Thailand Girls, You Get More Flies With Honey Than With Vinegar

Hello, and thank you for reading my blog website.  I really don’t have anything to do, because I live in Dickinson, North Dakota.  There is no where to go, nothing to do, and hardly any attractive women.  All I can do, is just look on the internet to see what life is like elsewhere.

After spending the past month watching YouTube videos about Bigfoot, Dogman, and people who went to work on other planets, I decided to watch some videos created by men on vacation in Thailand.  The inspiration that caused me to look on YouTube for “sexy girls in Thailand”, was Facebook.

During the past several weeks, Facebook has been including in my list of “People You May Know” or “Friend Suggestions”, Facebook profiles of women from China, Vietnam, and Thailand.  Some of these girls appeared to be very attractive, so I looked at their profiles.  Now, my Facebook “People You May Know”, is 90% Asian people.

Most of the Asian women on Facebook, are not argumentative and insulting right up front, like American and European women are.  In my life, several times myself and my friends made up our minds to only date or seek to marry Asian women, because they are so much less trouble than American women.  I could go into why I decided not to marry an Asian woman, but all I will say for now is that I didn’t think that it would work out.

A couple of days ago, I began watching YouTube videos that were made by a couple of men from Europe who began routinely vacationing in Thailand.  At first, I thought that these videos were going to be raunchy, crude, abusive, and pornographic, because everyone knows that men go to Thailand to pick up prostitutes, but these videos were not like that at all.

One of these “vloggers”  short for “video bloggers”, his voice sounded Russian, his English was fair, and he seemed to be fairly well educated and professionally successful.  I would say that he was probably a programmer, sales representative, or technical sales representative.  He appeared to be tall, thin, in good physical condition, confident, outgoing, and in his mid-thirties.

This particular vlogger, when he arrived in Thailand on vacation by himself, he liked to sight see in the city he had arrived in.  He liked to visit the downtown markets, and get a feel for the city, what were the restaurants and the bars that he wanted to try.  Everywhere that he went, he was kind of chatty and playful with the shop women and the women that he met on the street, and all the women appeared to like and appreciate his banter and attention.

This is probably the exact opposite of what me and what most people expect that men behave like in Thailand.  This vlogger was not disrespectful or abusive to girls or women in any way.  Usually, some time on the first day, this vlogger would meet a young lady that he liked, and ask her if she would like to go to a restaurant, bar, or club with him.  These women were not street prostitutes or bar girls, but they were party girls.

The party girl that he would meet on his first day of arrival, who agreed to go with him to a restaurant, bar, or club, would agree to be his exclusive companion for the duration of his vacation.  In the evening, the two of them would go to a restaurant for dinner, then walk the market, then go to bars, and then go to clubs where his companion would meet up with her friends.  They would go back to his hotel together at 2 a.m. or 4 a.m.

The next day, the two of them would get up late, eat breakfast, and then go to the hotel pool.  Later in the day, the two of them would go back to her place so that she could pick up more clothes.  The two of them would live together like this for a week, until it was time for him to go back to Europe.

While I was watching the first video of this vlogger, this jogged my memory about an acquaintance of mine named Caleb from fifteen years ago, who went to Thailand and did the exact same thing.  Caleb preferred to find and meet a party girl on his first day, and then have her as his exclusive companion for the duration of his stay, which in Caleb’s case was two weeks to two months.

Caleb explained that these Thai girls would do the grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, and laundry, and be your companion, for about $20 per day.  The cost of a bungalow or cottage by the ocean might cost $20 per day.

This vlogger from Russia, he was never mean or unpleasant with his Thai girlfriend.  They would go to the pool, the sauna, the market, restaurants, clubs, and on sightseeing tours, and have a good time together.  When it was time for him to leave, the Thai girlfriend would be very sad, and cry a little.

In this vlogger’s video, you would see other men from Europe in the bars, restaurants, clubs, markets, and hotels.  The younger men in their 20s, would go to the clubs and party, dance with the girls, and act wild.  The men in their 30s and 40s, would sit quietly at bars drinking beers or mixed drinks, watching TV, and being fairly content.  The men in their 50s would lounge at the pool during the day, and not really stay out as late as the younger men.

I watched four or five videos made by two different European vloggers on their vacations to different cities in Thailand.  I did not see any of the European men misbehaving, acting like jerks, or acting like assholes.  You have got to realize, that these European men were probably in the upper 20% of income earners in Europe.  They were educated, professionals, and successful.  The last thing they wanted, was to get into any kind of conflict, and have their vacation ruined.

All of the men vacationing in Thailand, could have as many women as they wanted, as often as they wanted, for not very much money.  Because this was the case, they were all calm and relaxed, there was nothing to fight over, get upset about, or argue about.  You can’t have sex all the time, so they would try different restaurants, sit by the pool, go to the beach, and go sightseeing.

The Thai people, none of them seemed to object to the vacationing Europeans.  The Thai people appeared to be happy people.

This says something about European and American culture, that men have to get on a plane and fly thousands of miles, to go somewhere where they can meet women who don’t act difficult, argue, gripe, bitch, and complain.

The Russian vlogger could not have been more pleasant with his Thai companion that he was with during his vacation, and she cried when it was time for him to go back to Europe.  An American girl who watched this video posted on YouTube, and left a comment to this video, of course you know what she said, “This guy is creepy.”

You can watch these YouTube videos here, just click on this link below.  These videos are not sexual, in the first minute of the first video, they are both just drunk, don’t get the wrong impression.  Also, please watch videos #2, #3, #4 where he goes home to meet her family.

These videos are not sexual, just disregard the first minute, they were both drunk.

2 thoughts on “Thailand Girls, You Get More Flies With Honey Than With Vinegar

    1. Kari,

      Yes, this is a form of prostitution. Many things that we do, are a form of prostitution. Going to a job and getting paid by the hour or a salary to do things that we do not like, or do not agree with is a form of prostitution. Men or women who stay in a marriage or a relationship only so long as they are provided with money, a vehicle, a place to live, this is a form of prostitution too.

      The best prostitution, is something that we call a relationship, where both parties kind of like each other, each is content with what they are getting, and not a lot of money is involved. For instance, a girl who is happy to go to the pool, the beach, the market, either on foot or on bicycle, and is happy to share meals and living space, and does not want much more than that. This is what you see in Thailand.

      In the U.S., women want a $30,000 vehicle, clothes, shoes, jewelry, vacations, and an expensive condominium or house, plus some kind of legal agreement where they can force you to continue to pay, or take your home, even if they no longer want to be in a relationship with you. Why would anyone want to agree to that, if they could go to Thailand and meet a nice skinny young lady who wants to cook, clean, do laundry, do the shopping, and all that she wants in return is food and a place to stay?


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