Some Restaurants I Would Like To See Fail In Dickinson, North Dakota

One of the reasons why I continue to stay in Dickinson, even though most of the oil field jobs have gone away, is because I want to see everybody get what is coming to them. Though it might be more and more difficult for me to make money, (I have three jobs right now), I want to survive long enough to see some businesses fail in Dickinson. I look forward to it, every day.

I normally don’t want to see anybody get hurt, or anything bad happen to anyone, but sometimes I want people to get what is coming to them. In this blog post, I want to write about some restaurants in Dickinson that made me very angry.

In 2013, I was aware that there was a new pizza restaurant in town, “Wildcat Pizza”, that was not part of a franchise like the Pizza Hut or Dominos Pizza already in Dickinson. I like Pizza Hut and Dominos O.K., but I thought that I would give this new restaurant a try. I telephoned “Wildcat Pizza” to place a to-go order for a small or medium pizza, and they said, “That will be $26”. I said, “You can forget it, and I will never ever call you again.”. At that time in Dickinson, there were two all-you-can-eat buffet restaurants where you could fix yourself a huge salad, have different side-dishes, several main course meat dishes, and many kinds of deserts, for less than $13. Whoever owned “Wildcat Pizza”, I would have liked to have cursed at them in person, and then beat them with a stick. I got the impression that the owner must have been from “New York”, and he was expecting all these “$100,000 per year oil field workers”, “Why everybody is making $100,000 per year!”. The truth was, most people in Dickinson made $11 to $16 per hour. Wildcat Pizza went out of business in 2015. Good, you deserve it.

In 2015, there was a nationally advertised sandwich restaurant franchise that opened in Dickinson. All of their television advertisements boast about how good their subs are. When I went there, and ordered a ham and cheese sub, it was approximately 7” to 8” long, had some lettuce and two tomato slices. I thought, “You have got to be fucking kidding me!”. At Subway Sandwiches, their subs are 11” long, and you can get lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, olives, cucumbers, bell peppers, hot peppers, onions, and all for $2 less, on a bigger sub! Everybody that I talked to says the same thing. I am so looking forward to this new restaurant going out of business. I wish that we could catch the owner, tar and feather him, and chase him through town, beating him with a stick.

My most hated restaurant in all of Dickinson, and my most hated person, is that arrogant Mexican guy, who owns that Mexican restaurant. I have talked to four other people who feel the same way, including the pastor of the Church that I go to. I can’t wait for that Mexican to get what is coming to him, when he goes bankrupt, and he and his wife have to ride burros back to Mexico. The food is O.K., and at first I thought that the owner and his wife were working hard, and trying to do a good job, and have a good restaurant, but once the restaurant became busy, he started acting shitty and arrogant.

The pastor of the Church that I go to, several times he took a group of about ten people to eat at this Mexican restaurant. The pastor and the group began to realize that they weren’t being waited on, because they didn’t order alcohol. Restaurants make most of their profit on highly marked-up alcohol drinks. Of course this group of Church members are not going to order alcohol drinks, so the restaurant owner doesn’t want them there, and he and his staff treated them badly so that they don’t come back.

A friend of mine named Mike, he and I would sometimes eat at this Mexican restaurant. Several times Mike went by himself, and the owner and the staff wouldn’t wait on him. The last time that Mike went by himself, the owner threw the bill at him with disgust. Mike was taking up a table, and wasn’t ordering enough food or drinks.

When I went to this Mexican restaurant by myself, I went and sat at the bar, so that I wouldn’t take up a table. The last time that I went, the owner and his staff wouldn’t wait on me. I felt like saying, ”If you don’t want me to eat here, just go ahead and tell me.”. I just got up and left. I quit going there. I talked to a male worker older than me, who said that they would not wait on him at the bar. I talked to a female DSU student who said that they did not want to wait on her and her friends because they didn’t spend enough money.

This Mexican restaurant was busy, because there were a lot of people in Dickinson, and there was not an alcohol bar at Bonanza, King Buffet, Perkins, Country Kitchen, Pizza Ranch, or Taco Bell. I know not to order a lot of drinks at a restaurant in Dickinson because the police are so aggressive in giving DUIs. My room mate got a DUI on the way home from this location. Mike, who I mentioned, got a DUI several years ago. The DSU girl that I mentioned has got a lot of sense, she’s not going to order a lot of drinks. From everybody that I talked to, that didn’t get waited on, they all believed that the owner wanted them to get the message that they were not wanted. All these people just did not spend enough money to the owner’s liking.

I look forward to this Mexican restaurant getting slower and slower, where it is harder and harder to pay the lease or the mortgage. As this Mexican uses his cash up to keep his restaurant open with the expectation that the oil is coming back, he will only be becoming more and more broke. As he is nearing bankruptcy, I can personally bring him job applications for Taco Bell and Taco Johns. I can reminisce with him, “I remember the good old days, when you used to be so busy, that you wouldn’t wait on me, do you remember? It seems like it was only last year. Oh, hey, here, I brought you a job application for Taco Johns. I put in a good word for you.”

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