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The Failure To Accept Eugenics Has Led To The Downfall Of Civilization

In the late 1980s I received an academic scholarship to become enrolled in the honors program of a small private liberal arts college in Virginia. This honors program consisted of a special curriculum where professors would lecture in their particular area of expertise to a class consisting solely of eight to twenty honors students.

One professor was an expert on the history and study of Eugenics. For those readers who don’t know, Eugenics is both a science and a philosophy that examines the relationship and correlation of genetics in passing on traits from parents to offspring, especially concerning desirable characteristics in humans.

For me, my introduction to Eugenics, it was like the best thing that I had ever heard of, to the dismay of my professor and classmates.

In the history of mankind, Eugenics was being practiced before a written language existed, when human males and females sought to have sex with “attractive” mates, meaning mates that appeared to be the most physically healthy, strong, and likely to produce the best offspring. I acknowledge that there was both a conscious decision and an unconscious biological instinct that was taking place in this example of early human Eugenics.

In the early history of humans, when they began to become farmers and domesticate animals, they soon realized the desirability of selectively breeding the strongest, largest, most healthy male and female livestock to each other, and not breeding unhealthy, weak animals.

Early cultures around the World, and continuing into modern times, have been involved in Eugenics, though it was not called by this name. Vikings, Spartans, and native tribes left newborn infants to die if they showed signs of significant birth defects. European, Asian, African, South American, and North American cultures practiced the custom of “arranged marriages” where the parents deliberated and decided who their children would mate with.

In the 1800s following the American Revolution, the French Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, rapid advances in science, technology, and medicine, there arose new schools of thought and new sciences such as “Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution”, “psychiatry”, “immunization”, and “Eugenics”.

In the mid-1800s when there was World-wide discussion of Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, “natural selection”, “survival of the fittest”, Charles Darwin’s cousin Francis Galton believed that desirable human qualities were hereditary traits, and that the human population could be improved through selective breeding. Francis Galton named this theory/science “Eugenics”. Though keep in mind, the Greek philosopher Plato had written about this in 400 B.C.

While philosophers, politicians, leaders, celebrities, and scholars began trying to convince the World about the benefits of selective breeding in humans, encouraging healthy successful people to breed, and discouraging the breeding of poor inferior people, scientists began researching and experimenting to prove the validity of Eugenics.

Scientists and researchers across the globe began studying the family histories and medical histories of convicted criminals, prison populations, mental patients, mental asylum populations, vagrants, and disabled people in order to discover medical predictors of criminality, mental illness, or feeble-mindedness.

During this time period the terms “idiot” and “moron” were actually clinical medical terminology. The idea that mental illness, criminality, physical deformity, and feeble-mindedness was hereditary and “ran in families” was generally accepted in the early 1900s through the 1950s in the United States. This was widely taught in public elementary and high schools in the U.S. through the famous study of the “Kallikak” and the “Juke” families in Appalachia:

From Wikepedia, The Kallikak Family: A Study in the Heredity of Feeble-Mindedness was a 1912 book by the American psychologist and eugenicist Henry H. Goddard. Supposedly an extended case study of Goddard’s for the inheritance of “feeble-mindedness”, a general category referring to a variety of mental disabilities including intellectual disability, learning disabilities, and mental illness, ….. Goddard believed that a variety of mental traits were hereditary and that society should limit reproduction by people possessing these traits.

I want to emphasize that prior to World War II, the United States and many other countries around the World had many proponents and advocates for Eugenics, in politics, in universities, in public education systems, in mental health systems, in the medicine, in science, and with the general public.

Immediately after World War II, when it was discovered that Germany had implemented a plan to identify the Jews, remove the Jews from their homes, transport the Jews to concentration camps, and to either exterminate the Jews at the concentration camps or work the Jews to death in the concentration camps, and had succeeded in killing millions of Jews, Eugenics was blamed.

Beginning in the 1950s in the United States, there was a re-examination of Eugenics as discussed, taught, or practiced in politics, universities, public elementary and high schools, mental health systems, public health systems, and the legal system.

Prior to World War II, it was sometimes a normal procedure at mental asylums in the U.S. and other countries to involuntarily sterilize patients.  In U.S. court cases, it had been established as lawful, the practice of involuntarily sterilizing feeble-minded mental patients.  Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. wrote in 1927: 

“We have seen more than once that the public welfare may call upon the best citizens for their lives. It would be strange if it could not call upon those who already sap the strength of the State for these lesser sacrifices, often not felt to be such by those concerned, to prevent our being swamped with incompetence. It is better for all the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime, or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind. The principle that sustains compulsory vaccination is broad enough to cover cutting the Fallopian tubes.”

From the end of World War II until the present day, most countries that had once believed in and supported Eugenics, have continually backed away from its beliefs and ideas.  Can everyone stop and remember, that Eugenics had been consciously and unconsciously practiced since the beginning of mankind?

Because countries have tried to do a 180 degree change in their beliefs on Eugenics, and perhaps out of a feeling of guilt or to try to make amends, since the 1960s there has been an “anything goes” policy on crime, mental illness, deviant behavior, public education, parental responsibility, illegitimate children, illegal aliens, generations of public welfare recipients.

At this point, there is so much crime, mental illness, drug addiction, deviant behavior, abnormal behavior, dysfunctional adults and children, homelessness, stupid people, illegal aliens, and incompetence, that it seems like right is now wrong, wrong is now right, good is now bad, bad is now good, everything is backwards from the way it used to be.

Some people believe that all of this chaos, destruction, and collapse of once civilized countries has been planned and orchestrated by an elite group of wealthy people in order to crash all governments before a new One World Government/New World Order can be created.  This may be true.

One of the ways that we have gotten here, and have ourselves to blame, is letting the feeble-minded, drug addict, criminal, stupid people to breed like rats.  Allowed it?  We even helped it with liberal public welfare assistance, not keeping criminals in prison, allowing drug addicts to run around on probation, not securing our border, court enforced child support payments to unwed mothers, and letting all these people breed, breed, breed like crazy to where they now make up the majority of the population.


A Definitive Answer On Why There Is So Much Crime In Dickinson, North Dakota

I am sick of writing about the crime in Dickinson, North Dakota, and you are probably tired of reading about it.  I began to find the definitive answer on why there is so much crime in Dickinson, but I hesitated to write about it, because I thought that it would be too difficult to explain, though the answer is simple.

I am going to refer readers to a series of recent articles, presented by the Dickinson Press newspaper, sponsored by the North Dakota Newspaper Association, where one of their journalists, Sam Easter, did a very thorough investigation on why there is so much crime in North Dakota.  This journalist presented all of the facts and figures, but he didn’t shout the answer or conclusion loud enough, maybe he wasn’t permitted to do so because of the political implications.  (refer to this link https://www.thedickinsonpress.com/news/crime-and-courts/4046635-Too-big-too-fast-North-Dakota’s-other-housing-problem, at the bottom of this article there is a link to all of the articles in this series.)

Here is the answer:  In the late 1990s, the state of North Dakota made a deliberate transition from consistent stiff incarceration penalties for drug crimes and theft, to less incarceration penalties and more probation for offenders.  The fact is, it costs the state of North Dakota about $43,000 per year to incarcerate an offender, versus about $1,700 per year to put an offender on probation.

These very high-up people in North Dakota government, like the Governors, Attorney Generals, and State Legislators, they tried to present to North Dakotans, that there needed to be more money spent on prisons.  The North Dakotans were, unsurprisingly, too cheap and pinch-penny to want to spend more money on prisons.

In order to remain popular, and to get re-elected, the Governors, Attorney Generals, and State Legislators, they never came out and said, “Listen you dumb sons-of-bitches, if you don’t spend this money to build new prisons, you are going to be overrun with crime and criminals in your communities.”

Instead, the Governors, Attorney Generals, State Legislators, Judges, and Prosecuting Attorneys have implemented this “Probation for Everyone” policy, knowing full well that the communities would become overrun with criminals.  Their belief was probably that once the ordinary citizens became tired of dealing with so much crime and so many criminals every day, that it would come to the point where North Dakotans would ask for more prisons to be built.

The Governors, Attorney Generals, State Legislators, Judges, Prosecuting Attorneys, Probation Officers, and Police Officers know why there is so much crime in Dickinson, North Dakota, but the problem is that the ordinary citizens don’t know.

The prisons in North Dakota are currently completely full, because new prisons have not been built.  Because the prisons in North Dakota are full, with no room for additional prisoners,  people who are convicted of drug crime and theft in North Dakota are given very little jail time, and probation.

Many of the Probation Officers in North Dakota have as many as 130 offenders to supervise on probation, because probation is given rather than incarceration.  The Police in Dickinson have seen for years, that they can successfully arrest someone for possession of methamphetamine and possession of stolen property, the offender is released from jail on bail, the Police arrest this same offender again for another possession of meth and stolen property while they are out on bail awaiting trial, and in the end, this offender only ever spends a month total in jail, and gets probation.

When I looked up the person who stole my truck in 2017 on the North Dakota Court Repository, he should have still been in prison for an arson charge, while he was out committing multiple felony thefts, and he should have been in prison for these multiple felony thefts, while he was out stealing my truck.  He was out of prison on probation, while he was caught in possession of stolen property, and he was out on bail for this possession of stolen property, when he stole my truck.

I e-mailed a judge who had adjudicated many of this thief’s criminal cases over the years to ask him why he kept suspending most of this person’s prison sentences, when this person kept repeating and repeating felony thefts again and again over the past twenty years, and this judge was outraged, and he told me to go ask the prosecutor.

If you read the Dickinson Press newspaper “Police Blotter” or “Crime and Courts” articles, and go look up the people named who have been charged with theft and possession of illegal drugs using the North Dakota Court Repository on the internet, you will almost always find that they are currently on probation for a previous charge of theft and possession of drugs, and in many cases they are currently out on bail awaiting trial for a previous arrest for theft and possession of drugs.

The Police in Dickinson arrest the same several hundred people for theft, possession of drugs, and drug dealing, over and over again, multiple times each year, because these offenders are not being incarcerated, they are being let out of jail almost immediately right back into Dickinson.  Also, these repeat offenders have no fear of committing crime in Dickinson because their punishment is so lenient.

My Blog Posts About Crime In Dickinson, North Dakota Are Being Suppressed

I have been writing blog posts about Dickinson, North Dakota for over three years.  I have never seen any of my blog posts deliberately pushed down in the Google search results more than my blog posts about crime in Dickinson, North Dakota.

When I have written articles about Real Estate in Dickinson, North Dakota, initially each of these articles appeared near the top of the Google search results for “Real Estate in Dickinson”.  I then saw that each of these articles gradually got pushed down in the Google search results further and further over time. I knew the reason why.

There are about twenty to thirty real estate agents in Dickinson, who are always trying to get their name, their company name, or their listings near the top of the Google search results.  They do this by personally doing a Google search for “Real Estate in Dickinson”, and then clicking their own website, again, and again, and again.

Likewise, when I have written articles about the Catholic Church in Dickinson that were highly critical, these articles initially appeared near the top of the Google search results.  Later, I could sometimes see that actions were taken to try to hide these articles.  Catholic Church members and volunteers, would perform a Google search for “Catholic Church in Dickinson” and then click on more favorable articles or websites, again, and again, and again.

In one instance, I think that an optimization company was hired by the Catholic Church or a church member to try to bury one of my blog posts about the Catholic Church.  The reason why I think this, is because this article was at the top of the first page of Google search results for seven to eight months, and within the course of two days, this article was pushed back to page eight of Google search results.

I can understand why real estate agents in Dickinson want to get their name, their company name, or their listings at the top of the Google search results.  I can understand why the Catholic Church or Catholics want to bury my blog posts that are critical of the Catholic Church.  But who is it that is trying to hide my blog posts about crime in Dickinson?  Who doesn’t want my blog posts about crime in Dickinson to be found and read?

I wrote my blog posts about crime in Dickinson, North Dakota, to let people know, to warn people, to alert people, to help people understand about the crime in Dickinson.  Prior to this most recent oil boom that began in North Dakota in 2007, the crime in western North Dakota was much lower than most places in the United States.  Beginning in about 2016, the crime in Dickinson became higher than many places in the United States.

Prior to the oil boom in 2007, in western North Dakota you could leave utility trailers unlocked, flat bed trailers unlocked, travel trailers unlocked, vehicles unlocked, tool boxes unlocked, houses unlocked, apartments unlocked, garages open, and leave keys in vehicles, and expect nothing to be taken.  Now, it is the opposite, anything left out, open, or not locked down, you should expect it to be taken.

There are several reasons why the crime is so high in Dickinson now.  The very experienced equipment operators, welders, mechanics, and skilled trades people who came to Dickinson during the oil boom, they left and went elsewhere when the oil boom ended.  The very experienced and skilled trades people could get a job anywhere, they weren’t stuck in Dickinson, they could leave.

During the oil boom, there were many people who came to Dickinson who were not experienced workers or skilled trades people.  Many of these people came to Dickinson because they kept hearing on television that, “Everyone was making over $100,000 per year in North Dakota”.  These people did not have employment or good employment where they were living, they might have been involved in crime and drug activity where they were living, and they came to Dickinson with no money and with the expectation of making a lot of money in Dickinson, like they heard about on television.

When these financially broke, inexperienced, low-skilled, no-skilled people arrived in Dickinson, they found that they could not get a high paying job because they did not have a high school diploma, did not have a commercial driver’s license, had a criminal record, or had no work history.  They could not get a high paying job, but they looked around and saw other people making money, people with $60,000 trucks, $20,000 Harley Davidsons, jet skis, four wheelers, side-by-side buggies.  They saw people in Dickinson leaving their homes, apartments, vehicles, equipment, tools, and personal property unlocked.

The financially broke, inexperienced, low-skilled, no-skilled, no high school diploma, criminal record, no work history people remained in Dickinson and began stealing property and selling drugs.  When the oil boom ended, they stayed in Dickinson, they had no where else to go.

Not only did North Dakota attract these inexperienced, low-skilled, no-skilled people during the oil boom, even to this day in 2018, careless, unthinking, irresponsible individuals in business, politics, and government continue to make announcements in high-unemployment, high-crime areas like Seattle and Spokane, that North Dakota has an over abundance of jobs, and shortage of workers.

It would be reasonable to advertise for commercial truck drivers, experienced welders, experienced mechanics, or experienced electricians if this is what occupations are in demand, but it is wrong to keep luring inexperienced, low-skilled, no-skilled people to North Dakota by stating that there are an abundance of jobs, when there are very few job openings for people who are not skilled tradespeople.

I don’t know why some North Dakotans in business, politics, and government keep trying to lure people to North Dakota from high-unemployment, high-crime areas.  I don’t know if it is these same people who are trying to hide my blog posts about crime in Dickinson, or if it is members of law enforcement and politicians in Dickinson that don’t want the high amount of crime to be publicized.