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My Ninth Most Favorite Person In Dickinson, The Odd Fellows Lodge

My ninth most favorite person in Dickinson, North Dakota is the Odd Fellows Lodge.  I only became aware of the Odd Fellows Lodge in Dickinson in the summer of 2014 when I went to the downtown concert called Alive @ 5.  The Odd Fellows Lodge was the sponsor and organizer for Alive @ 5.  The Odd Fellows Lodge in Dickinson had existed since 1887.

Kevin Holten, who had been a professional rodeo rider, president of the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame, and writer for the Dickinson Press, joined the Odd Fellows Lodge in 2009.  In 2010, Kevin Holten organized the first Alive @ 5 in Dickinson with the Odd Fellows Lodge, I believe that it was his idea in the first place.  Kevin Holten is very mild-mannered and low-key, and I have never seen him say,  “I thought of it, it was my idea, and it’s mine, mine, mine!”

From the first Alive @ 5, and continuing, the Outlaw Sippin Band performs at the downtown summer concerts, provides and sets up their sound equipment for the concerts.  Even though sound equipment set up, operation, and take down goes from about 2:00 p.m. on Thursdays until about 1:00 a.m. Friday morning, I have never seen Beni Paulson, Brady Paulson, Emil Anheluk or any other Outlaw Sippin members gripe, complain, or argue.

Eric Smallwood was the lead organizer for Alive @ 5 in 2014 and 2015, until his ascension.  To the best of my knowledge, Eric Smallwood brought the following performers to Alive @ 5 for the first time:  Gwen Sebastian, Kat Perkins, Tigir Lily, Corb Lund, and Firehouse.

I believe that Kevin Holten was president of the Odd Fellows Lodge 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.  Jeff Porcupine Pokorny was president in 2015 and 2016.  During the years 2010 through 2016, the Odd Fellows Lodge building which was built in the early 1900s, went through some physical restoration, with the work being performed by the Lodge members.  It was a surprise to me that the Odd Fellows Lodge also owned the ground floor portion of the building, which they opened as a V.I.P. lounge and bar during the downtown summer concerts in July of 2016.

Membership in the Lodge is open to everyone, male or female, young or old, with no concern for the member’s religious affiliation, politics, or occupation.  There are many different types of people who are members of the Odd Fellows Lodge.  There are some college professors, teachers, business owners, housewives, oil field workers, and construction workers.

This year the downtown summer concerts sponsored and organized by the Odd Fellows Lodge changed its name from Alive @ 5, to First On First Dickinson Summer Nights.  The lead event organizers this year were Brock White, Tracy Tooz, and Mike Odegaard.  Brock, Tracy, and Mike organized and ran all the events very competently, and were always calm and professional.  Other important volunteers whose names I can remember:  Dell and Marchell Kubas, April Grant, the other April, Andrew, Tracy Nash, Jeff Porcupine Pokorny, Eric Odegaard, DSU football player Bryce, the Outlaw Sippin Band, …

In my previous blog post, I wrote a First On First Dickinson Summer Nights year end review.  I started that blog post being mostly positive about how the concerts were organized and run.  But I had to say that the downtown summer concerts seem to have become mostly attended by people whose primary focus is drinking alcohol, which I think has caused family attendance to decline.

My opinion is, that the downtown summer concerts will be most beneficial to Dickinson if they can be enjoyed by the broadest range of people, including families with children.  The more famous, “bigger” bands, brought mostly people that were in the age range of people that normally go to Rock or Country concerts, 16 year olds to 50 year olds mostly, with no kids, no elderly, and no families.

In 2014 and 2015, the North Dakota performers Gwen Sebastian, Kat Perkins, and Tigir Lily seemed to have brought more families with their children, probably for the following reasons:  they were from North Dakota, they were engaging with the local people, and because of the music that they play.  Last year a very good band that was not well known in Dickinson was the Corb Lund band from Canada, this was a “fun” band that was liked by all ages.  This year another very good band that was not well known in Dickinson was Zeona Road from South Dakota.  Zeona Road, Corb Lund, Tigir Lily, Gwen Sebastian, and Kat Perkins connected with the local people of all ages in Dickinson, and these performers made the concerts seem more like a family event and a community event.

Kaycee Hutzenbiler, “Hop”, Belfield, North Dakota

Recently I was at an event where the Outlaw Sippin Band and the Sawdust Band performed.  I have watched Outlaw Sippin play at Alive @ 5, First On First, Buffalo Gap, and the High Plains Cultural Center.  I think that they are a good band and I have written about them several times in this blog.  I have seen the Sawdust Band play several times, and they are pretty good, but they don’t have Emil Anheluk playing accordion and fiddle.

I believe that I have seen every performer at Alive @ 5, and First On First in Dickinson 2014, 2015, and 2016.  I recognize and acknowledge that Gwen Sebastian and Kat Perkins are very talented and well liked.  I also like the two sisters with their band Tigir Lily.  The first time I heard the Zeona Road Band from South Dakota, I was very impressed, and I thought that they have a very good chance to be as well known, well liked, and as commercially successful as Miranda Lambert, somebody like that.

When I was at this recent event with Outlaw Sippin and Sawdust, I didn’t expect to see anything new or different.  Beni Paulson was playing the drums, which I had never seen him do before, that I can remember.  He did good, didn’t seem too uncomfortable, but I don’t think this is his favorite thing.  When Sawdust was going to play, Beni got up from the drums and let this small girl take his place.

This girl was in her early twenties, about 5′-4″, 110 pounds, medium length black hair, she was cute.  She seemed a little timid at first and through the first couple of songs.  She kept the beat O.K. , but was lighter and softer on the drums than a guy would have been.  After maybe about ten to fifteen minutes, she sang lead vocals.

She has a very good soft voice. I was trying to think of who to compare her voice to, and I think that it is most like Belinda Carlisle, but as I listened and paid attention, I think that her voice is better than Belinda Carlisle’s voice.  I would also compare her voice to Natalie Merchant in its niceness and smoothness.  I think that she would sound great singing Belinda Carlisle or Natalie Merchant songs, not mimicking them, but singing just as her own voice is.

I was thinking that she would also sound good singing Blondie songs.  As I was considering these things, I realized that she was more into her drumming now, probably because she had warmed up and had loosened up.  She was a good drummer.  She sounded different than male drummers.  I could hear it in my head before I could figure out why she sounded different.  Guys have heavier arms, shoulders, and hands, and I am thinking that their drum sticks come off the drum milliseconds later than her. You can hear it especially when she is working on just one drum, her sticks are getting off the surface quicker and you can hear the difference, it is clearer and sharper.

I was thinking that this quick, sharp, lighter handed beating, was something that a rabbit would do.  She drums like a rabbit with rabbit paws and feet.  My favorite drummer looks like a gargoyle, plays drums like a gargoyle, and is the most recognizable drummer that I have seen.  I like the band he is in, because of him.  This girl is cute, pretty, has a very good voice, plays drums well, and like a rabbit, you can hear the difference.  I will go to see Sawdust, just because of her.

I went and asked people who she was, and they told me her name was KC.  I said that she has a very good voice, and everyone agreed, and added, “She looks good too.”  I wanted to tell her after she got done playing that she sounded very good, but when she got off her stool, she was gone, and out of there.

I looked up the Sawdust Band on the internet when I got home.  Her name is Kaycee Hutzenbiler, and she is from Belfield.  From the little that there is to read about her, I am worried and concerned that she has been overlooked, and her talent not recognized locally.

Back in the 1980s, the band the GoGos became popular and successful just because of their good sound, I don’t think that any of the GoGos had years of training, they just went out and played, and everybody liked them.  That is exactly what Kaycee needs to do now, just get out and perform.  Now, don’t wait!

I did some research about rabbits playing drums, and there was a 2011 movie about a rabbit who plays the drums who moves to Los Angeles to be in a band, the name of the movie is “Hop”.  This is a good name for Kaycee, “Hop”.

Outlaw Sippin And The Green River Gargoyles Of Gladstone

Gladstone, North Dakota is fifteen miles east of Dickinson on Interstate 94.  The town of Gladstone sits high above the Green River which runs through the center of town.  The population of Gladstone according to the 2010 Census was 239.

Gladstone has a Highway that runs through it, called “The Enchanted Highway” that has ten of the largest scrap metal sculptures in the world depicting such things as birds, fish, and grasshoppers.

In the 1970s Gladstone had the “Green River Concerts” which were outdoor music concerts that lasted through the day and into the night, with a high amount of alcohol being consumed, along with marijuana, and LSD.  Some of my older friends in Dickinson who are in their 60s, start giggling when I ask them about the time people demanded to have some of their wine, and they didn’t know that the wine had LSD in it, and they had never taken LSD before, and they went out of their minds in the fields in Gladstone that night.  This is probably why they quit having the Green River Concerts.

This may have been when people in Gladstone started seeing gargoyles.  Some people said, “How can you tell the difference between gargoyles and North Dakotans?”  Some people said that the gargoyles had wings and could fly, which makes them different than North Dakotan people.  A mayor of Gladstone, I’m not going to say which one, said,”I don’t want anybody to shoot at, or try to kill what they think is a gargoyle.  It could be somebody’s kid, or somebody who has something wrong with them.  I have a call in to Fish & Game, and until I have something back from them in writing, I don’t want anybody trying to shoot one.”

The towns people said, “Can we at least call Outlaw Sippin, they investigated the Giant Sea Squid of Sakakawea and that Dennis Johnson thing?”  (Is it any wonder that they would call Outlaw Sippin?  Beni Paulson lives not ten miles away in Richardton.)

The Outlaw Sippin band consists of Brady Paulson, Beni Paulson, Emil Anheluk, and Jessie Veeder.  Jessie Veeder likes to take photographs, so it was her job to stay around Gladstone and try to photograph a gargoyle.  Brady and Beni thought that the gargoyles might be living in the coal mine shafts between Dickinson and Gladstone, so they went to look there.  Emil thought that the gargoyles might have something to do with the Assumption Abbey in Richardton, so Emil went there.

The Assumption Abbey is a Benedictine Monastery that was built in Richardton in 1899.  Today one of the things that the monks do at the monastery is make soap, which they sell at their gift shop.  When Emil went to the monastery to follow his hunch, he didn’t want to let on what he was doing.  He started talking to the monks about the monastery, and what it was like there.  The monks offered to let Emil stay there in an extra room in the dormitory, to dine with them, and to participate in their activities.

A day came and went with Emil living in the dormitory, dining in the hall with all the monks, making soap, and chanting.  Emil liked chanting.  Emil liked it so much and was having such a good time, that he soon forgot about the gargoyles and why he was there.  Had it not been for an intervention by Brady and Beni, Emil might still be there to this day.

Well, Jessie Veeder was supposed to be taking photographs of a gargoyle, and she didn’t see one, and she started talking to people, and there is a bar in Gladstone, and Brady and Beni had to go get her too, and this turned out to be not one of their better cases, but nobody got hurt, and maybe I shouldn’t have even talked about this case.


Outlaw Sippin And The Giant Sea Squid Of Sakakawea

During the 1970s and 1980s there was a cartoon television show “Scooby Doo”. The television show was about a group of four members, Fred, Velma, Daphne, Shaggy, and their stupid dog Scooby.  They drove a van, the “Mystery Machine”, and every episode they would happen upon a mystery that needed to be investigated.  Also on television at the same time was the cartoon “Josie and the Pussycats” which was about a band, that would happen upon a mystery in every episode that needed to be investigated.  Therefore, I see no reason why the Outlaw Sippin band can’t investigate mysteries.  Hence, “Outlaw Sippin And The Giant Sea Squid Of Sakakawea”.

The Outlaw Sippin band consists of members Brady Paulson, Beni Paulson, and Emil Anheluk of Dickinson, and Jessie Veeder of Watford City.  Lake Sakakawea is a 480 square mile reservoir located twenty miles northeast of Watford City.  The creation of the lake flooded the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation villages of Van Hook and Sanish.

There are at least two legends regarding Lake Sakakawea.  There is a Native American legend of a Missouri River monster, Miniwashitu, that is now trapped in Lake Sakakawea after the dam was built.  The second legend is that a crew of underwater welder divers refused to continue to work on a dam gate repair until shark cages were brought in due to the size of the paddle fish encountered, which were big enough to swallow the divers.  Is it any surprise that the Outlaw Sippin band would be called in to investigate, not twenty miles from Jessie Veeder’s home?

The circumstances of the Outlaw Sippin band’s involvement, is strangely similar to those described in Jules Verne’s novel “Twenty Thousand  Leagues Under The Sea”, which coincidently, also involves a giant sea squid.  However, Lake Sakakawea is only 180 feet deep and 176 miles long.

Brady, Beni, Emil, and Jessie are onboard a pontoon boat in search of the giant sea squid, when they encounter the creature.  During the subsequent attack, Brady, Beni, Emil, and Jessie are hurled overboard.  They cling to the creature to keep from drowning, which they find is not a creature at all, but a submarine!  They are captured, and brought before the captain, Dennis Johnson, former mayor of Dickinson.

To be continued…

My Second Song For The Outlaw Sippin Band, “Happy As A Toad In A Valve Box”

The Outlaw Sippin Band in Dickinson, North Dakota is comprised of Brady Paulson, Beni Paulson, Emil “The Edge” Anheluk, and Jessie “The Linda Ronstadt of Watford City” Veeder. In a previous blog post, I explained how I wrote a duet for Beni and Jessie titled, “Take Your Chicken And Your Thing!”. In this blog post I have a new song that I wrote for Jessie Veeder titled “Happy As A Toad In A Valve Box.”

The origin of this song is as follows. I was in line at the Jack & Jill grocery store in Watford City, and ahead of me in line was this young attractive blond girl, and all she was buying was one single drink. I thought to myself, “Man, that girl is buying just one drink, I have to buy about four ice teas just for one night. It’s not like I drink a lot. I probably drink about as much as a toad if he were my size, and I don’t even spend all day in a valve box. I wonder how toads get inside valve boxes, I hope they can get out.” Knowing that the Outlaw Sippin Band needed another song, I figured that I would write one.

I was thinking of the Moody Blues song “Nights In White Satin”, the rhythm and music of that song.

Nights in white satiiinnn…..                                                                                                                          Never seeing the ennnnddd…..


Happy as a toad in a valve boooxxx…..                                                                                                     Never wanting to leeeavvve……

Days spent in darkneesss….                                                                                                                         Bugs coming to meeeee…..

Nights in white satiiinn……                                                                                                                           Never seeing the ennnddd…

And I love yooouuu…..!                                                                                                                                      Yes I love you…..!                                                                                                                                               Ohhhh I love yooouuu……!


Now, this song supposes that the toad can get out of the valve box. And people may be wondering, does the toad have white satin sheets, and where did he get them? So unless I do some more work on this song, it should come after “Take Your Chicken And Your Thing!”, that way the details of this song won’t matter as much.

O.K., I worked on it some more:

Toad in a valve boooxxx…..                                                                                                                              Never wanting to leeeavvve……

Days spent in darkneesss….                                                                                                                         Bugs coming to meeeee…..

And I love yooouuu…..!                                                                                                                                      Yes I love you…..!                                                                                                                                               Ohhhh I love yooouuu……!

Nights on white sidewaaalllk….                                                                                                                   Never seeing the eenndd….

Knife River Constuctiooonnn….                                                                                                                    Built it for meeeee…

And I love yooouuu…..!                                                                                                                                      Yes I love you…..!                                                                                                                                               Ohhhh I love yooouuu……!

Outlaw Sippin Band, My Fifth Most Favorite Person In Dickinson, North Dakota

The Outlaw Sippin Band is my fifth most favorite person/people in Dickinson, North Dakota.  I am mostly talking about the long time members Brady Paulson, Beni Paulson, and Emil Anheluk.  Brady, Beni, and Emil formed the band in 2008.  Brady sings and plays guitar.  Beni sings and plays bass guitar.  Emil plays fiddle, mandolin, keyboard, and accordion.

The Outlaw Sippin Band plays Rock, Country, and Pop.  They play at many venues and occasions in Dickinson, Belfield, Killdeer, and elsewhere.  As a separate business, they provide and operate sound equipment, speakers, and amplifiers for other bands that are touring and perform in western North Dakota.  Whether they are performing, or operating sound equipment for other performers, they always have a positive attitude and are friendly and pleasant.  That’s their problem.

Brady, Beni, and Emil could have been as well known as U2 if they just would have been angrier and wrote angry music about North Dakota.  Vocally and instrumentally they are just as talented, and probably even more talented than U2.  I am using the U2 analogy, because from here on, Emil will now be known as “The Edge”, for his accordion playing.  Unfortunately, being from North Dakota, the members of Outlaw Sippin behave like North Dakotans, they suppress and do not express their feelings, they do not get out-of-control, they do not rant, they do not go on tirades.

Why can’t you guys have more anger, hatred, and rage?  Because I like you, I want to tell you this.  Yes, people here locally like you, they like how you sound, they like your performance, you are friendly and easy to get along with, you are a “nice” band.  I know that you have talent, and I think that you can finish your careers being much more famous, even without leaving Dickinson, by writing just a few songs that really express how you feel, whether it’s angry like Metallica, melancholy like Johnny Cash, sad like Willie Nelson, or shitty like Lynyrd Skynyrd.

You don’t have to be nice all the time.  There are plenty of things around here that are bad, ugly, tragic, unfair, unjust, and wrong that you can write about.  You can even write about everyday things, everyday things that happen around here:  Lynyrd Skynyrd:  “In walked a man with a gun in his hand looking for you know who… he turned and screamed at Linda Lou, that’s the break I was looking for, you could hear me scream a mile away as I was headed out for the door…”    Jimmy Buffet:  “Some say you are the Stump Queen, honey I don’t think that’s true, so why don’t we get drunk and screw…”. Willie Nelson: “Good morning America how are you, don’t you know me, I’m your native son, I’m the train they call the City of New Orleans…”  Everyday things, that have meaning, that are common experiences, that are expressed in a way that make people feel it.

I already recommended to Jessie Veeder that she start writing about the bad things in western North Dakota.  Now that Jessie Veeder is in your band, I hope that you all can collaborate to find something you all experience that you feel strongly about even if it’s bad, angry, ugly, and mean.  I want you to write some songs that people will remember and make you famous.