sometimes described these women as hating their job, hating their customers, hating their co-workers, and hating being here.  You might think, “If they hate their job and being here so much, why don’t they just go back where they came from?”  The answer is, they can’t go back where they came from.  Back where they came from, they didn’t get along with their customers, co-workers, employers, and alienated all friends, neighbors, and family members.  Restaurant owners must think, “She will learn that being unfriendly to customers will result in fewer customers, and less money for her, so there is no reason for her to be unfriendly.”  In Watford City and Dickinson, I don’t know why the bar and restaurant owners have never realized that most of the women that they have hired as waitresses are so mentally messed up, that ruining a restaurant is what they are in the habit of doing, wherever they go.

Some Angry Women In Western North Dakota

Partly because I got so busy at two of my jobs, I quit going to restaurants in Dickinson and Watford City. For the past couple of weeks I have gone through the drive-thru at Arby’s, or I ate frozen dinners. I have spent a lot less money. I have uncashed pay checks laying in my bedroom and my vehicle.

The other part of why I quit going to restaurants, and why I have uncashed paychecks, is because the women at the restaurants and the women at the bank are such angry people that I don’t want to go there. At the restaurants, there is absolutely no way that I am going to order alcohol because of the way the police are in Dickinson and Watford City. I feel bad for the waitresses because they don’t have many customers, so I have been leaving them a 25% to 40% tip. But they still walk around acting angry all the time, and I am sick of it. I don’t want to be around them.

Yes, many women in Dickinson, Watford City, and Williston really blew it. These women will never, ever, in their lifetime have 30 men to 1 women ratios again. 2007 to 2014, seven years, was their chance to date as many men as they wanted, then narrow it down to the best 3 or 4, and ask them if they were ready to get married. This was the best opportunity that any woman would ever have to pick a husband. But they wanted to have a good time, but they wanted to try to do better, they didn’t think that it would come to an end, but it did. They probably got accustomed to telling men to “fuck off”, and acting shitty towards men. Now, it has dawned on them that they are making $350 a week as a waitress in desolate, barren, cold North Dakota, all the men have gone, and they’re not coming back. Yes, they’re screwed.

These angry women are just reaping what they have sewn. They have no one to blame but themselves. I am going to tell you what their mom and dad are thinking, what their family and friends back in Minnesota or Montana are thinking, what every employer who reads their resume is thinking, what anyone who finds out is thinking: “Yeah, right, you’re a cute young lady that was working in Watford City or Williston for three years as a waitress, and you’re not married? Yes, we get the picture.”. And they would be 100% correct. They were having a good time, that’s why they stayed there for three years. They made their bed, now they can lay in it.

At the bank that I currently go to in Dickinson, I keep getting the angry young women tellers, that are angry that they didn’t catch a man. They not only got to see hundreds of men every day, but they got to see how much money they were making, and how much money they had in their account. One of the young lady tellers is very pretty, and as white as she can be. She picked as her fiancé, a man that you could say was “diverse”. God knows, everyone knows, how bad white men are, white men are practically the source of everything bad in the world. So though there were thousands of white men to date in Dickinson, she could not date a white man. Her fiancé, his mom and dad, loaded their belongings onto burros, and headed back where they came from, leaving this poor defiled white girl behind. Now, every time I go to the bank, this pretty young white girl is acting all bug-eyed and freaked out, and I don’t know if she is going to tear my pay check up, tear my driver’s license up, because I am a white male and I am being paid well, and this can’t be right.

Next week, I am going to take my uncashed paychecks and open a checking account at Dakotah Bank. The people at Dakotah Bank are fairly reasonable local people. I am too scared to go to the other bank, I just never can tell what those women are going to do, they are just so angry.

Some Restaurants I Would Like To See Fail In Dickinson, North Dakota

One of the reasons why I continue to stay in Dickinson, even though most of the oil field jobs have gone away, is because I want to see everybody get what is coming to them. Though it might be more and more difficult for me to make money, (I have three jobs right now), I want to survive long enough to see some businesses fail in Dickinson. I look forward to it, every day.

I normally don’t want to see anybody get hurt, or anything bad happen to anyone, but sometimes I want people to get what is coming to them. In this blog post, I want to write about some restaurants in Dickinson that made me very angry.

In 2013, I was aware that there was a new pizza restaurant in town, “Wildcat Pizza”, that was not part of a franchise like the Pizza Hut or Dominos Pizza already in Dickinson. I like Pizza Hut and Dominos O.K., but I thought that I would give this new restaurant a try. I telephoned “Wildcat Pizza” to place a to-go order for a small or medium pizza, and they said, “That will be $26”. I said, “You can forget it, and I will never ever call you again.”. At that time in Dickinson, there were two all-you-can-eat buffet restaurants where you could fix yourself a huge salad, have different side-dishes, several main course meat dishes, and many kinds of deserts, for less than $13. Whoever owned “Wildcat Pizza”, I would have liked to have cursed at them in person, and then beat them with a stick. I got the impression that the owner must have been from “New York”, and he was expecting all these “$100,000 per year oil field workers”, “Why everybody is making $100,000 per year!”. The truth was, most people in Dickinson made $11 to $16 per hour. Wildcat Pizza went out of business in 2015. Good, you deserve it.

In 2015, there was a nationally advertised sandwich restaurant franchise that opened in Dickinson. All of their television advertisements boast about how good their subs are. When I went there, and ordered a ham and cheese sub, it was approximately 7” to 8” long, had some lettuce and two tomato slices. I thought, “You have got to be fucking kidding me!”. At Subway Sandwiches, their subs are 11” long, and you can get lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, olives, cucumbers, bell peppers, hot peppers, onions, and all for $2 less, on a bigger sub! Everybody that I talked to says the same thing. I am so looking forward to this new restaurant going out of business. I wish that we could catch the owner, tar and feather him, and chase him through town, beating him with a stick.

My most hated restaurant in all of Dickinson, and my most hated person, is that arrogant Mexican guy, who owns that Mexican restaurant. I have talked to four other people who feel the same way, including the pastor of the Church that I go to. I can’t wait for that Mexican to get what is coming to him, when he goes bankrupt, and he and his wife have to ride burros back to Mexico. The food is O.K., and at first I thought that the owner and his wife were working hard, and trying to do a good job, and have a good restaurant, but once the restaurant became busy, he started acting shitty and arrogant.

The pastor of the Church that I go to, several times he took a group of about ten people to eat at this Mexican restaurant. The pastor and the group began to realize that they weren’t being waited on, because they didn’t order alcohol. Restaurants make most of their profit on highly marked-up alcohol drinks. Of course this group of Church members are not going to order alcohol drinks, so the restaurant owner doesn’t want them there, and he and his staff treated them badly so that they don’t come back.

A friend of mine named Mike, he and I would sometimes eat at this Mexican restaurant. Several times Mike went by himself, and the owner and the staff wouldn’t wait on him. The last time that Mike went by himself, the owner threw the bill at him with disgust. Mike was taking up a table, and wasn’t ordering enough food or drinks.

When I went to this Mexican restaurant by myself, I went and sat at the bar, so that I wouldn’t take up a table. The last time that I went, the owner and his staff wouldn’t wait on me. I felt like saying, ”If you don’t want me to eat here, just go ahead and tell me.”. I just got up and left. I quit going there. I talked to a male worker older than me, who said that they would not wait on him at the bar. I talked to a female DSU student who said that they did not want to wait on her and her friends because they didn’t spend enough money.

This Mexican restaurant was busy, because there were a lot of people in Dickinson, and there was not an alcohol bar at Bonanza, King Buffet, Perkins, Country Kitchen, Pizza Ranch, or Taco Bell. I know not to order a lot of drinks at a restaurant in Dickinson because the police are so aggressive in giving DUIs. My room mate got a DUI on the way home from this location. Mike, who I mentioned, got a DUI several years ago. The DSU girl that I mentioned has got a lot of sense, she’s not going to order a lot of drinks. From everybody that I talked to, that didn’t get waited on, they all believed that the owner wanted them to get the message that they were not wanted. All these people just did not spend enough money to the owner’s liking.

I look forward to this Mexican restaurant getting slower and slower, where it is harder and harder to pay the lease or the mortgage. As this Mexican uses his cash up to keep his restaurant open with the expectation that the oil is coming back, he will only be becoming more and more broke. As he is nearing bankruptcy, I can personally bring him job applications for Taco Bell and Taco Johns. I can reminisce with him, “I remember the good old days, when you used to be so busy, that you wouldn’t wait on me, do you remember? It seems like it was only last year. Oh, hey, here, I brought you a job application for Taco Johns. I put in a good word for you.”

Problem Women Moving To Dickinson, North Dakota

In many previous posts, I wrote that there had been a shortage of women in Dickinson, and a lack of attractive women in Dickinson. I also wrote that the women in Dickinson had all decided that they were going to be overweight, not in shape, that they were not going to wear nice clothes, get their hair done, get their nails done, or act friendly, because they did not want men bothering them or wanting to have sex with them. I was writing about the women from Dickinson. The women from Dickinson don’t want any kind of attention.

One year ago, I was working as a subcontractor in Dickinson, at a large business that employed many women. After a couple of weeks of working there, I asked this one woman who was older than me, who I had to exchange work information with hourly, why her coworker was so short with me. She said, “Don’t you dare tell her that I said this, she is just nutty and crazy, she told me that she sold her house and moved here to Dickinson, to try to find a guy working in the oil field to get hooked up with. She had heard there were so many single guys in Dickinson. But as you can see, she ain’t very good looking, and she’s a crazy bitch, so it hasn’t worked out for her, and now she’s just an angry person.”

I recall those words now, because I recently encountered an angry young woman working in the restaurant where I often eat. I have been going to this restaurant since 2011. I know the owner, and about 10 out of the 13 people who currently work at this restaurant, plus many of the former employees. I talk to the waitresses some, I know where they are from, and a little about what is going on with them in their lives. I don’t make fun of them, and I don’t say anything lewd or crude to them. Some of the waitresses talk a lot, some don’t. Some of the waitresses talk a lot about their personal life, some don’t. Some want to be friends, some don’t. However, I have in the past met women who have recently moved to Dickinson, who begin working at this restaurant, who have blackness and darkness in their background, demons, and it is only a short amount of time before they start acting evil.

About four months ago, there was a pretty, petite young woman about 25 years of age, who came to work at this restaurant. She is unmarried, and has a young daughter. At first, she seemed to be making friends with some of the staff and some of the customers. She dated one of the customers briefly after she started working at the restaurant, I don’t know why, he looks just like the Devil. Currently, another customer is asking her out, he is an O.K. person, but he is not handsome. More and more over the past weeks, her countenance has grown angrier and angrier, she acts angry, she says that she is angry, and that she hates her job. As of several days ago, she is not speaking to me, and she acts like she is mad at me, like I have done something to her.

This makes me very uncomfortable, because she acts like I have done something to her. It makes me very uncomfortable, because I have seen this play out before. I have seen women that are so full of anger and hate, that they try attack someone around them, usually a male, but because they are small, they attack some man using a scheme or false allegations. I know a little about this young woman’s background, it appears that she got into some trouble and a bad lifestyle in Wyoming, her family had some relatives that had come to work in Dickinson, so they thought this would be a good place for her, they thought she would meet some guy working in the oil field. The problem is, it didn’t take long for her to start acting crazy here too.

I can think of about eight additional women that I have met, that have traveled from several states away to be a bartender or waitress in Dickinson, and they hate their job, they hate their customers, they dislike their coworkers, they hate being here, and they hate their life. You might think that it would have been easier for them to stay where they were, but no, it wouldn’t be, because they were unable to keep or get a job where they were because they had a bad attitude and acted crazy.

I have met women working in other industries in Dickinson and Watford City, that have traveled from several states away, that act like they have got something mentally and emotionally wrong with them. Just like the older men who never learned a skill or trade, or never did any work competently, drove across the country thinking they were going to get a $100,000 per year job, crazy women came out here thinking they wouldn’t be crazy anymore or people wouldn’t notice.

Getting a DUI in Dickinson, North Dakota

I have thought about it, and probably the most important thing that I could tell someone from out of state, is that you have to be extremely careful not to get a DUI in Dickinson, North Dakota.  In fact, if you have come here to make money, you should probably not go to bars in Dickinson at all.  It seems like that must be the intention of the police in Dickinson, they should probably just go ahead and make bars illegal.

Bars have parking spaces for automobiles.  People drive automobiles to bars.  People have a couple of drinks, and get in their cars to drive home.  The police have already seen your car in the parking space at the bar.  Maybe you are driving too fast, too slow, you did not come to a complete stop, you changed lanes without using your signal, you had a headlight out, you had a brake light out, your license plate light was not working, they could not read your license plate, your license plate was expired, you were not wearing your seat belt, something, you are stopped by the police.

You are asked if you have had any alcohol to drink.  If you say yes, I had one beer, you have just given the police officer probable cause to ask you to step out of the vehicle to take a field sobriety test.  At this point in Dickinson you are probably going to be arrested for DUI and are going to jail.  Once you said that you had one beer, you have just given the police the first piece of evidence of guilt for driving under the influence, you have just admitted that you have been drinking.  The field sobriety tests are just additional pieces of evidence to be used against you in court.  You will be placed under arrest for DUI and you will be taken to jail.  At the jail your blood alcohol level will be tested by breathalyzer or blood test.  You will be given the opportunity to post bail.  You will have a court date set.  From what I have been told by people that I have talked to in Dickinson that have been arrested for DUI,  all of the attorneys in town want $3,000 paid in advance to defend you.  If your BAC was below .08, maybe you will be found not guilty.

The law in North Dakota is that you can be convicted of a DUI if your blood alcohol level is greater than .08.  But you have to remember that in North Dakota, you are just a piece-of-shit, out-of-town, oil field trash, piece-of-shit construction worker.  They don’t want or need any piece-of-shit construction worker or oil field worker driving around, trying to rape their women, ruining their town, probably trying to kid nap their children.  Dickinson was nice before you got here.  Make them pay that $3,000 to my cousin the attorney, we got ten of them boys this month, boy we is making some money now, and we ain’t even working on no oil rig.

Hey, I know that you would rather be back home where it is warm, back in your own home with your wife, your kids, your family, your friends.  It would be nice just to be home mowing your own lawn, changing your oil in your driveway.  Here in Dickinson, because you are tired of work, you are lonely, there is nothing else to do, you don’t know anybody in Dickinson, you don’t know anywhere else to go, you go to a bar.  You might only have a few drinks.  You get a DUI on your way home.  You know that you are going to lose your job, you know that you really don’t have an extra $3,000 to throw away. But you have to have the whole North Dakota experience, first you get fucked paying fifty percent of your take home pay for an apartment, then you have to work out in the -20 below freezing weather, there aren’t any women, there isn’t anything to do, now you’ve got a DUI on your record, you are out $3,000 for an attorney, thousands of dollars more in court fines, fees, and the mandatory substance abuse counseling sessions, you have lost your job, and probably your apartment, and probably just about everything you own if you were making payments on a vehicle or anything else.  Hey it’s “Legendary North Dakota”, you come back now, you hear.

Night Life in Dickinson, North Dakota

(This post was re-written and updated on 4/18/2018 in order to provide current information.)

I am going to start at the north end of town, and work my way south, in naming the bars and restaurants that serve alcohol in Dickinson, North Dakota.

But before I begin listing places where you can drink alcohol, I want to tell everyone the most important thing that they need to know about Dickinson, and that is, that the Police in Dickinson try as hard as they can to arrest people for DUI, like no other place that I have ever been.

Many bars and restaurants, will provide customers with a free voucher for the Camajur Bus Service and Taxi Service to get a ride home.  Even without a free voucher, the Camajur Bus or Taxi Service is very cheap, and I recommend using it.

  • Players Club – On the north side of Dickinson, just south of WalMart, is the Players Club sports bar and restaurant.  This building and restaurant, was built and is owned by the Fisher Group.  This sports bar is probably more upscale for Dickinson, and professional people and their wives would feel comfortable in the bar area.  The formal restaurant dining area is completely separate from the bar area.  Though you could expect that the formal restaurant would be suitable for an important business dinner, birthday dinner, or anniversary dinner, I would recommend to anyone in Dickinson who is planning a special dinner, to telephone the restaurant manager before hand, to emphasize that you are planning an important dinner, and ask if there was some way to help make sure that you would not be seated beside over intoxicated or rowdy people.
    • For any nice restaurant in Dickinson, I am going to have to give this warning, that if you are planning an important business dinner, family dinner, a date with your wife, or a date with a girlfriend, you are going to have to take steps yourself, to make sure that your dinner is not ruined by construction workers or oil field workers.  The young or inexperienced wait staff in Dickinson, will not hesitate to seat a group of intoxicated and rowdy males, beside a business meeting, family dinner, or couple on date, so you will have to do something about this yourself.
  • The Crossing – On the north side of Dickinson, on State Avenue, this upscale bar and formal dining restaurant was built and is owned by Seth Murphy, owner of SM Fencing and Energy Services.  From what I hear, this is the most expensive bar and restaurant in Dickinson, and that it is very nicely furnished.  I will not go there, because I do not like the owner and his wife.  If you work in construction, or if you work in the oil field, and you have a big pay check, please gather your friends together, have some drinks before hand, and then go try the Crossing bar and restaurant.
  • Grand Dakota Lodge – On the north side of Dickinson, southwest of the Prairie Hills Mall, is the Grand Dakota Lodge.  The Grand Dakota Lodge is probably one of the nicest hotels in Dickinson, with a bar, restaurant, several lobbies, conference rooms, and indoor swimming pool.  This hotel is a fairly safe, comfortable, indoor environment.
  • Elks Lodge – Just south from the Grand Dakota Lodge, the Elks Lodge in Dickinson has recently downsized, has sold the upstairs to their building, in order to move into the basement of the building.  I don’t know what they are doing.
  • New Life Pentecostal Church – Just south from the Grand Dakota Lodge, the New Life Pentecostal Church has recently purchased and renovated the upstairs of the Elks Lodge building.  Live music and entertainment on Wednesday night and Sunday morning.  A place to meet friendly people in Dickinson.
  • El Sombrero Restaurant – On the north side of Dickinson, just south of the Prairie Hills Mall.  Just average Mexican food.  A restaurant with a small bar.  At this restaurant, you can experience not being waited on, which was a common experience for myself, my friends, acquaintances, and other people that I have asked.
  • El Puricatan Restaurant – On the north side of Dickinson, just south of the Prairie Hills Mall.  A small Mexican restaurant with a wide variety of authentic, good, unique Mexican food, for reasonable prices.
  • Astoria Hotel – At the intersection of I-94 and Hwy 22, is the Astoria Hotel, which is one of the nicer hotels in Dickinson.  The very large ballroom is often used for shows, parties, and events.  There is a recently opened restaurant and bar inside the hotel, adjacent to the main hotel lobby.  A fairly safe, comfortable, indoor environment.
  • Applebees Restaurant – At the intersection of I-94 and Hwy 22, is Applebees Restaurant.
  • Sakura Japanese Restaurant – On the north side of Dickinson, across Hwy 22 from the Prairie Hills Mall, is the Sakura Japanese restaurant where you can order sushi, or watch your food being cooked at your table top hibachi by an entertaining chef.
  • Sanfords Pub And Grub – On the north side of Dickinson, adjacent to the Sakura Japanese restaurant, and surrounded by newer hotels, is Sanfords Pub And Grub sports bar and restaurant.  A fairly normal and fairly safe sports bar.  I believe that it is O.K. for wives and children.
  • The Wurst Shop – On the north side of Dickinson, behind Sanfords Pub And Grub and Sakura Japanese restaurant, is the Wurst Shop which serves bratwurst, hot dogs, sausage, and other meats that they create and process right there on the premises.  Though they might not serve alcohol, this food is something interesting to try in Dickinson.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings – On the northwest side of Dickinson, at the new Menards and Family Fare shopping center, is Buffalo Wild Wings.  This Buffalo Wild Wings is a fairly large sports bar and restaurant, which I believe is O.K. for wives and children.
  • Army’s West – On the south side of I-94, just west of Hwy 22, is Army’s West Sports Bar.  This bar, which is owned by Dan Porter of Dan Porter Motors, sometimes has live music.  Though adults of all ages go to this bar, it is sometimes the most liked bar of the Dickinson State University college students.
  • Mavericks Saloon – On the south side of I-94, next door to McDonalds, is Mavericks Saloon which is a fairly normal and safe bar.
  • Red Coach Lounge – Across the street from McDonalds, inside of the Motel 6, adjacent to the motel lobby is the Red Coach Lounge.
  • King Buffet – On Main Avenue, in the T-Rex Shopping Center, is the King Buffet Chinese restaurant, which is a fairly large buffet style restaurant.  You can have fresh food prepared on a hibachi, at no additional cost to the buffet.
  • JDs BBQ – Across the street from the West River Community Center complex, very close to DSU, is JDs BBQ restaurant, which is a medium sized restaurant, with fairly good food, and it is safe for families with children.
  • Liquid Assets – Across the street from the West River Community Center complex, very close to DSU, is Liquid Assets, which is a fairly large sports bar.
  • The Spur – On the west end of Villard Street near DSU and downtown Dickinson, is The Spur bar, which is as medium sized bar.
  • The Paragon Bowling Alley, Diner, and Bar – Near the west end of Villard Street, DSU, and downtown Dickinson, is the Paragon Bowling Alley, Diner, and Bar.  During the day, the diner and bowling alley are fairly safe for women and children.  Once it gets past about 8:00 p.m., the Paragon begins to fill with more adults and college students who are interested in drinking, and it becomes less suitable for families and children.
  • Blue 42 – In the heart of downtown Dickinson, on Villard Street, is a new sports bar owned by Mike Lefor, called Blue 42.  It is a medium sized sports bar, which is currently fairly popular.
  • The Rock Bar – In the heart of downtown Dickinson, on First Street, is a small bar owned by the Kathy Fisher family, called the Rock Bar.  This is a fairly calm and mellow community bar, which has outdoor sidewalk seating during the Spring, Summer, and Fall.  The Rock Bar is usually the sponsor for the downtown Thursday Summer concerts which sometimes bring thousands of people to downtown Dickinson.
  • Odd Fellows Lodge – In the heart of downtown Dickinson, on First Avenue, is the Odd Fellows Lodge.  Though the Odd Fellows Lodge is active throughout the year, their main effort is organizing and operating the downtown Thursday Summer concerts in Dickinson, which host well known bands and music performers.
  • Bernie’s Esquire Club – In the center of downtown Dickinson, on First Street across from the Post Office, is Bernie’s Esquire Club, owned by the Bernie Marsh family.  This is a medium sized bar, which is a little like a biker bar, but also like a community bar.  In the Spring, Summer, and Fall there is outside sidewalk seating.  Bernie, his wife, his sons, and his daughters operate the bar, and if you are very lucky, you might even get to see Marinna Marsh.
  • Brickhouse Grille – In the center of downtown Dickinson, on Villard Street, across from the old train depot is the Brickhouse Grille and Lounge, which is owned by Mike Riesinger.  The restaurant is located inside a restored historic building, with one bar located downstairs, and a larger bar located in the lounge upstairs.  This is Dickinson’s nicest fine dining restaurant, and there is a dress code requirement.
  • Eagles Lodge – In the heart of downtown Dickinson, situated between the Post Office and Villard Street, is the Eagles Lodge.  In Dickinson, the Eagles Lodge is open to the public.  There are lunch specials for dining in the afternoon, but in the evening the Eagles Lodge is primarily a community type bar.
  • Southside Bar – Located on Broadway Street, on the south side of Dickinson, is the Southside Bar, which is a fairly large bar, frequented mostly by local working class people.  I advise non-local people to not come into conflict with local people in this bar.
  • Upin Thai – Located on the south side of Dickinson, on Main Avenue, is the very small Thai restaurant, which is used mostly for take out, called Upin Thai, which has very good and unique Thai food.