A Very Educated Young Woman Talks About Her Experience As An Escort

For a couple of years now, I have written blog posts where I try to explain that some women choose to be an escort for very logical, valid, legitimate reasons.

Some women can earn more money in one hour long appointment with a man, than they can earn in two weeks at their regular job.

Please watch this video made by a young woman who graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Finance, who describes how she made $10,000 in one week, by going to just three escort appointments.

Warning, there are a couple of instances of adult language used in this video.

After you have watched this video, you will have seen and heard this young lady admit that several of her clients were people that she would have liked to have had sex with anyway, for free.  Because her clients liked her, and thought that she was intelligent, one of them just went ahead and gave her $5,000 for her one hour visit, so that she could focus on school and not have to be an escort for the remainder of the semester.

One of the things that you will see from this video, is that not only do some women make the decision to have sex for money, not have a bad time doing it, actually like their clients, but the clients are often very positive, pleasant, and encouraging people.

When prostitution is illegal and there is the constant threat of arrest, this what causes prostitution to involve women who are unhealthy, drug addicted, always high, involved in crime, and controlled by pimps.

Whether men work as a stock broker, or a truck driver, are married or single, they want to have sex with a woman and are willing to pay her for it, because they don’t want the trouble, aggravation, arguing, sexual harassment lawsuit, waste of time, and waste of energy trying to get their wives or other women to cooperate.

10 thoughts on “A Very Educated Young Woman Talks About Her Experience As An Escort

    1. Kate,

      I don’t know when women are going to finally accept, acknowledge, admit, and understand reality, logic, and reasoning.

      A young woman who is a single mother of one or two little kids, could be a waitress at a restaurant, make $400 per week, and live in poverty or close to poverty. Having a beat up car that doesn’t start sometimes, or breaks down with her and the kids in it. Living in a horrible, cheap, run-down single wide trailer. Never having enough food to eat. Buying clothes at thrift stores.

      Being disrespected, mistreated, and hit on by customers, managers, the restaurant owner, but not being able to quit or protest for fear of losing her job.

      If prostitution or escorts were legal, this same woman could post an internet advertisement, meet any new prospective clients at a public place in order to screen them, and then arrange an appointment for $200 to $300 per hour. This same woman could work for four hours a week, and make $800 to $1,200 per week, and not put up with any disrespect or mistreatment.

      This woman and her children could afford to have anything that they wanted.

      The people in the United States who will not allow prostitution to be legal are mostly women. Women want to deny other the women the opportunity to have economic freedom, and almost complete freedom, under the fake excuse that they want to protect women.

      I don’t know when it will come to the point that everyone can see that women are the ones who harm women.


    1. Kate,

      I have held back on telling you this, but you are using the word “your” incorrectly. You would use the word “your”, in sentences such as “I saw your cat. I fed your dog. I took your newspaper.”

      Here is an explanation for some common contractions where an apostrophe is used:

      I am………I’m
      We are…….We’re
      You are……You’re
      They are…..They’re


    1. Kate,

      I’m just like Sidney Poitier or Harry Belafonte. Did you ever see the movie “To Kill A Mockingbird”, which was about a Black man on trial for raping a White woman? The Black man was just walking by the White woman’s house, and she asked him to come inside to “bust up a chifferobe”. Since watching that movie, I have always been wary of White women asking me to come over and bust up a chifferobe.


  1. Hardly like either one of them. There is a difference between black people and niggers. Which you have proven to be the latter


    1. Kate,

      You might like the website “Dickinson Beat, News & Entertainment for People of Color”, which is another website about Dickinson, North Dakota, created by Black people, and for Black people living in Dickinson or coming to Dickinson.


  2. You should research a young woman from Dickinson named Sierra Smebakken who became a high end escort, hooked up with a sugar daddy in Florida, and became well off. She wanted out of town to make it big and she did.


    1. Rusty,

      Thank you for the comment. A couple of years ago, I was looking on Facebook, and I would find one attractive young lady from Dickinson, then I would look at her Facebook “Friends”, which were also attractive young ladies, following this trail, I believe that I saw Sierra Smebakken, and a few other girls from Dickinson like her.

      Since they were wearing tiny bikinis, had long beautiful hair, exceptionally beautiful bodies, and they were posing inside high-rise condominiums overlooking the ocean in South Florida, I assumed that they “made it out” and were trying to “make a new life”.

      I don’t fault them for this at all. Some young people do well in academics, and they can go away to college which might lead to a better life, some young people do well in sports and they can go away to college which might lead to a better life, some people might have other marketable talents like singing, music, or dancing.

      Many famous entertainers and actresses came from very poor areas, and they were desperately motivated to find a way to make it in life.

      One of the nicest ladies towards me, who I ever met and worked for, owned a business with her husband that had more 10,000 employees around the world. There was a book written about her husband. She let me know more, and more, and more about herself, and her husband, telling me many details of her life, and her experiences. What she was doing at the time when she was introduced to her husband, was being an Escort, but not in a blatant or seedy manner.


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