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The Rumor, “Everyone Was Making $100,000 Per Year In North Dakota”

In 2011, 2012, and 2013, I read newspaper articles, magazine articles, heard it on the radio, and heard it on television news, that workers from all over the United States were moving to North Dakota and were making  $100,000 per year.  Getting rich.  Making so much money, that they didn’t know what to do with it.

I have lived in western North Dakota for a little over four years now, met many local people and workers from out of state.  I have only ever met three people who came close to making $100,000 per year in the oil field.  One of them was a drill rig boss, one was a wireline operator, and one of them was a Union electrician.

The wireline operator told me, that a few months, with both working a tremendous amount of  overtime hours and bonus pay, he made $15,000 in a month.  But in several years of working as a wireline operator, he made $70,000 to $80,000 per year.

About one person in a thousand who came to North Dakota could be a wireline operator.  You had to have a commercial drivers license to drive a very large tractor truck that contained about $150,000 in special equipment.  You had to be the farthest thing from an idiot or dumb ass, in order to be able to operate and understand the equipment.  You had to be able to stay in one spot and work for maybe 24 hours straight or more, being filthy dirty, tired, and cold.  And when you were filthy, tired, and cold, you had to load, rig, and detonate explosives.  Most people are not capable of doing this job.

The Union electrician that I knew, he and his co-workers would sometimes work seven days a week, ten hours a day, for months at a time.  At $40 per hour, that’s $3,400 per week, about $14,000 per month.  After working about four months like this, a project would be over.  Not all projects were like this.  Some projects were fewer hours per week, and only a month or two in duration.  Neither my friend or his co-workers were willing or able to work ten hours per day, every day of the year.  The best year that my Union electrician friend had was $90,000.

About one worker in a thousand who came to North Dakota was a Union journeyman electrician.  About one worker in a thousand who came to North Dakota could be a wireline operator.  These two highest paid oil field workers that I ever met, almost made $100,000 per year.  So why was there this popular widespread rumor going around the world that all of the people who came to work in North Dakota were making $100,000 per year?

One reason why there was this rumor, was because the reporters and journalists from Los Angeles and New York would get sent to Williston for three days to do a story about the oil boom, they would go to a bar and start talking to everyone, ask people how much money they were making, ask them to prove it.  There were many people that could show a one week pay check for over $2,000, including me. Many people worked seven, twelve hour days in a row, I did.  But I didn’t do this every week.  Most people aren’t going to be boasting in a bar in Williston about making $600 a week, and run and get their pay check to show a reporter.  The reporters who got sent to Williston from the west coast and the east coast for three days to cover the oil boom here, seldom if ever saw how things really were in western North Dakota.

I could write several pages about all of the truck drivers that I met in western North Dakota that were broke because they had not been paid for the work that they had done.  (I will write about it in a future post.)  I could write several more pages about all of the people that I met in western North Dakota that were broke and living in their cars.  Why was there this rumor going around the United States that all of the workers who came to North Dakota were making $100,000 per year?

Here is what I think about the reporters and journalists who came to North Dakota.  They might not have wanted to be in North Dakota at all, and would have preferred to have been back home in Los Angeles or New York where they were comfortable, and it is civilized.  After getting off one of the fifty passenger jets that land in Dickinson and Williston, they were probably ready to do some reporting at the nearest bar.  In a bar, a new school, a new prison, you don’t trust the people that run up to you and start talking to you.  But the people who came up to the reporters and started giving them the story about how things were, were the people the reporters got their information from, (though these people that came up to the reporters running their mouth might have arrived in Williston a week before.)

The next day, it was probably a big relief for the reporters and journalists to find that the Chamber of Commerce was so willing to give them all kinds of information about the oil boom, and was so considerate to hook the reporter up with a local real estate developer who very graciously drove them around in his Chevy Suburban.  Can you imagine how difficult it would have been for a reporter or journalist to rent a car, drive around in the snow in an unfamiliar area, and possibly make a wrong turn into one of those truck stops or Walt-Mart with all of those wretched looking people?  Who were those wretched looking people?  They looked like they were living in their cars or something.  It was a lot easier to be driven around by some business person in their Suburban and be taken to meet their business associates who worked in real estate and development, who provided them with more than enough information to write their story over lunch at a nice restaurant.

It was in the interest of the real estate agents, property investors, real estate developers, and business owners, to get the story out, that everyone who came to work in North Dakota was making $100,000 per year.  There was already a shortage of housing, more people relocating here would mean being able to raise housing prices and rents even more.  An over abundance and surplus of workers would mean that the wage rates would go down, and business owners would make more money if they could pay lower wages.  Newspapers, magazines, radio, and television helped lure and trick people into relocating to North Dakota by spreading rumors that weren’t true.

Why I Don’t Go Back To Idaho, And The Triple Blasphemy Of Mormonism

Many readers send me e-mail saying, “Why don’t you go back to Idaho.” I will answer this question, and in answering this question, you will see why I created this blog website and why I write what I write.

In May of 2007 I drove from Arizona to eastern Idaho with the intention of moving there. I had done some research about where I was going, the Idaho Falls area. Idaho Falls was the second largest city in Idaho, the population in that area was about 100,000. Housing prices were not high, that was one of the main reasons why I was moving there. I wanted to buy a home and land. The area in Arizona where I was moving from, the average house price was $400,000, which was too much money for me.

When I first drove into Idaho Falls and got off the interstate, I was slightly lost and drove a little outside of town into the farming area. It was exactly like scenes out of a children’s book, plain modest tidy homes with green grass, green pastures, and beautiful clean blue streams of water running through it. Driving further, I came to a wider and faster flowing feeder canal with small white capped waves. There was an abundance of clean water flowing. You could clearly see the Teton Mountains to the east, and they seemed only to be about fifteen miles away. This was the Snake River Valley.

In the late 1800s, the Mormons had settled the Snake River Valley through 180 acre government land grants to homesteaders. I did not have anything against the Mormons, though I was something like a Methodist. I thought that Mormons didn’t drink alcohol, didn’t smoke, didn’t drink caffeinated beverages, and had large families. What is wrong with that?

In Idaho Falls, there was a Mormon Church, The Church Of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints, about every five to ten blocks. Idaho Falls is about sixty to seventy percent Mormon. After I had lived in Idaho Falls for several months and had met people, I was invited to the LDS, Latter Day Saints Church.

I won’t go into all of the details, but at LDS Church, first there is the general assembly of all persons together before the Bishop of that Ward or Precinct, then the men and women dis-assemble and go to individual meetings based on their age group.

I did some reading at home about the Mormon Church. In the early 1800s, their prophet, Joseph Smith, was visited by the angel Moroni, and he was told where a book of golden tablets was buried along with a sacred vest. Joseph Smith later retrieved this book of golden tablets and the sacred vest. The book was written in an unknown language, which only Joseph Smith was granted the power to read. Joseph Smith verbally translated the book of golden tablets to a friend who wrote everything down, and this is how The Book Of Mormon was created.

Many people were, and are skeptical, about Joseph Smith being a prophet of God. Many people ask, “Why can’t the book of golden tablets be looked at by anyone, even just a few experts, to prove and verify that the book of golden tablets does exist?” Another reason why many people were, and are skeptical about Joseph Smith being a prophet of God, is because The Holy Bible does state and imply that Jesus was the final messenger that would be sent by God, no prophet would come after him.

I was skeptical about Joseph Smith being a prophet of God, but I went to several more LDS Church services. The general assembly of all persons was dismissed one morning, and I went to the men’s study group. A man in the study group stated the Mormon belief, “Just as God evolved, we too can evolve, and become Gods of our own planet one day.”  I said to myself, “What the fuck did he just say! What the fuck did he just say!”

When this study group dismissed, I anxiously asked my two Mormon Missionary friends, what was this guy talking about. Unfortunately, this was no mistake, this is Mormon Doctrine. The Mormon Missionaries explained to me that Mormon men believe that through work, effort, and reincarnations, that men can evolve to become more God-like, and that they will be Gods of their own planet one day. This was the craziest thing that I had ever heard, and I realized right away that it was blasphemous in at least three different ways.

If you are a Christian, you believe that God is a supreme being. Stating that God “evolved”, is stating that God might not always have been a supreme being and implying that God is not perfect, is fallible, and makes mistakes. Stating that we too can evolve to become like God, is just outright blasphemy, and again denying that God is a supreme being. Stating that we too can become Gods of our own planet one day is the third blasphemy, continuing to state that we can become like God. If you readers have never heard this, and you don’t believe me, please look this up for yourself.

I informed my Mormon Missionary friends that I could not attend the LDS Church anymore, that this thing about God evolving was blasphemous to me. I was suspicious about Mormons from that day forward. Each Mormon man that I met from then on, I thought to myself, “Does he believe that he will become God of his own planet one day? If he does, he has got to be crazy.” I wondered how educated people like doctors and lawyers could believe something like this, if they do, they must have something mentally wrong with them. In case you women readers missed it, I said that the Mormon men believe that they will evolve to become God of their own planet one day, as for the women, they do not pass into a higher realm, they pass out of existence.

Once I explained how I felt about not being able to attend the LDS Church anymore, I was black listed in Idaho at the medium level of disfavor. Good, high paying jobs, which are not plentiful in Idaho Falls, were no longer open to me. The hottest, best looking, best temperament Mormon women were no longer available to me. Before moving to Idaho, I had no idea that Idaho Falls was sixty to seventy percent Mormon, and that Idahoans really want newcomers to join their Mormon Church to increase their numbers and their prosperity. If you don’t join, they look at it as undermining and refusing to increase their success and prosperity.

I had to weigh having a good, high paying job, and a hot, beautiful, subservient wife, against eternal damnation of my soul. If I would have known that Idaho was going to be this way, I never would have moved there in the first place. I wish that there would have been some useful truthful information about “living in Idaho” right there at the top of the search results on the internet, telling everyone what it is really like before they move there.

That is why I have a blog website about Dickinson, Watford City, and western North Dakota. I want to tell all of the people from out of state the truth before they move here. There are not a lot of job openings now, housing prices are still high, there is a shortage of women, people are unfriendly and uncooperative, the police are aggressive in DUI arrests, there is not much to do, it is extremely cold and grey for seven months out of the year, and the Catholics here a mean and nasty to everyone.

How Dickinson Treats Educated People

I have lived in Dickinson, North Dakota for four years now.  In the past two years, I have written approximately two hundred blog posts.  I have stated that the purpose of this blog is to write the truth about Dickinson, so that people from out of state who are considering moving here will have correct information, so that the people who recently arrived here can understand what is going on, and so that the long time residents can see what other people experience in Dickinson.

My primary motivation in creating this blog website was probably anger.  I was angry about the way people from out of state were mistreated in Dickinson.  I was angry about how I was mistreated.  I was angry about it, I didn’t like it, and I wanted to do something about it.

For at least the past year, anyone, anywhere in the world who wants to know anything about Dickinson, North Dakota, gets their information from me.  Anyone who looks up “living in Dickinson”, “moving to Dickinson”, “relocating to Dickinson”, “what is Dickinson North Dakota like”, “people in Dickinson”, “economy in Dickinson”, “women in Dickinson”, “Catholics in Dickinson”, “corruption in Dickinson”, my website comes up at the top or near the top of the search results.

I am happy that my blog website about Dickinson, North Dakota comes up at the top or near the top of the first page of search results so that everyone in the world can know how badly out of state workers were mistreated and taken advantage of in Dickinson.  Below I will give one example.

In 2014 there was a well known manufacturing company in Dickinson that had a job advertisement for an estimator, designer, and drafter.  I applied for this job.  I had a bachelor of science in engineering, had worked for several years and several companies as an estimator, and had worked for several years and several companies as a designer and drafter.  This manufacturing company offered to pay me $18 per hour, forty hours per week, which equals $720 per week.

In 2014 in Dickinson, a concrete laborer was paid about $18 per hour, worked sixty hours per week, and made about $1,260 per week.  A road construction flagger was paid about $20 per hour, worked sixty hours per week, and made about $1,400 per week.

The difference between a concrete laborer, a road construction flagger, and an engineer is this:  an engineer most likely graduated from high school at the top of his class or he would not have been admitted to an engineering college, he had a very difficult five to six years of college which cost anywhere from $40,000 to $100,000, and, a concrete laborer or flagged didn’t graduate from high school.

The majority of people in Dickinson so hate people with an education, that they offer engineers 1/2 the weekly pay of laborers who didn’t even graduate from high school.

Most of the manufacturing companies and other companies in Dickinson disrespect and mistreat degreed engineers in every way possible, because they hate educated people.  The people in Dickinson like this, that is why they do it.

Now that the Oil Boom has gone away, Dickinson is going to have economic difficulty because it has very few industries that are not oil field related or oil field dependent.  If you disrespect and mistreat engineers, and have done so for years, yes, you will have a lack of manufacturing and industry in your area.

I know how poor Dickinson was prior to the first Oil Boom in the 1950s, and in between the Oil Boom of the late 1970s and the Oil Boom of 2007.  You all can go back to growing corn and sunflowers now to earn your living.  I want to stick around so that I can see each and every one of you, get what is coming to you, after you mistreated and took advantage of all the out of state workers for the past eight years.

Mean Local Women In Dickinson, North Dakota

I have written in several previous blog posts about the work slow-down in Dickinson, North Dakota, beginning in 2015.  Because my job had reduced work hours, I went back to my home in Idaho in the Spring of 2015 and got a trailer full of equipment so that I could do some self-employment work in Dickinson.  The self-employment work helped some, but in December of 2015, I was not working many hours at my job, or at self-employment work.  In February 2016, I was able to get a third job, just when I really needed it.

I was enjoying my third job, and making pretty good money at it, when a long-time employee at my first job unexpectedly gave his two-weeks notice.  I was the only person at the company qualified to take his place, so I agreed to take over for him.  With my two employers agreeing, I work 40 hours at my first employer, and 48 hours at my second employer.  Which means working every day, of every week, of every month.  I am happy to do it.  This is what I have wanted to do since I first came to North Dakota in 2011.  I came here to make money.  I want to pay off every bill.  It’s not that I need or want a new car, or motorcycle, or boat, I just want to pay off every bill.

I had filled-in for the long-time employee who unexpectedly gave his two-weeks notice in the past when he needed time off.  I was very suspicious about why he was quitting.  There were some very mean women at this work site, and I wondered if something had happened.  He gave personal reasons for wanting to retire, however, he had a new full-time job in the same field, before his last day of work.  I talked to my employer about letting this “retiring” employee fill-in for me if I got sick or injured, and my employer agreed.  I asked this retiring employee if he would be willing to fill-in for me in an emergency and he said, “I will never, ever, ever work at that place, ever again.”

On my first day back at this job location where I had filled-in for several weeks in the past, there was a manager woman who was glaring and scowling at me, and I didn’t like it.  I thought to myself, “I have got to get a tape recorder or body camera like the police wear, because it looks like I am going to have problems, and I don’t want to get into a he-said/she-said, accusatory work-place dispute.”

I have my own work to do, which I am the manager of, which I am responsible for, and nothing has gone wrong with my area of responsibility.  However, there are two mean older women, that have several times attempted to interfere with me, and my area of responsibility.  For the last month, on my daily work reports, 1/2 page is about the work, the bottom 1/2 page is documentation of personnel behavior.  Most of the personnel are friendly and cooperative.  Unfortunately, these two mean older women are managers and have been there a long time, so their hostility towards me gets followed by their subordinates.

Besides documenting interference with me, and interference with my work in my daily reports, I try to stay away from most personnel, and I try to say very little.  I believe that it is possible that other personnel would/could say that I was “bothering them” for even speaking to them, or that anything I might say would/could be repeated out of context and used against me.

Outside of work I have tried to look up on the internet why the mean women, might be mean, is there something about their work that makes them mean, is this common?  I did find a very long, detailed, specific article about why these women are mean, and the mean things that they do.  This article said that these women are the highest source of “hostile work environment complaints” by far.  The reason that I was documenting their behavior on a daily basis, was because I felt that their subtle daily treachery was just part of a broader scheme to cause me big problems.  The article said that this was correct, subtle signs of hatred like “raised eyebrows, glares, stares, and scowls” are followed up with “failure to provide necessary information, failure to provide assistance when needed, setting up situations that would lead to a failure”.

There were many horrendous examples of what women in this field do to their coworkers, especially young women, new hires, and pregnant women.  Reasons given why young women coworkers and newly hired women coworkers were mistreated were:  “wanting to see if they were tough enough”, “wanting to see if they could handle pressure”, “disliking the new hire because she did too good a job in comparison to her coworkers”.  One of the reasons why there was so much research done about “hostile work environment” in this field, was because so many people leave this field, and there is always a staffing shortage in this field.  By the way, there is a big staffing shortage at this location in Dickinson, and I see why.

But why are these mean women, mean to me?  Why are they like this?  I looked them up on Facebook.  The first thing I saw on their Facebook pages, was what good devout Catholics they are.  Once again, here we go again, what perverted teaching and understanding of Jesus Christ, God, and Christianity, makes Catholics here in Dickinson be hostile, unfriendly, and uncooperative to other people?  These mean women at this job location are good devout Catholics, and I’m not Catholic, and I’m not from here, is this what this is about?

I talked to a few other employees at this job location that I have known since before I started working here again.  They each said they had wondered and suspected that the mean older women were unfriendly and uncooperative to them because they were not Catholic, and they were not from here.

It is too bad that the overall corporate management is not aware of what is going on.  They have had a staffing shortage at this location for years.  It took me only a few hours to find a long, detailed, specific article based on a great deal of research conducted at universities and job locations to determine why this field has by far the greatest amount of complaints of “hostile work environment”.  The longer that the corporate management allows these women who are notorious for bullying new hires to remain, the more personnel they will lose and the harder it will be to find personnel willing to work at this location.

Children Do Not Play In Dickinson, North Dakota

I have lived in Dickinson for nearly 3-1/2 years now, and I have never seen children playing in the street.  When I was a kid, I spent about 25% of my time playing in the street.  I would try to do tricks on my bicycle, I could ride my bike backwards very well.  I could only ever do wheelies for about ten feet.  I could hardly ever do front wheel stands.  We would build bigger and better ramps in the street, and measure how far everybody jumped.  If there was somebody dumb enough to do it, we would stand garbage cans upright for someone to jump over, which meant they were going to land on them.

If there happened to be a grocery store shopping cart in the neighborhood, we would take a hacksaw and cut the basket off the top of it, and make a chariot out of the lower part.  We would get a rope, tie one end to the seat of a bicycle, the other end to the front bar of the grocery cart chariot.  The bicycle would ride down the middle of the street, the chariot rider would swing out to the curb.

About 25% of the time we would spend on “forts”.  Some of the time was spent inhabiting and maintaining existing “forts”, part of the time was spent prospecting and building new forts.  This seemed only natural to do.  I had a good tree fort in my yard, which I sometimes spent the night in.  I ran an extension cord out to my tree fort and had a TV in it.  However, there was a need for additional “forts” elsewhere.  We constructed a pretty good tree fort about half a block away in somebody else’s yard, without them knowing about it, which is the best way to do it.  We salvaged lumber from people’s trash piles, or obtained lumber from other people’s yards.  We had another tree fort about one block away over a storm drainage canal, it was very picturesque.

I never see kids in Dickinson playing in the street, I never see them building tree forts.  I have not seen one tree fort in Dickinson.  I have written several blog posts about how the culture in Dickinson is different than from where I am from.  For instance, I have mentioned in past blog posts that there is just about nothing an out-of-state person can say that they have, without someone in Dickinson not liking it and having resentment.  If you said that you had an aquarium, a trampoline, a pool table, or a swimming pool, people in Dickinson would not like it, they would think or say,”We don’t need any of that shit around here!”  I explained in previous blog posts, that after visiting the museum in Medora, and having talked to long-time residents in Dickinson, conditions in North Dakota had been very difficult and poor up until the late 1970s when there was an oil boom.

I have only ever met two people from western North Dakota that know how to play.  One of them was Miss North Dakota, who I wrote about meeting in a previous blog post.  Miss North Dakota’s family members have all commented, that while they were all trying to get work done, she was always playing.  When she was in school, instead of participating in sports, she was off playing.  She plays with cats and other animals.  She just wants to play, she is still playing, and she doesn’t want to get married until she is in her forties she says.  The other person that I know, is the same age as Miss North Dakota, and she plays with her cats and dogs too.  I am not talking about go fetch this ball, I am talking about,”Here is your house, and here is your hat, and here is your jacket, put this on.”

The other unusual thing about Miss North Dakota and the other young lady, is that they don’t have a kid yet.  Many other young women in western North Dakota get pregnant right away.  For them, it’s not like, let’s play doctor, or let’s play house, it’s “I’m pregnant.  No, I’m serious, I’m pregnant.”

What I have noticed in Dickinson, is that there is not a wide range of thought, it is kind of narrow.  I have written several blog posts titled “Advice to Women in Dickinson”, where I wrote that young women should not think of moving in with a guy right out of high school and getting pregnant, as the only thing there is to do.

At this point, this post is probably upsetting and hurtful to people from Dickinson.  I am not trying to be mean in this post, other posts I might be, but not in this one.  I want to point out, that people from out-of-state like myself, come to Dickinson, and experience some culture shock.  In the South, where it is warm, people play.  People surf, sail, swim, canoe, jet ski, water ski, ride horses, play tennis, play golf, roller blade, skateboard, mountain bike, play volleyball, have paint ball battles.  Here in Dickinson, kids don’t even play.

If you are poor and come to Dickinson, North Dakota

If you are poor and come to Dickinson, North Dakota, there is no homeless shelter.  If you think you are clever, and you will sleep in your car in the Wal-Mart parking lot, there have been a couple hundred people before you that have already ruined that, you can’t do that now.  Likewise, if you think that you will sleep in your car at a truck stop, there have been a couple hundred people before you that have already ruined that, you can’t do that now.

If you think that you will bring your trailer with you and stay at an RV park, they will only allow trailers and motor homes that are newer than ten years old, and by the way, the lot rent is $800 per month, plus about another $250 per month for your electric bill.  If you think that you will go to a public campground, there have already been a couple hundred people before you that have ruined that, campground stay is limited to ten days, then you have to leave for thirty days.

If you think that you will ask some farmer if you can park your trailer on some corner of his land, there have already been a couple hundred people before you that have ruined that.  If you think that you will call the Catholic Church to ask for a place to stay, they will tell you,”There have been some rapes and kidnappings in North Dakota, we have some women here, we can’t have anybody stay on that land.”

All out-of-state workers are hated.  You have ruined everything!  Not only will you not be helped, they will try to fuck you in every way that they possibly can.  To get an idea of what it will be like in Dickinson, you need to watch the movies “Deliverance”, “The Grapes of Wrath”, and “Planet of the Apes”.

Getting a DUI in Dickinson, North Dakota

I have thought about it, and probably the most important thing that I could tell someone from out of state, is that you have to be extremely careful not to get a DUI in Dickinson, North Dakota.  In fact, if you have come here to make money, you should probably not go to bars in Dickinson at all.  It seems like that must be the intention of the police in Dickinson, they should probably just go ahead and make bars illegal.

Bars have parking spaces for automobiles.  People drive automobiles to bars.  People have a couple of drinks, and get in their cars to drive home.  The police have already seen your car in the parking space at the bar.  Maybe you are driving too fast, too slow, you did not come to a complete stop, you changed lanes without using your signal, you had a headlight out, you had a brake light out, your license plate light was not working, they could not read your license plate, your license plate was expired, you were not wearing your seat belt, something, you are stopped by the police.

You are asked if you have had any alcohol to drink.  If you say yes, I had one beer, you have just given the police officer probable cause to ask you to step out of the vehicle to take a field sobriety test.  At this point in Dickinson you are probably going to be arrested for DUI and are going to jail.  Once you said that you had one beer, you have just given the police the first piece of evidence of guilt for driving under the influence, you have just admitted that you have been drinking.  The field sobriety tests are just additional pieces of evidence to be used against you in court.  You will be placed under arrest for DUI and you will be taken to jail.  At the jail your blood alcohol level will be tested by breathalyzer or blood test.  You will be given the opportunity to post bail.  You will have a court date set.  From what I have been told by people that I have talked to in Dickinson that have been arrested for DUI,  all of the attorneys in town want $3,000 paid in advance to defend you.  If your BAC was below .08, maybe you will be found not guilty.

The law in North Dakota is that you can be convicted of a DUI if your blood alcohol level is greater than .08.  But you have to remember that in North Dakota, you are just a piece-of-shit, out-of-town, oil field trash, piece-of-shit construction worker.  They don’t want or need any piece-of-shit construction worker or oil field worker driving around, trying to rape their women, ruining their town, probably trying to kid nap their children.  Dickinson was nice before you got here.  Make them pay that $3,000 to my cousin the attorney, we got ten of them boys this month, boy we is making some money now, and we ain’t even working on no oil rig.

Hey, I know that you would rather be back home where it is warm, back in your own home with your wife, your kids, your family, your friends.  It would be nice just to be home mowing your own lawn, changing your oil in your driveway.  Here in Dickinson, because you are tired of work, you are lonely, there is nothing else to do, you don’t know anybody in Dickinson, you don’t know anywhere else to go, you go to a bar.  You might only have a few drinks.  You get a DUI on your way home.  You know that you are going to lose your job, you know that you really don’t have an extra $3,000 to throw away. But you have to have the whole North Dakota experience, first you get fucked paying fifty percent of your take home pay for an apartment, then you have to work out in the -20 below freezing weather, there aren’t any women, there isn’t anything to do, now you’ve got a DUI on your record, you are out $3,000 for an attorney, thousands of dollars more in court fines, fees, and the mandatory substance abuse counseling sessions, you have lost your job, and probably your apartment, and probably just about everything you own if you were making payments on a vehicle or anything else.  Hey it’s “Legendary North Dakota”, you come back now, you hear.