Dickinson Needs The American Civil Liberties Union

I am still very angry about what the City of Dickinson Police Department and the Fargo Police Department did recently.  Even though it has been several days since I wrote three long blog posts about it, not only am I not done, I don’t even know where to begin.

There is plenty enough crime going on in Dickinson every day, committed by habitual career criminals, without the Dickinson Police trying to create crimes and make criminals out of law abiding citizens.  I will begin with two brief examples.

Manish Maharjan, a recent graduate from Dickinson State University, and a key employee of a local well respected company, was recently arrested after he responded to an advertisement placed by an 18 year old girl on the internet.  This was a fake advertisement created and posted by the Dickinson Police Department.  After Manish responded, the Dickinson Police started making up fake scenarios about the girl being under 18 in order to get Manish into a lot of trouble.

Like myself, and everyone else that I know, we have found it very difficult to meet women in Dickinson because there is a shortage of women.  The ratio of men to women in Dickinson is approximately 3:1.  It is very, very common in Dickinson, for men to look for women to date on internet dating sites.  With very few women on any or all of the internet dating sites, men then go look on other internet sites such as Craigslist or Backpage.

The Dickinson Police know full well the situation in Dickinson.  When they place a fake advertisement on the internet in Dickinson posing as a woman offering sex, they know that they will get a response from many different men in Dickinson.  Arresting and charging men in Dickinson when they go to meet a woman that they contacted on the internet, does not help anyone in Dickinson.  But the Police in Dickinson went further than this, they made up a fake scenario after contact had been made, so that the man would face a Class A felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

Like I said, there is plenty enough crime happening in Dickinson every day, without the Police in Dickinson trying to create crimes and make criminals out of law abiding citizens.  Why are the Police in Dickinson trying to conceive, plan, and carry out schemes to make criminals out of citizens in Dickinson, so that they lose their jobs in Dickinson and go to jail for many years?

The second example that I will give, happened when I first came to Dickinson in 2011.  I got into the habit of going to the Paragon Bowling Alley bar after work in the evening.  I was playing pool when two men that I did not know walked in and wanted to play pool.  Within about fifteen minutes, they brought up drugs, and then kept asking about where to get drugs.  I was drinking, not thinking, and I almost gave them the phone number of someone that I knew who used any kind of drug he could get.

I suspected that these two guys that came in and wanted to play pool, and began talking about drugs and asking where to buy drugs, were undercover police officers.  Either way, I didn’t care, I just wanted them to shut up about where to get drugs.  Which is why I almost gave them my acquaintance Chris’ phone number.  I didn’t think that they were trying to frame me for being a drug dealer, or for trafficking drugs, but that is exactly what they were trying to do.  What good would this have done to arrest and charge me with being a drug dealer or trafficking drugs, when I neither used nor sold drugs?

The overall point is, What The Fuck Is Wrong With The Police In Dickinson, North Dakota?  Why or how would this be good or beneficial to arrest and charge me with drug dealing, when I neither used or sold drugs?  Why or how would this be good or beneficial to arrest and charge Manish Maharjan with Patronizing a Minor for Commercial Sex Activity, when he never intended or sought to have sex with a minor?

The answer seems to be that the Police in Dickinson, North Dakota are corrupt.  The Police in Dickinson either hate people, get some kind of perverse thrill in arresting and charging law abiding people, or they so want to get ahead in their career that they will conceive, plan, and carry out schemes of entrapment.

I did not like it, and I thought that it was wrong what happened with the death of  Eric Haider in Dickinson.  Eric Haider went missing from a job site in Dickinson, with some evidence that he might have been buried there at the job site where he had been working.  Eric Haider was missing for two years, before his parents hired a private investigation company who located his remains buried on the job site where he had been working.  If the Mayor or Chief of Police in Dickinson would have gone missing while on the job, everyone involved would have been questioned repeatedly over days, weeks, and months, and no stone would have been left unturned.  This was not done for Eric.

I did not like it, and I thought that it was wrong, when the new principal of Trinity High School in Dickinson, Thomas Sander, had been questioned for two days by the Dickinson Police who used “sleep deprivation, intimidation, bullying, threats, deception, lies and the withholding of bathroom facilities, food and water,” until a confession was coerced out of him that he set Trinity High School on fire.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives had to over rule the Dickinson Police Department on this and try to exonerate the new principal Thomas Sander.  The City of Dickinson was then sued by Thomas Sander for “violations of the Fourth, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments, supervisor liability, false arrest and false imprisonment, malicious prosecution, intentional infliction of emotional distress, abuse of process, gross negligence, willful misconduct, deceit, unconstitutional practice and policy, unconstitutional discipline, training and supervision, defamation, vicarious liability, and deliberate fabrication and material omissions in an arrest warrant affidavit.”

I have looked up and read other court cases in Dickinson, where people from prominent and wealthy families in Dickinson have committed very bad crimes, heinous crimes, and have received very, very light sentences.  I have also looked up court records of people from prominent and wealthy families in Dickinson where I know that they have been convicted of several crimes from reading newspaper articles and other sources, but the NDCourts.gov website containing the court records repository has been expunged for these individuals.

This is why I think that the American Civil Liberties Union needs to have a permanent ongoing involvement in Dickinson, North Dakota.  Ordinary people in Dickinson who are not from prominent and wealthy local families are at great risk of being “railroaded”, “set up”, and “framed” in Dickinson, especially people who do not have family or relatives in Dickinson to make sure that they receive fair and legal treatment, that their rights are not violated, that they have adequate legal representation, that they receive due process of law, and a fair trial.

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