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A Definitive Answer On Why There Is So Much Crime In Dickinson, North Dakota

I am sick of writing about the crime in Dickinson, North Dakota, and you are probably tired of reading about it.  I began to find the definitive answer on why there is so much crime in Dickinson, but I hesitated to write about it, because I thought that it would be too difficult to explain, though the answer is simple.

I am going to refer readers to a series of recent articles, presented by the Dickinson Press newspaper, sponsored by the North Dakota Newspaper Association, where one of their journalists, Sam Easter, did a very thorough investigation on why there is so much crime in North Dakota.  This journalist presented all of the facts and figures, but he didn’t shout the answer or conclusion loud enough, maybe he wasn’t permitted to do so because of the political implications.  (refer to this link https://www.thedickinsonpress.com/news/crime-and-courts/4046635-Too-big-too-fast-North-Dakota’s-other-housing-problem, at the bottom of this article there is a link to all of the articles in this series.)

Here is the answer:  In the late 1990s, the state of North Dakota made a deliberate transition from consistent stiff incarceration penalties for drug crimes and theft, to less incarceration penalties and more probation for offenders.  The fact is, it costs the state of North Dakota about $43,000 per year to incarcerate an offender, versus about $1,700 per year to put an offender on probation.

These very high-up people in North Dakota government, like the Governors, Attorney Generals, and State Legislators, they tried to present to North Dakotans, that there needed to be more money spent on prisons.  The North Dakotans were, unsurprisingly, too cheap and pinch-penny to want to spend more money on prisons.

In order to remain popular, and to get re-elected, the Governors, Attorney Generals, and State Legislators, they never came out and said, “Listen you dumb sons-of-bitches, if you don’t spend this money to build new prisons, you are going to be overrun with crime and criminals in your communities.”

Instead, the Governors, Attorney Generals, State Legislators, Judges, and Prosecuting Attorneys have implemented this “Probation for Everyone” policy, knowing full well that the communities would become overrun with criminals.  Their belief was probably that once the ordinary citizens became tired of dealing with so much crime and so many criminals every day, that it would come to the point where North Dakotans would ask for more prisons to be built.

The Governors, Attorney Generals, State Legislators, Judges, Prosecuting Attorneys, Probation Officers, and Police Officers know why there is so much crime in Dickinson, North Dakota, but the problem is that the ordinary citizens don’t know.

The prisons in North Dakota are currently completely full, because new prisons have not been built.  Because the prisons in North Dakota are full, with no room for additional prisoners,  people who are convicted of drug crime and theft in North Dakota are given very little jail time, and probation.

Many of the Probation Officers in North Dakota have as many as 130 offenders to supervise on probation, because probation is given rather than incarceration.  The Police in Dickinson have seen for years, that they can successfully arrest someone for possession of methamphetamine and possession of stolen property, the offender is released from jail on bail, the Police arrest this same offender again for another possession of meth and stolen property while they are out on bail awaiting trial, and in the end, this offender only ever spends a month total in jail, and gets probation.

When I looked up the person who stole my truck in 2017 on the North Dakota Court Repository, he should have still been in prison for an arson charge, while he was out committing multiple felony thefts, and he should have been in prison for these multiple felony thefts, while he was out stealing my truck.  He was out of prison on probation, while he was caught in possession of stolen property, and he was out on bail for this possession of stolen property, when he stole my truck.

I e-mailed a judge who had adjudicated many of this thief’s criminal cases over the years to ask him why he kept suspending most of this person’s prison sentences, when this person kept repeating and repeating felony thefts again and again over the past twenty years, and this judge was outraged, and he told me to go ask the prosecutor.

If you read the Dickinson Press newspaper “Police Blotter” or “Crime and Courts” articles, and go look up the people named who have been charged with theft and possession of illegal drugs using the North Dakota Court Repository on the internet, you will almost always find that they are currently on probation for a previous charge of theft and possession of drugs, and in many cases they are currently out on bail awaiting trial for a previous arrest for theft and possession of drugs.

The Police in Dickinson arrest the same several hundred people for theft, possession of drugs, and drug dealing, over and over again, multiple times each year, because these offenders are not being incarcerated, they are being let out of jail almost immediately right back into Dickinson.  Also, these repeat offenders have no fear of committing crime in Dickinson because their punishment is so lenient.

What The Police in Watford City And Dickinson Are Trying To Do

A few days ago, a new resident in the apartments where I sometimes stay in Watford City asked me a question.  He asked, “What is it with this 25 mph speed limit?  Has the money that Watford City received from oil revenue decreased so much that the police are having to write everyone tickets to make money?”  I said no, that’s not it at all, the police want to have the opportunity to meet you.

I explained that the police like pulling people over, that way they get to meet you.  They look at your out of state driver’s license, everybody here is from out of state, and they run it to see if you  have any outstanding warrants, and whatever other criminal history information that might come up.  Then they are going to ask you, “What’s your local address?”  The police want your local address, so in case you are involved in anything now or at a later date, they know where you are staying here locally.

Just walking up to your vehicle, the police can tell if you are a construction worker, a skilled trades person, a professional, or a homeless person.  A construction worker will most likely have a beat up vehicle with construction tools laying about.  A skilled trades person will have a nicer vehicle with his tools put away.  A professional person will likely have a clean vehicle with no tools at all.  A homeless person will have all of their personal items stuffed inside their vehicle.

Just walking up to your vehicle, the police can tell if you are likely a drug addict.  Drug addicts sometimes have newer vehicles, but there is usually something messed up with it, like the sunvisor being mangled, the headliner being pulled down, or a back window being smashed.  Whether a newer vehicle, or an older vehicle, drug addicts usually have debris all over the floor, and I don’t mean tools, I mean debris.  Somewhere in that debris, the police will usually find drug paraphernalia.  The police can also spot items in drug addict’s vehicle that have likely been stolen or have been reported as stolen recently.

I am not complaining about the police meeting people, because I agree with it.  One of the things that the police in Watford City and Dickinson are trying to do is eliminate drug trafficking and illegal drug use, which I agree with.

Someone can go ahead and tell me again about how narcotics should be legal, and it is nobody’s business but the user, they aren’t hurting anyone, it’s nobody’s business.  This is a drug user who will say something like this.  I can go ahead and tell them about the women I know who lost custody of their children because they weren’t feeding their children because they were a drug user, using their money to buy drugs, not paying attention to feeding, clothing, and caring for their children.  Drug users steal money from the businesses where they work, from family members, from friends, from neighbors, from strangers, in order to pay for drugs.

Probably at least 60% of the small item theft in Dickinson is committed by people trying to get something to sell to buy drugs.  These are removing items from unlocked cars and homes, and breaking into locked cars and homes.

I am not giving away secrets that shouldn’t be known.  I want everyone in Watford City and Dickinson to know that the police are looking for the opportunity to stop you, meet you, and find out all about you.  If there is anything suspicious about you, they are going to tell the other police, so that they can all watch what you are doing.  They want to know who everybody is and what everybody is doing.  Watford City government, Dickinson city government, county government, highway patrol, the courts, probation, chamber of commerce, business associations, development associations, wealthy individuals, the Dickinson Mafia, all the churches, they are all behind the police having tight control over everybody and this is what they expect to be done.