Reformation And Rehabilitation Of White Trash In Watford City, North Dakota

This discovery, like the discovery of penicillin, was accidental and may be just as important. I had written in several previous blog posts that many of the workers who have come to Watford City are poor White Trash. The police in Watford City do not allow the White Trash to misbehave.

Anything that White Trash typically do, is not allowed in Watford City: No speeding, no reckless driving, no throwing garbage out car windows, no drunken driving, no picking up street prostitutes, no buying meth or crack, and no selling meth or crack. The White Trash are under such tight control, that they do not go out in Watford City, they just stay home.

The White Trash are behaving not just because the police in Watford City have methods of strict enforcement of laws, but also because the White Trash have good paying jobs. The jobs that the White Trash have in Watford City allow them to pay their rent at the apartments where they live, buy food, and make payments on a four door four-wheel-drive truck, and they want to keep their job and everything they have now.

Without anybody keeping track or documenting what is going on, I think that I am the first person to note that the White Trash have not only changed their behavior, but I think that this change may be semi-permanent and lasting. I am the first person to observe and document a large population of White Trash transform into Lower Middle Class in a short period of time! This transformation process is probably repeatable! It may even work on Blacks and Convicted Criminals!

Step One: The subject individual must be relocated far away from previous environment and previous human contacts. Step Two: The subject individual must be relocated to an environment with strict law enforcement and strict rule enforcement. Step Three: The subject individual must be allowed to obtain employment through a fair process and proof of non-drug use, such employment allowing the subject individual sufficient income to pay for his own food, housing, and other things that he desires. Step Four: There is no food, housing, or anything provided unless the subject individual works, however if the subject individual does work the income he receives is sufficient to pay for food, housing, and other things that he desires.

After I thought about it some more, this is similar to when Great Britain in the 1800s began shipping convicted criminals from the prisons in Great Britain to prisons in Australia, and after a period of time allowed the convicted criminals to homestead in Australia.  Being far away from friends, family, criminal people, criminal enterprises, and given the chance to work and have their own property, many convicted criminals became successful farmers and ranchers, and turned their lives around.

3 thoughts on “Reformation And Rehabilitation Of White Trash In Watford City, North Dakota

  1. America was basically a penal colony in it’s infancy. The 13 colonies were work camps for all the lowlifes who were not descendants of the superior bloodlines. Debt slaves for the trading companies. America is a corporation. We are still debt slaves, the terms have become a little more humane though. At least they make us think we are free now.


    1. In reply to dirtgirl,

      I vaguely remember just a little bit about the “Trading Companies” and how the immigrants’ passage was paid by the Trading Company with the agreement that each immigrant would “work-off” their debt to the Trading Company. This may have been the origin of the lost settlement of “Roanoke” near Virginia and some of the other first settlements that were British settlements in the late 1600s and 1700s. This is not taught in schools anymore or ever mentioned anymore. I can’t recall the exact extent of this, but I don’t think that it was more than 30% of the late 1600-1800 immigrants.

      What used to be taught in school, was that the first settlers, “Pilgrims”, were Protestant Puritans escaping religious persecution, which seems more dignified. And in the Carolinas the settlers were the Huguenots, French Protestants escaping religious persecution. I don’t think that the Pilgrim Puritans were debt-slaves, and especially not the French Protestant Huguenots.

      Later, in the 1800s, there came what seems to be an entirely disorganized and desperate immigration of Germans, Irish, and Norwegians to perform labor on the railroad, mines, and canal projects, but these immigrants were not debt-slaves either, even though they were poor.


  2. A lot of what we were taught in school was a version of history these small trading companies who’ve become the larger corporations we have today, want you to remember. My desperate immigrant ancestors came from Italy and Germany for the American Dream but it was more like a pyramid scheme where nobody gets to Emerald City. The house always wins. Don’t look behind the curtain, do not pass GO, etc. We in turn, became theoretical debt slaves. Obviously I’m being kinda dramatic but they really do make it damn near impossible to be self-employed or self sufficient. The banks will always find a way to take your house back. Like raising and dropping property values and interest rates however they feel. It’s a power grab.
    Without us to consume their products, the companies would fail.
    Without us to work in their factories to produce said product, they would fail. They designed this ouroboros of an economic ecosystem where we just keep eating ourselves. They control every avenue to make us believe we need their shitty plastic items and toxic fast food and brainwashing music so they can then sell us the cure to all of our ailments caused by their ‘job security’ scheme. They are worse than drug dealers. They sell us the cause and solution to all of our problems. And we buy it. That is our purpose here.


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