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What Happened To Other People Who Moved To Dickinson, North Dakota

Many people do not like my blog website because I write so many negative things about Dickinson, and they think that these things aren’t true.  What I had wanted to do for a long time, was to show what other people write about Dickinson, and what happens to other people in Dickinson, North Dakota.

In this blog post, I want to point out someone else’s blog post about moving to Dickinson, North Dakota, and what happened to them.  I found this other person’s blog post by typing into a Google search, “relocating to Dickinson, North Dakota”.  I found an article titled “Reflections on Moving to North Dakota in the Winter”.  The website address of this article was https://fhsarchives.wordpress.com/…/reflections-on-moving-to-north-dakota-in-the-winter.

The article was written in March of 2010, and was posted to the Forest Historical Society website, by an approximately 36 year old man named Joseph who had recently completed his Ph.D., and had been working as an assistant professor in Michigan.  He had recently accepted a position as a research historian at Dickinson State University.  In January of 2010 Joseph moved to Dickinson with his cat, his baby, his wife, and his mother-in-law.

When he first arrived in Dickinson, he and his family stayed in a rented town home.  The second week he was in Dickinson, there was a blizzard with -30 degree Fahrenheit wind chill, and widespread power outages.  This made Joseph see the benefit in owning a home with a fireplace.  Joseph wrote that he found a home that had two fireplaces, and that he would be able to purchase this home in the Spring of 2010.

It was surprising to me that in 2010, in the middle of the Oil Boom, that a young man who just completed his Ph.D., would be able to purchase a home in Dickinson.  The house Joseph was describing, sounded like it would have cost at least $250,000, because even small older houses cost that much in Dickinson at that time.

I wondered what happened to Joseph.  So I looked him up on the internet using his full name, Ph.D., his research historian position, and I found on the internet his complete resume from year 2011.  Joseph moved to Dickinson in January of 2010 to accept the position of research historian at Dickinson State University.  However, before 2010 was over, he was in down in Houston, Texas as an adjunct humanities professor at Strayer University.

What would make a Ph.D. move his family to Dickinson in January to accept a position at Dickinson State University, find a house to buy, and leave Dickinson before the year was up?

In my opinion, these are the likely reasons:  Dickinson State University being backwards and substandard;  Dickinson State University cutting a position that someone just relocated here to fill;  local people in Dickinson being unfriendly, not helpful, uncooperative, and hostile;  being treated with disrespect in every way possible for having a great deal of education.

It was not that Dickinson was too cold, because Joseph had spent approximately the previous ten years in Michigan.  It was not that Joseph was not good enough in his job, he had been successful in his previous academic positions, and he later went on to work as an adjunct professor at a university in Tennessee from 2012 to the present 2017.

I have written in many blog posts that the local people in Dickinson are unfriendly, not helpful, uncooperative, hostile, and that they deliberately disrespect educated people in every way possible.  I believe that this is what happened to Joseph to quickly kill his enthusiasm about moving to Dickinson, and leave Dickinson in less than a year.

I will give some more accounts about what happened to other people in Dickinson in future blog posts.