Attorneys Need To Be Involved In Prostitution In North Dakota

In western North Dakota, there is a shortage of women.  In Dickinson, the ratio of men to women is still probably 3:1.  In the other towns of Williston, Watford City, Killdeer, Belfield, New England, Richardton, and Taylor, the ratio varies from 3:1 to 10:1.

Because of the Catholic Church and Heidi Heitkamp, the Police approach to handling the situation of men seeking prostitutes, is to place a fake advertisement with an attractive looking woman on the internet offering sex, and then arrest the men when they show up to meet the prostitute.

Then, once the Police received further Heidi Heitkamp sponsored training, the Police would place a fake advertisement on the internet with an attractive woman offering sex, establish contact with interested men, and then at some later point in time, make up the fact that the woman was under 18, so that the men would face 20 year sentences under laws for Exploiting a Minor For Commercial Sex, even though they never sought to contact a minor in the first place.

The result of this approach by the Police, has resulted in only the most hideous, unhealthy, diseased, out-of-their mind drug addicted street hookers from the big cities in other states, being brought to North Dakota by their criminal pimps in order to fill the void.

Other men in western North Dakota, have resorted to having sex with animals, as reported in the Jamestown Sun newspaper article dated January 28, 2013 “Horse becomes victim of sexual assault in west North Dakota.”  A quote from this newspaper article reads, “…an illegal act ranchers suggest happens all too often in this area, but rarely gets reported.”

This may be one of Heidi Heitkamp’s proudest achievements, but I personally do not want to have sex with horses or diseased, drug-addicted street prostitutes.

I have been thinking for a couple of years, that the best way for North Dakota to address the shortage of women in western North Dakota, would be to have very well regulated legal prostitution.  Licenses would be granted to prostitutes, fees would have to be paid to cover the cost of the regulatory oversight, and bi-monthly health checks would be required.  These bi-monthly health checks would be to detect sexually transmitted diseases, but I suppose they could also include drug testing.

Well regulated legal prostitution is not going to happen in North Dakota any time soon, probably.  I found on the internet, how professionally and proudly they advertise and offer beautiful Escorts in Italy, on the website , and I could only feel anger, resentment, and remorse that we can’t have anything like this here.

After more thinking, it occurred to me recently, that Attorneys could become involved in prostitution in North Dakota, to help eliminate some of the risks for both clients and prostitutes, in having legal problems.  In discussing what I have in mind, I want to refer to the prostitutes as Escorts, because I am not in favor of street prostitution.

I foresee, that the best Attorneys to consult, would be Attorneys that specialize in Criminal Defense, who would have some desire and interest in advising Clients on the legality and what to avoid, in what they had already made up their mind to do.  A Client might have the following conversation with an Attorney:

“I have a good paying job in Dickinson, and I work all the time.  There is a shortage of women, and a scarcity of attractive women in Dickinson.  I can’t go to the bars after work to try to pick up women, because there aren’t any, and it is just a waste of time.  I would like to hire an Escort, like the one shown here on the website Backpage, but I don’t want to be arrested and lose my job.

Though I understand that prostitution is illegal, I want to find and hire an Escort.  Can you advise me on how to contact an Escort, and not become entrapped by the Police in Dickinson?”

Now, before you consider what an Attorney might say to this inquiry, I propose that Escorts, also consult with a Criminal Defense Attorney, and have the following discussion:

“I have been working as an Escort, and this is what I want to do.  If I see two Clients a day at $250 each, that’s $500 per day.  If I work five days a week, that’s $2,500 per week.  I can easily make over $100,000 per year.

Though I understand that prostitution is illegal, this is what I want to do.  I do not want to be arrested by the Police in Dickinson.  What do you suggest that I do, what can I do to avoid being arrested?”

Criminal Defense Attorneys have to advise Clients all the time about illegal things that they are involved in, that have not yet been detected by the Police, whether it is involvement in illegal drugs, theft, embezzlement, or assault.  These Attorney conversations about prostitution with Clients or Escorts, would not be out of bounds.

Attorneys are not going to be involved in the commission of illegal activities, because they do not want to be arrested and disbarred.  However, I believe that Attorneys could advise on a very formatted screening process for Escorts and Clients, that would greatly reduce the chances for legal entrapment by the Police.

The big “gotcha” moment by the Police when a Client meets an Escort, always seems to take place at some location that the Police have managed to take control of, such as a hotel room, or restaurant where several Police Officers are hiding nearby.  The necessary element that triggers the arrest, is the Client bringing up, or the Client engaging in discussions of sexual acts or exchange of money.

If Criminal Defense Attorneys could devise some kind of format for both a Client and an Escort to adhere to, and not deviate from, this format may be able to foil any attempts by the Police in entrapment schemes.  This format would or should probably involve a preliminary meeting between a Client and an Escort at a location where the Police could not take control, and where there would be no discussion of sexual acts, or the exchange of money.  Any attempt by either party to deviate from this format, would probably be an indication that this was a Police set-up.

The reader might be asking, why would anyone go through this much trouble?  To an Escort that makes over $100,000 per year for working less than 20 hours per week, it is worth a great deal to her not to have any problems with the Police.  To a man who does not want to pay $6,000 to $10,000 per year in child support for the next eighteen years just because he wanted to have sex, yes it is worth it to him to find an Escort, and not lose his job in the process.

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